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When you hear the phrase "probiotic," you might think of yogurt, but the microorganisms can be utilized for more than just keeping your gut healthy. While treating patients, a board-certified gastroenterologist and health and wellness expert, saw their potential. The patients’ skin was more soothed and clearer. It can be said that the patients were feeling better.

These positive outcomes from patients prompted a skincare line based on probiotic extracts and superfoods, Tula Skincare is the new name for it. Tula is a Sanskrit word which means “balance”; to reflect how probiotics promote both internal health and glowing skin.

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It is based in New York.
You can buy the products from Tula.com or Amazon.com.
Definitely yes. Tula only uses potent, effective and clean ingredients in its products in order to improve the health of the users’ skin.
Yes, the Tula business is legal.
Their approach to clean and safe formulation is straightforward: they base their decisions on research and clinical trials to identify which components to include and exclude from their products. They do not use substances that have been clinically proven to be poisonous, carcinogenic, severe allergens, or irritants that can harm your skin's health. Their approach is science-based and completely transparent: on TULA.com, you can search by ingredient preferences and always view the full ingredient list on each product page.
Based on the feedback online, we can be sure that Tula is reliable and real.


  • PROS
  • wide range of cruelty-free, non-toxic, and all-natural skincare products are available

  • Developed by a physician with 15 years of experience researching probiotics

  • Third-party labs evaluated the product for safety, potency, and effectiveness

  •  A customer-adjustable auto-delivery option that offers a discount.

  •  Options for after-pay are available

  • Various other discounts are available

  • Free returns, even for items that have been opened

  • CONS
  •  There is no international shipping available

  • Certain goods have produced irritations in some clients with sensitive skin



Remy Sharp
MelodySat Mar 12 2022
MelodySat Mar 12 2022
It really cleared up my skin and left it feeling amazing. I went through so many products until I found this, it's definitely worth the try.
Remy Sharp
samSat Mar 12 2022
samSat Mar 12 2022
I have tried to give this company so many chances. I ordered two years ago and after returning an item, they take forever to give the money back once its received and at times they don't even process it in the system. I have recently placed three orders and returned them all after I found that 1) did not work with my skin and 2)can't use during pregnancy. I returned two ordered in once shipment to save on shipping which, I HAD TO PAY FOR, although I tried to cancel them before any of them shipped. One order I didn't even get a shipping confirmation email. I got a refund notification for one of them and not the other. I called customer service and after speaking to a supervisor she says she doesn't see that the order was returned but since the tracking says delivered she will refund. But fails to check the weight of the package which was clearly heavy. I will no longer try this company not worth all the hassle. Now I have to wait another week for my money. Its been close to four.



Probiotics are a major game-changer in the world of skincare. Probiotics have been clinically proven to restore skin balance, soothe skin to reduce the appearance of skin irritation, and nourish skin to improve moisture. Adding probiotics to your regimen—either physically with cosmetics or internally with supplements—ideally both!—will likely improve your complexion. And the Tula products can help you along this way to have a brighter, softer and more radiant skin.

Tula Company/ Effective Skincare

The Tula Company seeks to make goods which allow you to embrace and feel at ease in your own skin. Clinically proven skincare actives, superfoods, and probiotic extracts are included in each of their items to create formulae that are both healthy and effective for skincare products. All of the formulations are clean, effective, and contain good-for-you components that boost skin health. The company emphasizes on being healthy rather than 'perfect,' and believes that there is nothing 'negative' about becoming older.

What Do Tula Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

Tula Skincare claims to be clean, nourishing, and balanced, but does it really offer what it promises? This Tula Skincare review will now look at consumer reviews from the company's website, Ulta Beauty, and Dermstore, to see what they have to say about the products.

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is rated 4.8/5 stars on Tula Skincare's website, with over 2900 reviews. Customers praised the product's two-in-one functionality as well as its rejuvenating properties.

Customers praised the smoothing and blemish-fighting effects of the Face Filter Blurring & Moisturizing Primer, which received 4.6/5 stars from 3,394 reviews on ulta.com.

Tula Before and After

There are numerous reviews and feedback online where you can see for yourself how much the customers love and enjoy using the Tula products. Customers of all skin types said the product lived up to its claims of cooling and brightening skin, and that it was effective for both daily and occasional use.

Tula Product Company

The Tula Company has collaborated with seasoned bioscience labs to ensure that their customers receive clean, clinically effective ingredient-driven skincare. When it comes to acquiring their ingredients, they are quite picky, and they only work with manufacturing partners who have strict quality standards and a high degree of competence in this industry.

Best Tula Products

24/7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream

Aside from being Tula's best-selling product, this non-greasy, lightweight moisturizer gives dull, dry skin a much-needed boost of hydration.


Brightening Treatment Drops Triple Vitamin C Serum

This serum helps to enhance the appearance of dull skin, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation while also protecting against environmental damage, thanks to a 10% triple vitamin C complex.


Cult Classic Purifying Cleanser

It gently removes makeup, debris, and residue with just a dime-sized amount, without leaving skin dry, irritated, or dehydrated.


Filter primer

They are sheer complexion-boosting pigments that work to prime, blur, and even out skin tone, and they are lightweight and buildable. It will leave a stunning glowy, radiant finish that can be applied alone or under makeup for fast effects.


Rose Glow & Get It Cooling % Brightening Eye Balm

It is an instant pick-me-up that brightens the under eye while giving hydration and a lovely glow thanks to its pink rose color. There will be a cooling and moisturizing sensation.

Best Facial Toner


Tula Customer Service

If you need to contact the company or need help, here are two ways you can talk to the company:

You can email to [email protected]

You can call them at 844-545-1236

Tula Return Policy

The Tula group is confident in their products and want you to enjoy them as much as they do. That is why they have a return policy that is both flexible and free.

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, they will gladly accept your return and give a refund within 60 calendar days of the order date.

Gift cards and free gifts are not eligible for refunds.