NYX Cosmetics is an American cosmetics company that is a subsidiary of L'Oréal. It was named after Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.

the company's first products were jumbo eye pencils which was sold to beauty professionals only. NYX’s product range is vast and diverse, giving consumers many options to experiment with for a lower cost. NYX professional makeup is loved for its rich pigments, long-lasting formulas and a fun approach to colour.

NYX cosmetics is certified and acknowledged by PETA as a cruelty-free brand, and they offer a wide range of vegan-friendly products.

Products are sold through their own main website, retail stores, and online marketing sites like Amazon.

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NYX Contour Cream

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Nyx Cosmetics Lip Liner

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Nyx Cosmetics Lipstick

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NYX Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

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NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

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NYX Makeup Setting Spray

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NYX Cosmetics Professional Makeup Big & Loud Lash Primer

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NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer

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Nyx Cosmetics Reviews

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  • MariaW

just an ok product

the only thing this did for me was make my natural lip color a little lighter so if I wanted a pale color to stand out better on my lips it worked for that. However,it did not make my lipstick stay on any better in fact it seemed to slide off more with this underneath unless i applied it very sparingly.

  • Sydney Banta

Glad I bought it

I loved this priner

  • Sarah

My lipstick lifesaver!

I have NEVER been able to get lipstick to stay on long and I really hate having to re-apply makeup during the day, especially because I'm in classes and I teach (so I don't have much time to pay attention to how I look, and I don't want my students to be distracted by smuged lipstick). This makes my lipstick last forever! It's easy to apply and does the trick and I highly recommend it.

  • Nicole B.

Sets ur lips very well. Would recommend a little darker colour as u can hardly see it what’s so ever however everyone is different!

  • Lindsie S

No wonder it’s a best seller!

I’ve been looking for a clear lip liner/primer and have tried a few that didn’t work, most recently Sephora’s Beauty Amplifier lip primer and liner. I love that this is a 2 in 1, it goes on sheer and keeps my lips smooth and moisturized throughout the day! It even makes whatever color you put over it last. As of writing this review, I can’t remember the exact price but it wasn’t not expensive at all. Great buy for your buck!

  • Stylist E

Makes lipstick same color in tube on lips

So happy I discovered this product. Much better than foundation or concealer for helping lipstick stay on AND be the same color as in the tube. I can't believe I just discovered this! It's a staple in my makeup box now!

  • Heather Lynn

So hard to find a good product that keeps lipstick from feathering into those lines

My new fav! I am in my 50's and have the lines around the mouth thing going on. So hard to find a good product that keeps lipstick from feathering into those lines. This product works really well!!!! It is a little sticky feeling but that's what keeps the lipstick put. For extra stay power, I lightly apply concealer in my deeper lines, blend. Then lightly powder my lips before applying my lipstick. This sticks all day. Well at least from about 6am- 4pm... Slight bleed after that. But if you have lines around your mouth, you know how hard it is to keep that from happening. Life saver!!! It's also great on the weekend with lipgloss. Make sure you apply it over your lip line and on your lips too. That helps a lot!! The color looks really natural on me too. I have pretty fair skin and it blends right in. So happy!

  • Shannon

I am stocking up in case of....I don't know.....Armageddon, or something.

You know that feeling you get when you've got a minor problem that irritates you, and you've never been able to find a solution for it? I'm talking, cosmetic. Nothing earth shattering here. I've got a few of them, and I seem to keep finding new ones as I age. But this problem has been with me since I first started putting on makeup as a teenager. My lips and how they react to lipstick colors. ARGH!! I'm very fair, like think pasty, pale Dracula kind of fair. Strawberry blonde, blue eyes. And my lips have always been this pinkish color, but there is a kind of blue/purple undertone to them that always makes lip color skew when I put it on. I couldn't wear pinks or reds or ANYTHING with an orangish color because the color always turned some weird, unflattering shade and I ended up looking like a clown. So basically I could only wear purple/muavey/brown shades. UNTIL THIS!! This product conceals my lip color so I can FINALLY wear any color I want. The bonus is that it doesn't dry my lips out in the process, it seals the moisture in or something. And lip pencils applied afterwards go on like a dream. I honestly don't even think I need to use a liner anymore because this stops the feathering/bleeding with lip colors, as well. So, yeah. I'm buying backups for my backups. Like I said, not an earth shattering problem, but my lips are ready for any apocalyptic type event that may occur. I'll probably shop for lipstick in the mean time.....

  • CD

A Must Have Lipstick Primer

This product is great. Wish I had known about lipstick primer 20+ yrs ago when I started using lipstick. Bottom line it will smooth out your lipstick - which will enhance the color (give a more sophisticated look), makes it last a lot longer than without it, and ultimately saves you money, you won't use as much lipstick by constantly re-applying. The primer helps the lipstick color stay on as you drink coffee, snacks, talking all day, etc. -- it's a must have if you want to not worry about whether you still have lipstick on or not. You will have to re-apply after eating meals though, it's not magic :)

  • MsPsylocke


I ordered this to save my Lancome primer for special occasions and this for daily use since I like primers. This one is good the problem is not enough product gets on my eyelashes. It takes time I do the wiggle as I found that's the best way for me to get it on them. My lashes are pretty long and full but ever since I started using these types of primers I just like how they look. This was around 7$ and it works well under my mascara. I use Too Faced Better Than Sex, and Buxom Full & Fabulous and the 2 together give me great length and fullness with this primer. Still to me Lancomes primer is my favorite and I get a little more with it. But on the daily this is perfect! I am noticing as I use it more is getting on my lashes so it could need to be broken in so to speak. The wand is thin and easy to get all my lashes no problem. And it will make my them look better. So I do like this and I would repurchase because it doesn't feel heavy with the amount of mascara I use. I always use a lash comb at the end so they are clump free. But this is a good product and I wish I could give it a 4.5 because it deserves that. I would recommend this though if you like some daily oomph or you just are hooked on using primers like I am it's a great product! My eyelashes don't shed or anything weird either. Just a good solid primer! I'm glad I purchased this as it is my daily go to now.😀 Update 3/28/15 It just needed breaking in. Total 5 lippie now. It deposits plenty of primer on my lashes. I love it and still use it daily

  • flairgirl8


Fabulous lash primer at an affordable price. I was tired of paying more than $20 for Estee Lauder Lash primer plus, which I do like. This product performs just as well as the EL lash primer. The long wand brush makes it easy to apply to lashes. I do use a lash comb after applying, but It is not necessary. I have very fine lashes, but this product really makes my lashes stand out, especially the lower lashes. No irritation from this and removes easily.



Fabulous lash primer at an affordable price. I was tired of paying more than $20 for Estee Lauder Lash primer plus, which I do like. This product performs just as well as the EL lash primer. The long wand brush makes it easy to apply to lashes. I do use a lash comb after applying, but It is not necessary. I have very fine lashes, but this product really makes my lashes stand out, especially the lower lashes. No irritation from this and removes easily.

  • Makeuplove99


This is my first lash primer so I don't have much experience with these sort of products but I'm liking it so far. The wand is nice and thin but I feel like it doesn't dispense a lot of product right away on the lashes and now that I've been using it more, the product sort of clumps on the wand. But it doesn't get messy on the lashes. I don't really like the mascara I've been using for a while but after using this primer, I haven't disliked it as much. I believe it does have fibers in it so if you have contacts, it may be irritating but my eyes haven't been bothered. This is the first drugstore lash primer so I think It can't hurt to try. I'm glad I picked it up.

  • hawiinlove


bought this because i normally use HARD CANDY'S lash primer. i think both are fairly comprable to each other. after using for about a month, the cap cracked in half, thank goodness nothing has dried out. i probably will buy again, but only if they fix packaging.

  • DezineOptional

I see there are mixed reviews here...there is nothing wrong with this lash primer, in my personal opinion anyway. I think people often forget that lashes are one of those things that are so different for everyone. While some people may rave about Lancome mascaras, I have had no luck with them at all. Everyone has different textured lashes, so one product may work wonders for one person while being a complete disaster for another person. Also, I want to point out that there is a way to use a lash primer properly. DO NOT just apply it and then apply your mascara over top right away. Apply your primer, let it set for about 5 seconds so that it's tacky (not completely dry, but half-way there) and then apply your mascara. This will allow the formula of the primer to do it's thing, here plump the lashes and add a bit of grip to your mascara when applying on top. For $8, I say this product is a thumbs up. I'd rather spend $8 than $30 for a lash primer anyway. Who wants to waste all those bucks when you're just going to apply black mascara over top.

  • Margie23a

I purchased this while standing in the aisle at Target reading good reviews about it on my phone. Then, when I got home, I started reading more reviews....which were all, unfortunately bad. Based on user reviews, I applied the primer this morning, waited for it to dry, and then applied my mascara. It does work to some degree; however, it only made my lashes look clumpy. The primer does not apply white at all -- as a matter of fact, I was not even sure if it was applying to my lashes as I could not even see it. I could feel it once it dried, but the results were just not good. I am taking it back to Target for a refund. I like NYX, but this one just was a bad product.

  • Tovah

For $7.00 this is a steal. As a primer before mascara it works just as well as Blinc and Clinique. I'm not familiar with other brands of lash primers, so there may be way better ones, but for this price, I think it's great. I read some negative reviews on the NYX website that say this has fibers in it that fall into eyes. The Big & Loud Lash Primer I have does not seem to have any fibers at all. I even squished some on my finger to see if I could feel any fibers, and I didn't feel any. This is a smooth, white cream that looks transparent white on my lashes. I use this on my bottom lashes (occasionally on my top lashes, too). It makes applying mascara to them 100% easier, because the mascara has something to "grip" onto. I don't wind up applying black streaks to skin under my eyes. Also, this really keeps mascara from smudging or flaking, so even if I use "regular" (not tube) mascara, I'm not a disaster after a couple of hours of wear. My eyelashes need all the help they can get, so maybe that's why this seems very effictive to me. It makes a difference in length and width, so my lashes look longer and they're more separated. If you've already got great eyelashes, you probably don't need this extra step, but this primer may also help with smudging, etc. I don't curl my eyelashes with a curler, but I rely on mascara to curl them. This primer is not a curl enhancer. It seems to straighten my lashes a bit, because it weighs them down. However, for my bottom lashes, and for the low low price, I am very happy with this primer.

  • snolan4

This product is useless. It does nothing for your lashes. A better option would be the Voluminous lash primer by L'oreal. I would not buy this product again or recommend it.

  • Rin13

I have Mute and Castle. I love Mute. It's a very pale, shimmery beige color. The texture is nice, smooth and it doesn't have a weird smell or taste like some lipsticks have. I love the packaging.. It looks very nice and far more expensive than it really is. I bought Castle for a friend. It looks nice.. but it's a lot "purpler" than it looked in the swatch.. It's like a greyish purple. (if that makes any sense) It would be best for darker skin tones or for a gothic/punk look.

  • zee81

I think that for the price, it is an excellent product, and the color choices are incredible. My lips feel good using this.

  • rayoflight121

My favorite color is Pumpkin Pie, and own several of these. The problem with them for me is that they don't last more then 1/2 hour on me. Otherwise the color selection and packaging are great.

  • FelonyFlowers

I do like the variety of colors, however the product does not last long on my lips at all. A half an hour if that. I would reccomend the cream lipstick because of the price. It gives you a chance to try diffrent shades and build you collection.

  • malibu64

VERY comparable to Mac formula-wise. Nyx is hit or miss for me... and these liners are a HIT. The formula will vary slightly between colors but I'm yet to find one not up to par. I get these for 3.50 a pop at Ulta! My ultimate favorite lip liner is from this line - Nude Pink. You have to try it!

  • fabmac1

I agree with the reviewer beautywithabrain. I don't understand why these lip pencils are being raved about all the time. I bought 2 shades, dolly pink and coral. BOTH are dry and drag when lining the lips - even on well moisturized lips. Since these pencils are more on the drier side i decided to add some lipbalm prior to applying. NO LUCK. The pencil just slid right over the balm and did not deposit any color. Perhaps i got a bad batch? (purchased from ULTA), but I have had far better liners that were softer, creamier AND costed less. These NYX liners aren't crazy expensive but they aren't SUPER cheap neither. Won't be repurchasing anymore...and I will be throwing the 2 I bought, out. Very disappointed.

  • violetsky88

Love these pencils. I have nutmeg and espresso. I like to use espresso to line and shade my lips before filling in with nutmeg, perfect combo. The price is great, less than $4 per pencil. It applies very velvety and doesn't feel dry or sticky. The transfer isn't too bad, if you kiss the back of your hand it doesn't transfer. It wears long enough, although it can't make it through eating or drinking entirely. Overall I'd love to have more of these pencils.

  • babypuggies

I'm glad to see that this product actually worked for many, because it didn't for me. These were my first lipliners. They swatched on so beautifully on my the back of my hand - smooth, almost buttery, highly pigmented. Alas, they hardly showed on my lips. On top of that, they were very dry and my lips felt like it was being dragged. Upon taking it off, my lips felt funny. I don't quite know how to explain it. It's that feeling of blood rushing to your lips after numbing, and it's not a nice feeling. With lip balm on, application was smoother, but that did not make up for the dismal colour payoff. This product has staved me off lipliners for the time being. Swatches can be deceiving.

  • firrantello

Inexpensive and functional

  • deannashanks12345

I love this liner. I have been using Revlon, which is creamier but NYX's pencil lip liner does seem to last longer and doesn't cake up. I use the Nutmeg color and I am really impressed overall

  • Rial0v3

I love these lip liners they're my favotive I have back ups of brown cafe and nude truffle I love those colors those are my faves . I purchased mauve and beige from ulta today and they're goegeous colors. They last a long time I love them I'm not huge on lip creams or lipsticks anymore but the lip liners can equal as that and you can't tell theyre on you at all..

  • tried_em_all

Both the Mauve and the Mahogany go on as the right color and with one quick smacking of the lips, turn into the same shade of rose on me - I was disappointed. I’ll stick with MAC liners, they don’t need to be sharpened as much, and Half-Red and Plum, while not the same colors, are similar, and I like them way better than these.

  • lurkymclurkerson

I have a whole bunch of these and I love all of them. They come in a wide variety of shades, and they have plenty of natural/nude colors across the spectrum. They are simple wooden pencils, but the product itself is creamy enough to blend out but waxy enough to create a good barrier to hold lipstick on the lips. The best part is that they are very affordable. I highly recommend these lipliners, even though I do like the Suede version a little bit better.

  • AlexisFilomena

Amazing staying power, !! Lovely selection of colours. Pricey for a lip liner that is also very difficult to sharpen, so you don't get much use out of it. The actual lip liner itself however is very very good.