What is Charlotte Tilbury Beauty?

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is a well-known skincare and cosmetics brand founded by Charlotte Tilbury MBE. As a successful make-up artist, Charlotte Tilbury has created cover looks for some of the world's most famous fashion magazines such as VOGUE.  She is also the ambassador of Women for Women International. Currently, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty offers a wide range of skincare and make-up products, including creams, serums, concealers, blushes, eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and lip-glosses. 

How to know the ingredients in the products?

It is important to know each product's ingredients to avoid allergic reactions. That is why customers can see the ingredients for each skincare or cosmetic product on the brand's official website before making an order. All products on the website of Charlotte Tilbury have a tab that indicates ingredients. 

Is Charlotte Tilbury cruelty-free?

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty is cruelty-free, and the brand has a commitment against animal testing. Charlotte Tilbury does not test its ingredients on animals; it also offers various vegan skincare and cosmetic products. Moreover, the brand has earned the Leaping Bunny certification approved by Cruelty Free International. 

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Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner

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Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

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Charlotte Tilbury Bronzer

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Charlotte Tilbury Blush Powder

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Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel

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Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

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Charlotte Tilbury Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Jaimie

Love the colors, but...

this lipstick just doesn't last. I put it on and the slightest touch on anything - napkin, finger, drinking glass and I feel like it's smudged everywhere. It's a really smooth formula and feels nice, but what's the point if it doesn't stay on?

  • H. Harris

Brilliant- as always from CT

Excellent purchase

  • Deidra Dazzling

Buy this!

Flawless! I’m in African-American female who wears a full face of make up maybe 3 to 4 times a week and this is my absolute go to for a flawless finish! It brightens under your eyes perfectly! I’m in my 40s but I look like I’m in my late 20s just FYI! Well worth the price for the 41

  • DoxieSoph92

I love this product!!

This brow gel in Perfect Brows is one of the top 2 brow gels I have ever used. I have super dark brows and this product just applies perfectly. It volumizes, controls, and lightly darkens those fine hairs and makes them come to life. I just love it!! It's the perfect product!!

  • AbbyAnan

Too dark!

I am a medium brown girl of Indian decent and this powder was way too dark for me. The colour down in medium is too light for me. Wish there was a colour in between.

  • Debbra Hastings

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  • antolin1


This powder is everything that I had wanted the Mac waterweight compact powder to be – I can’t believe it took me so long to try this! This lives up to the hype IMO. This is a beautiful lightweight and undetectable setting powder which is perfect for dry and/or aging skin. While it is fairly colorless (despite the shade one picks), its brightening yet undetectable, and leaves the skin luminous and healthy looking. I only use this in the morning to set my foundation, and I do not carry it with me (I rarely re-powder during the day), so I cannot comment on buildability, etc. What I can say is that it doesn’t fade out on me and surprisingly does keep my makeup set nicely throughout the day – hence no need for touchups. The packaging of this is elegant and beautiful. However, there’s not much product. 0.28 oz at $45.00 can be rough on the wallet. Even so, I find its well worth it!

  • MakeupForAll


I really wanted to like this product after all the positive reviews, however, I really have not liked it. It's really matte, but most of all, I don't find that it airbrushes my skin - it oxidizes and turns orange (I have color 2), and weirdest of all, it has a "olive green" tint to it when you first put it on. Definitely not worth the money. I've been so disappointed by CT face products.

  • bunnychow

HG powder. It's the one that my friends always ask if I have on me followed by, "Ohhhh, this is SO nice". It's light and looks invisible on the skin. Love the sleek compact.

  • StephanieWickwire


Everyone says its great for dry skin and won’t settle into fine lines under the eyes.. I found the opposite to be true. My skin felt so dehydrated after setting my makeup with it. Very uncomfortable feeling under my eyes and around my cheeks. It also oxidized quickly. I had such high hopes for this product.

  • felicityc


I thought loooong and hard before buying this powder! It was between this one and the Laura Mercier translucent powder, however the hype for the Charlotte Tilbury one won me over, plus the fact that her products are cruelty free whereas LM's aren't. My main reason to use powder is to set my under eye concealer, as I was desperate to find something (anything!!) that would stop the creasing of my concealer. I have very dark under eye circles so wear a fairly heavy amount of concealer, I can't really get away without it. The creasing is a huge bugbear of mine, as I don't actually have any wrinkles under or around my eyes, so when I get this cracking I feel it ages me a lot. So I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and bought the CT compact in the lightest colour 'Fair'. Here are my thoughts... Pros: - this powder is very finely milled, soft and smooth and does have the blurring effect that I read about from other reviews, which is quite flattering. - you only need a tiny amount on your brush to give a decent amount of coverage. - I've found that once I apply this in the morning first thing before heading off to work, it literally stays in place all day under eyes. I use a small amount to get rid of shine around forehead and nose - these areas sometimes need topping up towards the end of the day. - good for on-the-go application or packing into your makeup bag to travel with as the compact is really quite small and thin so doesn't take up much room. - cruelty free is also a huge pro. Cons: - Whilst I wouldn't say I've experienced this powder oxidising (as others have said in reviews), it isn't as colourless as I had imagined or hoped it would be. The sales assistant in the shop suggested I go for fair over the medium colour, as this would have a more brightening effect, and I'm glad I did. On me it has a yellow-ish colour to it, which isn't really what I wanted, however this might be the tones in my concealer or foundation showing through! - it is very mattifying on the skin, I wouldn't say it gives a dry appearance but I really wanted this to be brightening under the eye and more light reflective, whereas the overall appearance is quite dull (however the payoff is that it doesn't budge, as mentioned above!). - no surprises on this one as I read so many times, you really don't get much for your money. The compact is very light and the packaging is pretty, but it would be nice to have a bit more weight to it for the amount it costs. So overall, it is a good powder, but not the dream one that I had hoped it might be! I'm not convinced I would buy it again, so my quest might continue on finding the best one out there for me. I am on the search for a new concealer so maybe I'll find one that works in better harmony.

  • TBonita


Love as a matte setting powder for over 40 skin that needs matte-ening (sorry). For pores nice too — but I usually use mac powder+ OR It pores primer - makeup (whichever that day) - It pores powder on nose on a bad pore day. Under eye; forehead wonderful. I have shade 2 I’m nw20-30. But loose I have shade 1 which I kinda prefer under eye dusting. Btw. Use caution. This was my gateway drug into the MAGICAL (ha) world of Charlotte Tilbury DAHlings.

  • beddy


Pros , Silky smooth and extremely finely milled Sets undereyes beautifully Great for dry skin Mattifies but looks creamy Touch up friendly Packaging is gorgeous as with all things CT Cons, Price You will go through this fast because its not a lot ot product Doesnt control oil I wont be repurchasing because i go through these cery quickly. I found that i actually like the results of not setting my undereye now because i founda great eye crea and concealer combo. Magic Away with ole Henriksen Banana eye cream

  • Sayuri1

The best. HG followed by Hourgalss veil. But this one better and good for touch ups

  • virtualvixen


I agree with other reviewers that this is HG status. I have not found a smoother powder and I have tried a lot of high-end powders. This is my absolute favorite for setting concealer under my eyes with no crease or heaviness---pure magic! I have dropped two and broken them, so this is not a compact I would recommend putting in your purse, as it is a little fragile. It is pricey for the amount you get, but sadly, it is all that and I will continue to shell out the money for it. I really wish is that Charlotte would come out with additional shades. The darkest is too dark and medium is a little light for me. If there was a shade in-between, I would have my most perfect match. As it is, I do save money because I can only use under my eyes for a brightening effect at medium is a little light for full-face application. The formula is amazing.

  • parisblue

The first time I used it, I thought this is a forever product for me! I love it. The brush has micro bristles which enable you to fill your brow in with tiny strokes. No fake looking brows. It gives a very pigmented and natural brow that lasts all day. I was seriously looking into having my brows tattooed but Legendary Brows is working for me and my sparce brows, no tattoo needed! It's a bit pricey, but worth the investment.

  • julia178

I have very light brows, and anything too dark on my brows looks harsh and unnatural against my rather pale N/NW15 skintone. Bobbi Brown's Natural Brow Shaper in Blonde and Tom Ford’s Fiber Brow Gel in Blonde have been staples for me for years, CT’s product is similar, except for a much smaller applicator brush. - Great color match - Brigitte is a soft neutral greyish beige - The micro brush is wonderful at applying just enough product to naturally define brows - The formula is decent, not too wet, although sometimes too much is on the brush, requiring wiping off excess prior to application - Lasting power is good Only caveat if your mail objective is filling in brows: I find it hard to fill in brows with this formula in sparse areas, while it does a nice job at accentuating existing brow hairs, therefore I’m giving it four stars instead of five.

  • reddplanet

1) Way expensive 2) No redhead shade, which is becoming a seriously obnoxious trend 3) Contains castor oil--drying, cheap filler ingredient, super allergenic, and unnecessary. This is just taking up space in a product that costs a ridiculous amount of money, and would work just fine without it. Doesn't belong in any product that costs more than $2.

  • Roxlet

I have tried many brow products, but this is far and away my favorite. For me, it's all about the wand. I have dark hair and brows, so I bought the Cara. As I have gotten older, my brows have thinned, especially towards the tail. There is hair there, but it's very fine. I have tried the Benefit wand, but it was too gloppy, as was the Glossier one, which I do also like quite a bit. I have tried powder, gels and pencils, but nothing gives as natural a look as this wand. When it runs out, I just might try putting it in the Glossier tube.

  • Toddster63


Overused phrase, but this is honestly a HG product for me! One of the most amazing cosmetic products I have ever had the pleasure of using. I am light-medium beige, with white Nordic eyebrows that you can't see--at all. I don't wear any eye makeup, so if penciling in brow color I must have a very light hand, and they still often look too penciled in, or too smeary--it's hard to get right and it takes time and attention--and even the best of pencils never last all day. Then along came Legendary Brows! You simply swipe the super small brush over your brow hairs, and you can be quick and not pay the closest of attention, and the hairs just magically take up the gel. The gel is not attracted to skin much at all (which is why the application is so easy) though you can use the slight globs of the gel at the end of the brush like a direct paintbrush for thinner parts of your brows, particularly at the tail, and it will very lightly shade baby hairs and skin. For my very light brows I use "Bridgette", the lightest shade, and it adds just enough color to reverse my invisible brows, leaving them lightly shaded and noticable, but it does not add so much contrast that they are too dark and artificial looking for my pale complexion (unlike the majority of almost all other brow and eye products). Applying this product is almost automatic and foolproof for me, and takes maybe 2 minutes total. This product literally almost applies itself! And it keeps the brow hairs locked in place, and the color endures, for 12+ hours. Holy grail!

  • makeupchem

I really struggled to find a product for my brows before using Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows. I found any pencil, no matter how lightly I used it, made my brows look ridiculously bold, it looked scary and unnatural. I decided to pass on trying a pomade, I knew I was wasting time and money considering I found pencils too strong. My brows are fairly full as it is, but there are a few areas that aren't as full as others. I don't like not doing my brows as I find they almost kind of fade away once I've done the rest of my face. I was determined to find a product that complimented my brows. After trying out many other Charlotte Tilbury Products and loving them, I decided to buy her new legendary brows product. I am coming to the end of my tube now and I am loving it! I will 100% be putting this on my Christmas list this year. It is so natural looking, yet fills out my sparser areas so beautifully and really helps to define the natural shape of my brow without appearing too harsh or bold. This product gives you fuller looking brows, which really transform your look. I would not be without this product and I thoroughly recommend it. I was conscious of the price at first. However the product has lasted me a good 4 months. So I believe that makes the price easier to justify. I don't always agree that luxury products are automatically better than lower priced products, but in the case of Legendary Brows I have to say, you get what you pay for. Quality.

  • tabitha754

I LOVE THIS! I have dark brown hair and I own the shade 'super model'. everything about this product is great: the sleek packaging, the gel-like formula, the tiny wand which ensures a precise application (I don't enjoy mascara-like wands), the lasting power..it's perfect! I like my brows to look natural and slightly 'feathery', so i use a dark powder and an eyeliner brush to fill out any sparse areas and grad this afterwards to comb through my hairs, brush them up and keep them in place. ....I can even throw a bit of this on before i go to the gym and my brows look great when i come home! only downside: it's on the pricey side.

  • KateLausanne

I was hoping that this product would perform as on video ads. Means transform my patchy brows (I have a couple of scars) into uniform perfection. Unfortunately, that didn't happen at all. For the reference, my natural hair color is in between level 7 and 6. I was hesitant what shade to pick since Linda was looking too light and Supermodel too dark. Good, I went for the lighter one, Supermodel would be definitely too dramatic. The depth of the Linda shade is a tag too light for me and the color payoff is quite greenish. It makes my brows older looking. Like they are graying or something. The product doesn't work in sparse areas, it doesn't play well on the naked skin. I also don't like its heavy gloopy consistency and overall feel on the brows. I didn't overapply, but I don't like tinted brow gels in general. One star because it doesn't do what it advertised to do.

  • hexkitten

I have quite full brows, but I like to give them more color and a lot more length. Usually my routine is to draw on the ends with ABH Brow Wiz, then brush Glossier Boy Brow on top. Still adore those products, but CT Legendary Brows eliminates the need for me to pre-fill! This gel has a lot of pigment that is easy to control with the lovely tiny brush (that brush is a perfectionist’s dream), so much that I can brush the excess across hairless skin at the ends of my brows and have it actually adhere. The formula is thinner than a pomade but has great hold - less emollient than Boy Brow which means there is less filler in the CT. The “a little goes a long way” formula coupled with the tiny precision brush makes the price per ounce easier to swallow. A tube of this lasts me the same amount of time as Boy Brow, so please resuscitate yourself from the heart attack caused by realizing just low little product each tube has. I have both Perfect Brows and Super Model for my black Asian hair - one for Cara Delevigne days and the other for when I want volume without too much darkening.

  • M K.

It’s really nothing too special but it’s got a beautiful sheen.

I’d probably get the darker shade more since I am more on a light tan side. The consistency is just like any other high end blush to be honest. But if you like to get this it’s also not bad to add to your collection. Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic - Love Glow

  • Courtney K.

I really like this product.

Whenever I wear it, people always comment on my makeup. It gives me a certain glow that other products do not. My only complaint is that there is a lot of fall out, and it doesn't stay on for a long time. I do wonder if I need a better setting spray? If it would just stay on longer, it would be my holy grail.

  • Julie B.

I have the shade Love is the Drug and it’s perfection!  It looks bright in the pan, but as with so many of Charlotte’s products, it provides the most perfect wash of color.  Her formulas are some of the very best.  In fact, I have five shades of this Chic to Cheek blush and I use all of them! Highly recommend this product!

  • Daniela W.

I bought this in the shade “pillow talk intense” and I am obsessed with it’s beautiful color. I am a light-medium yellowish skin tone, so I found the original Pillow talk blush a little light for my skin tone and it’s perfect for winter time ( summer time I tend to go more for peach tones). This one is just perfect mauve tone that stays beautiful at skin, blends well and last pretty long.

  • Danielle S.

This product is fabulous.

Charlotte Tilbury is a genius with colors. Her pillow talk palette pulled me in and won me over. This drew me into other items in the brand including the blush. A little goes a long way. It applies very easily and blends nicely. This blush is definitely a fall/winter blush for me. The price tag isn’t cheap but the amount of product is more than generous. Charlotte is an artist and she makes my morning make up routine way more fun!

  • Criss C.

My new HG blush is this CT pillow talk.

 It took me a long time to debate whether if I need that. So many people recommended it and it kind of sounds like every one has had one Pillow Talk product. OK I finally got mine. Yes I like it. It's not that attractive at first glance since it's just vibrant color. It looks brownish, but it looks extremely well on yellow/warm tone matured skin. It looks elegant and subtle, but lasts quite long for the whole day. I use it almost everyday. Really good product! 

  • Mace L.

So I NEVER liked blush before only used highlighter.

 I ended up getting the CT pillow talk blush and it is amazing. It isn’t crazy dark when you first put it on but it is buildable if you would like to make it darker. If you’re not a blush person like me then if you wanna just test the waters I highly recommend this blush. I would never in my life ever buy any blush but this one I would buy over and over again!!! Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic - Love Glow

  • Tara B.

Tip: If you are looking at these in store, do NOT judge them by their swatches! I don't know why but they swatch so terribly! However, they apply beautifully. I do think she needs to expand her shade range, that that's where one star gets deducted for me, but I absolutely love the formula and most of the colors are very flattering!

  • Natasha G.

Charlotte Tilbury’s blushes are some of my favorites, and I definitely don’t use them as often as I should. I have a pretty big blush collection, and it’s easy for me to forget what I own if I don’t have it in front of me. Anyway, I love how natural these blushes look on me — I have Pillow Talk and Ecstasy. I rarely ever use them the way they were intended to be, which is by using the outer, larger ring as your main blush color and using the inner circle to either deepen your cheeks or to highlight (depending on which blush in the collection you own). Most blush brushes are too big to do that, so I just swirl both shades in the compact and use them as one color. Speaking of the compact, I find it very stylish and just the right size for keeping in a purse. It’s not as sturdy as I’d like considering the price of Tilbury products, but it’s not super weak and flimsy either. Overall, I recommend these for sure.

  • Rhonda J.

This review is for Charlotte Tilbury's cheek to chic blush in the popular, "Pillow Talk". It is a soft, peachy brown with soft, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. The center shade is a lighter, more shimmery peach, whereas the outer ring of color is a light-medium, rosy brown with a semi-matte to satin finish. It is most practical to use swirled together, though one can concentrate a bit more to the edge or more in the center to darken or lighten. The texture of both shades was the same: silky, smooth, and finely-milled without being powdery nor too firmly pressed in the pan. They applied evenly and blended out easily on my skin. The color stayed on well for eight and a half hours on me.
This review is for Charlotte Tilbury's cheek to chic blush in the popular, "Pillow Talk". It is a soft, peachy brown with soft, warm undertones and a luminous sheen. The center shade is a lighter, more shimmery peach, whereas the outer ring of color is a light-medium, rosy brown with a semi-matte to satin finish. It is most practical to use swirled together, though one can concentrate a bit more to the edge or more in the center to darken or lighten. The texture of both shades was the same: silky, smooth, and finely-milled without being powdery nor too firmly pressed in the pan. They applied evenly and blended out easily on my skin. The color stayed on well for eight and a half hours on me.

  • rp1017

I have been using this product for contouring since it was first released and it is perfect for my pale NW-10 coloring ..... what I appreciate is that it does not turn orange or look dirty .... I use the bronzer to make my cheekbones look sharper and it also blends nicely with my blushes (I only use Charlotte Tilbury blushes as they are my HG.) Unfortunately I do not use the highlighter portion, but still worth for me to purchase as the bronzer does make a wonderful contour.

  • Cmd2012

The bronze shade is really pretty on my very fair skin (I’m an NC10 in MAC and I’m between the 0 and 1 in Charlotte’s Magic Foundation - the 0 is better tone wise, but the 1 has a better undertone for me). It’s not too dark, does not pull at all orange, and looks very natural. The problem is the highlighter. It’s not workable on me. It’s just too dark and too gold and does not look natural. For this alone I probably wouldn’t repurchase because I can find equally nice bronzers without having to pay for a highlighter I can’t use (the Hourglass Bronze Light is very similar if anyone else is looking for something else that would work for fair skin). The Kevin Aucoin contour light is also really good for more of a contour instead of a bronzer.

  • evitara22

I SO wanted to love this after reading many, MANY positive reviews. However, I think this product is slightly overrated, especially since it is so freakin' pricey! On my NC25 skintone, the bronzer does not really show up, which means I have to layer it over and over again to make the bronzer noticeble. I do love the undertone, which is not too cool or warm. The highlighter was a disappointmet for me as well. I did not really notice it, so I think it is more of a highlighter that you apply on top of a liquid highlighter.

  • summerseabreeze


Pricey - yes, but it's worth it! There are lots of reviews for this online in the 'medium/light' but not as many for the 'medium/dark', so here's my take... Firstly the bronzer is a medium-brown with warm undertones and a slightly gold hue to it. Honestly for me it's a game changer, it's so smooth and unlike the vast majority of bronzers I've used before, the quality is just in a league of its own. Also it's not super-pigmented meaning I can apply lightly and build-up as needed - just as good for day wear as it is building it up for a dramatic evening look. The highlighter here is a beautiful orange-gold slightly shimmery shade and again the quality is fantastic, you can actually see the difference in both when comparing to an averagely-priced highlighter or bronzer. Great for highlighting cheekbones, under brow area and also inner eyes. Time-wise I get around 7-8 hours from both the bronze and the highlighter before they start to fade. I can see this lasting a long time. For reference I'm nowhere near the bottom of the pan yet, despite having this in heavy rotation (almost daily use). Would be fantastic if this could be brought out in more shades as I feel it would appeal to a much bigger audience. For example my work colleague (roughly NC35) who got me onto this doesn't use it in winter when she is at her most palest, as she falls somewhere between the 'dark/medium' and 'medium/light' but not squarely into either. For me dark/medium is just perfect all year round and once (and IF) I run out I will be repurchasing. Selena x ~ My HG list ~ (As I've sampled 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora) 1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil 2. Lip Balm: 'Nuxe' - Reve De Miel Lip Balm 3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum 4. Teeth Whitening Treatment - 'Any Brand' - Activated Charcoal Powder 5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer 6. Athletes Foot Treatment: 'Margaret Dabbs' - Foot Hygiene Cream 7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow) 8. Foot File/Callus/Heel Treatment - 'Microplane' - Colossal Pedicure Rasp Foot File 9. Ingrown Hair Treatment - 'Priva Shave' - Post Hair Removal Treatment 10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment



  • MBROOKS425

I really wanted to love this with all the rave reviews, however the bronzer barely shows up on my NC30 skintone, which is odd because my complexion is not that dark. I have light- light medium skin tone, with yellow under tones. The bronzer barely shows up. I think if you have a lighter skin tone this could be lovely. CT does make another bronze and glow set for darker skin tones, but that one is too dark. She needs something in the middle. The highlighter is nice, but I like her contour wand better.

  • dddoxie

NO! After pining over this lipstick for months I finally bought it in the color Amazing Grace. The formula was so meh and the color turned an odd terracotta orange on my lips. The formula actually reminded me a lot of the Maybelline mattes, except I like those lipsticks. This one, not so much. This faded on my lips within minutes and left them looking dry, cracked and patchy. And it's not matte. Why is it even called matte? I gave this a whole 2 days to wow me and will be putting this in the mail for return today.

  • XLuvMUX

CANNOT be compared with Tom Ford! The pigmentation is poor. You have to swipe at least 3 times to get a decent pigmentation. The packaging looks nice but feels cheap. It's so light, it felt like a toy. Does not justify the price. I'd rather get Nars or YSL. Please do not substitute this with Tom Ford. Totally over-hyped by you-tubers. No wonder we seldom see them re-use the lipstick after they review it.

  • Goldilocksshops

I have this formula in Bond Girl, Sexy Sienna and Between the Sheets (limited edition shade). I prefer these to the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks which are totally not worth the money in my opinion. I find the Matte revolution lipsticks lightweight, non drying and long lasting. I also like the squared off shape of the bullet as I hate the idea of having to use a lip brush.

  • alvira7

I purchased walk of shame and honestly it is a lovely colour. I wish it would last longer on my lips but it doesn't and then I get the dreaded ring around the lips. I think these products are overrated. I have a Burberry velvet matte lip colour and it performs ten times better than this one.

  • CinnamonLight

So far it's my favorite lipstick series!! It has a matte finish without drying on the lips (I have extremely dry lips hence I'm picky about that) ! The texture is divine, I love their chocolate scent as well! Despite of that, the prices are quite reasonable! I'll definitely purchase the whole collection soon!

  • drlolly

Miranda May great colour

  • totherescute

I have Pillow Talk. May not be the best shade for a tan women. It's unlike any other high end lipsticks I have, as it doesn't really "perfecten" my lips, you know what I'm saying. I should not really buy it but I'm going to mix this shade as a base for the other color

  • insynity

I have the shade Pillow Talk. This formula is one of my favorites. It's creamy, pigmented, looks matte and feels very comfortable. It fades gracefully, doesn't transfer much and doesn't cling to dry patches. Totally recommend.

  • BelleDeCrecy

I absolutely LOVE this lipstick in Amazing Grace, a warm medium coral pink. I'm NC35, but this color would work well on many skin tones. It lights up your face. It's matte, but not at all drying.This cones in a beautiful tube that you'll be proud to pull out of your bag.

  • LouAnneFra

I have this in Red Carpet Red. WHAT an amazing lipstick! Goes on really easily and not drying at all, which is some accomplishment on my ridiculously dry skin. It lasted six hours and barely faded at all. It gets a little bit patchy but that was after six hours. Would definitely recommend it!

  • Mulliganstew72

Ok color and I can see the color working well for anyone. It's not quite versatile enough to wear with any color lipstick. I’d say it’s warm leaning color. The formula is soft which I like as it seems to melt onto the lips....The downsides are that it needs to be sharpened after EVERY use. The soft texture becomes ever so apparent when you see the whole crayon melting onto your sharpener and all contents of your make-up bag. This also means that after a couple good months of use and the lip liner will be worn down to a nub, leaving a lot to be desired in terms of value. As versatile as the color is, It's way too nude and nondescript to justify the price tag.

  • Cmd2012

This pulls really peach on me. I also find it to be a bit too soft to get a good crisp line. I love most of Charlotte’s products, but this was a miss for me. I felt the same way about the lipstick (I got s sample during a Sephora points offer). It washed me out and pulled really peach. I also wasn’t a fan of the pillow talk blush (it went very terra cotta orange on my NC10 skin and the center highlight is straight up orange on me). Loved the eyeshadow quad though!

  • beddy

This is almost the exact color of my lips but more pink and it really does "cheat" and make them look pouty, healthy and fuller than it is. Sometimes i dont have much pigment in my lips and this lipliner really enhances them and gives me life again. Its creamy and not drying at all while staying on the lips for a long time. I much prefer CT lip cheats over Mac lipliners. I feel like this Pillow Talk shade is perfect to achieve that full lip look. I literally line and color in the outter corners and blend my lips together to get a more blotting blurred effect. edit - 2020 feb: I just repurchased this and ive been obssessed with it again. I pair this with my favorite glosses, Laura Mercier Bare Baby Lip Glace for a nude peachy pink lips and Buxom Kanani Lip Polish for strawberry pink lips!

  • BrigitteBardot

Overrated product! The color is probably pretty on those who are fair with cool tones. For my light olive complexion, it's a little too bubblegum pink, washes me out, and this doesn't last any longer than cheaper lip pencils. There's so much hype around Charlotte Tilbury. I know they're gorgeously packaged and cruelty free. Two big points for a girl like me who loves animals and is a sucker for pretty packaging. I don't mind splurging on beauty products that really deliver exceptional quality, but this left me disappointed and leery of trying out her other products.

  • Goldilocksshops

You just can't go wrong with this lipliner. Great for cheating the size and shape (slightly overdrawing). I will never buy any other nude lipliner now this is the only one I will ever need : )


  • outdoorsgal

Pillow Talk reminds me of MAC's legendary Spice liner but pink toned vs. brown toned. I usually don't spend this kind of money on lip liners and this purchase just confirms why. While Pillow Talk is a very versatile shade, I found the formula rather stiff and choppy to apply. Plus I really dislike having to sharpen pencils as I find it can waste product. I much prefer NYX's retractable liners. They go on much smoother without tugging or pulling and they're much less expensive. I'll use this liner up because it is a great shade but I'll go back to my beloved NYX liners.


  • julia178

This truly is the best lip liner I have ever used. The consistency, staying power and the shade are simply perfect. Applying Pillow Talk makes my nude and pink lipsticks stay on a lot longer, the shade is very similar to my natural lip color so it is easy to line and fill out my lips for a very natural look. The formula is a bit waxy and that is a positive because it really stays on my lips for hours, but it's still comfortable to wear. Highly recommended.

  • SnapBang

I heard so much about this shade everywhere. I purchased two at the same time and don't regret it. This is perfect nude/neutral lip pencil that can go with any shade of lipstick, when you are not sure what lip pencil shade to use with your lipstick. It glides on smoothly without skipping, but I find I can go through this pencil quickly and require to sharpen the tip frequently so the application goes on the edge of my lips accurately. The lasting power is fairly good and doesn't bleed or smudge away.

  • Nbrwn

It’s a good liner the colour is ok, it can do with being a bit darker, it’s soft and easy to apply, I know it’s a very popular shade as is the lipstick, but for me it doesn’t really work.


  • Ilona E.

 Not what I ordered


It did not come! Instead I was mailed Magnesium tablets! Please advise

  • Kelly D

 Best highlight and contour


Use the contour more than highlight but both are natural and Easy to properly apply.

  • Isabelle

 Beautiful palette!


Love the shades of this palette. Makes for a great gift!

  • Tracy L Emond



This item was broken into tiny pieces and loose powder was all over the outside of the container. And, there appears to be no way to return/replace it!!

  • Nancy Bookout

Five Stars


Love this item- pricey, but well worth it!