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overall rating : 6


overall rating : 6

What could be better than a high-quality beauty product with a track record of success? A high-quality beauty product that has been lovingly created and has proven results.

RevitaLash Cosmetics has seen exceptional success in recent years, with its award-winning eyelash serum selling once every 30 seconds across the world. RevitaLash Cosmetics is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind beauty-enhancing line. It includes items for the lashes, brows, and hair that are aimed to enhance and revitalize natural beauty. The conditioner, which has a special phyto-infused solution, improves scalp health while also nourishing and thickening hair.

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The location is in the United States of America.
RevitaLash may be found at both cosmetic shops and dermatology clinics. Also, keep in mind that you may purchase any item from the brand's website.
RevitaLash Cosmetics is distributed in more than 50 countries throughout the globe. We believe you'll like the RevitaLash since it helps you to get long, fluttery lashes with only one more product in your nighttime beauty regimen. We also sell RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara, Volumizing Eyelash Primer, Defining Eyeliner, Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner, and High-Def Tinted Brow Gel in addition to RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. All of these items are special in that they provide outcomes while also raising funds for breast cancer research.
This brand's legitimacy has been validated by RevitaLash serum evaluations.
RevitaLash was developed with the help of an ophthalmologist and has been thoroughly evaluated by independent research labs to ensure that it is both safe and non-irritating. Multiple investigations undertaken by independent research labs have confirmed the safety of their goods. In these studies, RevitaLash was shown to be safe for the skin and eyes in adult research participants.
Yes. Yes, absolutely. It works; the evidence is in the pudding, and no one has complained that it hasn't worked for them. The eyelashes are naturally lifted and curled thanks to the rich composition and curl effect. To protect against damage and brittleness, promote flexibility, wetness, and shine for more dramatic-looking eyelashes, a combination of technologically sophisticated technologies and natural botanicals is used.


  • PROS
  • Made lashes feel thicker.

  • The lashes were made to feel pampered.

  • A lash conditioner with a six-month supply.

  • Enhances the look of the lashes.

  • Makes lashes seem thicker and healthier.

  • BioPeptin Complex, peptides, and botanicals have a great effect.

  • Prevents lashes from becoming brittle and breaking.

  • Increases the amount of moisture in the lashes.

  • Aids in the improvement of elasticity, wetness, and shine.

  • Assists in the protection of eyelashes from everyday aggressors.

  • CONS
  • Not available everywhere

  • It may have side effects such as irritation or dark discoloration of the skin based on some customer reports



Remy Sharp
MichelleSun Mar 13 2022
MichelleSun Mar 13 2022
Jeg bestilte mine varer på åbningsdagen og dagen efter blev de leveret og med en masse lækre prøver! Super god kundeservice, der hurtigt opdagede, at jeg manglede at sende adresse og ringede straks og spurgte efter den, så de kunne sende varerne. Det kan varmt anbefales!
Remy Sharp
Stine NielsenSun Mar 13 2022
Stine NielsenSun Mar 13 2022
I ordered an item on their website but the order was canceled the same day. Here, Gitte responded quickly to the emails and canceled them immediately. However, the same day the money was deducted from my account and I never received the goods. They then stopped responding to my emails asking if they could return my money, where I had attached documents to deduct money from my account. By phone a week later, they promised to look the same. A week later, nothing had happened, and they inquired by telephone that they were very busy and therefore did not have time to deal with the matter, yet the accountant claimed that although they did not have any money now. I'm away from my account for 2.5 weeks. Extremely poor service from a small, newly launched online store.
Remy Sharp
LineSun Mar 13 2022
LineSun Mar 13 2022
I have always been satisfied with revitalashes products, but when I last received their eyebrow product, I noticed that something was missing in the product, so there is a lot of product on the brush and so I can not use the product. I refer to their customer service, but unfortunately I did not hear anything from them. So I'm here now. With an expensive product that I unfortunately can not use.
Remy Sharp
Nelly NopezWed Mar 09 2022
Nelly NopezWed Mar 09 2022
I liked this okay, but the difference wasn't that large. I think that wearing fake lashes wouldn't be to different and have less effort. Overall, I might look into the same type of product but maybe different brand



RevitaLash promises to help you grow your eyelashes, lengthen them, and prevent breakage. RevitaLash Advanced is an eyelash conditioner and growth serum. The item feeds the lashes while also increasing their general health. Eyelashes will improve dramatically, according to the brand, becoming shinier, stronger, longer, and fully moisturized.

It's simple to apply with the accompanying tiny brush, much like liquid eyeliners. For optimal effects, just apply the ointment to clean your eyes regularly. The majority of consumers notice effects in around six weeks. RevitaLash has a variety of products to produce dramatic and gorgeous eyes.

RevitaLash is a well known brand. They offer a big variety of high-quality beauty products with a proven track record of performance and they have an award-winning eyelash serum. The RevitaLash cosmetics line includes items for lashes, brows, and hair that are aimed to enhance and revitalize natural beauty.

Revitalash Company / Lash Growth Products

Thankfully, the rising popularity of Lash growth products has encouraged individuals to quit destroying their lashes and instead focus on making them healthier and thicker. The obvious first question that comes to mind when hearing about Lash growth products is "do they work?" and we're here to tell you that they absolutely do!

Lash growth products are a combination of beneficial nutrients, peptides, and hyaluronic acid that assist conditions and encourage better development of your lashes.

RevitaLash Cosmetics was established in 2006. The goal of the business was to help ladies restore their confidence and attractiveness by assisting them in regrowing and creating longer, fuller lashes. The firm began with a single product and has now grown to provide a whole range of goods designed to improve natural beauty safely and efficiently. The corporation is recognized for giving back to the community and supporting charitable initiatives such as breast cancer research. RevitaLash was created by a doctor to motivate and rejuvenate women's emotions as well as generate beauty.

What Do Revitalash Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

The concentrated solution is a combination of cutting-edge science and natural botanicals, according to Revitalash reviews. Both work together to prevent breakage and brittleness. For bold, attractive brows, this increases elasticity, hydration, and gloss. The one-of-a-kind applicator makes the application simple, quick, and accurate.

Revitalash Before and After

While everyone's experience is different, many individuals claim to see more attractive lashes right away. According to third-party consumer research, 98 percent of RevitaLash Advanced consumers saw an improvement in their lash look after 6 weeks. Use exactly as suggested for the greatest results. Many Revitalash Before and After photos may be found in reviews, demonstrating their effectiveness.

5 Best Revitalash Products


Over-plucking, styling products, and chemical and environmental stresses all contribute to the obvious indications of brow aging, resulting in healthier-looking, more luxuriant brows.

Best Eyebrow Serums



Original, one-of-a-kind eyelash conditioner designed by an ophthalmologist to improve the beauty of lashes and prevent them from breakage while also enhancing their health, flexibility, and strength for lashes that flourish organically.

Best Eyelash Serums



A groundbreaking, unisex hair enhancer created to satisfy the requirements of men and women with fine or thinning hair.



A thickening and scalp treatment shampoo with specific ingredients that clean and strengthen hair while protecting it from environmental stresses to promote scalp health.


5.REVITALASH AQUABLUR Hydrating Eye Gel & Primer 

A simple, mild, and efficient moisturizing eye gel that may be used with or without makeup to hydrate, protect, and smooth the eye region while also boosting brow and lash health. This solution is oil-free, vitamin-infused, and antioxidant-rich.

Revitalash Customer Service

Give them a call if you have any queries regarding RevitaLash. The customer care staff at Revitalash is excited to assist you in finding the best solution for naturally beautiful eyelashes!

Revitalash Return Policy

They guarantee that you will fall in love with their products within 60 days of purchase, but if you are not completely satisfied with your RevitaLash Cosmetics product purchased through, simply return the unused portion of your product and they will gladly process an exchange or remit your account for the full amount of the purchase. Your original handling and shipping must be within 90 days of purchase.