E.L.F is an american cosmetics brand based in California, USA. elf manufactures high quality beauty products. The company started with only 13 makeup products, but has since developed more than 300 products that include bath products, skin-care products, mineral-based makeup, professional tools, eyeliners, lipstick, glosses,blushes, bronzers, brushes, mascara, and more.

e.l.f. has continued to prove that higher-end makeup doesn’t necessarily come with a higher-end price tag. which is surprising considering how inexpensive their products are. Its products are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.  

Read online customer reviews for more information about their products to truly understand their potential in offering the best and affordable beauty products you can imagine!

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Elf Cosmetics Lip Liner

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Elf Cosmetics Reviews

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  • NNina

doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!

the color of the primer looks so unnatural, and the lip plumper doesn't work it just burns and makes my lip really red and gives the appearance of a red all around my lips as if i burned my lips...doesn't work and doesn't look good

  • Serena

I am sorry to write this review because I hate to bash on someone else's product

I am sorry to write this review because I hate to bash on someone else's product, but it is not right. I did not expect it to be like this. What is said to be natural, which I didn't even realize, makes my lips white like I am going to a carnival. the other part has a cinnamon smell/flavor, but it burns a little. It does not do anything much for me.

  • staci13

I like to use products with the lowest price

I've recently been trying out waterproof mascaras, as I had previously shunned them with no real reason for doing so. Nevertheless, I like to try high end products as well as the low end products...

  • HS Mom

Not new.

I think it's implied that this should be a new, untested item. This is the condition it was in when I first opened it. Those aren't my finger marks.

  • Clawd


Everytime I'm going out and putting a lot of makeup I end up spraying this on my face, and it has worked for me. Also, before makeup I put on the primer of ELF too and they both work great.

  • Rebecca

Good eyebrow gel

My Eyebrows are microbladed but after time they have failed. This works great to give them the perfect fill in.

  • pinkfashiongirl

Great plumping product

I review and always look for new makeup to try and I’m very pleased with this purchase. It tingles and burns yes! But it’s going to due to the plumping formula it smells like cinnamon. I have a full lip but I like some more pout and fullness when I do my full makeup. And this WORKS! I bought 3 of them and I’m happy I did. Good job elf.

  • Amanda G.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a Boy Brow dupe, this is extremely close. This brow gel contains fibers that stick to brow hairs to create the look of fuller brows. Best part? it’s only $4. I use the taupe shade and apply to my brows in upwards strokes for a full, feathery brow look. The brow gel keeps my brows in place and the shade is a perfect match. I also really like the simple, sleek matte black packaging. I will definitely be repurchasing and highly recommend!

  • hoopforezmypangs B.

Wow really impressed this primer is amazing with aging skin I tend to get dry skin overall .this glides on so silky and leaves my skin glowing.. Fed one best primers I've tried and very affordable

  • Chasity C.

I don't use a lot of limp primer or lip plumper, but occassionally I do. This product is perfect for me and is very affordable. It smells great and does a wonder job. I would definitely recommend this product.

  • Sherrie St James

Broke me out.

Break out my face. :(

  • Elizabeth Baggarley

Worth a try, you'll be surprised.

I tried this on a whim. I was looking for a primer to help my makeup from basically sliding on my face. Before, within a couple of hours of application, I'd have raccoon eyes from my eyeliner and mascara. This product does a great job of keeping things in place. Very little, if any, eye makeup movement. And now, when I get home after a 10 hour day, I can actually just feel that there is enough makeup left to need to wash my face.

  • Steven Ives

I have never used a set mist, so i figured i would try one and i love this I love all the e.l.f. products. i feel it does help. it is kind of small and doesn't have a smell, like water with a hint of something but cant tell. just be careful about spaying it. test it out on your arm first. spray it at least 1 foot away from your face.

  • Amanda Cox

Good Product, Good Deal

This is great stuff and it really works well for the price. You don't feel sticky after spraying this, and it doesn't have an unsettling smell. I also like how much use I will get out of this product. It only takes me about 2-3 sprays per use, and I can't even tell a dent in the liquid after using this product a couple of times. Everyone wants their makeup to stay all day, and this product helps you achieve that. I'd say it's just as good as higher-priced alternatives for sale now.

  • Shannon

This setting spray is great and really does set my makeup

This setting spray is great and really does set my makeup. The only caveat of this product is that you really have to douse your face to see results. My face really has to be wet, almost dripping. Which is really kind of a bummer considering the bottle is quite small, so if you do your makeup every day, you will need to repurchase quite frequently. Other than that, this setting spray will extend my makeup wear time by several hours and it is still quite cheap compared to the higher end setting sprays on the market!

  • nymeria k

well i did like this product

Okay, well i did like this product. It didnt seem to work perfectly for one the bottle doesnt spary its squirts so i recommend getting a new spray bottle from the dollar store and pour it in. Second is it has a weird smell its not awful but weird but its not so bad to were you cant handle it though.

  • TFab

Good for sensitive skin

I have very sensitive skin and usually can only use Mac products. The setting spray for Mac is just so expensive so I decided to try this out. I have not had any kind of skin reaction and it seems to work just as well as Mac setting spray

  • Jill

It works just as well as many more expensive products!

If you prefer to set your makeup with a mist setter, then this product works as good as most out there for a fraction of the cost! I cannot say enough good things about ELF products because of their price point, but also the quality has never disappointed. I buy a lot of makeup products because I like having options and ELF allows me to buy more!

  • cassandra tu


This makeup mist is affordable and gives satisfactory results. I don;t live in a very hot place so I don;t know if it hold up in humidity, but I think it gives a lot of other benefits such as moisturizing a dry and thirsty face. It's nice in the summer as a cooling mist if you refrigerate it. It's useful for misting even if you are not wearing makeup. Spraying this gives me a dewy look. I think it's most useful for toning down dryness if you accidentally caked on too much foundation or powder. The fluid is unscented, and didn't break me out. Would purchase again.

  • Allie H

A nice, basic setting spray for the price

I’m obsessed with elf. How do they offer such great products at such a low cost? I’ve heard a few makeup artists say the same. In particular, Wayne Goss compares their white shadow to a higher-end one and he concluded that they’re practically the same quality! Same goes for this spray. That’s when I started buying elf products and I’ve been very satisfied!!! Plus, they’re a San Francisco, CA company!

  • JT

This is the best contouring product I've ever used! It blends so easily, and looks beautiful on my skin. It looks so glamorous once applied!

  • Paige B.

Elf never lets me down!! Want to talk about bang for your buck?!!!!! This contour palette is it!!! The creams are very good quality and blend excellently!!

  • Judith Haga

Love this product

I love the products in this case. Each shade is good for shading and is a nice creamy base. Stays on well after setting with makeup spray or powder. I like the e.l.f brand in most all of their products.

  • Brittany

For the price, this is great! I love the 3 colors of the brown to choose from. I didn't love the yellow at all... On light skin tone it looked way too yellow & hard to blend. For the price, I'd recommend

  • flutistjimmy

This is my holy grail of products.

I love this and it works amazing! I have been using it since January, and the contour is still going! I wish it came with more highlight. Maybe two pans of highlight instead of three pans of contour? Idk. Otherwise. I love this product.

  • Ms. C

Not for dark skin

If are dark skin (like viola davis) then this will not contour well but you can use it as a highlighter but not none of the color were dark enough to contour. I'm giving it 3 stars because i does work as a highlighter and its creamy texture so it spread easily.

  • anonisme


Very chalky on dark skin. Pigment very light also. Looks natural if you use far less than planned, but then works more like a concealer than a contour. Nice mirror tho

  • Sher

First time with cream contours

I am loving this palette more and more with use. The colors are not too aggressive and having a few shades helps with getting just the amount of contour I am looking to achieve. The case is cute and sized right, and the price was less than I would expect from a palette of this amount of product.

  • Bethany Schroeder

Very creamy-easy to blend-beautiful all day wear.

I am new to the makeup world so am willing to try many different products just to see what I like best and what works best for me. I am a huge fan of ELF products so figured I would give their contorting kit a try. The colors blend well with my skin and aren't difficult to apply like other contoring products I have tried. This is a very creamy product and I love it!

  • christie fisher

Must Have

I use daily for eyebrows , concealer
Under eyes and contour !! Diverse contour creek PALLETTE that’s is a MUST

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  • Deidra H.

I bought this item out at Walmart for $3 it was $4. When I got home I smelled the lip plumper part and it smelled like cinnamon. Once I put it on it started stinging and slightly felt a burning sensation. I went and looked in the mirror to see if I could see a change or difference and I did!! I absolutely love this. I’ve never tried it before but once I did tonight, I can definitely say I’ll always be using this!! I highly recommend it. Very satisfied with the results and outcome.

  • Chynel C.

Definitely made my lips bigger but it does so by stinging a little bit. It smells like cinnamon

  • member-9ce0c1

E.l.f cosmetics lip primer plumper is very beautyfull product i love elf cosmetics lip primer plumper it is give me healty skin and fresh skin

  • Alyssa O.

I did not like this product. I have been looking for a lip plumper and I always give e.l.f. products a try first because they are so affordable. This lip plumper really burned my lips and I don't feel like they looked much bigger. It does smell like cinnamon which is nice but I just don't think it was worth it. I wouldn't recommend.

  • Odalis T.

I didn't see ip a big difference but I sure did feel it. Its not an expensive product for the amount it contains. The reason why I bought it was to try it out and see if I liked it. It has moree of a good quality on the plumper than the primer. I do recommend shopping here because it affordable.

  • Shirin G.

I love the E.L.F. Cosmetics Hydrating face primer. I am not sure if it has any spf in it to help protect against the sun. It is extremely easy to apply and blend and helps hide pores very well. I would definitely buy it again and recommend I to anyone who is looking for a great face primer.

  • Jamie V.

My first time trying their primer. Left my face feeling very oily to the touch and that was only using a very small amount of it. I would recommend spending a few more dollars and trying something else.

  • Ana H.

I like this primer very much specially for summer because it's so lightweight on the face. I also like the texture of this product and the price is just mind blowing. This company has raise their standards lately

  • Denise C.

Keeps your skin nice and hydrated throughout the day without leaving skin feeling greasy makes foundation look nice and not cakey on face . I would recommend this to people with dry to combination skin.

  • Maria L.

I have never used a primer before but always read about it and seen it used on YouTube where I get a lot of my makeup tips from so I decided to give it a shot. Wow! I fell in love with this stuff it gave my skin a amazing clean finish look and applied my makeup so smooth and evenly it was awesome I am totally addicted and it's super cheap!

  • Debbie R.

I am so in love with this product. My face feels so revived after each use. It leaves your skin so soft and touchable. My foundations go on so smooth. I have worn the primer with a number of foundations and it improves each of them than with other high end primers.

  • McKayla A.

I did find this primer to be very hydrating. I was surprised by this because of the price, but it is well worth the money! Best for dry skin, it’s pretty oily itself.

  • Tiffany J.

A little too hydrating for me. I guess that "should" be a good thing, but in my case, it was more greasy than hydrating... I solved it by applying it about 30 minutes before starting my makeup routine, so it could sink in to my skin before applying makeup e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Face Primer- Small

  • Hajar

Ich hab die ganze Zeit schon mal was gesagt und ich hab dich auch lieb und ich hab dich lieb und ich hab mich gerade voll traurig gemacht und ich hab dich auch lieb und ich hab dich auch lieb und ich hab dich auch lieb

  • Katherina V.

Beat primer ever!!! No creases after applying foundation and makes your makeup very very long lasting. You can apply a tiny bit of this product and it will cover your whole face. Works for every type of skin and is very hydrating! Would recommend

  • Ava H.

onths ago This worked great as a simple clear brow gel, which is what I bought it for. Tried it a few times on my lashes, but wouldn't really recommend it for anything other than brows. Formula itself is pretty gel-like and not goopy or sticky, but still dries down. Also, formula in both the brow and lash side is the same - just a different brush. *pros* - provided pretty nice hold all day, and made my brow hairs look defined but still natural - groomed is the term. Doesn't really make them look feathery, so I'd get something different if that's what you're after. Brows still look the same at the end of the day. *cons* - not much product in the tube. Still took me almost a year to use it all up though.

  • Mackie D.

I like this product for when I want to just gel my brows, but I honestly don’t know if the side for your lashes was any different. I ran out of the brow side in like a month of me using it everyday, and then I switched to the lash side and saw absolutely no difference from the brow side. It definitely did a good job at holding my brows in place, but I think it was a little too sticky. It was super inexpensive though, so I don’t feel like I can really complain about that all. Overall, this product was pretty good, especially for the price.

  • Islam D.

Ok .?with this product I really wanted to like it .I had just ran out of my current brow gel and I never used a clear mascara since it never really caught my attention. So the brow gel isn’t bad it definitely doesn’t hold your brows in place but it gives them somewhat of a hold . It also is very thick . It clings time your brows in a weird way and sometimes leaves residue on the tips of your brows .I DONT LIKE IT.The clear mascara isn’t the worst ,it’s a mascara but it makes your lashes fall straight even after curling . It also leaves these questions white /clear clumps in your lashes if you don’t brush well. If you are looking for a good quality brow gel and gel Lear mascara for a cheap price this is not it ..

  • Dana P.

Let me tell you about my teenage years loves. So when I was a teenager I didn’t like makeup yet and always wanted to keep it all natural but I’ve always wanted to have beautiful lashes and brows. So this [product:e.l.f.-cosmetics-clear-brow-&-lash-mascara] became my fave because it have kept my brows on its place throughout the day and my eyelashes were always kept curled because of this clear mascara. I definitely recommend to everyone who loves to look natural or for all the teenagers who aren’t into makeup but want to look beautiful 

  • Melissa J.

I switched it up from my usual brow products in an attempt to find something that was cheaper around the holidays (my eyebrow gel is usually around $20) and I regret it. This stuff is cheap but you get what you pay for in this case. It doesn’t hold very well and it makes my brows look like they have dandruff. I haven’t tried the mascara part and I probably won’t either as I prefer black for my lashes. After using it for about a week the tube looks disgusting with product from my eyebrows as well since it’s clear. I won’t be buying this in the future.

  • Sandra S.

This is a pretty good clear brow and lash mascara. I've used it for both, and it does the job. As a mascara, it doesn't really add; it just lifts+supports, but as brow mascara it's pretty decent and it makes your hairs stay down. I've also been able to use this for cosplays for that same reason, and it's very handy for that! Would easily recommend. If you need a better clear mascara, it better be needed, because this can do it for the most part. I haven't done a rigorous sweat test, but I've done normal "The day is hot" swearing with this, and it was able to hold for the most part.

  • erica M.

I do love this product I think it sets the eyebrows nicely. I find that my eyebrows stay and please throughout the day without any problem which is wonderful one thing that I would have to say that I do not like about this product is that as you can see that the container is clear and normally when you do your eyebrows you use a color tisheet in your eyebrows and when you run the Joe through them the color gets on the brush and you can see inside of the tube and it makes it look really dirty it's kind of off putting but other than that it's a great product very affordable highly recommend

  • alyssa C.

I have heard so many great thing about this product and thought why not? I love elf products plus, a 2 in 1 eyebrow gel and lash gel!!! How amazing!!! I tried it and I actually hated it.... I'll start off with how crispy it made my eyebrows and lashes feel when I applied it; like I literally applied 5 coats of hairspray to it. It dried very very quickly which I didnt really like either, so I had no time to really get my brows in the perfect shape. I wouldn't necessarily say dont buy this product because clearly alot of people have had great luck with this product but this was just my experience with it!

  • Stella O.

I decided to try this product out because I figured it would be handy to have clear mascara and eyebrow gel together and one. I went through the eyebrow gel pretty quick and I've been using the clear mascara as the same purpose. It has the same outcome as the eyebrow gel so it works perfectly fine. My only complaint is that the eyebrow gel makes Ur eyebrows look sticky and clumped together. Also the mascara just leaves your eyelashes very clumped together. I guess the price reflects the quality. e.l.f. Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

  • Vicky C.

Switched from Anastasia Beverly Hills 'Beauty Genius' Clear Waterproofing Gel to this hoping to save some money and it didn't work out. I have thick eyebrows & this formula didn't hold them in place as claimed. I also REALLY do not like the packaging. When most ppl set their brows they've filled them in &/or put foundation on & with the clear containers you see how dirty the clear gel gets, even after its first use. I like to enjoy the very few mins I have to do my makeup & seeing how filthy the gel was would gross me out. I definitely didn't look forward to using this product. I understand that every brow gel would get this way but I'd rather NOT be reminded of it every time I reach for the product.

  • Thahima M.

This is my go to blush palette as I enjoy all the shades as they complement my skin tone.

There are three mattes and one matte with some shimmer running through it but it comes off matte on the skin. There’s a peach shade, a cool toned muted pink, a muted burgundy and a warm toned medium pink with gold shimmer. The formula is quite smooth and it doesn’t accentuate texture. You do have to use a light hand with these blushes as they are very pigmented. I think it’s great for the price and I would recommend it.

  • Anita M.

so light it is just a little blush on my pale skinthat is needed. most blushes are to dark and to much pigment for My skin. this product is good for pale skin

  • Neely B.

Absolutely love this blush.

First time using elf blusher and I love it. It’s so pigmented and has a variety of colour to chose from which lasts all day long. Perfect for everyday wear and party glam.

  • Sumaiya M.

Amazing palette.

The choice of colours is so good. The texture and the quality are both good as well. It’s easy to apply and long lasting as well. It’s affordable and I would buy it again and again and again

  • Abby G.

I like this compact because you can pick from 4 colours.

 My skin is slightly tan so good for tan skin and would look good on all skin colour. No shimmer in these blushes, just matte. I would recommended. I love elf products. I find them very long lasting.

  • F.A A.

Is very nice compact pallete whit 4 pretty colors.

I love the pigment and the tones.This product deserve 5 stars and really make ur cheeks looks so nice and sweet.In my makeup expiriance I have spent plenty of money on high quality brands and blushes that everyone raves about, but never have I truly found the right blush for me personally, until now. I dipped my brush in (you can go light or hard and it will be gorgeous no matter what), and applied to my face, and it was the most stunning blend of reddish, peach, plum blush

  • Sheryl W.

Great selection of blush tones.

The bronzer is a neutral tone so it's nice to contour with it as well. The pigment is a decent quality, but it's not very long lasting.

  • Anika R.

LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE this blush palette

 - it’s so natural but blends so evenly. I usually apply this first and then put a powder blush over the top for that added ooomph. This can be quite natural but also buildable

  • Kaitie S.

This is the best for everyday makeup.

 Sometimes I find myself reaching for this when I want a simple makeup look. The colors are slighlty pigmented and can be built up to a desired look. I do find that I need an eyeshadow primer for these. Preferably a primer with a bit of color or a concealer. Also, the packaging is really good. Once closed there is no way for it to accidentally open.

  • Larissa S.

I love this palette of eyeshadow with the matte colors. Is always my “to go”, I like it because I can use as an eye shadow or I can use as an eyebrow shadow, which is one of my favorites ways to use this palette.


  • Brooke S.

I like this palette if I'm trying to just do a simple look for work the colors blend well and aren't to extreme for the work place this palette is affordable for what it is and works well with my brown eyes. I would recommend it if you're just starting out with makeup or just needing something small.

  • Abbey A.

Ok, first of all I really like the palette & the color scheme. But!! This is the hardest packaging I've ever tried to open! I've broken so many nails trying to open it! I literally have to use tweezers! The pigment is good. Blends pretty good. Not the best palette I've ever used, but definitely not the worst!

  • Morgan H.

I love love love this palette!

 I am definitely a matte person, and these shades are awesome for any look! My favorite combo is to use the two pink shades, and I wet my brush to the black shade as a liner. They are very pigmented. I would buy this again, and recommend to anyone looking for an every day wear palette.

  • DeAnna D.

The mad for Matte palette in Nude Mood is a great bargain.

There are ten really versatile shades that would work well for different skin tones. If your skin is dry, it can go on a little flakey so I would suggest using a primer. It is one of the best drugstore brands for eyeshadow. It is difficult to find matte eyeshadows recently.

  • Liz H.

Absolutely love this pallet! My favorite E.L.F.

 Cosmetics Mad For Matte Eyeshadow Palette ! I actually have bought it twice ! The pigment is great not too crazy I would say a little goes a long way the colors stay all day at least on me and that’s without using an eye primer ! The price is $10 and the elf website always has amazing deals going on !

  • Jamie S.

I have nothing bad to say about this palette.

 I thoroughly enjoy it and take it everywhere with me. It is the perfect size for travel, purse, and everyday use. I like that it is an all matte palette because I find that they are hard to come about sometimes. They are beginner friendly, as the colors are easy to build up. They are not too pigmented and do not have a lot of kick back which I enjoy.

  • Destiny P.

This is an amazing palette.

 They are blend-able colors and easy to go on with or without primer. The colors are an all day wear thing for day or night. I use this mostly when I want to do smokey eye . This palette is more for when you want to create a like I stated a smokey eye, a chic look, or a classy daytime office look. Granted there was a bit of fallout on the cheeks when applied but nothing too hard to wipe off.

  • Samantha L.

These colors are very pretty. I chose this pallet because they go well with almost everything in my closet. However, I’ve noticed that the shadows crease easily. I often wear my shadows all day and, even with primer and seating spray, these shadows don’t hold up very well. They’re great for shorter events, but not for all day wear. They do blend very easily and are easy to apply. The formula is buildable, and I’ve never had a problem with color payoff.

  • Tiara R.

This is a really big mess for me. Even though it only costs about $1 or $2 I still think it's just a waste of money. The color doesn't really stay and the brush is just really bad. Not even worth a dollar.


  • Julia R.

I love the brush feature that’s built into the lip liner. It makes blending so easy! I love the way it blends in super evenly. It doesn’t last as long as other lip liners I’ve used in the past, but I definitely like it for a short term use.


  • mary V.

I don't often use lip liner, but I like this product because it is super easy to apply, and easy to blend. I like the packaging and how a blending brush is included, although I don't find myself using the brush that often. I think it's easier to blend with my fingers.


  • Kayla R

I have not had it but long but I'm already enjoying it. It goes on creamy and smooth not to patchy or dry. Right consisty but not enough product but a little goes a long way.


  • Madeline D.

The color of this is beautiful, but the product is a little cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. The only problem I have with this, is it’s a cross between matte and not, so your lips never fully dry, but they stay tacky. Also the little brush on the end doesn’t do much either.


  • Ashley K.

I love the color of the lip liner I bought, I got it in color dusty rose. Its gorgeous and goes with alot of the lipsticks I have but I feel it's very easy to rub off and would like for it to stay in place a bit better, I feel it usually wears off before the lipstick I use normally does. I think I would buy it again but I'd love to see a bit of improvement in the formula.


  • Olivia N.

Wow, this is my favorite lip liner that I've ever used. It goes on smooth, it's easy to sharpen using a napkin or toilet paper, the blending brush is really useful, and I just love the color. It perfectly matches my lipstick and it stays on forever. Can't recommend it enough.


  • John S.

This color was great and I.T stayed on as expected for an elf product at about 5 dollars, although application is tricky since the tip is so wide almost like an unsharpened crayon, not a fan. But I.T is a good lip pen nonetheless


  • Madeline D.

The color of this is beautiful, but the product is a little cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. The only problem I have with this, is it’s a cross between matte and not, so your lips never fully dry, but they stay tacky. Also the little brush on the end doesn’t do much either.


  • alana C.

The Dark Brown shade is amazing for any skintone. It is soft enough to use on my light skin and is perfect for any nude shade inaginable. It compliments my skintone so much and I love that it has a brush because it is very convenient when you blend your lipstick on top of this. It doesn't last long but the price makes up for that.


  • livelynnlipstick

I have a few of these but classy is my go to pink!


  • aharb013

I like this lipstick formula. It is creamy feeling and not slippery or drying. It has nice opacity and it wears nicely with about average time. It really is a decent lipstick. Unfortunately, the colours on the elf website are way off, and the packaging is a bit cheap. If you find a colour you like, I do recommend that you try it!

  • Kirplunk0

I love these pigmentation is good :( they just break fast :) i bought all of them and they were super cheap and worth it and my lips are chapped

  • littlestarface

Have this in the Fantasy shade. Gorgeous colour and suits my skin tone perfectly. It's a brown-orange shade and looks beautiful and sexy on my lips.

  • Ravenn

My review is specifically for the color Fantasy, as it's the only color I own. This might actually be the worst lipstick I have ever used! No matter how much you swipe this lipstick, it never gets even somewhat opaque! The color is a dead brown color that is unflattering and the smell of this lipstick is so overpowering it makes me want to throw up. I know it's only $1, so my expectations were not so high, but seriously, this isn't even worth a buck! There are other cheap lipsticks, such as from Nyx, that are so so so much better and have great color pay off. Never purchasing ELF lipsticks again. Ever!

  • Msmari329

I bought three of these today fearless and two others I think fearless looks a lot like ruby woo ots not as matte but the color is spot on and of you put a lil translucent powder over top then it magically turns into ruby woo lol...these lipsticks are nice for the price.