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 CelluAid Cream 

Cellulite treatment is one of the common beauty issues people, especially women, with different body shapes or age groups have faced. Cellulite worsens as women age because, at this point, their bodies produce less estrogen (the hormone that keeps the blood vessels flowing easily). Apart from the aging factor, there are other factors that can speed up the appearance of cellulite. Some of which are dehydration, less physical activity, gaining weight and hormonal changes.

Everyone yearns for a smooth skin which becomes difficult to achieve when cellulite makes skin look bumpy and uneven. Cellulite mostly appears on arms, legs, hips and stomach and leaves an unattractive look on the skin. Cellulite areas start to appear on our skins when our fat cells increase in size, build up under the skin and protrude which results in a dimpled skin.

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Celluaid Cellulite Treatment

Dermatologists have tried to discover what causes cellulite and how to get rid of cellulite. It seems that genetics and hormones might be among the factors in making cellulite appear; however, researches have been more on anti-cellulite methods including essential oils for cellulite treatment, anti-cellulite leggings and cellulite massagers. They provide help for fighting against cellulite, reducing the appearance of cellulite on skin and keeping the skin firmer. Additionally, you should know that a healthy diet, as well as regular exercising, are of high importance in any skincare process. CelluAid is lab-tested and is analyzed and carefully tested by top specialists and experts, to let you reap the most benefits out of this amazing product.

What About Cellulite Creams or Lotions?

They are known for containing some effective and beneficial ingredients to nourish the skin including anti-oxidants like caffeine, some hydrating agents and botanical extracts. These can make cellulite creams show their potential to help skin combat cellulite on various areas by limiting the expansion of fat cells and tighten the skin. If you use such creams according to the instruction and stick to consistent applications, you can notice a decrease in the appearance of cellulite and have a smoother skin free from visible dimples.

CelluAid with a unique formula and gainful benefits from scientifically proven ingredients, comes to the skin's rescue which suffers from the unsightly appearance of cellulite in different areas like legs, hips, stomach and thighs. This anti-cellulite cream is designed in a way to lay in ambush so as to attack fat cells which are responsible for forming the cellulite dimples, causing them to start appearing on the skin and thus, leaving the skin uneven and rough.

Cellulite Cream

Natural and safe ingredients can be the evidence of the efficiency of any skincare and beauty product. With this in mind, CelluAid makes sure to exclude gluten, paraben and sulfate and instead, feature important ingredients in its cellulite treatment, one of which is quinoa, a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, which helps reduce the size of fat cells due to lipotropic properties, consequently the cellulite bumps are prevented from sticking out, making them look less and less visible. Moreover, this gluten-free superfood is reported to be capable of promoting the skin's resilience. CelluAid has considered receiving help from Hyaluronic Acid to be necessary. This moisturizer plays a key role in keeping the skin hydrated and healthy, which can be a crucial factor in helping to revitalize the skin and smooth its texture.

Choosing the CelluAid gel or lotion is a matter of choice, as well as skin type. The gels are oil-free and good for combination of oily to oily skin types, because they have a water base. CelluAid has benefits from oil besides water in the lotions so as to make this product suitable for very dry to dry combination skin types. This company recommends consulting with a dermatologist or going for a patch test before applying the product to avoid any irritation. Consequently, Celluaid is considered as the best solution for treating cellulites based on expert reviews.
There are some other benefits offered by CelluAid: 1) Ordering from USA will have no shipping costs. 2) CelluAid provides 60-day refund policy for all the customers. Customer service is of high importance for CelluAid. Make sure to read customer reviews below for a better understanding of the customer feedback.



CelluAid Before and After

CelluAid Cellulite Cream Before and After


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Questions and Answers

As the name signifies, these topical cellulite treatments will help our skins look smoother, tighter and younger by helping control the size and expansion of fat cells so as to get rid of fat storage which is the reason behind cellulite or orange peel skin. These anti-cellulite cream help fat build-up beneath the skin reduce in appearance, connective tissues thicken and consequently, improve skin to achieve an uneven look and become firmer with less visible cellulite.
CelluAid features natural ingredients like quinoa seed extract with the potential to stimulate fat-burning process inside cells and a blend of lauric acid and proline to help stop cells from fat barging into cells and being stored. Such an effective system provides opportunity for CelluAid to be a potent treatment for helping make the fat cells decrease in volume and number, thus reducing the appearance of stubborn cellulite on thighs and legs.
CelluAid has gained its popularity among its users by an innovative formula containing a number of potent ingredients with moisturizing and fat-targeting capabilities to help decrease the stored fat inside cells in order to stop them from pushing against the skin and forming a dimpled skin or orange peel appearance of cellulite on affected areas. The reviews of CelluAid customers also reveal the satisfaction of the users witnessing the faster improvements on their cellulite areas with continued use of CelluAid gel or lotion which has been a great help in addition to their healthy diet and work-out routine.
The makers of CelluAid recommend applying the lotion or gel on cellulite bumps protruding from various areas on skin which might be stomach, hips, thighs and buttocks or even inside the upper arms. The users should massage the CelluAid in a clockwise motion on stomach and circular upward way on the other parts. CelluAid can function more effectively after a shower, in the morning as well as evening.
A number of reasons have been reported by the users in their reviews of this brand and its products, among which are CelluAid's using a cruelty-free production system as well as reaping the benefits of botanical and safe ingredients in the formula. The CelluAid gel or lotion is free from gluten, paraben and sulfate and it is dermatologist tested. The price of the product and 60-day money-back guaranty are also making it easier for the people to give the CelluAid products a try and enjoy their skins more when the cellulite appear less visible.  
CelluAid anti-cellulite lotions as well as gels are currently purchasable from the main website of this company: CelluAid.com

Customer Reviews

  • Denise

Celluaid is very easy to use

Celluaid is very easy to use, the smell is charming and not overwhelming, it absorbs quickly, and the skin feels firm and soft after as well. I think this is an excellent product that was very well formulated with the best natural herbs that have been clinically tested.
This shows their dedication to creating a valuable product that actually works. I’m on my second bottle, and the cellulite spots around my thighs have significantly reduced.

  • Melani.R4

You can't wrong with this product.

If you’re ever in doubt about what products to use in getting rid f cellulite, Celluaid has got you covered. I have been using this for two weeks now, and my butt feels firmer and smoother. You can't wrong with this product.

  • Ayleen

I haven’t experienced any nasty reactions

I try to shy away from products like this because I have very sensitive skin. But Celluaid has erased my doubts. I got this product two weeks ago, till now, I haven’t experienced any nasty reactions, it blends well with my skin texture, it is soft, and the fragrance is a huge plus. If you have a sensitive skin yet looking for a cellulite cream that works, take my word for it, you won’t regret buying this product. I intend staying true to your brand for as long as you keep giving me such great value for my money! Highly recommended.

  • Lexi

excellent product with a great value!

I love how smoothly it quickly penetrates my skin and how well it keeps my skin hydrated. I will give a follow-up report in a few weeks, so far, I must commend, this is an excellent product with a great value!

  • Sky

Yes, magical

I really love the fragrance of this magical anti-cellulite cream! Yes, magical because I started noticing a difference after consistently using it for 12 days, which is quite astonishing compared to other brands I've used in the past!

  • Margaret

My skin has become firmer

I bought this cream last month after my friend suggested it to me, claiming it did wonders for her. Although I try to work out daily, getting rid of cellulite on my tighs has been a difficult task!
So I thought to give this a try since its summer, and I want to feel sexy in my swimsuit without worrying about the cheesy structures on my skin. Even though I wasn't expecting much, its been four weeks of consistent improvement and I’m impressed. My skin has become firmer and quite moisturized! This is a compulsory summer cream for every woman! I'm placing orders for more!

  • Hanna

this one surprised me with its quality and results

The name says it itself: CelluAid. This product comes to your aid. I was really skeptic at first because i tried so many products but some either didn't work or had little effect on my cellulites. But this one surprised me with its quality and results.

  • Luciana

Thank you Celluaid!

This is what i was looking for. Thank you Celluaid!

  • Adelynn

My cellulite vanished after a while.

This is a miracle! I used to have cellulite on my thighs and buttocks and i was really sad about it because it had a negative effect on my confidence. My sister introduced it to me and i can't thank her enough. My cellulite vanished after a while.

  • P Opal

Purchase twice

I luv using this cream it help burns fat I purchased it twice I yes in morning before I go to work is a great cream to use I would recommend it

  • Karen Qw


I have tried many different cellulite creams. Celluaid is THE WINNER. I use it everyday, twice a day. I’m on my third tube and I am seeing visible results. I will definitely keep using/ordering this product. PLEASE, DON’T STOP SELLING THIS! I also exercise just about everyday and I have cut out the junk food. You can’t just use the cream. You have to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle too!!!

  • Audre Lorde

A lovely fragrance

I have been using Celluaid for a month now, and I'm excited to say that I've noticed a slight difference on my legs and arms. I cannot wait to see...

  • hira

Amazingggg!! I use it all over myself!

At first I bought CelluAid’s cellulite treatment for the cellulites I had around my belly because of my last pregnancy. After a while of using the cream, I noticed a very pleasing result, so I thought of using it on my breasts’ stretch marks. At first I was a bit hesitant because it wasn’t meant for stretch marks, but the ingredients were awesome so I just gave it a go. And yet again, it didn’t disappoint me! My stretch marks were even being treated sooner than my cellulites! Honestly, this cream is the best! You can use it for any possible skin condition, plus, it hydrates skin very well!

  • Alison Thomas

Soft and lovely! You won’t regret!

My mom used to have massive cellulites all around her belly and hips and because of her knee arthritis she couldn’t get rid of those cellulites by exercising. As I wanted to help her, I went on and looked up ways to treat them and on my search I came across CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I hadn’t heard about this brand before so I was a bit skeptical, but the ingredients were awesome so I just ordered a tube. When my mom was using it, she told me she liked the smell. Now, it’s been six weeks and her cellulites are gone! It’s all thanks to CelluAid!

  • Madison Hill

First time using, hoping for the best!

My skin is really sensitive which makes choosing skincare products a real nightmare. When I was ordering CelluAid’s cellulite treatment for my stretch marks, I was a bit skeptical because I hadn’t tried this type of product and that meant a very big chance of showing a reaction. Even though I was very anxious about the cream, I had to buy it; those stretch marks were really becoming the reason behind my low self-esteem. The first thing I noticed about this cream was the light scent it had which was more pleasant than disturbing. After applying the cream, it was absorbed quickly and I didn’t show any allergic reaction whatsoever. So, I’m going to keep using and see what happens.

  • Gabriella

Love it! The best I’ve ever used!

I had used products like CelluAid’s cellulite treatment before and they all claimed they did the same, but they turned out to be bluffs. So, when I was ordering CelluAid’s cellulite treatment, I wasn’t sure whether it was worth the money, but I just gave it go. To be honest, I’m really happy I did! This worked on all my cellulites, stretch marks, bat wings and so on. It also evened my skin tone which had been a real pain in the neck. It didn’t cause any breakout or dryness unlike so many other creams I have used. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the best cream ever!

  • Zoe Hernandez

You gotta try this tiny treasure!

CelluAid’s cellulite treatment is the best purchase I’ve ever made! At first I didn’t buy it for any typical skin condition just wanted to give it a try. And now, I’m addicted to it! It’s the best cream I’ve ever used! The ingredients are all of nice quality and the cream doesn’t cause any dryness or breakout at all! And the texture! It’s the silkiest most consistent texture I’ve ever seen in skin care products! Also, it absorbs quickly without leaving any greasy feeling on the skin! Plus, it has a very light and sweet fragrance that is favorable and not irritating at all. 10/10 recommended!!

  • Emma Davis

Too expensive!

About two months ago, I bought a tube of CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I didn’t have any serious skin conditions just the normal stretch marks here and there, but this wasn’t the reason I bought this cream. What really got me interested was its ingredients. My package arrived just a month ago and I immediately started using it. Even though my stretch marks weren’t really my aim, but by the end of the tube I could see how much better they looked. Besides, it was the best cream I had ever bought and treated my skin very well. That made me excited to place another order, but I realized the price was way out of my budget to be bought monthly. 

  • Noah

Wish the tube was bigger.

About some months ago, when I was driven crazy by my belly cellulites, I decided to get rid of them. While at work I overheard one of my colleagues’ conversation on the phone. It was about CelluAid’s cellulite treatment and how it helped her mom get rid of all her cellulites. I got curious and as I was desperate about getting rid of my cellulites, so I checked out their website and ordered a tube after reading a bit about the cream. I enjoyed using my tube. The cream had a very consistent texture and smelled nice. It was also not greasy and hydrated my skin pretty well. But I ran out of it so soon and only wished the tube was bigger because it took a month to be shipped to my country.

  • Jonat

Awesome product with great quality!

It’s been some time that the stretch marks around my thighs and hips seemed to be on my nerves even if I didn’t realize it. I had heard from one of friends that coffee really does help with unusual skin conditions and since then I had been searching for something that contained coffee. When I found out CelluAid’s cellulite treatment actually contained coffee, I just ordered a tube right away. And I really made the best choice ever! This cream is amazing! It smoothens my skin up and I’m actually surprised by its hydrating power! Plus, my stretch marks are almost gone only after using for 3 weeks! I will definitely keep using it.

  • hadison j

Guess what?!

Guess what?! I finally found a Cellulite Cream that works and is very affordable!! I have been consistent with it since the first day I got it, now my cellulite isn't so visible, and my skin feels firmer. Even the little cellulite around my tighs have ALMOST DISAPPEARED, and I'm still in shock! The cream is quite affordable and active compared to the expensive brands on the market that only moisturizes without getting the job done. I also love how it doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. I'm getting more!

  • Nancy Patrick

The perfect icing on the cake!

This stuff is beyond amazing! I have noticed a significant improvement with my skin. The cellulite around my buttocks and the back of my on my legs have almost disappeared, and my skin is tightening up just right.bi have been religious with my workout sessions and eating right for a while now, but the cream from Celluaid is the perfect icing on the cake! I highly recommend this product!

  • sheri

Nice moisturizer with excellent ingredients! But runs out fast :(

As an esthetician, I’m pretty picky about cosmetic products I use on my skin, specifically their ingredients. CelluAid’s cellulite treatment has everything you’re looking for in an effective cellulite treatment such as caffeine. It’s a highly moisturizing and hydrating product due to containing centella asiatica extract, fucus vesiculosus extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, squalane and hyaluronic acid. When I started using it, I calculated that it will at least take 40 days of consistent use to see the best results. One week into using it, and as I expected, it went smoothly on my skin and not only did it absorb quickly but also it’s not greasy at all. Considering my pattern of use which was twice a day, one tube of it didn’t last any longer than 14 days, leaving me ordering two other tubes to end my cycle. Overall, it’s a great cellulite treatment only wishing it came in a larger size.

  • LC

No more bingo wings! What a pleasant surprise!

Some weeks ago, I noticed that bingo wings have already started developing on my upper arms. My first reaction was shock. Being 43; I consider it too soon for me. I have a preoccupied life and I couldn’t add more gym hours to my schedule, so as result I started looking for a substitute. Reviewing all the possible options and people’s reviews led me to CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I immediately ordered a tube and started using it. I wasn’t expecting much as it wasn’t specifically made for my condition, but happy to say I was pleasantly surprised! My wings are almost gone and there’s some noticeable improvement in my skin tone! Oh, and my skin feels so silky and smooth to the touch. I’m gonna look so bomb in my swimsuit this summer! 10/10 awesome product!

  • jagh2

Excellent product with great quality but the price?

After my last pregnancy, there happened to be some cellulite around my stomach and hips. I tried some products to tighten my skin, thinking it’s the cause. I was wrong and they really didn’t help, so I asked one of the other moms I’ve been seeing in those pregnancy classes about the weird tissue around my stomach. She told me they’re cellulite and introduced me to some methods of reducing them. At first I didn’t want to use any cosmetic product as I’m not really a fan of and the fact that I had a lot of free time to fill, so I chose exercising.  Things worked great but with the baby I couldn’t spend much time in the gym and I needed my energy for the nights the baby would keep me awake. As a result I switched to cosmetic products; thanks to that friend of mine I knew about CelluAid’s cellulite treatment so I bought a tube. Everything about that product was great and its effects were undeniable but it costs a fortune!

  • camillia

No more bingo wings! What a pleasant surprise!

Some weeks ago, I noticed that bingo wings have already started developing on my upper arms. My first reaction was shock. Being 43; I consider it too soon for me. I have a preoccupied life and I couldn’t add more gym hours to my schedule, so as result I started looking for a substitute. Reviewing all the possible options and people’s reviews led me to CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I immediately ordered a tube and started using it. I wasn’t expecting much as it wasn’t specifically made for my condition, but happy to say I was pleasantly surprised! My wings are almost gone and there’s some noticeable improvement in my skin tone! Oh, and my skin feels so silky and smooth to the touch. I’m gonna look so bomb in my swimsuit this summer! 10/10 awesome product!

  • calli

When I reached 13, stretch marks appeared all over my body

When I reached 13, stretch marks appeared all over my body and the most irritating part, on my breasts. It was really annoying; imagine being a teenager with all the gatherings, parties, beaches and places like that and not being able to wear tank tops, bikinis and other things just because you hate the stretch marks on your body! People used to say stretch marks appear ‘cause of overweight and that wasn’t logical as I was NOT overweighed, but I was desperate and did anything to lose weight. Well, as we all know, it didn’t help at all and I was still suffering from stretch marks. My mom noticed the reason behind my unease and got me a tube of CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I love the fact that it contains caffeine which helped breaking down fat cells and reducing stretch marks! It also hydrated and softened my skin! Very happy about it!

  • jomu435

I have recently taken up the profession of modeling and the cellulites around my thighs and belly are a real problem as they limit my choice of clothing to high waisted pants and long skirts. I tried adding some new exercises to my gym schedule and it was working the first days, but my modeling gym schedule consists of very extreme exercises and adding additional exercises started wearing me out eventually by the end of the day. So I started looking for an alternative method and asked one of my acquaintances if she knew anything that would help with cellulite. She asked some of her esthetician friends and they recommended CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I bought the product and the creamy and silky texture and the easy application were really favorable, but I used it for one week and even though there were some improvements my skin still wasn’t in the ideal condition I wanted it to be. I was in a rush so also I started doing micro needling while using it and it worked!

  • Hallii

Smells really nice and giving it a try.

I used to be bullied and mocked for my stretch marks and cellulites around my thighs, buttocks and belly by some other girls in my school. I started slimming down due to all that anxiety I got from being mocked, thinking to myself it’s the key to my cellulite and stretch marks problem. It didn’t work and I got more anxious and picky when choosing my outfit for school. Unfortunately, just before school year ended, my school announced an obligatory summer camp. Hearing that meant I had to expose that parts of my skin which had cellulites and stretch marks and that would lead to more bullying. I asked my older sister for help and she got me CelluAid’s cellulite treatment three days ago. I started using it right away. It smells really nice and feels so good on my skin. Gonna keep on using and I’m hoping for the best result.

  • watson

Feels hydrating and soothing! Plus it’s cruelty free!

I used to have very severe cellulite around my hips and stomach. As I was a bit overweighed, the first solution that popped into my head was to exercise. A month ago, I started working out, but things were a little slow and I was growing impatient. So I asked one of my gym mates about any way to boost my improvement and she told me about CelluAid’s cellulite treatment. I bought the gel and started using it. Two weeks into using and I’m already addicted to it!! I just love how lightweight and moisturizing it feels and the fact that it absorbs so quickly. Also, its soothing effect is a true helper especially after workout and the fact that it’s cruelty free makes it ten times better! Loving it so far so glad I bought this!

  • Orla

Goes on smooth and it works! A real lifesaver!

I work as a lifeguard in my city’s public pool and honestly, it’s pretty rough having cellulite and working this job especially when you’re so self-conscious about your body. I had cellulite since my teenage years and they weren’t really making me self-conscious then, until I got this job. Since then, I started having all these thoughts such as I’m not pretty, etc. I couldn’t go on like that, considering I still wanted to work there, so I asked some of my friends for advice. One of them suggested CelluAid’s cellulite treatment saying it totally worked on her mom. So I got myself a tube and started using a week ago. It goes so smoothly on my skin and I can’t say how much I love it! The texture is so creamy and melts right into my skin! Also, I really love the fragrance and its effects are already visible. HIGHLY recommended!

  • Sue

It’s a dream come true! I’m in love with it!

I used to be so fed up with the cellulite around my thighs and buttocks. I was always so jealous and sad about this fact that I simply couldn’t wear that high waisted shorts or that bikini I always wanted to, like any of my friends could, only because I felt my thighs were ugly and rough. I suffered through high school with this condition, so many parties I didn’t go, so many dresses I didn’t buy…, but some weeks ago I decided it’s enough. So I went on the internet and looked for a solution. On one of the sites, a reviewer recommended CelluAid’s cellulite treatment and that caught my eye, so I went on and searched it up. After reading a bit about it, I decided to give it a shot. And oh boy, I’m so happy I did! Two weeks into using it and my thighs seem like they never had cellulite on them and it’s all thanks to CelluAid!

  • .

  • Eloise Taylor

Excellent supplement

This is one cream that can complement a healthy diet and exercises. In addition to enhancing my skin and reducing the dimpled appearance, Celluaid cream helps to moisturize and hydrate my buttocks, thighs, and arms. They feel very soft and plump.

  • SierraBell

Recommend this product

This is my second tube, and I can definitely see the difference in a period of four months. I use the Celluaid cream in addition to my daily workouts. I have experienced firmness around my arms and stomach, and I'm really pleased. I recommend this product. I'm finally achieving my dreamy skin. I know it takes longer time.


  • Zoey Rivera

A firmer skin! Yes! hope for more

Like most women, I had my doubts about this product but still went ahead to place an order after reading the fantastic reviews on their website. I have been using this product for about six weeks now, and I’ve discovered that my thighs looked firmer yet soft to touch. Celluaid has yet to show me better results. I've ordered one for my bestie as well. I'm going to make her leave a review after a couple of weeks.

  • Margaret

Really like this product

I really like this product because compared to its peers, I've seen better and faster-delivered results. I do recommend it! The price is reasonable too. 

  • Jessica

A top product!

 If I had known about Celluaid earlier, I wouldn’t have wasted money getting another product. It was a total waste of money. Celluaid, on the other hand, is doing a perfect job, not just at reducing the dimples but also making my skin feel firmer and the cellulite are appearing smaller. I’m getting loads of it from this product! Great value, great team! 

  • Darcey

really effective

I decided to buy this product after reading many lovely reviews about it. I am about 30 years old and work every day. About two months ago, I thought it was time to find a way to get rid of my cellulite. So I got this cream and I applied the cream according to the instructions. Now I can tell those cellulite areas on my skin around my thigh and hips area, if not nearly invisible, are much reduced in appearance! 

  • Felicity

The right decision!

If you’re ever in doubt about what products to use in getting rid cellulite, Celluaid has got you covered. I have been using this for two weeks now, and this cream has made a change. I'll keep using it for more results!

  • Lyla

Wonderful fragrance

Wonderful fragrance, I’m still expecting to see a smoother skin, I will give an update when that happens. It’s been six days of consistently using this product; I hope it works for me. Their customer service is really helpful by the way! 

  • Eleanor

This product is amazing

This product is amazing! I use it on my thighs every night before I sleep. The cellulite on my thighs are fading. I work out 5 days a week, and I eat healthily. I think you need to combine it with work out. I will probably order my next one soon.  

  • Chloe

Good job! 

This is my second tube, and I can see some slight difference in the last 5 days of using this product. I have experienced a steady decrease in the appearance of cellulite on my skin. I only wish it came in a bigger tube. Either way, it’s doing a good job. 

  • Abigail

I'm hopeful because of the recent changes on my skin

After undergoing treatment for a terminal illness, I lost a considerable amount of weight, with fatty deposits around my arms and thighs, which didn't look good. I couldn’t wear some clothes, because I felt uncomfortable at the appearance of my skin, especially my arms. I have been using Celluaid cream every morning and night for a few weeks now, and I am starting to see some changes in the appearance of my skin. I am still using this cream with hopes I regain my physique and my skin looking ready for summer. This is worth trying; if it worked for me, I could work for anyone else. 

  • molan

Works pretty well

This works pretty well and I’m totally satisfied. I’ve already ordered 3 additional tubes. To my greatest surprise, they gave a big discount on my bulk purchase. I advise you buy more to enjoy their discount. 

  • irene

I love the container and it's toning the skin of my dimpled arm

I love the container and product packaging and I knew instantly it would work for me. I have been using it for three weeks and I can tell I've seen some results. It is filling in my dimpled arm without any allergies. I will keep using this product until I achieve a flawless arm. I also use a cellulite scrub to hasten results. 

  • Hallie

this cream has many benefits

Great product, pleasant fragrance and, non-greasy but I’m only seeing significant changes on my thighs. This is my 6th day; I hope this product will work well for me because I've read impressive reviews which is what prompted me to order for myself. 

  • Violet

Big container and good results

This cream can work well if you are patient. It doesn’t smell bad. I use it every other day and I can tell the results were close to what I expect. I also work out almost every morning before stepping out (treadmill, pushups, and sit ups) for about 15 to 20 minutes. The container is also big enough to last for months. I’m satisfied with this product. 

  • Scarlett

Most results

I use the cream on my thigh and stomach. I combine it with judging and workouts every morning. and it is working! This product has helped my drop some fat around my tummy too. I’ve used some other products but they made me uncomfortable, but I saw the most results using this product. 

  • Florence

Very effective!

I stumbled on this product at a time when I was losing my confidence. Celluaid has given me back that confidence and smooth skin to flaunt at the pool. Even my saggy abdomen (the result of childbirth) is looking much better. My hips are smoother; my skin is to die for! I highly recommend, it lasts longer than most products out there, and it is very effective. gi

  • Willow

Still waiting for "wow" but visible reduction of my cellulite

I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now, and I have not been disappointed. I used it in the hopes of minimizing the weird-looking cottage cheese structures on my arms. I really like the feel of the cream and the soothing sensation I get each time I apply it on my skin, and it smells great too. I wasn't sure any treatment could really do much for these parts on my skin, but I have seen a visible reduction in my short while of using this product. The desired results have yet to come but I think the price for Celluaid is fair enough so I recommend giving this brand a shot. 

  • Matilda

fragrance is great

I have been using this product for about 10 days now; I’ve not felt any “special” effect, I will keep using it till I exhaust this tube. Hopefully, it will work as it's supposed to, but right now, I am making do with the lovely fragrance! 

  • Lottie

in love with Celluaid

I have fallen in love with this product, and the scent brightens my day anytime I apply it. The significant part is, it doesn’t only smell great it tightens the skin and makes my cellulite areas less visible. I have been dealing with cellulite and how it affects the look of my skin. This cream has really helped to boost my confidence at wearing shorts during this summer season. 

  • Hallie

quick absorption and firmer skin

As the summer is coming, I purchased one Celluaid Anti-cellulite Cream a month ago and now I am so thrilled I did! I love how instantly it is absorbed into the skin and the fragrance- quite refreshing! More importantly, my skin feels firmer and hydrated. I love this cream, and I am placing more orders as summer gifts for my friends! I can't enjoy this goodness alone! 

  • Jasmine

Feels amazing

I just started applying this cream last week. It smells good, softens my skin. I think it will help minimize cellulite on my skin. With all the reviews I have read here and the wonderful experience I had with this product, I can confidently say it is worth giving the shot! This anti-cellulite cream from Celluaid has given me a firmer and hydrated skin within this short period of use. It feels amazing on my skin. 

  • lucy

quick absorption and firmer skin

As the summer is coming, I purchased one Celluaid Anti-cellulite Cream a month ago and now I am so thrilled I did! I love how instantly it is absorbed into the skin and the fragrance- quite refreshing! More importantly, my skin feels firmer and hydrated. I love this cream, and I am placing more orders as summer gifts for my friends! I can't enjoy this goodness alone! 

  • Heidi

Nice fragrance


Nice fragrance and packaging but it is not doing so much other than tightening my skin. Well I expect more and hope it gets better as this is my 5th day of applying Celluaid cream.

  • Lexi

Great job

I have been using this product as prescribed twice a day for a while now, and I can see a difference. I massage it gently till it is totally absorbed, then I use a massager for about 15 minutes. Now, my cellulite is less visible, and I have already placed an order for one more for maintenance. Also, I've been taking my exercise regimen seriously doing squats and lunges to tone up the muscles in those areas. However, Celluaid seems super amazing at giving those same areas a smooth effect! I'm loyal to your brand, great job!

  • Amelie

it works with excercise It was a great product so well worth the purchase. However, you shouldn't expect a miracle shortly cause it takes time o finally work, and you will see better results if you exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. I've seen dramatic changes on my skin. As I said, you have to be patient with it, in the end it will give you a better result than you expected! I recommend this product for the treatment of cellulite.

  • Grace

a lovely gift I absolutely love this cream! I’m happy I didn’t feel any burning sensation on application. It’s been a month now, and my skin has become firmer and smoother than I expected in such a short time. I will order more soon, this time for my mum and sisters. Every woman needs this!

  • Mercy

gonna buy more I have tried several products that had little or no results; with this cream, I'm getting visible results in such a short time. I am glad I chose this, even happier that it has worked for me. I'm gonna order more soon plus I would suggest they come in bigger sizes.

  • bet

Won’t regret buying I have been using this cellulite treatment cream for a few weeks now, every day and night, and I love it. The cream glides on my skin very smoothly, penetrate easily, and I love the smell! I have seen some evident changes and can’t wait to update my experience in a few weeks. You won’t regret buying this product.

  • cheryl

I LOVE this cream I love this cream. It's fast-absorbing, and it smells really great. However, I experience a sensation of heat only after a workout. So I thought to use it after a bath when my skin is cool. Other than that, my skin appears a little bit firmer and hydrated. Perhaps I need more time to use this cream and see the promised results.

  • avril

Wonderful moisturizer I have been using this anti-cellulite cream for two weeks now, though I’m yet to notice any reduction in cellulite, my skin does feel tighter and softer in my arms and thighs. This lotion easily penetrates the skin, has the most calming scent and can be used as a wonderful moisturizer.

  • Virtue

I'm glad to know about this miracle I’m so happy I came across this product. Having tried countless number of products in the past with no results, I found Celluaid seriously amazing. I noticed results within 3 weeks. It is not hot or cold on the skin, unlike the previous brands I bought on Amazon. I definitely recommend this product.

  • ava

I love this cream. It's fast-absorbing, and it smells really great. However, I experience a sensation of heat only after a workout. So I thought to use it after a bath when my skin is cool. Other than that, my skin appears a little bit firmer and hydrated. Perhaps I need more time to use this cream and see the promised results.

  • Olivia

This product works very well. When I read a lot of reviews about people hoping to see results instantly, I can’t believe it. If you’re looking for results immediately, you might never find the right product. Actually, I followed the instruction on the Celluaid website and did some exercise daily. This is the third week I’ve been using it and can tell it is working.

  • Bernice Louis

This has been the only cream that has given me results so far. I love the way it feels on my skin. Skin has improved dramatically. I gives a warm sensation on my laps and butt whenever I apply it, which I want to believe it’s a positive sign that my fat are melting. I also like the way it moisturizes my skin. It absorbs well and feels really good on the skin. I think it is doing an amazing job so far!

  • Janet Stephen

This cream works like magic! I so much love it. I am on my second bottle hahahaha. It did smoothed and tightened my skin while reducing the appearance of my cellulite. I followed the manufacturer’s instruction carefully so I guess that’s why this worked for me. Admitedly, I didn’t see results immediately. It took over 2 months of not giving up before this works. If you don’t know, cellulite is stubborn and difficult to eliminate. I wasn’t overweight but started having issues with cellulite when I had my second daughter. I scrubed. Exercise regularly, but non worked for me. So when I started using this product, I was shocked with results. I’m not totally free from cellulite but they are less, less visible! Thank you for producing this effective formula.

  • Robyn Scott

Celluaid is very easy to use, the smell is charming and not overwhelming, it absorbs easily, and the skin feels plump and soft after as well. I think this is an excellent product that was very well formulated with the best natural herbs that have been clinically tested. This shows their dedication to creating a valuable product that works. I’m on my second bottle, and my skin has never been this smooth!

  • Roger Wilson

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  • Jennie David

For years now, I have been searching for a cellulite cream that contained these three important ingredients that are known to be useful in getting rid of cellulite – Caffeine which is the classic ingredient in most cellulite creams because it immediately tightens and tones the skin; Biotin which boosts collagen and works even better when combined with caffeine; and Quinoa extract which literally reduces the “clumping” and accumulation of fat cells that show up on the skin’s surface as cellulite lumps and bumps. It also absorbs fat from under the surface of the skin and diminishes cellulite in that fashion. Celluaid has all three of these ingredients and more. I was very thrilled when I discovered this cellulite cream and even more thrilled when I used it, and it worked! I ensure I eat healthy meals and stay hydrated. I love this product, and I would recommend it any day!

  • Nadine Dennis

I am happy with my purchase of the cellulite cream from Celluaid. I had an excellent Customer service experience, and I feel that they genuinely care about the results of this product on different individuals; they simply want you to get the best from their product. I have been using the product twice a day for about a month now, and my skin has shown visible results!! My only issue with this cream is that you suggested we use it to 8weeks to see the tangible difference and I felt a tube of this product should have lasted for that duration but it doesn't. So I will have to buy more and the size isn't so big. Anyway, I noticed a difference at the second week and I've continued using it since then, for that I will recommend this product to others! Report as Inappropriate

  • Delia Jonathan

This is my third tube of cellulite cream. I am using it a lot this summer, and I love the consistency, it melts right into my skin pores without being greasy. I noticed that it helps smooth out the appearance of my skin at the back of my thighs. Its wonderful effects have helped to boost confidence whenever I wear a swimsuit or short shorts. I work out a lot, especially, the lower part of my body, but I just cannot seem to get my thighs looking smooth and soft without the help of this cream. I love the ingredient list, filled with a rich blend of natural ingredients with plants and words I can easily recognize and pronounce. Overall, I am very happy with the product and would recommend that you give it a try. You need to be consistent in your use because it does take about four weeks of regular use to notice improvement and maybe less for others, stick to this brand. They are genuine!

  • Lucia Joshua

Today makes it the third week that I started using this product. I do feel that this product has firmed my thighs and abdomen a little. Although my cellulites are visible, I feel my skin has improved since using this product. I apply it twice daily. I will continue to use it