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overall rating : 7


overall rating : 7

Have you ever looked in the mirror and were bothered by the wrinkles and dark spots on your face? Or you thought your skin could use a little bit, or a lot more hydration? Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body and the smallest irritation on our skin causes the deepest discomforts, but sometimes in the commotion of our very busy everyday life, we, unfortunately, forget to take care of this very important and very sensitive body part.

Our skin needs a good amount of hydration in a day to remain in its ideal form and not to dry off or become smothered in oil. That may be why people used to believe that we need to wash our faces a lot of times in one day to keep our faces hydrated and fresh, but it turned out that in the long run, washing your face a lot causes dehydration and it totally defeats the purpose. But you do not have to go through all those problems and difficulties nowadays. The Clinique face powder and the best face powders are just an order away from your hands, and if you care as much as you should about your skin care and the overall health of your skin, the Clinique products are what you are looking for.

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Clinique is a company that has its headquarters based in the United States.
You can buy all types of Clinique products online at and also at their official website.
Yes. Clinique is a brand that is internationally known, and through its high quality products and stability it has established itself as a prominent skin care and make up brand.
Yes, Clinique is legit.
Yes, Clinique uses safe ingredients combined with the latest technologies to create innovative formulas to create products that are dermatologically tested and allergy free for all kinds of skin types.
Yes, Clinique is real.


  • PROS
  • They use safe ingredients to make their products.

  • Their products are dermatologically tested.

  • Their products are suitable for all skin types.

  • They use the latest science.

  • They have an active customer service.

  • They have fast shipping.

  • CONS
  • Might not be available in some countries.



Remy Sharp
VirginiaFri Mar 04 2022
VirginiaFri Mar 04 2022
I am disappointed in the lack of response! I am giving a one-star this time because I have messaged them twice online well over a week ago with no response! I get they are busy, but this is just poor customer service... I will probably continue to purchase because I love their products and quality, just not happy with the customer service so far.
Remy Sharp
MiraMon Feb 14 2022
MiraMon Feb 14 2022
No sign of my order and it’s been over 2 weeks . No email or reply to my concerns . Terrible service and now feeling worried if it’s a reliable company



Clinique is an eminent brand that creates a large number of skin care and make up products that help their customers create their desired skin care and beauty routines. Clinique uses safe ingredients, developed by the best dermatologists, and through testing and evaluating the formulas throughout the years, this brand has reached safe, stable and allergy free formulas.

Clinique Company

Clinique is the brand behind some of the most desired skin products among customers. It uses the best ingredients, tested by competent dermatologists and skin care experts, to produce the highest quality of skin care and beauty products available on the market.

Using the latest science, Clinique creates products that do wonders for every type of skin and can meet every kind of need. Customers can be sure that they are in very good hands. There is a solution for all skin problems that one might have in Clinique’s inventory of products, and with free samples, you can explore and test and discover the products that are best for you.

What Do Clinique Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

Through numerous Clinique reviews and comments written and given out by users all over the globe, it is revealed that Clinique products really work and they are proven to be highly satisfactory.

Clinique Before and After

The Clinique users have reported noticeable positive changes in their skin health and appearance, in just weeks of using the skin care products. They have witnessed smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, a great increase in skin’s hydration status and overall lighter and smoother skin.

Best Clinique Products

1- Clinique Face Powder

The lightweight Clinique face powder is created for all skin types. It is used after makeup, and as it is applied to the face, it makes the flaws go away and the pores disappear.


 2- Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay Mask + Scrub

This detoxifying and exfoliating clay mask is created using natural ingredients such as Natural bamboo charcoal and kaolin clay that help clear away the pollution that has been built up on the skin throughout the day. The Clinique face scrub helps build a very smooth and gentle texture on your face.

You can use this detoxifying clay mask one or two times a day to clean the skin and it is better to avoid the eye area. Leave it for five minutes and then wash it away with warm water as you massage it in a circular motion.

Clinique Customer Service

Clinique cares a lot about how its customer service is being run, and that caring shows itself through a very attentive customer service team. You may call them at any time at 1-800-419-4041.

Clinique Return Policy

At Clinique, customers’ satisfaction is top priority, and through their working return policy, if for any reason whatsoever you needed to return the items you have bought, you will be reimbursed. you can contact them through their ‘Message Us’ service.