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Overall Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 with 592 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.5 out of 5 with 592 Votes

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Overall Rating :

NourishLash Eyelash Growth Serum

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Nourishlash Reviews

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  • Diana

Nourish Lash is an amazing product.

Nourish Lash is an amazing product. I’m in love with my lashes. No more fake lashes. I started seeing results within two weeks of using the products. I highly recommended!

  • Anita Be

Great company!

This is a great company that is solely focused on satisfying its customers. I have been trying to grow my brows for over 3 months now and I’m satisfied with the product. At first, I didn’t see results in the first month of using the serum. The company was helpful and didn’t stop checking on me until my brows started growing fuller. When they launched Nourishvita, I was among the first people to try it out. I have 2 bottles already (almost done with the first one). All I can say is that it works. My brows look like what I had in my teens. Pills are easy to use and swallow with no after taste or after smell.

  • Tania Ven

Dud Bottle

I bought 3 at the one time as there was an offer on. Yes, im over the moon with the results. However, i opened my second bottle which still had the seal intact, only to find nothing in it, completely empty. My third bottle was fine. So buy 3 for this special price really meant 2 for that price. I also waited 8 weeks for it to arrive which must be the longest ive ever waited for online shopping.

  • Z.Df

Nourishlash is amazing! Thank you

Nourishlash is the best eyelash serum ever. I've been using it for three weeks. From no eyelashes to very long eyelashes. I'm extremely happy. I will buy again. Thank you so much Nourishlash

  • Maria.Z

Great Eyelash Serum

After having really bad eyelash damage from eyelash extension I needed something to help my eyelashes grow back. I applied this day and night for 2 weeks. I was desperate for my lashes to grow back! My lashes are now a lot stronger, fuller, and longer. I’ve tried a few other serums, but this one is by far the best.

  • Karolin Daw

love it

I realize that this is required as new lashes come in, so although it may be costly, it works making your lashes longer!

  • D.S

It really does work

I have been using this eyelash serum for some time it brilliant I have had false eyelashes but having used this serum I don’t need them any more they are longer and thicker

  • Lia.Use

This product works.

The eyelash serum works on my lashes. I have bought it a few times and so impressed that I bought my daughter in law one for a present. Hope it works for others as it works on my lashes.

  • Sheila Fa

This product works

I have ordered this twice and my older lashes are lush again. I can now go out without mascara but if I use mascara my lashes are full. I didn't find that it worked as quickly as they suggest. It took a month before I saw results but I stuck with this product and I will continue to. Well worth the money!

  • Monika Sd

I have been using it steadily for over 3 months and people have remarked how beautiful my lashes look

I am a repeat customer for this. I have been using it steadily for over 3months and people have remarked how beautiful my lashes look. my esthetician even asked if I had inserts!

  • Rita Wells


My lashes are almost touching my brow bone! Give it 6 to 8 weeks of every day application. You’ll be blown away!

  • Cruze.D

Love this product

Love this product! It really works! I’ve tried other products and they irritated my eyes! This product is all natural which is the reason I tired it and I’m glad I did. I recommend to anyone I can!! Absolutely LOVE my lashes now!

  • Ruby Jenkins

I love this product

I love this product! My eyelashes are already alot thicker after just 2 weeks! So glad I bought a great and affordable product.

  • Diane Turner

i loved this product and highly recommend it

I ordered the Nourishlash as my eyelashes were very thin after a long period getting false lashes on within 2 weeks I noticed growth and after 3 till 4 i couldnt believe that my lashes had grew back so quickly i loved this product and highly recommend it ❤

  • Betty As

Very happy with product

Very quick delivery .. bought for my damaged eyelashes due to using lash extensions for a very long time .. I have only used for 1 week so far but I can see an improvement already... no complaints at all !

  • Gentry

This stuff works

This stuff actually works. My lashes are twice as thick and much longer. I used it morning and evening for 3 weeks and am amazed.

  • Sasha Stein


Excellent. Highly recommend it. Started seeing results at around week 4. My lashes have never been so long or looked so good.

  • Lisa A. DeStefano

Five Stars

Great product!

  • Jesika

NourishLash is Paraben, Oil, and Alcohol free. When applied as directed, it is safe for use with eyelash extensions.

  • Barbara Joscak

Can you use this product with lash extensions? I would like to keep my own lashes strong while using the extensions.

  • Meghan

Not really impressed

I bought NourishLash’s eyelash growth serum as a cure to my lash breakage. The package arrived soon which is a positive point, as a lot of products take too long to be delivered. Also, it was packaged very well, so my tube wasn’t broken. The wand was okay and I liked the design; it really made using the serum easier. The serum itself was good too; it was consistent and wasn’t too thick or slimy that would make it disgusting. I used the serum for about two months and even though I got some mild growth in my eyelashes, the breakage was only reduced partially. So, not really impressive.

  • Riley Anderson

Saved my wedding day!! Love it!

When I was planning for my wedding, I had to decide and tell my makeup artist what kind of makeup I wanted for the wedding. One day as I was consulting with her, she told me I had to get my lashes done ‘cause mascara couldn’t make them long enough. To be honest, I hate fake lashes and it’s not because of the glue or whatever; it’s because they look so unnatural and I really hated to look fake on my wedding day. I wanted to have that makeup so I just told her I’d fix it. On one of my wedding planning searches, I found out NourishLash’s eyelash growth serum. I ordered a tube and started using as the wedding was only three months away. First three weeks nothing seemed different and I was about to give up, but I decided to wait a bit. Slowly, I began to notice the changes and I was amazed! My lashes felt so soft and thick I couldn’t believe they’re really my lashes. Just a week ago it was my wedding and I looked spectacular! It’s all thanks to NourishLash!

  • Raelyn Carter

Fast, thick growth! WORKS!!

I used to get my lashes done and even though it was an easy method to instantly get longer and thicker lashes, I hated the glue they used; especially the fact that had to wash that glue for DAYS to get rid of the remainders. Last time that I got them done, I lost nearly half of my own lashes in an incident with one of the relative’s infant child. So, I decided it’s time to stop using fake lashes and grow out my own. After talking to some colleagues and friends, I ended up ordering a tube of NourishLash’s eyelash growth serum. The first few weeks, even though I could feel something is different, there wasn’t any noticeable change. But just half way through the third week, I was surprised!!! I could see it with my own eyes! They were longer and thicker than before!! Now it’s been four week and I’m in love with this product!!! Going to keep on using. Works as said!

  • JonesFI

It’s way TOO pricey!

I bought NourishLash’s eyelash growth serum to make my eyebrows fuller because they’re so thin and seem as if I don’t even have eyebrows. I wasn’t sure it would because it wasn’t really meant for eyebrow growth, but a review or two were about people pleased with NourishLash used on their brows, so I decided to give it a go. I bought a tube and it worked fine, but it was no miracle which makes the price a little unreasonable.

  • KarenF

These stuff work! Worth it!!

My friends and family would always joke about my short eyelashes and even though they always said it’s a joke and nothing serious, as I’m insecure, I would overthink it way too much. My situation wasn’t really ideal, my confidence was being lowered every day and I just couldn’t go up to someone and just start talking without feeling bad about my lashes. My friends and family noticed the negative effects their words had on me and stopped but it was a little too late. They tried to help me, so they got me a tube of NourishLash’s eyelash growth serum. Two weeks and I got to say, WOW! This totally works I can already see that my eyelashes are fuller and I’m gonna keep on using it to get the best lashes. It’s so worth the money!

  • Ann

This serum saved my eyelashes which have a key role in my beauty. My friend made me buy this serum in the first place cause I didn't actually believe in such products. but it turned out to be really effective after continuous use. it's been a month and I like how my lashes are growing. Hope they grow even longer after another month. I found it so reliable and unique. Thank you to nourishlash. I recommended it to my mom too and she has ordered one. 

  • Jones Lisa

I used to believe that only natural oils like caster can help my lashes but I was wrong! nothing helped, so I decided to check out other ways and I stumbled on eyelash serum and after searching and reading so many reviews, I gave nourishlash a shot. my lashes look longer and a little thicker after two weeks. I started applying this serum the day I received it and there have been some little but noticeable improvements. I posted a story on my Instagram and the customer service of nourishlash asked for my honest review after a month or more. I've already taken before pictures of my lashes and hope the after pictures amazes me more than now! can't wait!

  • Pamela

Delivery was on time and that's great cause I hate late deliveries! Thank you. And about the result? well let me say WOW! I hated my short lashes and I've tried some ways but only this serum made my lashes look flattery and really LONG. I recommend this to everyone who longs for longer lashes. you won't regret this! A real deal.

  • Sharon

I wasn't expecting results at all! but this serum has worked really well on my lashes. now I have NATURAL long lashes. I love nourishlash and will reorder soon. it's so easy to apply and the ingredients are safe too which is good news for my weak lashes.  no allergy so far! THANK GOD. 

  • Janet Smith

I guess this serum was worth a shot. Not too pricey and full of safe ingredients! I got it two weeks ago and I'm looking forward to having longer lashes after a few weeks. Haven't seen wow results yet but I believe it can work well on my lashes too. I'll leave another review later. hopefully for a 5 star review.

  • Sandra

No allergies! PERFECT! My eyelids are so sensitive and I can't apply everything! Nourishlash is a read deal for me and apperantly for many women as well. Thank you for this wonderful product! I'm noticing that my lashes are getting longer! OMG! I kinda didn't believe such products but it is happening. I am finally going to achieve longer lashes. Can't wait for my beautiful lashes! Camera's ready! LOL

  • Adeline

The best eyelash serum I have ever seen! I feel lucky to know about one of the best beauty products. Two months ago I was looking for a product to grow longer and thicker eyelashes. I checked out a lot of websites and bloggers' instagrams. It took a while to finally take my pick. I just wish it had a lower price because I like to buy this serum for some of my friends! They shouldn't miss out on Nourishlash! 

  • Karina Branes

All the comments of the users were correct and really worked. I didn't believe in such a product to help grow longer lashes, but in the first period, I saw my eyelashes becoming longer. I know it's almost unbelievable but it's true and I got really surprised. I thank everyone who recommended this serum and made me fall in love with this product. I cannot be more excited about my lashes. 

  • Jillian

I tried many expensive products but they all irritated my eyes with little result. When I thought it was hopeless, I found Nourishlash eyelash serum on Instagram and it turned out to be working well on my lashes. I saw beauty in my face again as saw the return of my long eyelashes. Thank you nourishlash! This serum is a good product! I'm still applying the serum to see the desired results but I couldn't help leaving here a comment.

  • Gabriela

I recently had problems with eyelash loss and I was really upset about it. I couldn't even use mascaras. I read many websites to find a way to grow my lashes as they were greatly important to me. Finally I came across with this product and gave it a go. When I started using it, I didn't expect great results. But seems like I'm on the right track because after about a month, my lashes have grown! I'll definitely keep using this serum and look forward to seeing the best results. 

  • Lydia Reed

Good product! You must continue using the serum until it's over and you must not abandon the period. If it is used according to its agenda, you will definitely get results. I say this with confidence because I have acted on my own command and now have longer eyelash and I haven't finished the serum yet. I think the final results will be much better; that's why I'm leaving a four star review, now. I'm looking forward to seeing more. 

  • Autumn

Because of the reasonable price, I decided to give this serum a try. But soon it showed me a high quality as my lashes started to grow for real. I have to say NourishLash is one of the best serums I've used. I plan to continue buying this serum and would recommend anyone who needs help with their eyelashes. Beautiful face needs beautiful lashes. Right?

  • Rebecca Turner

Do not keep the mascara on your eyelashes too much. That is what I used to do and I would quickly wipe it off my eyelashes. Mascara made my eyes too heavy and I got tired after two hours every time. So I looked for other ways of having long lashes and then found Nourishlash on a website introducing top brands for eyelash serums. I went for this one and now I think I made the perfect decision. No more mascaras! My lashes are growing longer and I don't intend on using another brand till I see the desired results.

  • Aria Gracia

A miracle!

Continued use of this serum has made me feel natural again. I had lost about 60% of my eyelashes. Plus, the most damage was to my left eye. I needed an urgent solution. Better yet, this product is a real miracle and I have never seen it. I never try another brand. I have suggested this serum to my sister as well.

  • Amaya Long

This product worked very well on my eyes. After one month of use, I saw my eyelashes grow. However, I am unhappy with the late shipping of the product and hope to fix it as soon as possible. I want to be regular customer of this brand, but I am not okay with late delivery. I enjoyed the customer service, though and helped me not to lose patience. 

  • Kinley

It took 3 weeks for the serum to work effectively. It's been very useful for me and I am completely satisfied. I will continue to use this product for another 2 months and will definitely come back in two months and write to you.

  • Gianna Allen

I am really pleased with this product because it has performed well over a 3 week period. The only thing I did not like about this product was the late delivery which made me upset a bit. I do not want to be disappointed with this brand and I expect this problem to be resolved. I'll buy another serum when this one's over.

  • Brianna Bennett

I used to have sparse and short lashes. At first I wanted to try lash extension but my friend talked me out of it and recommended this serum instead. I decided to give it a try. I use the serum before going to bed. Then after brushing my teeth in the morning, I apply the serum too without using mascara or eyeliner. I wait about 10 minutes before applying my makeup. It's been a month and I can tell the serum has really made a huge difference. My lashes now look longer and thicker – just like I always wanted them.

  • Gracie Rivera

I got to know about this brand after a video post on a blogger's Instagram and I made up my mind and bought it. This product really works but you have to wait some time to get a good result from it. Women should know that this product does not irritate and does not make the eyes red, but the growth stages are slow (at least for, it was so) and you should not be disappointed. The result is real and you will be happy and satisfied. 

  • Vanessa

This is a great product! The performance of this product is real and I highly recommend it. People ask me if my eyelashes are real. With a mascara, it shows a very high volume. I believe in this product. I will keep this up because I don't want to test another brand.

  • Sloan

I love the quality of their products and I have bought one serum. That's why I placed another order and well, this time the delivery took more than 3 weeks which I did not expect at all! I hope they can fix this real fast. Last time, a long delay in responding to online chat was a problem but it's been fixed. Great! Delivery is very very important to me that's why I'm a stickler for customer care.

  • Lara Harris

I am 40 years old and I thought there's no eyelash serum which would work well and my lashes are never going to grow again with any product. Anyway, my friend got me a Nourishlash serum as a gift on my birthday because she knew I'm a big fan of long lashes when it comes to beauty and makeup. After using this serum for about 6 weeks, I think no money is thrown away spending on this product. I've seen changes on my eyelashes and it's unbelievable. I recommend to all women of my age who are involved in hair loss.

  • Emma Scott

I had low back eyelashes and thanks to this product, I was able to have thick eyelashes. I am very pleased with this serum and hope it will always be produced, but I must say you should keep applying it according to the instruction at Nourishlash website and not abandon the consumption period. I did not expect superfast results and I stayed patient. It took about 6 weeks for me but I'm loving the longer lashes. Thanks!

  • Addison

Nourishlash is amazing. I have been using it for about 2 months now and my eyelashes appear thicker. It took about 6 weeks to achieve the desired results. I still do not believe in looking at myself. I highly recommend Nourishlash because it gives you amazing results.

  • Taylor

I fell in love with nourishlash. Incredible. It didn't cause me any discomfort or sensitivity. This is all due to the combination of excellent and natural materials used in the structure of this product. This is the only brand I don't feel burning around in my eyes and I have been using it for a good month.

  • Riley

Contrary to some reviews I have read here, the results for this product did not work for me in 1 or 2 weeks. I had to extend the use period for more than 2 months to see some results. However, I am not unhappy because I can tell this serum helps strengthen my eyelashes and grow to be fuller finally. I've got beautiful lashes now and this has brought me confidence back. I do not want to try another brand because I want to continue this growth process with Nourishlash.


  • Nevaeh

It took 2 weeks for this product to reach me. I expected it sooner and unfortunately, they were late in responding to my email. However, I'm willing to try it because I saw a blogger recommending this serum. I should go for it according to the instruction. I might leave another review later. Hopefully with more stars. 

  • Zoey

After two weeks of consumption, I have not seen any extraordinary effects, but I will continue to use them and I wanna stay confident about it. At the suggestion of my sister, I bought this product and I have actually seen its effect on her eyelashes. Unbelievable! I am not unhappy with my purchase. It's just I'm really looking forward to beautiful lashes. Hope this serum be the one. 

  • Joy

When I lost my eyelashes, it affected my confidence. So I looked for a quick cure. During my research, I came up with this great serum. I read the users' comments and then started using it. I actually doubted if it would make any difference. But this serum changed my mind. With longer lashes, I now look younger and my confidence is back. Well done Nourishlash.

  • Kayden Wood


What attracted me to buy this serum in the first place was that it is vegan and cruelty-free. I used it for a while and I am really happy that it has not irritated my eyes. I saw results after 5 weeks, which I think, was a little longer than what I expected. I loved it, anyway.

  • Kaylee Wilson

I actually bought this lash serum to a friend of mine and added her address. She called me after a month to say thank you and I was shocked because I expected this product to be delivered in less than a month! However, she was pleased with the quality of the product after a couple of weeks.

  • Leah

People around me told me about the good quality of this product but I really didn't believe it and thought it was an exaggeration but after using it I realized that. Much better than what my friends told me. My husband was also amazed at the miracle of this product and encouraged me to continue applying it. I will definitely order more from this product. 

  • Aubrey

A special beauty I am very pleased with this serum. This is my second purchase from nourishlash. I have never experienced such thick, long eyelashes before, but this product has given me a special beauty in less than a month. Timely delivery is one of the nice things to say about this brand. Highly recommended!

  • Natalie Miller

The effect of this product on my eyelashes is excellent. I recommend this to everyone and I think they shouldn't be waste time nor money on other brands. I mean I really hope this serum amazes everyone like me! You're gonna enjoy looking better by charming lashes. I will definitely continue to consume and buy later.

  • Ellie Savoy

I bought this for my wife. It works so well for her that I requested a second bottle. She will keep applying it. However, please focus more on your delivery time so the customer will not be disappointed. Each product I order takes 4 weeks to reach me.

  • Mya Hill

Hopeful for great results After 5 weeks of this product I got a good result and was very satisfied. I think I need to continue the period of use to make this beauty last for me. It's better not to expect this product like any others, to work quickly. It will slowly affect, but final results are gonna worth it.

  • Irene

Great Product I bought it for my mom and found it had an impact on her eyelash growth, so I bought it for myself. My eyes itched a bit, but soon I had no sensitivity. Great product. I will keep applying it and soon make another purchase.

  • Martha Stan

Fantastic Result For about 2 weeks ago, I bought my Nourish eyelash serum. The impact on my eyelashes surprised me. I never thought I would have such a product. My eyelashes are taller and thicker. I hope the production of this product will continue for a long time. In the first few weeks of using nourishlash eyelash serum, I saw the results and realized it was working.

  • Naomi

A bit Late response to Email but good product

I e-mailed about 10 days ago but did not receive a response. Their response process was weak and slowly. Anyways, they sent a message in my Instagram and apologized. They said there were technical problems with their website and stuff. And then I said OK... Also the thing is the product of this brand is of high quality and worth buying.

  • Erin Bailey

Incredible result I am 61 years old and have tried many therapeutic remedies but no results. Then I got to know nourishlash ads. The result was incredible to me after 2 weeks of using this serum. At first, the eyelashes dropped a lot but they grew again. Thanks to the expert specialists of the nourishlash eyelash serum company, it was very amazing

  • Clara Kenneth

I am thrilled and satisfied with this stuff. My eyelashes have improved faster than I was anticipating. I had sparse lashes that only appears better with coats of mascaras. Since using this product a month ago, I have reduce the use of mascara. Sometimes I don’t even use it at all. Despite having sensitive eyes, I didn’t experience any irritation. I use it every night and sometimes in the morning. I am still on my first tube. This works and you should try it too.

  • Janelle Joe

I was compelled to try this product when I read some reviews online I had tried other lash conditioners in the past. Some worked pretty well while others are no better than duds. This one falls into the category of serums that work. My lashes are longer and darker, just like I wanted them to look. This is an incredible product. I am giving it a 4 star because the serums I tried in the past stopped working at some point. So, let’s hope that doesn’t happen to me with this one.

  • Joy Jeffrey

This product definitely worked for me and I highly recommend it to everyone. It took more than 2 months to notice a difference. Then my lashes dramatically started growing like weeds while becoming full and curly. Make sure you use it twice daily if you truly want to see results quickly.

  • Makenna

This product worked really good at first!! I used it twice a day and it really worked. I noticed my lashes got longer and thicker but no change in volume.

  • Paisley

I had to stop my previous brand when I became pregnant. That was because it contained a form of prostaglandin analog that is dangerous for pregnant and lactating mothers. Unlike others, I didn't feel any irritation using my previous brand. But wanted to be on the safer side. This product is a miracle worker! I have been on the lookout for a serum with hexapeptide-16 for a long time now. So glad I found Nourishlash. People are always stopping me and asking if my lashes were real.

  • Andrea

My sense of beauty has doubled now. I would love to look in the mirror. I think everyone should try it!

  • Lauren

Amazing Within a short time of using this serum… this miracle actually… my eyelashes started to grow …differently…

  • Allison

It's great! After trying several products and wasting my time, why did I get to know this product so late? But I'd rather go with 4 stars

  • Abby

What A Serum I did not expect such a result, because I thought quality was just at a cost…This serum is brilliant.