Clinique City Block Purifying Face Scrub Reviews by Real Users [Updated for 2021]

#2 Clinique Clinique Face Scrub

Overall Rating: 4.5

Capterra Rating: #4.5 .. out of 5 with 6 ratings
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Clinique Face Scrub Reviews

Clinique face Scrub

Exfoliating Scrub

Skin-clearing, water-based scrub for strong, oily skins. De-flakes, refines, softens tiny lines.

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Face Scrub

Clinique face Scrub


Clinique City Block Purifying Face Scrub


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Clinique City Block Purifying Face Scrub Before and After

Clinique City Block Purifying Face Scrub Before and After

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  • sher220

I generally like Clinique, but this wasn’t my favorite. The mask is so thin that I’m not sure you can call it a mask and it doesn’t stay on very well. It’s also not as exfoliating as I would have liked. It didn’t do anything negative, I’m just not sure it did anything at all. Also, the snap lid can be nearly impossible to open; I’ve broken several nails trying to use it.


  • TennisTony

Leaves my face baby soft. This is my favorite clay mask with physical exfoliation. Dries down super quickly and a little goes a long way. I tend to leave this one for a while well after it dries down. Then I take it off in the shower with a light hand to move the scrub around to really slough off dead skin. The texture is super fine and uniform. Afterwards, skincare soaks in better and make up applies smoothly on top.

  • dyonisa

Obsessed!! This is the best mask ever. It clears my pores and leaves my skin looking so clean and fresh!


  • BCislandGirl

I got this with a few other Clinique products and was excited to try this because I love Clinique and I love masks. I've used this three times now and every time I've used it my face is left red and inflamed. I do not have sensitive skin at all so I don't know why my skin is reacting this way but I'm guessing there is an ingredient that I'm reacting negatively with. Sadly I will not be trying to use this again and will most likely throw it away. This is the first Clinique product out of many that doesn't agree with me so I believe this to be an isolated incident.

  • DeeDee Beloussov

Love it so far.


  • Adam

This product description is wrong. I purchased it thinking that by paying a little bit more I would be getting a slightly larger quantity. Not true. The product is 3.4 oz just like in retail stores and you can purchase at Ulta for $28. I will be returning this item.