Shiseido Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 3.7 out of 5 with 160 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3.7 out of 5 with 160 Votes

What Are the Main Ingredients in Shiseido Products?

There are highly concentrations of denatured alcohol in the majority of Shiseido products. At first, it degreases the skin and makes it feel weightless; however, its effectiveness is temporary and, in long term, it causes irritation and skin dryness. Moreover, when denatured alcohol is combined with other ingredients, such as silicones or humectants, it just disguises wrinkles and fine lines while they are still there. This means that the product is somehow deceptive and does not actually work.

Are Shiseido products Cruelty-Free?

Shiseido’s products are not cruelty-free, though the company claims that they are. Selling Shiseido products in China proves the point that the brand does test on animals because China’s law requires animal testing. 


Where to Buy Shiseido Products?

Shiseido different products are available on the brand’s official website. One can also buy them at third-party online retailers such as Amazon. 

Overall Rating :

Shiseido Wrinkle Face Lift Cream

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Overall Rating :

Shiseido The Makeup Eyelash Curler

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Shiseido Reviews

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  • seaswan

Wow so disappointed! I have been fed up with using sub par curlers and went to Sephora and finally put down the cash for Shiseido. This curler is wider and less curved than any other I had used before. My eyes are not small and almond shaped. When I put it on my eye it did pinch a bit. The worse part was that it didn't curl my lashes they just had a crimp/bend. I'm returning it because I just can't get it to work for me. For the record the color was a gun metal, has Shiseido changed the design?

  • CloudyBliss

HG HG HG!!! I am Asian with hooded eyes and a flatter eye shape. I have downward facing lashes and this curler perfectly curls them and fans them out. Easy to use and a gamechanger for me.

  • Annacy212

Love it


  • taygete05

This has produced reliable and consistent results for me - my eyelashes don't hold a curl amazingly, but this is easy to use and gives about the best results I've seen. I also appreciate that it stores more easily than many other curlers, and can be "refreshed" with new pads, which seems less wasteful to me.

  • vanparker010889

Curls to perfection! I love this eye curler!


  • Keytra

This one I would have to say is a hit and miss for me. I love the fact I only have to press it on my lashes for a few seconds and it curls them to an upright position quickly, on the other hand I hate how it feels against my lashes when I press down on them. It tugs on my eyelashes and skin and makes it uncomfortable to use, I can't use it without tearing up but I love how you don't have to hold the clamp for a million years to get a curl that holds. Unfortunately I can't win with this one. The curl is not natural, you can see the crimped line on the lashes from the side but this doesn't bother me.

  • sara578

Just used it for the first time and honestly my drugstore curler works better. This didn't curl my lashes at all

  • srao92

Good shape for my Indian eyes, can capture all my eyelashes. Very comfortable and durable when traveling.

  • groovinchic

The only other eyelash curler I've used was a cheapie from the drugstore, which pinched my eyes. This tool fits my small, almond shaped eyes well. Does the job!

  • annagirl

I’ve had this eyelash curler for almost 8 years, really happy with it and would repurchase without a doubt.


  • Linda

But the inside was perfect.

The box was crushed and there were white tapes sealing it. But the inside was perfect.


  • Kyra B. Nicol

Sometimes You Don't Get What You Pay For

I prefer neutrogena 100; less costly, very moisturizing and a very good sun block.


  • Shelly

I like

It arrived on time and works pretty well. Id like a little thicker day cream for moisture purposes, but overall it feels good on my skin and is not oily at all.


  • Ilya Burtnik

Good cream

Fine! My wife really liked this cream, but you should not use it for the area under the eyes.


  • Qianying Chen

This a gift for my mom's friends. They like it and had ordered another one themselves.
It looks good for me though. But I didn't use it.

  • Ryno

Didn't see a difference under the eyes like some other reviews state.


  • NYCYa

Rich and dense. Very moisturizing- much richer than the nighttime moisture. I often use it at night, too.


  • XML

I have been using Shiseido for decades and my skin seems to like it. I usually get it from Macy, which often would add a little gift to the purchase, but ordering from Amazon saves me a trip (and driving). As long as the product is authentic, which it appears to be, I will continue to order it online when I don't have time for the mall.


  • jeanie

It was okay not any difference then all the other money I spent of others saying it would help the same way. Feels greasy at firs. I will spend the money on my other stuff as Mary Kay worked just as well.


  • Liliane Remorini

I got my order today, but to my surprise the box was broken and open on the side and with a non original tape on the box. The security sticker was also open and put back together