Best EyeBrow Growth Serums Approved by Customers & Specialists

Thinking about thickening, repairing and re-growing your eyebrows? Here you will find different brands of eyebrow serums that will help you get started! We have reached these conclusions by reviewing some of the top Eyebrow Serums on the market which were approved by experts and skincare specialists and were also based on user feedback. We have also considered the ingredients and whether or not they are of high quality. Browse the list to find all the factors that are based on real evidence. All the presented data is filtered from false marketing claims & gimmicks. These products were tested and selected by a team of specialists. Make sure to check out the star ratings of each one, which is based on many professional factors. Customer satisfaction is what we are always seeking!

9 Best EyeBrow Growth Serums

#1 NourishBrow
#2 Grande Cosmetics
#3 Neubrow
  • ( 1307 Reviews )
  • Overall Rating:  4.0

Neubrow EyeBrow Serum

#4 VegaBROW
  • ( 1636 Reviews )
  • Overall Rating:  3.7

VegaBrow Serum

#5 Rapid Lash
#6 Liaison
#7 Forchics
  • ( 746 Reviews )
  • Overall Rating:  3.1


#8 LiBrow
  • ( 924 Reviews )
  • Overall Rating:  2.7

LiBrow Eyebrow Serum

#9 DenseBrow
  • ( 553 Reviews )
  • Overall Rating:  2.5

DenseBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Other EyeBrow Growth Serums Brands

Most of us had full, thick eyebrows when we were a teenager, but due to eyebrow threading we do not have those eyebrows anymore. There are some ways to regain the beautiful, thick brows that we had, such as microblading. But it can be pricey or you might experience a lot of pain. One of most common and easy way to have beautiful eyebrows is using eyebrow enhancing serum. There are a lot of different eyebrow serums available on the market, some of the top brands include Purified Eyebrow serum, RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing serum, & etc. It is highly recommended to do your research and compare eyebrow growth serums in order to choose the best one which suits you. 

Do eyebrow growth serums actually work?

   Eyebrow growth serums target the eye area and help you have thicker and fuller brows. The effectiveness of eyebrow growth serums is entirely dependent on your definition of "works”. The majority of the top non-prescription brow serums are meant to improve the thickness of each brow hair, and depending on the ingredients and formula, can possibly even improve growth. In a nutshell, they can make your brow area healthier and happier, which can foster even better brow development. However, don't anticipate results right away.

What the pros say?

   According to pros, there are plenty of over-the-counter brow serums available, but they are not all made equal. Peptides are found in the top brands of these over-the-counter formulas. Peptides are "messengers engineered to execute a specific job—to promote hair development and good hair follicle activity." Peptides help create a healthy foundation for the brows. While peptides are found in many of the most successful serums, people with sensitive skin should be aware that peptides may cause irritation.
   Another important element to check for is biotin, which is “known to boost hair health,” according to the manufacturers. It is critical for energy generation to help support the formation of more hair follicles.
   The pros even suggest looking for a product that has keratin, a protein that helps to strengthen hair. Look for serums which contain fatty acids, such as panthenol, lipids, or B vitamins, which help moisturize, thicken, and condition brows for even greater effectiveness.

How do eyebrow growth serums work?

   Eyebrow serums are a solution which should be applied delicately to the brows with an applicator, and then it is absorbed into the existing hair and its follicles. Once absorbed, the chemicals in eyebrow serums help to thicken the brow hairs you already have, and stimulate growth in sparse areas.
   Prescription brow serums and over-the-counter brow serums are the two types of brow serums available. Prescription brow serums include active components which influence the brow hair's growth cycle, resulting in new growth. The only substance that has been scientifically proved to grow brows is bimatoprost, but it is only available by prescription.

Are eyebrow growth serums safe?

   It is vital to remember that your face and eye area are very delicate, so do your research to ensure that you not only select a product that delivers excellent results, but also one that is safe to use.
   Eyebrow serums can have a number of serious adverse effects, including eyelid discoloration, itchy eyes, eyelid drooping, redness, and a permanent change in the color of the iris. These negative effects have been strongly connected to products containing prostaglandins, highlighting the necessity of researching the components of goods before using them and discontinuing use immediately if any side effects occur. And it is advised against using a brow growth booster which contains isopropyl cloprostenate, claiming that this can produce serious responses and negative effects.

The best Eyebrow Growth Serums for Healthier, Bolder Brows?

   The customer-favorite serums will lengthen, thicken, rejuvenate, and condition your brows, whether you are dealing with natural thinning or have plucked them to near-extinction. Eyebrow growth serums are available to help promote optimal hair follicle growth. Brow serums contain many of the same key elements as eyelash growth serums, such as peptides which encourage healthier brows, and can contribute to increase thickness and length. Amino acids to guard against breakage, Biotin to boost hair follicle activity, and conditioning chemicals to moisturize and strengthen the hairs themselves are all included in top brow serums. Try to look for brows serum which are ophthalmologist-approved and hypoallergenic to ensure that they are not going to irritate your sensitive eyes and eye area.

What to look for in an eyebrow growth serum?

   Although there are general eyebrow growth serums which have been shown to be effective, we cannot say for sure that there is a specialized hair growth enhancers that have been proved to regenerate brows. By the way there are some ingredients which are useful, and can be a good idea to seek them in a brow serum. Minoxidil is one of them. It is the only chemical that has been demonstrated to promote general hair growth. Other crucial ingredients to look for in a good brow serum include Peptides (to encourage healthy hair follicles), amino acids (the building blocks of protein — what hair is comprised of), vitamins like biotin and panthenol (to strengthen hair), and hyaluronic acid.