Best Eyelash Serums Approved by Customers & Specialists

Alluring and plentiful eyelashes increase the ravishingness of the eyes. Instead of eyelash extensions and mascara, check out the best brands of eyelash serums which are great for the growth of your lashes if applied continually. We are always introducing the best products for those who are always seeking perfection. So forget about the constant visits to the drugstore and beauty departments to find your best, desired eyelash solution. We here are obliged to help you find the best eyelash serums for you and analyze them in every bit of detail. Don't forget to check out customer reviews and ratings to have a broader sense of these products and see whether they have pros and cons along with them.

The World's Best Eyelash Serums


1. Nourishlash Eyelash growth Serum

Nourishlash Eyelash growth Serum
The development speed of my eyelashes has surprised me thanks to NourishLash eyelash serum, which is loaded with many professionally proven nutrients and vitamins which accelerate natural eyelash growth. This incredible lash serum contains Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract, Panthenol, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea Extract), Calcium Panthothenate, and many more ingredients which have been shown to help eyelashes and eyebrows grow longer and faster. This dermatologist-tested botanical and natural serum is also 100% vegan and cruelty-free, which is a huge plus in the NourishLash pros and cons list.
People in the NourishLash reviews have commented they noticed a difference in just two weeks, and it was comforting to know that with continued use, the results would improve and it is possible to obtain eyelashes that are even better than what you had previously. Some people have mentioned minor soreness after using NourishLash, but you may not encounter any of the stated NourishLash adverse effects if you are not sensitive to any of the components. It is also quite simple to use this serum; it is as simple as applying eyeliner; one swish and the magic is done. Simply said, NourishLash works by infusing the eyelashes with its improved and nutritious nutrients, which protect them from damage while also strengthening and thickening them.
NourishLash is among the best eyelash serums, because it has some prominent features. For example it is not simply a product for ladies; it is also a product for men and women. Then there is the issue of animal testing, which is prohibited by this company's regulations, as well as the fact that all of the components are organic and vegan. Leaving aside these critical considerations, NourishLash, a pioneer in the best eyelash serums, has just released a new and improved recipe as well as packaging to offer the best, safest, and most effective eyelash growth serum available. 
NourishLash eyelash serum should be used twice daily as directed. In as little as 1–2 weeks, NourishLash can improve the appearance of lash length, volume, and thickness. (It may take up to 8 weeks to notice results in some circumstances.) It is important to note that lashes grow slowly, therefore patience is required.
As we all know, the most prevalent protein in the human body is collagen. We are all aware about its skin and hair advantages (it can do everything from repair damaged strands to firm sagging skin and wrinkles), so it is no surprise that it is also a constituent in the best eyelash serums. The NourishLash serum is said to operate by activating the anagen phase (growth phase) of your lashes while they are still in their last stage, resulting in longer and fuller lashes.
NourishLash relies on safe and dependable products which are naturally fortified. This product adheres to a stringent policy of not employing any dangerous materials in its manufacturing, such as paraben, sulfur, or mineral oils, making it relatively safe for the general public.

2. WooLash Eyelash Serum

WooLash Eyelash Serum

Eyelashes develop, fall out, and regrow in a normal and predictable cycle. However, we may lose lashes more quickly than usual, or we may not have thick, long lashes to begin with. The most common cause of lash loss is irritation from cosmetics. The necessity of selecting the best eyelash serum is highlighted here, Eyelash growth serums work by slowing down the loss of lashes. Furthermore, such eyelash enhancers not only assist the user develop more eyelashes, but they also make them longer, fuller, and thicker. If you choose your eyelash serum carefully, you can ensure the health and beauty of your lashes for the rest of your life.
WooLash is a new natural, scientifically validated, and clinically tested lash and brow serum made in the United States, designed to enlarge, accentuate, and maintain the pure beauty of your beautiful eyelashes. This natural eyelash serum includes bioactive phytomolecules, nutrient-rich plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, and proteins, as well as a potent component composition, according to WooLash reviews.
WooLash ingredients combine all-natural, nutrient-rich components to activate and rejuvenate latent lash follicle germ cells, boosting quick eyelash creation, as stated in WooLash reviews. Your eyelashes will grow longer, thicker, and fuller in a short amount of time. If you want your lashes to appear sexier, longer, and healthier, try this eyelash development serum.
WooLash is the first brand with the best rate of satisfaction from beauty experts and customers among the top 5 eyelash growth products. WooLash, as one of the most well-known and reputable firms in the cosmetic industry, offers one of the best eyelash serums available. Many women seek thick, long, voluminous, and healthy-looking lashes, and this eyelash serum helps them achieve that goal. WooLash growth serum is a nourishing blend of natural botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins, proteins, and an innovative amino acid combination which works quickly to renew and improve eyelashes and eyebrows.    
These characteristics demonstrate why WooLash is regarded as one of the best eyelash serums available. This product has been clinically evaluated and confirmed to be safe, vegan, gentle, and effective. So far, there have been no unfavorable user reviews, and buyers have been satisfied.
In order to prevent lash damage, the WooLash eyelash serum hydrates and nourishes your eyelashes with humectants and emollients. According to WooLash reviews, the vitamins and minerals help your lash follicles create longer lashes. The WooLash natural eyelash serum is free of parabens, mineral oil, artificial scents and colors, prostaglandin, and other potentially harmful ingredients. As maintained in WooLash reviews, this finest eyelash serum was developed without the use of animals and has been proven to be safe for all eyes.
Customers could take advantage of WooLash's 60-day money return guarantee. It demonstrates how confident the manufacturers are with their lash serum. Another essential feature of WooLash booster is that it contains organic and natural components which are free of prostaglandins, a group of active lipid chemicals that can cause chronic pain if consumed in excess. In conclusion, WooLash serum possesses all of the properties that one would anticipate from the best eyelash serums.


RevitaLash Serum

RevitaLash Serum
RevitaLash Cosmetics is a hair care company that began with a lash conditioning serum in 2006 and has since transformed the beauty market with its patented BioPeptin compound. RevitaLash before and after photos is a good proof that RevitaLash Cosmetics has accomplished its goal of natural beauty for all women.
RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is a multi-tasking eyelash conditioner which nourishes, conditions, glosses, and protects the lashes. RevitaLash Advanced strengthens, lengthens, and thickens the lashes with its unique herbal-chemical combination. This colorless jelly serum moisturizes and protects the lashes against dryness and fragility.
All of the elements in RevitaLash, including the BioPeptin complex, plant extracts like ginseng and Swertia japonica, Saw palmetto, and wheat protein, have been clinically proven to promote hair growth and repair, giving the eyelashes a healthy and luxurious appearance.
RevitaLash's BioPeptin complex, which contains biotin, panthenol, and peptides, strengthens the roots of the eyelashes while amino acids and vitamin B nourish the stems. Furthermore, antioxidants and healthy fatty acids provide sufficient protection and hydration to the hairs, helping them to continue to grow.
The effects of RevitaLash are immediate, and you can notice them in a few days. Despite the significant influence, no serious RevitaLash side effects have been reported, and any minor issues noted by consumers appear to be transient. A fragrance- and paraben-free solution made specifically for sensitive eyes would not cause any significant problems, but just like other chemical substances it could have minor side effects such as irritation and redness. The good news is that no long-term or life-threatening issues have been documented as of yet. 
Another noteworthy element of the product is its soft and easy-to-use applicator. We all know that eyelids are delicate, and therefore serums should not be applied directly to them. The applicator's delicate and narrow tip makes it possible to apply the serum without contacting the eyelids.
The color of a lash care product is the most significant aspect. It is unacceptable to cover the lashes in a white powder for several hours. RevitaLash Advanced, on the other hand, is colorless and gives the lashes a lovely sheen while also making them appear darker.
People with eyelash extensions, in particular, are in desperate need of eyelash care solutions, yet most serums contain oil, which is the solvent used in lash extension glue. RevitaLash's oil-free composition makes it safe to use even if you have eyelash extensions. This serum is also a good choice for vegans who have restricted options when it comes to beauty products.
RevitaLash Advanced is developed to promote eyelash health by lengthening and strengthening lashes. One of the best characteristics and benefits of this eyelash serum over other lash serums is that it acts as both a hair conditioner and a growth serum at the same time. Some eyelash serums may not include such properties as paraben-free, hormone-free, vegan, or cruelty-free ingredients. Another benefit of this potent product is that it protects eyelashes from daily aggressors and conditions them to help prevent breakage and brittleness.

GrandeLash Eyelash Serum 

Longer and thicker lashes are a dream come true for many women. This dream has been granted thanks to GrandeLash Eyelash Serum. According to GrandeLash eyelash serum reviews, it can make your eyelashes long and voluminous in one to three months. GrandeLash eyelash growth serum is well-known for its great eyelash serum ingredients, as stated in GrandeLash eyelash serum reviews.
Let's take a look at the chemicals in eyelash serum. GrandeLash eyelash serum contains L-Proline, an amino acid that can supply us with healthy and reinforced lashes. Hyaluronic Acid is a chemical that is both moisturizing and anti-breakage. According to GrandeLash eyelash development serum reviews, the antioxidant-rich Botanical Extract Blend may assist to strengthen the lash follicle.
According to Grandelash eyelash serum reviews, it takes one to three months for the serum to achieve apparent effects. The time period differs depending on whether the user is young or old. The younger the person, the shorter the time it takes to get the desired result. During this time, new, longer eyelashes begin to grow.        
When you start using Grandelash eyelash growth serum, there will be no apparent lash development in the first week. In the second week, there is no visible lash growth, either. On the third week, again there is no discernible lash growth. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth week, no visible lash growth. Finally, in the seventh week, the lashes start to get longer. In the eighth week, they are visibly longer. In the ninth week, the lash line becomes thicker. In the tenth week, you may receive so many compliments. Please note that you must be consistent and use it for at least three months to attain the desired results. If you want to gain the most benefits, you must be persistent. The lashes will shrink back to their original size if you stop using the product.
According to GrandeLash eyelash serum reviews, the glycosaminoglycans in this eyelash development serum can boost lash durability and luster. As maintained in GrandeLash eyelash serum reviews, the GrandeLash serum's formula has won an award and has been tested by ophthalmologists. GrandeLash is a fully risk-free product. Make sure your face is clean and dry before applying this eyelash growth serum to get the most out of it. Apply the product to your eyelid above the upper lash line. The GrandeLash serum should dry completely in one to two minutes.
GrandeLash is one of the best eyelash serums available on the market, and there are no adverse effects, according to numerous GrandeLash eyelash serum reviews, because it is organic and paraben-free. Although it is recommended to avoid it if you are pregnant or going through chemotherapy.
According to GrandeLash eyelash serum reviews, some customers are apprehensive that their eyelashes would fall off after using this eyelash growth serum. If the product is not used consistently and the development cycle is not completed, the eyelashes appear to fall out. Around fact, in the sixth or seventh week after consumption, new lashes begin to sprout amid the existing ones. When the usage stops, the newly grown ones stop growing and fall out, while the older ones continue to develop and fall out.


RapidLash Serum

RapidLash Serum

Everyone loves long, thick eyelashes, and I love them too. So I decided to search among the best eyelash serums and find the one which is totally suitable for me. As I was looking for a non-allergic lash serum that could revive, thicken, and condition my lashes in the shortest period of time, I read RapidLash eyelash serum reviews and discovered that RapidLash Eyelash Growth serum may be the finest for me. Continue reading to nderstand why RapidLash eyelash serum reviews are so positive, and why it is the best eyelash serum. The packaging is modest and well-packaged, and the wording promises longer, thicker, nourished lashes and brows (so it can do double duty). Hexatein 1 Complex, a blend of natural ingredients that stimulate growth, prevent breakage, and condition lashes quickly, is one of the elements in the unique composition of this eyelash serum (results in just 2 weeks, maximum results after 4 weeks of regular use). 
RapidLash Eyelash Serum hydrates and enhances the suppleness of eyelashes while also encouraging the growth of eyelashes by nourishing the follicles. This eyelash development serum is high in peptides, biotin, and other vitamins that are essential for eyelash growth. According to RapidLash Eyelash Serum reviews, the ingredients are blended in such a way that the product encourages follicle growth, effectively reducing eyelash loss.
RapidLash eyelash serum reviews clearly demonstrate that due to its advantages over similar products, this boosting Serum has acquired popularity among beauty professionals and dermatology clinics. RapidLash outcomes have been praised, and there have been no reports of adverse effects or eye problems. All customers thought the product's price was reasonable, and they thought the quality was significantly superior to that of more expensive products. Furthermore, the applicator's delicate form and soft material make it easy to use, and the serum can be applied to the lashes without touching the eyelids. Aside from that, eyelash serum chemicals can be toxic at times; nevertheless, all of the elements in this product are safe and healthy for the eyes. The effectiveness of RapidLash eyelash serum has been proven by user reviews.        
Because of the user-friendly applicator and RapidLash chemicals, which were carefully formulated not to damage the eyes, RapidLash eyelash serum is safe to use by those who wear contact lenses. Another noteworthy feature of this eyelash growth serum is its speed, with most customers reporting eyelash regrowth and improved freshness in less than four weeks. Finally, animal lovers will appreciate the phrase "not tested on animals" in the RapidLash eyelash serum reviews.
RapidLash eyelash serum has been thoroughly studied by ophthalmologists and shown to be both safe and non-irritating, according to RapidLash eyelash serum reviews. As with any cosmetic product, some persons may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients in the formulation. If you suspect you are having an allergic reaction, cease using it immediately and seek medical attention. Keep in mind that RapidLash is only for use on the outside and should not be used on the eyes. If you get something in your eye, rinse it out with plenty of cool water right away.

Rodan & Fields Lash Boost

Rodan & Fields Lash Boost

You may now boost your lashes in a variety of ways, from applying good mascara to wearing fake lashes or even getting eyelash extensions. None of these approaches, however, are "permanent," which is why eyelash growth serums are becoming more popular and a large component of the cosmetic and aesthetic market. There are certain natural eyelash serums that can help your lashes grow longer and thicker; you just need to search among the best eyelash serums to find the most effective one.
Rodan & Fields Lash Boost is a technology-infused nightly lash conditioning serum that improves the appearance of eyelash and eyebrow length, volume, and definition. By using the right amount of moisture and avoiding breakage, lash durability is possible to be improved. Condition your brows and lashes to give them a younger, fuller appearance.
As stated in Rodan & Fields Lash Boost reviews, Rodan & Fields Lash Boost is a technology-infused nightly lash growth serum that is able to increase the look of eyelashes and make them longer and thicker. By utilizing the proper amount of moisture and minimizing breaking, lash durability can be improved. It is an effective eyelash development serum that helps condition your brows and lashes to make them look younger and fuller, as stated in Rodan & Fields Lash Boost reviews. Results start to show after 14 days, peaking after 6 weeks, and results are sustained with ongoing use.
This eyelash growth serum is made with a carefully selected blend of vitamins and peptides to feed your lashes from the root up, guaranteeing longer lashes in just a few weeks. This eyelash development serum feeds and conditions brittle, dry lashes, encouraging growth and minimizing breakage for fuller, thicker lashes.
According to Rodan & Fields Lash Boost reviews, this strong eyelash development serum contains beneficial components for eyelash serum. Grape Seed, Pumpkin Seed, Panax Ginseng, and Swertia Japonica extracts are high in antioxidants and vitamins and deliver a powerful dose of eyelash-boosting vigor. The Rodan & Fields Lash Boost wrinkle serum is also one of the best eyelash serums. This product is recommended by experts because it contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that can aid in the healing of free radical damage.
This product is a peptide mixture with keratin that feeds, moisturizes, and protects lashes, preventing them from falling out or breaking prematurely, as described in Rodan & Fields Lash Boost reviews. Although the creators cannot claim that Lash Boost increases lashes (it is a cosmetic, not an FDA-approved drug), it appears to extend the growth phase, resulting in longer, thicker, and fuller lashes. It works faster than other eyelash growth serums on the market, is less expensive than most of them, and does not require a visit to the doctor.
However, as noted in Rodan & Fields Lash Boost reviews, the increased appearance of lashes and/or eyebrows may gradually revert to the prior appearance if Lash Boost is not utilized. According to Rodan & Fields Lash Boost reviews, once you have achieved the ideal lash and/or brow appearance, you should continue to use this eyelash growth serum as prescribed to maintain the look.


VegaLash Serum 

There was a time back in high school when I used to have eyelash extensions all the time. Unfortunately, after a while, all of the gluing and pulling resulted in scant lashes, some of which are completely empty. I thought I would have to abandon my ambition of regaining my natural lashes, but VegaLash volumizing serum made it possible. I stumbled across this excellent volumizing serum by chance, and I am really delighted with how well it has worked for me. My lashes began to grow again during the third week of using the VegaLash volumizing serum, and I had observed that they were getting even a little longer than before.
There are many ingredients for eyelash serums, however the ones utilized by Vegamour in VegaLash eyelash growth serum were chosen by highly experienced specialists who conducted comprehensive investigations to choose the best natural ingredients and to determine the correct amount. When looking through the ingredients, two stand out above the rest, and are the two key constituents in this extraterrestrial formula which can make this serum as one of the best eyelash serum on the market: red clover and mung bean.
Even though it is mild on our cells, red clover is regarded to be one of the most effective herbs with aesthetic advantages. It is a popular ingredient among shampoo manufacturers because it aids hair growth, according to a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology International. VegaLash volumizing serum strengthens the roots of your lashes with red clover extract, allowing them to withstand daily factors that threaten their health, such as strong makeup removers and rubbing your eyes, while red clover also aids in the growth of your lashes, allowing you to achieve the desired result in four weeks.
Mung bean is the second major element. Because of the elements it contains, such as B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and iron, this remarkable ingredient possesses hair-restorative capabilities, and when combined with red clover, the combined results are unbelievably powerful. The combination of mung bean and red clover inhibits DHT synthesis. DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen which plays a key role in the size of scalp follicles; in fact, it decreases hair follicles, preventing healthy hair from growing.
Unlike many other products on the market that claim to deliver rapid results, VegaLash eyelash growth serum does not utilize the word "instant," yet it does provide promising effects in less than 30 days. VegaLash is a natural eyelash serum that is cruelty-free and free of dangerous substances thanks to a unique blend of nutrients.
For applying this potent eyelash serum, first thoroughly cleanse and dry your face. After that, apply a generous amount of serum to the roots of both your upper and lower lash lines. Oil-based cosmetics and makeup removers should be avoided. You should also use the serum twice a day, and replenish your VegaLash volumizing serum every two months for the greatest results.


Eyelashes, like hair, are made up of protein; in fact, protein makes up over 90% of them. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and also replenish and repair damage (and your hair and eyelashes). This is why they are found in a lot of lash growth serums. Lash growth serums help thicken and increase the density of your lashes.
Lash serums are light, concentrated treatments that promise to make your lashes bigger and healthier. Some are applied along the upper lash line with a good applicator, while others, such as mascara, are combed between the lashes. Although most OTC lash conditioners are only a decent lash conditioner, certain lash serums claim to make your lashes longer. They may help maintain healthy lashes, and by avoiding breaking, they may also help lashes grow longer. There are only a few clinically confirmed lash growth serums that genuinely work, such as NEVA LASH eyelash Serum. According to user reviews from around the world, NEVA is one of the top ten brands available. Its products are cruelty-free and free of parabens.
Neva Lash Serum encourages hair growth, resulting in natural eyelashes that are fuller, longer, and thicker. Consultations, hospital visits, and the application of fake eyelashes should all be avoided. Stop squandering your money and time.
Everyone seems to be smitten with lengthy, seductive lashes. Because eyelash implants are expensive and lengthening mascaras only work for a short time, eyelash growth serums are the best option for having attractive eyelashes. The NEVA LASH Eyelash Serum was designed to give you the long, beautiful lashes of your desires. The plant-based bio-blend solution encourages hair growth, resulting in longer, more beautiful natural eyelashes. The unique NEVA LASH Eyelash serum, which can encourage hair development, results in thicker, fuller, and longer natural eyelashes.
Before using your eyelash serum, make sure your face is clean and smooth, and that it is totally dry. The serum will stick tighter to your lash line if you work on a flat surface. Apply the lash serum at the base of the upper lash line like liquid eyeliner. Close your eyes and use a thin layer of serum to your upper lash line’s roots, moving away from the corner of your eyes. The prescription should not be used to treat the lower eyelid. When you blink, the therapy will extend to your lower lash. Remove your contact lenses. 15 minutes after administering the serum, you can re-insert your contact lenses. Washing your face is necessary. Before putting makeup to your lashes, rinse your face with a light cleanser and warm water.
Because the serum encourages hair growth, just use it on your lashes and lash line. You might develop excessive hair growth elsewhere if you do not do this. After applying the product, wipe the corner of your eye with a tissue to prevent any leftover serum from spreading to other parts of your face. If the serum gets into contact with your eyes, you do not need to clean them.

Best eyelash serums

Eyelash serums are light, concentrated treatments which claim to give you thicker, healthier lashes. Some best eyelash serums are applied with an applicator along the upper lash line while others should be combed through the lashes just like a mascara. You might be tempted to try the best eyelash serums if you were not born with fluttery lashes and do not want to deal with the hassle of falsies or extensions.
Eyelash growth serums, which are designed to strengthen, and lengthen lashes, are more popular than ever, especially now that face masks have become commonplace and beauty regimes have switched to focus solely on the eyes. On Instagram, there are a lot of glowing reviews and celebrity endorsements of amazing results after using these best eyelash serums, but do these items actually work? Are they, more crucially, safe for your sensitive eye area? Well, let’s find out. Here at Brandsreviews we have provided detailed information and other characteristics of the safest eyelash serums on the market so you get to know about the eyelash serums without any hassle and in full detail. When choosing among the best eyelash serums, we recommend researching the ingredients, reading eyelash growth serum reviews and sticking to serums that contain primarily natural ingredients. There is a list of eyelash serum that doesn't change color which we have reviews here as well. Make sure to check out the best eyelash growth serum 2021 list.


Eyelash growth serum's user reviews

As you can read different reviews on beauty websites, you can see people have given 4 or 5 stars to most of these eyelash growth serums. As people have commented these best eyelash serums are useful, effective, and mostly do what they promise to do. The point is just when you stop using these products, the results will disappear after a while. Check out eyelash growth serum reviews for yourself to decide which eyelash serum suits you the most.

Do lash serums really work? 

While many of the lash serums claim that they can make your lashes longer, most over-the-counter lash conditioners do just that. Best eyelash serums may maintain lashes healthy (and help them grow longer by preventing breaking), but they lack active medicinal components which have been shown to boost lash growth. You might not be born with fluttery lashes and might not consider falsies or extensions due to the fuss. You may, however, be tempted to try a lash serum. Serums are designed to strengthen, lengthen and pump up the volume of lashes, and are more popular than ever; especially now that face masks are part of our everyday lives and beauty routines have been all about the eyes.

How long does it take to notice benefits with eyelash serums?

The results of most skincare products, including lash serums, are normally noticeable after at least two months of use. In order to see effects of best eyelash serums, the substance must be used consistently; usually every day; as directed by the manufacturer or on the advice of a physician.
Just keep in mind that, the effects of best eyelash serums are temporary; after you stop using a serum and the development cycle has completed, your lashes will revert to normal.

Eyelash serum side effects

Many eyelash thickening products are believed to be safe and effective. However, here are a list of some of the potential side effects: 
Red, itchy eyes.
Unwanted hair growth in regions where the product is used often.
Darkening of the upper and lower eyelids.
Reduced ocular pressure, which may hide the presence of glaucoma.
Permanently enhanced iris pigmentation, which could make your light eyes brown in an irreversible manner, especially if your irises are hazel or green.
But do not worry, after you stop using the lash-growth treatments, most of the symptoms will fade over time, and your eyelashes will revert to their previous appearance.

What are the best Eyelash Growth Serums?

To be fair, labeling these serums "growth" serums is a tad deceptive. Only a few chemicals, such as bimatoprost (the active ingredient in prescription-only serums) and prostaglandins, can truly induce new growth. While some OTC medicines used to contain them (and had excellent outcomes as a result), the FDA's recent crackdown has forced several brands to reformulate without them.
That is not to say that the numerous solutions available for best eyelash serums are not effective. Most best eyelash serums use a long list of hydrating chemicals and/or follicle-stimulating peptides to strengthen and condition your lashes, making them look darker and more dramatic. They are great if you just want your lashes to start popping or if you are trying to repair them after they have been battered.

What factors should you consider before selecting an eyelash growth serum?

Here are some aspects to consider while selecting an eyelash growth serum.
Positive review: on eyelash serum review sites, the best lash serum brand receives the most positive evaluations.
Brand of the serum: when it comes to cosmetics, the brand is important. Some manufacturers enjoy making low-quality goods. A strong cosmetics brand would never create a product that could jeopardize its reputation.
Ingredients: when purchasing a lash serum among best eyelash serums, look for peptides, biotin, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals; if these elements are missing, the product is unlikely to be successful. Paraben, chemical oil, scent, carcinogenic chemicals, and prostaglandin are all dangerous elements to avoid.
Packaging: Counterfeit goods are packaged in such a way that they are clearly identifiable. The prints are usually of poor quality and difficult to read. Some elements of the prints may be completely missing.
Expiry date: Due to the build-up of bacteria inside expired items, they are harmful to use. Before purchasing eyelash serum, make sure to verify the expiration date.

Well basically, don’t purchase an eyelash growth serum without doing a thorough research. A lot of eyelash serums you see out there on the market may not be proper serum and wouldn’t cause any changes in your eyelashes. Reviews are essential; you require to check lash serum reviews posted online. If you are in doubt of any product, make sure to speak with a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist for a proper recommendation.


Is it safe to use eyelash growth serums?

You cannot be too careful with your eyes, they are your most sensitive organ, and the skin on your eyelids is the thinnest on your body.
If the thought of using a lash serum makes your eyes twitch, be assured that when used properly, lash serums are completely harmless. A lash serum, like any other skincare product, could contain substances that cause adverse reactions in some people. It really depends on the individual, some people are allergic to specific peptides, oils, or vitamins, while others are not. Redness in and around the eyes, itching, inflammation, and irritation are all possible symptoms.
Before applying a serum to your lashes, do a patch test (away from your eyes) for several days, to rule out an allergy. So are eyelash serums safe? It can be concluded that yes, when considering good measures and playing safe, eyelash serums are a safe and non-hazardous way to have long and lavish lashes.

Can You Really Use a Lash Serum With Your Extensions? 

Absolutely. Particularly, if you want to wear lash extensions for more than 6 months. Many lash specialists recommend their clients to take a break from extensions after some period of time. Normally, 4-6 weeks is enough for your lashes to rejuvenate naturally. It might take longer in some cases, depending on the skill of your lash tech, but a 1-2 month break should suffice. Using a lash serum, especially the best eyelash serums listed here,  while wearing extensions keeps your lashes healthy and can lessen the time you need to repair your natural eyelashes.

So, your lashes weren't naturally long and fluttery? Hello and welcome to the club. There are several methods to extend your fringe to tremendous lengths, from easy-to-use falsies to eyelash extensions to go-to curlers to do-it-all drugstore mascaras, which is lucky for you (and us!). However, if you want to improve the length, volume, and health of your lashes, you should consider adding the Best eyelash serums to your daily regimen.
If you're not ready to commit to a prescription-level treatment, the best eyelash serums may help nourish and thicken your lashes, resulting in reduced breakage. As a consequence, lashes may seem to be expanding, but bear in mind that they can't be forced to grow. We contacted doctors and beauty editors to suggest the Best eyelash serums, ranging from high-end choices to budget-friendly drugstore discoveries that deliver.

Coconut oil or natural oil is normally recommended for conditioning the eyelashes. Although if you’re wearing lash extensions, coconut oil, or any oil is something that should be avoided, because they can be used to remove lash extensions at home. Because eyelash extensions are used directly on your natural lashes, you first need to have natural lashes of course! Some eyelash serums out there depend greatly on oils to gain their intended results. Coconut oil, castor oil, and almond oil are three of the most common oils used in eyelash serums.

Apparently, oil is a well-known solvent for the adhesive used when using eyelash extensions on your lashes.

Keep in mind to look at the ingredients before purchasing a lash serum and forget about those that contain oils. A lash Serum shouldn’t be used right after your eyelash appointment.

The adhesive to glue an extension to your natural lash is cyanoacrylate-based basically. This adhesive normally takes about 4 hours.

Remember, you should avoid applying additional moisture from a lash serum on your lashes in the curing period.

It’s safe to apply a lash serum once the 4 hours curing period is finished.

Vitamins in a lash serum are essential and key components. They will make your lashes nourished and hydrated and keep it that way.

The type of liquid eyeliner is preferred when wearing eyelash extensions.

You want to use eyelash serum along the lash line on the eyelid and indirectly on your lash extensions. That is why the type of liquid eyeliner is perfect for lash extension wearers. It makes the appliance of the lash serum along the root of your upper lash line. Work your way along the lash line.

A mascara applicator makes you to use the lash serum on the lash completely. This is troublesome for wearers of lash extension, mostly if you have volume lashes because it would really cause the volume fan to close.

The same thing goes for applying mascara with eyelash extensions. Applying mascara with volume lashes would make the volume fan to close and the lashes to mingle together in mascara, so to speak.

Make It a Habit

A lash serum should be applied rigidly every day to get the best results.

You should try to include the lash serum in your morning routine if you can.


Biotin is the most important ingredient to look for in lash serums. Biotin is quite more than only a beauty vitamin. It helps your body convert food to energy, and additionally makes it easier for you to have healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Don’t use a Lash Serum with a Mascara Wand

There are usually two main kinds of applicators when it comes to lash serums: a liquid eyeliner or a mascara wand.

Eyelash serum without side effects

Want luscious, long lashes? While a decent mascara can give you immediate benefits, you may want to try using the best eyelash serums to give your lashes an even larger boost. Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin, is the active component in best eyelash serums. It prolongs the eyelash development cycle, resulting in longer, darker, and fuller lashes.
Nonetheless, an increasing number of companies are launching the best eyelash serums. Although Best eyelash serums may not provide immediate benefits, they do include nourishing elements that strengthen eyelash hairs over time, making them stronger and more resistant to breaking.
Experts suggest searching for the best eyelash serums that include biotin, peptides, or lipids for the greatest outcomes. Biotin is a B vitamin that promotes the development of new eyelash follicles and helps lashes grow longer and thicker. Peptides particularly work on the skin cells of lashes to produce a healthier foundation and increase volume. Lipids condition and moisturize the lashes, while peptides specifically act on the skin cells of lashes to build a better foundation and boost volume.
Important to note: These formulations may produce sensitivity or an unpleasant response in some individuals—itchiness along the eyelash line is a frequent side effect. Some people may only be able to use the best eyelash serums once or twice a week rather than every day.
The desire for longer, more luscious lashes seems to be universal. In 1910, women began using wax beads as an early type of mascara; evidence also exists that the ancient Egyptians tried to accentuate lashes as early as 4000 BC.
Of course, there are now a plethora of mascaras that can do this, as well as the option of falsies and eyelash extensions. If they don't work for you, you may want to look at Best eyelash serums. To be honest, labeling these serums "growth" serums is a bit deceptive.

Eyelash serum for growth

Some of the Best eyelash serums of 2021 don't need a prescription, so you won't have to go to the dermatologist to get an appropriate formula. In the midst of so many choices, we asked professionals for their recommendations for the best eyelash serums they use and components that make a difference. It takes at least a month to see results with Best eyelash serums. It takes at least a month to see results with Best eyelash serums. Unless you're dealing with a serum primer, best eyelash serums aren’t an immediate satisfaction scenario.
A dosage of straight-up castor oil may make an effect for individuals looking for a supernatural, super clean alternative. We understood it’s the main component in Best eyelash serums after witnessing several of them grow thicker, longer lashes over time as a result of this therapy. It's critical to preserve your lash foundation initially. No product can bring your lashes or brows back if the root is dead. Because some cosmetic procedures, such as lash lifts and extensions, may destroy them, it's best to avoid them for healthy hair. Instead, try supplementing the building blocks of good hair with nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. Nutrafol is a supplement that promotes hair growth on the scalp and may also assist with lash development. However, one of the reasons Best eyelash serums may be beneficial will be familiar: hydration. If you have dry, brittle lashes, moisturizing may help prevent breakage and promote healthy development.
If you decide to use the Best eyelash serums to improve the appearance of your lashes, be cautious how you apply them. The simplest method to apply Best eyelash serums is to use the supplied applicator, beginning at the inner corner and moving outwards, according to most serum directions.

What eyelash serum is the best?

Best eyelash serums should aid in the stimulation of eyelash hair growth. Because a product's actives must reach the hair follicle to promote hair growth, it should be controlled like a medication. The FDA permits Best eyelash serums to be advertised as both a medicine and a cosmetic as long as they meet all of the criteria set out in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA).
Almost everyone appears to be vying for long, seductive lashes. Volumizing mascaras can only go so far, and eyelash extensions may be prohibitively expensive, but thankfully, the beauty gods have bestowed upon us the Best eyelash serums. They've been carefully designed to give you the long, thick lashes of your dreams—and they work.
There are now many FDA-approved prescription eyelash growth serums on the market. The strong substance, which contains the hormone prostaglandin, has been scientifically shown to grow your lashes, but the Best eyelash serums need a doctor's prescription and come with a long list of possible side effects, including darker eyelids and iris color changes.
Thankfully, the Best eyelash serums include a variety of additional potent active components (such as peptides and hyaluronic acid). Most of the Best eyelash serums on the 

How long should I use an eyelash serum?

Most skincare products’ effects are particularly visible after at least two months of appliance, and lash serums are similar too. In order to see results, it’s important to use the product consistently—usually every day—as per the directions or a physician’s advice. The effects are not permanent though; when you stop using a lash serum and the growth cycle has finished its course, your lashes will gradually return to normal.

How to apply eyelash serums with extensions?

Lash serum is the best way to protect your lashes and maintain their healthy appearance. But if you have eyelash extensions, applying a serum can be quite difficult; it’s easy for the product to get stuck in the extension!

Here’s how to use a lash serum with extensions attached:

Step 1: Choose the Right Product

Most lash serums are not manufactured to be used with eyelash extensions. Make sure to check the label and choose a lash growth serum especially suitable for lash extensions.

Also, Make sure to only use a lash serum which has a liquid eyeliner type of applicator, and avoid mascara wands.

Step 2: Do an Allergy Test

Test the serum by adding a drop of it to your forearm, neck, or other body areas before use.

Step 3: Clean Your Face

Cleanse your face using warm water to remove oils, makeup, dirt, and dust to create a clean surface for better application and absorption of the serum.

Step 4: Apply the Serum

Get the brush and apply the serum as you would do with a liquid eyeliner. Use the eyelash serum on the root of your upper lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 5: Let It Dry

Wait for a couple of minutes before applying any eye makeup around the lash line after the application of lash serum is over.

Can i use lash serums on my brows?

Most over-the-counter lash serums are perfectly safe for eyebrows, make sure to read the label and instructions though. Just as there isn’t scientific evidence that these serums grow lashes, there’s no data on how they greatly impact the eyebrows. Although, if nothing else, they’ll leave your brows conditioned pretty well and, like lashes, less prone to breakage.

Best Eyelash Serums Before and After

Best Eyelash Serums Before and After

Best Eyelash Serums Before and After

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