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Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner

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Elemis Collagen Serum

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Elemis Reviews

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  • Amber

I have used this twice daily now for a week and really am enjoying it. I like the smell. And I also enjoy that this really does clean the face well before applying moisturizer. I would definitely consider buying again.


  • Rawan

I love this toner!! I once tried a product that immediately brunt my skin & when I sprayed this it IMMEDIATELY cooled my skin down, it’s cooling, hydrating & has a perfect spritz!! It smells so good as well I melt every time.


  • leah

Lovely toner...does the job its supposed too. I spray it onto cotton pads instead of onto my face as I am not keen on the smell...its quite over powering. But iv tried other toners and this one isnt harsh on the skin at all! I found others such as the clinique toner to be very stronge and drying on the skin...but this one doesnt do this...if anything it's very soothing!


  • Karah

I have been using this for about 6 or 7 months now and while I really enjoyed it I haven't noticed a difference in my skin since I've stopped using it. I think it's good but for that price point I think there's better. I received this from influnster to test for free but I don't think I will be purchasing it on my own.


  • Stephanie

This is a great super gentle facial toner for after you cleanse the skin. It smells amazing kindly reminds me of chamomile tea.. and isn’t harsh at all. It removes any left over traces of anything, even dead skin left over on my skin. I think it sets the skin well for my moisturizer. It also helps calm down any redness or blotchy areas I get on my chin and cheeks.


  • Lauren

I'm a bit disappointed in this. I had high hopes as all the elemis products I tried have been amazing! but this leaves my face with a sticky feeling I can't stand! also it's tough to even spray without holding my breath because the fragrance is so SO STRONG and not a pleasant smell it smells like "old lady perfume" in my opinion! there are much better toners for this price


  • bj

Last November Elemis had a sample size deal that was absolutely A-mazing! Received a small travel size of the Apricot toner. Used it sparingly on a trip last December. Was amazed at the subtle simple differences it made in my skin. So, when the Leap Year Every4Years opportunity presented itself, I bought a full size bottle. Received it last week and have been using it everyday ever since. Anytime Elemis has a "Tryme" deal, jump on the deal. It is a great way to try new products. Would not have found this great toner otherwise. Really happy with the results!


  • Emmye

Love this toner. It's gentle and smells great! It is expensive, however it lasts awhile and it's not harsh on my skin which is important. I prefer this over other brands.