Skinceuticals is a professional skincare brand based in USA manufacturing high quality products such as anti-aging and antioxidant serums, day and night creams, and even sun screens. SkinCeuticals is always backed by science, using the latest technology to tackle your skincare concerns no matter your skin type, age, or gender. With an extensive range of multipurpose products boosted with antioxidants and vitamins, SkinCeuticals really does have something for everyone. SkinCeuticals products are designed to truly protect the integrity of the skin, as opposed to just improving its cosmetic beauty on a temporary basis.

SkinCeuticals products contain a mix of botanical extracts as well as commonly used skincare ingredients such as retinol, the gold standard for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid, which can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water. The products are tested by dermatologists and are cruelty-free.

Feel free to read unbiased reviews related to Skinceuticals' products to truly realize the top tier quality this line of product has to offer. 

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SkinCeuticals Night Serum

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SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0

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SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Serums

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Skinceuticals Facial Toner

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Skinceuticals Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter

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SkinCeuticals Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • P90

did not see any difference

did not see any difference in using this product and it's been over a 3week now. For the price I would of expected a little more help with fine lines. 

  • Fareen

This product is definitely not for me.

OMG I had such a bad reaction to this product.I was shocked when I woke up in the morning to my face looking 20 years older! This product is definitely not for me.

  • Natasha

Not much to say

I saw no difference after using the whole bottle, I had use cheaper products that give better results.

  • Gilda

I like the way it feels...

 It is expensive and it made absolutely no difference in my skin. The only reason I gave it 2 Stars is because I like the way it feels on my skin, not greasy or oily.

  • Karina

I haven't seen anything different in my skin.

After received it without any original box and no expiration date, so far I haven't seen anything different in my skin.

  • Sofia Car

Did not work.

This was recommended to me by my aesthetician and it is terrible. My skin dried. 

  • Castino 111


I really have no quarrel with the product, actually I like it a lot. Goes on smoothly and absorbs after a few minutes. but is expensive

  • sandy farber

Not what it should be!

Wish I would have read more reviews on the site! Yep, I’m sure this product is fake. Different color and smells bad.

  • Debra s. Batterson

Not so great

Been using for six weeks and see very little difference

  • Diana Osullivan

This product is the best you will see and feel the difference right away in your skin improvement. Skin Ceuticals products are the best.

  • Tara Aman

Amazing product. Moisturizing and smells great.

  • tanya

Doesn't work

I used a product after seeing no results from this product. with the other product I saw immediate results.

  • Randi Realson

Five Stars

good stuff

  • Nicky

Do not buy!!

I would give 0 stars if could.product box came destroy with top fold in ripped off.No seal, no cellophane,tag said “new item” on top of an old tag. Sending back. Don’t know what it is, but not product.

  • Dan Tyler


I originally purchased the product in Aug of 2017. I noticed that the product was fake. Now I don't see my 2017 review anymore and more people were scammed. Buyers be aware.

  • Diana Osullivan

This product is the best you will see and feel the difference right away in your skin improvement. Skin Ceuticals products are the best.

  • sandy farber

Not what it should be!

Wish I would have read more reviews on the site! Yep, I’m sure this product is fake. Different color and smells bad.
Do not buy from this seller.

  • Thaliton


I have used this product for over a year now and absolute live it BUT, I’ve purchased from this vendor and it just doesn’t seem right: the color is off, the smell is different and (for the first time), it was sent from China. I seriously doubt it’s genuine

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  • Jay

Great for sensitive skin, not harsh at all.


  • Sueky

Best toner I have tried

Takes off all the last bits of my make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and clear. Doesnt ever feel stripped after this


  • Sarine

Toners are the best to refresh and whiten your face. I always use the skin ceuticals. Its a good value and it last with you two months if your heavy user. But I’m going to try the Kiehl’s rare earth pore refining tonic as I’m hearing so many positive reviews about it


  • Tabitha

I truly love this toner it gets off the excess residue after washing my face and it’s a good value hope they update the container


  • michi

Pretty Good

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner seems to me from just a few uses so far, to be a purifying/clarifying toner for me, making my combination/sensitive skin a bit reddened and dry. However, it is also cold winter here so it may be more soothing and appropriate for me in the hot summer. It is seeming to help clear up a family member's acne though.


  • LovelySkin Customer

Great toner

I have really reactive skin and this toner really helps slough off the residual residue that’s stuck to my skin after I wash without drying my skin. I love it!


  • Shell


This toner has been the missing step in my skin care regimen. It cleans off any residue and dead skin cells. It’s not like other Astringent toners I have used. Besides cleaning, this toner conditions and hydrates. Awesome product.


  • tetemik

Nothing special about this toner. I love SkinCeuticals, and I'm really disappointed. It dried out my skin even though I used it only once a day


  • Vivianlr40

Gentle on skin

The other SC toner I was using would sting a bit. So I tried this one and I like it better. Not so harsh. I use Retin-a so sometimes my skin is a bit irritated in spots. This feels comfortable and mild.


  • tiger21

This whole line is disappointing. This made me breakout after every time I used it. I researched the ingredients and there are a number of pore-clogging ingredients in hight amounts! I still have a full tube of this stuff sitting under my bathroom sink where it'll stay unless someone wants it! Waste of money, just like most of the Skinceuticals line...

  • deZire

Hi Ladies, actually Skinceuticals 01. retinol is not the mildest OTC retinol, it is actually the strongest retinol you can purchase without prescription. I would advice that you ladies start with Green Cream 3, than 6, than 9 than skinceutical 1 retinol. I actually love them all. and retinol will irritate your skin really bad if you not use to it. I can put skinceuticals 1 on my face but not on my neck, I have to use green cream 6. I think you ladies will be very pleased with Green Cream 3 or 6 if you are interested in a milder retinol. You have to start slow with any retinol.

  • larissamathews

I wanted so much to love this product. The price was reasonable and the packaging was great. However this made my skin so dry. I tried alternating every other night and even every three nights, but after months of use and many moisturizers I just couldn't get my skin to adjust to this product. It probably would work wonders on someone with skin that could handle it, but on me the drying and flaking actually made me look a bit older.

  • draisy

I wish this product worked for me. My Derm recommended it for the fine lines I'm starting to notice around my eye. I've been using it for 9 weeks and it has made the fine lines MUCH worse. I am not using it any longer and I pray my skin returns to what it was before I messed around.

  • mcrouse

This is my first Retinol experience and I am happy with the results. I use it only two nights out of the week and follow with a moisturizing cream.

  • jewelsmd

Wanted to love the Skinceuticals line but it doesn't seem to work for me and I don't consider myself to be one who has sensitive skin. This product continuously broke me out even after giving enough time to go through the initial breakout 2-3 week period when using retinoids. Definitely will not repurchase!!

  • snowkat

I have been a Skinceuticals customer and fan for several years. Unfortunately, their inclusion of methylsothiazolinone in this product is negligent. Methylsothiazolinone is a biocide and neurotoxin. It is mainly found in drugstore shampoos and a few salon brands. I won't even buy a shampoo that contains it, and shampoos at least rinse out. I don't understand why a high end skincare brand would use this in a skincare product. Why not use oil of oregano, or colloidal silver, or something else that is not a neurotoxin? Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that Skinceuticals would include this ingredient in one of their high end products, and I purchased and used it and now must throw it out, which is the equivalent of throwing away a lot of money, but I'd rather throw away money than use a neurotoxin on my face. Fortunately, SkinMedica offers a great alternative, and I am now using that.

  • ellen1159

Good penetrating retinol cream, did not irritate my mature, dry skin. Good value.

  • sugarcookielady

This little tube is a great investment. My dad actually got from his dermatologist to fade sunspots, but he hated using it and passed it to me. It is quite strong and a pea sized amount is sufficient for my entire face. Expect a peel a few days after you use it for the first few times. I use once a week. Always wear a good sunblock.

  • annamay

I really like this product and I am seeing visible results. However, my skin is becoming so sensitized by it that I've got to limit its usage to just two nights a week. The odd thing is that this product doesn't irritate my skin but anything I place on top of it stings like mad. Even the next day, my usual innocuous serum and sunscreen burn my face. So even though I think it's effective, I cannot use this nightly and am switching to Aveeno to calm my skin down. After my skin has normalized, I'll try it again. I most likely will not repurchase.

  • thiebautrenata

I used only one and changed to Timeless brand, which is similar but cheaper. I didn't see any results, so I abandoned Skinceuticals after I finished all the products I had.

  • AngelicMaris

Broke me out like a mofo


  • MakeupAlison

I have tried other C serums but nothing even comes close. I was in the middle of trying another brand last month when I got hit with a HUGE hormonal breakout on my chin, and the marks I was left with afterward were pretty hefty. So I decided it was time to spend the money and return to the holy grail of C serums! Within the first few days of use I saw my angry, red, swollen spots flatten, smooth, and begin fading. I'm 36 with pretty young skin for my age, so after this breakout I am done trying to bargain shop C serums. It IS tacky though, so I would say maybe use it twice a day if you have marks or scars you really want to get rid of, then switch to just at night for maintenance. It'll save money and your makeup will go on easier. Yes, it is expensive, but it is cheaper than a laser!

  • Laoise27

I saw no results from using this at all, its a total waste of money imo.


  • stessoscully

This is my second bottle and this product really works. It can cause break outs in acne prone skin beware but it really lessens wrinkles. I have wrinkles on my forehead and now they are barely visible. It is pricey but it goes more than 6 months.

  • annaco

I’ve tried every vitamin C product out there but I’ve come back to this one because it is simply the best. I used it during last summer (under a 50 spf) and no sunspots occurred on my face. Pricey, but it is an investment for beautiful skin.

  • SJMarium

I have dry skin, never had an acne problem, not even in my teens. This product caused deep painful acne. I really wanted this product to work, so I continued using for 2 months, hoping my skin would settle but it didn't. It did improve the texture of my skin though. My skin started clearing up once i stopped using. I guess I'm in the 1% whose skin reacted poorly to this otherwise great product.

  • hippodeem

i have tried 5 bottles of these expensive serum and zero difference. the smell and texture aren't great either. not for me. i was hoping for the wow factor given the price.

  • dk2011

When I was in my 30s, an esthetician introduced me to Skinceuticals (or it may have been Cellex-C back then - I believe there were 2 partners who eventually split, but had similar Vit. C products). I used the Vit. C serum religiously for a number of years and was amazed to see fines lines literally fade and disappear. Now with dryer skin, I'm using the C & E Ferulic and it still helps keep my skin looking almost 10 years younger. Some don't care or the smell, but it dissipates quickly and after 5-10 minutes I add a moisturizer, so it's not an issue. I've read where this product is not best for those with oily skin, and some of the reviewers / younger women complaining of breakouts might want to try the Serum 10 AOX+ instead.

  • shinejunkiemonkee

I got a good-sized sample of this in a skin care set. I used it up but didn't see any changes in my skin. Perhaps I would have with continued use, but I'm not prepared to shell out the big bucks ($166!) for a bottle to test that premise. This is a watery (as opposed to siliconey) serum that spreads well and is non-sticky. I have fairly sensitive skin, but I found it to be non-irritating. It's fragrance free but has the same vaguely meaty smell all vitamin C serums have. The sample I received came in a miniature version of the normal packaging--a brown glass dropper bottle. All of this is well and good. I just wish I could say I saw results.