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overall rating : 7


overall rating : 7

You are beautiful! Even if you do not know that, even if someone has told you otherwise, even if the society made you feel anything but that. In today's world, there is a massive pressure that tells us to look a certain way, to be a certain way, but we should know that we are free to do what we want to do, be the way we want to be, and to look the way we want to look. There are a lot of makeup brands that advertise freedom of expression through colors and concealers and mascaras, but when it comes to the actual deed itself, they fail miserably. e.l.f. reviews are absolutely inspiring.

But there are some brands that still make high quality products that actually work, that can help you express yourself, in any way that you want, to help you be who you want to be. e.l.f. cosmetics is that brand. Using e.l.f. products, you can look good and feel good and you don't have to feel guilty using the products because they are totally vegan and absolutely cruelty free, no products or ingredients have been tested on any animals. e.l.f. reviews are great. 

Their contour palette Gives the face a professional finished look and it accentuates parts of your face in the most beautiful way, it is the best contour palette on the market based on e.l.f. reviews. The e.l.f. Contour Cream is one of the best Contour Creams available.

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e.l.f. is located in the United States of America.
You can buy e.l.f. products at Amazon.com, or you can purchase them directly from their own website https://www.e.l.f.cosmetics.com.
Yes, e.l.f. is a highly experienced brand with high quality and affordable makeup and skin care products.
Yes, e.l.f. is a completely legal company.
Yes, every e.l.f. product has been tested in highly equipped labs and all products are proven to be clinically and dermatologically safe.
Yes, e.l.f. is real. It has its headquarters based in Oakland, California.


  • PROS
  • Completely vegan products

  • None of the products are tested on any animals and they are cruelty free

  • The colors of the products are highly pigmented

  • Long-lasting makeup

  • Free Shipping on all orders over $30

  • International shipping to different countries over the globe

  • High quality of products

  • Wide range of products

  • Worry free return policy 

  • Great packaging

  • CONS
  • Not all products may be available in some countries



Remy Sharp
VivianMon Mar 07 2022
VivianMon Mar 07 2022
I decided to purchase directly from the Elf website after not having any of their products for a number of months. I placed my order and found out the hard way that they use FedEx shipping. Since my order shipping method was FedEx Smartpost, I was more relieved because I've never had issues with USPS. However, once my package landed in Maryland, it went to a FedEx location (Sparrows Point) that I've had countless problems with for over 2 years. They switched the shipping method from Smartpost to FedEx Ground and at 9:26am this morning, claimed they left my package at my front door. Which was not true. I walked out of my house and checked every neighbor's front door in the area and still didn't see my package. When I contacted FedEx, I was told because it was Smartpost, I needed to contact the shipper. The first time I called Elf, the rep told me I'd had to wait 2 days just in case my package wasn't fully delivered. Didn't ask for my name, order number, nothing. When I called back, I realized it was the same rep from before. When I asked, "Did I speak to you before?" That's when she finally asked for my name and order number. I told her that it WAS delivered but it was delivered to someone else, she said she'd start the refund process. Only up until the end of the call did she reveal that she was the same rep from earlier. Before I could thank her, she hung up on me. Something I didn't understand because not only was I transparent about my feelings towards FedEx when she asked if I wanted a reshipment but I also hadn't been rude to her either time we spoke. As others have said, it's best to purchase Elf products from other sources instead of Elf themselves. Save yourself the trouble and a morning of frustration while calling customer service.
Remy Sharp
SonyaMon Mar 07 2022
SonyaMon Mar 07 2022
Awful service and delivery. I was much better off just going to target to pick my items up. Lady via ELF told me last week, "Your package will be there today or tomorrow".... Still nothing. Never again.



e.l.f. is a professional brand that uses really fresh and healthy ingredients to produce some of the best and highest quality products on the market at very affordable prices. e.l.f. reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

E.l.f. Company

They work with some of the most exclusive manufacturers and produce healthy products that are free from a lot of materials that are not healthy for human use, materials such as parabens and hydroquinone, and sulfates. The e.l.f. brand makes a great blush palette that according to many e.l.f. reviews is the best blush palette among other products, it has many beautiful colors ranging from very matte to very vibrant. e.l.f. Reviews  show that users are happy with this brand.

E.l.f. Reviews

There are a lot of reviews available on the internet and they show that e.l.f. products work perfectly, and the reviews are a testament to the high quality of e.l.f. products and many reviews have indicated that because of the high quality of e.l.f. products, it is almost impossible to change brands after using e.l.f. products for some time. e.l.f. reviews also reveal that e.l.f. is one of the best beauty and skincare brands on the market. e.l.f. reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

E.l.f. Before and After

A large number of customers have reported major enhancements in their skin after using e.l.f. products; they have experienced more hydration on their skin, a long-lasting makeup, and a smoother, healthier skin. They also have reported that the many colors of the products have helped them to have an easier time expressing themselves. e.l.f. reviews are absolutely inspiring.

E.l.f. Product Company

e.l.f. cosmetics is 100-percent vegan So that means a couple of things: one is that none of the products uses any Ingredients that were derived from any animals, and two is that the products are of the highest quality and they are the safest to use on the skin. e.l.f. reviews speak for themselves. e.l.f. has been a cruelty free brand from day one. There is no animal testing in any stages of the production process of e.l.f. products, so you can be sure that no animals have been through any harm to make the beauty products that you use. e.l.f. reviews speak for themselves.

The Best E.l.f. Products

e.l.f. Blush Powder

The e.l.f. Blush Powder has four beautiful shades of blush and you can mix them together and make the color that is closest to your personality and mood, the colors are highly pigmented and they go easy on the skin and they last a long time. It is the best powder blush palette on the market  based on e.l.f. reviews.


e.l.f. Contour Cream

This e.l.f. Contour Cream accentuates and sharpens parts of your face and it adds dimension to your face and it has many shades, so it can be used for all skin types. It also gives your face a beautiful, professional look after using it. There are a lot of customer reviews that show that this contour palette is the best cream contour palette on the market.


e.l.f. Makeup Mist & Set

This hydrating setting spray is a must have for every skincare and beauty routine, it is designed to help your makeup stay in its place all day long and it also accentuates and adds vibrancy to the colors of your makeup, it has a gentle formula which contains aloe, green tea, and cucumber, which soothes and hydrates the skin, it is one of the best setting sprays on the market based on e.l.f. reviews.

E.l.f. Customer Service

e.l.f. has a very active and attentive team of customer service that is available to tend to all your concerns and needs regarding e.l.f. products. You can call them at any time of the day at  (212) 239-1530 or send them an email at [email protected].

E.l.f. Return Policy

e.l.f. has one of the best return policies among other brands and if you are not satisfied with any of your e.l.f. products, you can easily return them to the company and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price or an exact replacement of your products.