Tru Alchemy is a skin care and selfcare company based in the USA. This brand produces skin care and selfcare products and claims to use high quality ingredients in their products. The graphic solution comes from the principle of “alchemy” which is the magical process of combining or transforming everyday elements to create something extraordinary. Their objective was to design a clean and fun brand while keeping in mind its magical and holistic approach. Unfortunately, this is just an illusion and just exaggerated advertising to attract people to buy their products. Based on many customer reviews, it seems that people are not satisfied with their products, which some also have mentioned terrible side effects accompanied with their products. Customer service is another thing to mention regarding their downsides, where people mostly are not getting decent replies and guidance from the support team.

Is Tru Alchemy legitimate?

The short answer would be "No" based on a lot of factors and information.

Tru Alchemy Before and After

The before and after pictures of Tru Alchemy might be dazzling and promising, but they are nothing but fakes and meddled with photo editor softwares.

Does Tru Alchemy Really work?

Well, based on research done by our specialists and customer reviews, it can be said that Tru Alchemy products do not acually work.


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Tru Alchemy VITAMIN C

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Tru Alchemy Eye Cream

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Tru Alchemy Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Jon

Worst Product--Ever

I used Tru Alchemy for weeks until I realized I would not see any results. The product caused breakouts on my forehead, jaw, and cheeks. Do not waste your money on this awful product.

  • Pamela

Doesn't Work

I have used this product for 3 months. Some days I thought I saw a difference, but when I compared the before and after pictures, NO difference. Waste of money.

  • Ruth Trump

Not for me

This was supposed to be one of the better moisturizers, but I tried several times to use it sparingly, and still my face was Red! Apparently, I cannot tolerate hyaurolonic acid of any form. So, this will have to go back.

  • Kim

am not returning to this product ever again.

Try other brands, there are other products better than this. I for one am not returning to this product ever again.

  • Issabella


I wonder for whom this product was beneficial for and have shown results! It totally didn't work and had zero results.

  • Sareena

Probably doesn't really have benefits to it!

The skin around my eye didn't change a bit, i think it even got worse. Probably doesn't really have benefits to it!

  • Keremlina

Don't waste your money.

Did not notice much of anything in terms of effects of the product. What is bad about it is that once you put the product on you can't put anything over top. If you apply any other skin care or makeup, all of this product pills and rubs off. Even if you only put this on and go about your day, the product starts to rub off onto fingers and anything else it touches. So frustrating. Don't waste your money.

  • Sofiiam

I wanted to like this but

I wanted to like this but It makes my skin incredibly itchy, red and dry, which is unusual for me as I do not have sensitive skin. 

  • Selin

Tried for 2 weeks.

Tried for 2 weeks. Product broke my face out and I didn't see any change. I use twice a day. Morning and prior to bedtime

  • Alex


Product had no seal, was scooped out and is literally smaller than those tiny vasoline jars. It's a monumental rip-off and waste of money, any store bought lotion is a much better option. Pass!

  • Emy

I do not see the difference

I do not see the difference, except it made my skin dry and rough. This is just wasting your time and money

  • Amanda


For some reason I saw something I thought was a joke, the cream was very small I thought Is something they wanted me to try for free I thought is sample but it was the actual cream, I don’t think I want to deal with the salee

  • Linda

don't see a difference

I've been using it for over 1 month now and I don't see a difference

  • Haliene2

I tried it three times

I tried it three times, but every time the cream irritated my eyes. Wanted to return, but didn't notice I missed the time window

  • Us45

don't have sensitive skin.

I had high hopes for this cream. Applied the cream and by the next day I experienced a reaction. I was surprised, because I don't have sensitive skin.

  • Katrina

Dangerous product

I used product for first time this morning. After about an hour my face turned red and hot and had welts all over. I immediately tried to wash my face and place cool towel on it. It is now 12 hours later and my face is still red welts all over and painful. Product says you can use on your whole face . I do not have sensitive skin so I can only imagine what would happen if i did. Dangerous product

  • Jessi

I had such a bad reaction to this that I had red raccoon eyes that were terribly dry.

I had such a bad reaction to this that I had red raccoon eyes that were terribly dry. Did the opposite of what it should have.

  • Bell A

Awful product!

Awful product! Purchased it based on the good reviews. It gave me the worst breakout! Returning it!

  • Da.janet

Caused breakouts

I used this for a week and by day 7 my chin and cheeks were covered in small, inflamed bumps.

  • Jeyda

I don’t have sensitive skin. .

Turned my face super red and I don’t have sensitive skin. Cheeks and forehead look and feel burnt.

  • Z.Y

the boat is still full

I didn't like anything, my face was very irritated, the boat is still full

  • Tina

definitely gonna toss it

after using it for 2 weeks, it started itching every time I would put on, the smell its not great at all either. definitely gonna toss it

  • P.Far


Ive been using this about a week or so I've never really had horrible acne but this gave me under the skin pimples that hurt terribly. Any one else having this problem? Do I need to give it more time for my skin to get used to it?

  • Lin

Be VERY cautious before you use!!!

This did NOT work like the others say for my sister and me! It made both our faces irritated, dry and inflamed. My sister even did a spot check, but seemed fine. This is the only product we used in common. My skin feels irritated and flaky, but my sister said hers feeling like it’s stinging as if from a really bad sunburn. Be VERY cautious before you use!!!

  • Sarah

I wanted to love this, but.....

I wanted to love this, but unfortunately every time I put it on my face it would dry it out. I even put on moisturizer, but it would dry out my face so bad I would get dry spots on my cheeks and above my eyebrows. At first I was convinced it was due to the cold dry weather, but once I stopped using it took at least a week for my skin to get back to normal. I do not recommend this product

  • Amy

So regretted :(.

My skin is allergic with this serum. Maybe it works for others but not with me. I'm 20 yo. My skin might be too yound to adapt this product. And now my skinface is terrible now. There is too many small red dots and some areas are burned. It's not smooth as before I use. So regretted :(.

  • Linda3

Not work

I’m not gonna give up at this moisturizer but it’s not for my drier skin. Just kept on applying later after layer and Still just not enough moisture for my needs.

  • Clara

I haven't seen any changes

This doesn't do what it says it does. I've been using this for 2 months and I haven't seen any changes

  • Ni.Nina

I am so sorry

I am so sorry to report that this did not work for me. It irritated skin around my eyes making them burn and burning the skin where the scars just now going away.

  • T.Lw


Did not make any noticeable difference or achieve advertised results.

  • DiannA

Waste of money in my opinion.

I didn't see any changes. It was very sticky. Didn't do what it indicated. Not happy with product at all. Waste of money in my opinion.

  • Isabell


Dreadful cream, if you have dry skin it will sure be even drier. Avoid