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overall rating : 6


overall rating : 6

We all use a lot of skin care products in order to make our skin feel better, healthier, softer, and smoother. A lot of these skin care products that we use have been made with ingredients and formulations and through production processes that have made them hard and rough on our skin’s health. They might feel good and soft at first, but using them repeatedly might lead to some unhealthy and unwanted results for your skin and your overall health. For example, a lot of beauty and skin care brands use a lot of harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and a lot of other ingredients, and although they might give you an illusion of working and being effective, ultimately, they are doing nothing but harm to your skin. 

We need to look out for all of these points, and we need to try to find a brand that uses healthy and natural ingredients, but also a brand that uses healthy and modern formulations and designs, and one that uses the healthiest ways to formulate, design, and create their skin care products. Tatcha reviews show that users are happy with this brand. It is known among customers as one of the healthiest and best skin care brands on the market.

Take a look at all the brands that exist in the skin care and beauty market, and then take all these points into account. The only brand that fits perfectly into these descriptions is Tatcha, with its philosophy of kindness and its products that are deeply nutritious, and the use of superfoods and Japanese botanicals, and the best designs and most innovative scientists. This brand is known among many customers to be the best and healthiest skin brand in the world. They have created a primer called Tatcha the Silk Canvas that is the perfect primer anyone could ever want. It is the best foundation for any makeup, and it is rated as the best face primer in a lot of Tatcha reviews. Tatcha reviews show that users are happy with this brand.

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Tatcha is located in the United States of America.
You can buy all Tatcha products on their own efficient website at www.Tatcha.com/ from anywhere in the world. Or you can purchase the products at Amazon.com.
Yes, Tatcha is an amazing and experienced brand that produces the highest quality of beauty and skin care products.
Yes, Tatcha is an absolutely legitimate company, and it has a headquarters based in San Francisco, USA.
Yes, all Tatcha products have been tested by experienced dermatologists and beauty experts in highly innovative laboratories and are clinically proven to be safe.
Yes, Tatcha is a recognized and famous brand with a great number of followers and users all around the globe.


  • PROS
  • It is completely cruelty-free and does not test on any animals in the production process.

  • All products are formulated without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, and phthalates.

  • Suitable products for all skin types

  • Healthy and natural products that are of great quality

  • The company has international hassle-free returns

  • All Tatcha products are suitable for any type of skin

  • The products do not cause any skin discomfort and they are completely safe and healthy for the skin

  • Using of superfoods and highly nutritious ingredients in their products

  • Beautiful packaging designs

  • Great customer service

  • Tatcha company is very respectful toward their customers

  • The “Afterpay” option to pay for your purchase in installments

  • CONS
  • Some of Tatcha's products might not be available in some countries

Remy Sharp
Amy PMon Mar 07 2022
Amy PMon Mar 07 2022
I have an entire line of Tatcha products that I have been using for a little over a year. I have been pleased until I purchased a special edition of the lip moisturizer that I typically use. I left an honest, fair, and lower review on the product. Tatcha emailed me and stated that if I was unhappy I could return/exchange it. I thought that was really nice and I was going to edit it into my review. It's not there. Just all of the five-star reviews. I feel very uncomfortable with the company now, have found out that they are owned by Unilever, and am so disappointed in myself for not researching this further before investing.
Remy Sharp
Cadence KicklighterMon Mar 07 2022
Cadence KicklighterMon Mar 07 2022
I got the tatcha starter ritual, and my face got worse from the first day I started using it.. it helped my dry skin but that’s it.



From the lovely packaging to the feel-good application technique and the sumptuous ingredients inside, Tatcha's cruelty-free and incredibly high-quality products are the be-all and end-all of indulgent skincare. They're the ideal complement to your daily routine. The brand is based on traditional Japanese beauty secrets that have been passed down through the generations. Less is more, which is a fantastic way to start a brand! Tatcha's collection, which is inspired by ancient Japanese beauty procedures, has earned it international praise. The brand has a wide range of skincare products, including cleansers, masks, essences, and more. Tatcha reviews are so positive and encouraging. Tatcha reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

Tatcha Company

Tatcha is a highly professional and respectable skin care brand that is rooted deep in the beautiful Japanese culture and their highly nutritious diet. It uses the most natural and healthy raw ingredients, and by using the latest technologies in the world, the most innovative scientists, and the best production processes, Tatcha creates some of the best and healthiest skin care products that the market has ever seen, and the customers and users have felt a level of comfort, health, and love on their skin that they have never experienced before. Tatcha reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy. They have a Violet-C Radiance Mask that stops the skin from aging fast and it makes your skin a lot more bright and smooth. It is one of the best skin masks based on a lot of Tatcha reviews. Tatcha reviews are mostly positive.

Tatcha Reviews

There are a lot of Tatcha reviews available on the internet, and they are written mostly by long-time users of the products. They show that the overall Tatcha experience is satisfactory and that the users love this brand and their products. They say that Tatcha products are effective and healthy. Reviews say that this brand is one of the best skin care brands on the market. What do Tatcha reviews reveal about the brand? A large number of Tatcha reviews show us that Tatcha products really work on the skin and make drastic improvements to different parts of it. They reduce the level of oil on the skin, unclog the pores, tighten them, and make the skin a lot softer and smoother. They also improve the overall feeling of the healthiness of the skin and make the skin look younger. Tatcha reviews are absolutely inspiring.

Tatcha Before and After

Long-time users of Tatcha products have reported that after using Tatcha products for some time, they have seen amazing improvements in their skin’s appearance and  health. They have experienced that their skin feels softer and smoother, that the levels of moisture and hydration of their skin have increased, and that their skin feels younger and healthier. Tatcha reviews are great.

Tatcha Product Company

Tatcha uses amazing healthy Japanese botanicals and superfoods, they also use amino acids, and that makes their products super healthy and highly effective for the skin's health and its looks. Tatcha products go through careful clinical testing by experts and scientists in all stages of their production, and they are all proven to be healthy and highly effective for the skin. So, you can use the products knowing that they are all safe and healthy to use. Tatcha reviews speak for themselves. 

They are great for every type of skin and for every age, and a lot of reviews that are written by real customers tell us that Tatcha is one of the best skin care brands on the market. They have a  product called Tatcha the Deep Cleanse that is one of the best exfoliating cleansers on the market based on a lot of reviews. It deeply but gently exfoliates your skin, cleanses the pores on your skin, and makes the skin a lot softer and more hydrated. Tatcha reviews will amaze you.

The Best Tatcha Products

1. Tatcha the Silk Canvas primer

The Tatcha Face Primer is there to save your face makeup and stop it from looking cakey and uneven on your face. It is suitable for all types of skin, and it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, covers all the pores, and smooths the unevenness of your skin's texture. An added bonus is that you can use it on your lips and around your eyes too and prime them for a perfect look. It also has anti-aging and protective effects and makes your skin smooth, young, and ready for long-lasting makeup. About 95 percent of users have claimed a natural finish look and long lasting makeup using this Tatcha face primer and have named it as one of the best face primers on the beauty market.


2. Tatcha Violet-C Radiance Mask

The Tatcha Firming Mask will prevent your beautiful skin from aging early and prematurely; it contains two types of Vitamin C to make your skin brighter and smoother, and 10 percent mild fruit Alpha Hydroxy Acid to softly even your skin texture and make your skin more luminous. All reviews have mentioned that the Tatcha Radiance Mask has had an instant effect on their skin and truly is one of the best face masks on the market.


3. Tatcha the Deep Cleanse

The Tatcha deep cleanse gently and deeply cleans and exfoliates the skin. It makes the pores on the skin unclogged and it also makes them tighter, which leads to softer and more hydrated skin. It uses natural fruits and wild roses to reduce the levels of oil on the skin. It is known among the customers as one of the best skin cleansers on the market, and that is based on many of their reviews of Tatcha products.

Tatcha Customer Service

Tatcha has a very active customer service that is available for all of its users and also non-users to ask their questions and share their ideas and concerns about any topics related to Tatcha and skin care products. You can contact them at [email protected] and you will soon receive a response from their customer service, or you can easily use the “Chat” service available on their website.

Tatcha Return Policy

It is really important to Tatcha that you are completely satisfied with your Tatcha experience, and that is why they offer international returns, and you can be sure that you do not have to deal with any products that you are not satisfied with. So if you are not happy with any of your Tatcha products, you can easily return them to the company and you will get a full refund of the exact amount of your purchase price or a replacement of the product that you are not satisfied with.