What Are the Main Ingredients in Neutrogena Products?

Silicones, emollients, and humectants are the main ingredients used in Neutrogena. Silicones improve moisture retention, Emollients make the skin feel soft and smooth, and Humectants help keep skin moisturized.  


Where to Buy Neutrogena Products?

Neutrogena products are available on the brand’s official website and third-party online retailers, such as Amazon, and Walmart.

Pros and Cons of Neutrogena products 

Compared to other skincare products available on the market, Neutrogena skincare products have advantages and disadvantages. Here, there is a list of pros and cons related to Neutrogena products. 


    •    Products include silicones, emollients, and humectants
    •    There are positive customer reviews on the products 
    •    The price of products is affordable 

Cons :

    •    Some products include low concentrations of main ingredients
    •    Many products include synthetic fragrance ingredients
    •    Some products are not paraben-free 
    •    They might cause allergic reactions 

Overall Rating :

Neutrogena Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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Neutrogena Face Moisturizer

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Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

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Neutrogena Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Betty

Don't like the fragrance

I give it a one because it is not what described it has a fragrance and doesn't get my face clean and my dry areas became red.

  • Patricia

Not as gentle as advertised

Could be good for some, but didn’t work well for me. So this ended up just irritating my skin and breaking me out. But if you don’t have any sensitivities to fragrance I think work for you!!

  • Morris

I have very dry,acne-prone skin

I have very dry,acne-prone skin that is very sensitive because of the use of topicals. I was looking for a non-comedogenic cleanser that wouldn't dry my skin out further. It removes makeup a lot better than other products, but does little for my dry skin. Overall satisfactory for the price, especially for those with fragrance sensitivities.

  • Delia Gh7

Not good

Tried this face wash, and right away I noticed it has somewhat of a strong scent. I would think for it to be for sensitive skin, that it would at least be fragrance free. After washing my face with it, my skin felt extremely tight, and I was literally running for face cream. I ended up giving it to my daughter to use since I didn't want to waste the money. It has not helped with her acne. I will be searching for something else for my sensitive face, and my daughter doesn't care for this face wash either. Disappointed.

  • Mari

Don't like the fragrance either

Made my skin burn, red, and irritated. Don't like the fragrance either. Cleansers for sensitive skin should be fragrance free. Can't use this product. Very drying as well.

  • Nadine Hunt


I give it a one because it is not what described it has a fragrance and doesn't get my face clean and my dry areas became red.

  • Alejandra C

Me encanta

La compré en oferta, pero es muy buena crema, sin duda la compro al precio que sea

  • Pamela7

My favorite face wash

I always have acne breakouts I need to wash my face twice today. This gets the job done without drying out my skin. And I love the scent !! I wish it had more texture but overall I love this product !

  • Beep Beep I’m a Sheep

It’s good

Edit: So I started watching Hyram on youtube (skincare expert) and he is really against fragrance as it is bad in the long run. And I noticed that this is a light serum, personally, it's not good for dry skin but good for my oily days (I have combo skin). I don't think it's so bad to stop using it but I won't repurchase. I'll probably use it for my body as that skin is less sensitive. ALSO I just lost the cap. so yeah. :)

  • Sharon

I combine this with my daily spf and it goes on smooth and helps my skin feel more moist and plush! This is my second jar and I'd buy it again.

  • Emily

Not for sensitive skin

Nope! This is not for sensitive skin! I love the scent for their body lotion, but for their face serum? No, they should have definitely made this unscented. I was really looking forward to trying this and really hopeful that it would work. I was previously using another hyaluronic serum and ran out so I tried this. After a couple days of using this, my skin had a negative reaction. Likely because of the scent. It’s not as liquidy as my other hyaluronic serum either. This is more like a gel/cream. Not returning it because it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but giving it to someone else who may like it because it doesn’t work for me at all.

  • CassieNik

Not what I expected

I wanted to love this product, but between the very strong fragrance and the fact that my face is more dry now than before... I just don't. It does have a nice texture when applied, but overall I'm disappointed.

  • E. Chambers

Sensitive skin, beware!

Opened it up, it smelled great! But broke me out in a huge rash.

  • Brittany

Best serum for 20s-30s

I was hesitant about serums in general because I was afraid it would make my skin too oily. This was the perfect first product for me! I'm not quite old enough for retinol yet, so I wanted something with hyaluronic acid. Not only does this stuff moisturize the bejesus out of my face, it has almost completely eliminated my forehead wrinkles and has definitely prevented new ones from appearing. I like to use 2-3 pumps on a big duofiber brush and paint it on. I use a Jade roller to evenly distribute and let it sit for a few minutes before applying moisturizer, which frankly some days I don't feel like I even need. I don't know for sure yet but at this rate I think I'll get at least 6 months out of this one bottle. I plan to buy it again and will continue to!

  • petunia

my complaint is that I don't like how they feel or smell

I've tried a lot of serums. Usually, my complaint is that I don't like how they feel or smell. They all seem to perform the same, so this one makes the cut based on the two characters that I mentioned.

  • k9882

Low active ingredient

The active ingredient is so far down the ingredient list its barely in there. You can get a more pure and organic version for less $$

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  • Maria

Burning reaction??

I chose this because it was recommended by dermatologists online, and because I have always appreciated the quality of the company’s products. But I’m not sure what went wrong here. It could have been an allergic reaction, I’m not sure. But I only had it applied to half of my face before it started burning and stinging like crazy. It felt like a chemical burn. It was only after several washes and rinses that my skin became to calm down.
I’m giving it a 3 star because it could have just been my fair, sensitive skin. Amazon was great with the immediate refund. I just won’t be trying this again.

  • Tay Bender

Just Okay...

I really like neutrogena products such as their clear face bar thing and their cleanser/face mask but....I bought this because it said it was oil free. while it may be oil free (i'm not sure because I'm not an expert), it was very greasy upon application. My face got red in spots and kind of tingled, possibly had a mild reaction to the lotion. it was not unbearable, so I kept using it every morning and night for about a week. When I used this in the morning, by the afternoon my skin produced so much oil, i could wipe my face and the oil would slide down my fingers. When I used it at night before bed, I would wake up and my skin was very soft. I just don't like that it is greasy when I apply the moisture to my face. It has sort of a sunscreen feel when I'm rubbing it into my skin. I just don't think my skin has a glow like I get with other moisturizers. I'll probably keep this moisturizer if I need it in a pinch. But it'll be my last resort. I don't like that it says its oil free and then it feels very oily going onto my skin. I was expecting it to be a cream/serum like consistency that absorbed into skin quickly.

  • flightguy

Great for guys too!

I wish I found this earlier. I've been using the "other brand" (oil of olay) daily moisturizer for years. The Neutrogena moisturizer doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or oily. Had I not been so stubborn, I would have tried this earlier. I prefer the 15 SPF daily moisturizer found on Amazon vs the 30 SPF found locally. That being said, I doubt anyone will be disappointed if they give this a try.

  • Tweeds


WHY do they 'improve' a great product? Do you know how many times a product I have been using is changed - and they say it is 'improved'?

I used the old formula of this for years and loved it. I have Rosacea, so I can't wear a lot of lotions and suncreens but could wear this lotion. Not anymore . . .

The new formula burns my face and if I wear it anywhere around the eyes, they sting (not so on the older product). It's not a rich as the previous version either.

The scent is fine - but I prefer no scent at all. Doesn't really matter - because I can NOT wear this lotion. Now I have to try and find something similar to the old product - not fun.

  • lavender lady

Allergic reaction from possibly a change of formula?

I've been using this product for many years, and loved this product. However the most recent purchase causes red rash on my chin with mild warm sensation. I noticed the distributor has changed, but does that mean the formula also changed? In any case, I'll probably not going to buy this again.

  • *Pearl

 A huge time saver in the morning! Love this!

Love it!! In the morning, I am in a rush. I wake up at 6 and gotta leave the house by 7 to make it to work by 9. Every second counts. I love how this is a pump. I don't have to waste time unscrewing caps, tipping bottles upside down, etc. I also love how this moisturizer just glides on. Half a pump is enough to moisturize my entire face and it's not greasy at all. I can apply makeup to my face immediately.

  • Avs K

 My savior!
This is my go-to moisturiser since I have combination-sensitive skin.
The product is fragrance-free and does not cause break-outs.
It does sting a bit and my eyes water for a minute when I apply it..but I don't feel it later.
My skin feels so relaxed and calm after using this.

  • Dorothy McGarven

 Great moisturiser for acne prone skin.
This cream is wonderful for acne prone, sensitive skin. Some oil free moisturisers leave the skin feeling rubbery but this goes on easily and works well and is obviously not greasy. The cream is also in a decent size bottle. Don't get me wrong, it's not huge but it certainly lasts a lot longer than some other products I've used.

  • A. Costello

 Bog standard mosturizer
Pretty standard, love the fact that it has no fragrance. Slightly tacky on touch and doesn't dry all that mat to be honest. I put this on my cheeks before applying tretinoin so this is the only time l use it. Not bad pretty standard stuff.

  • Alice Piper

 Good balance
I have the type of skin which is fine in some areas and dry in others , so for me I needed a moisteriser that would help the dry bits and not clog the okay parts. Most moisturisers caused me breakouts. So far this one has been good,
It is light on the skin and feels well absorbed yet still hydrated. For the price it is also a good steal! Fingers crossed no breakouts occur