Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel Reviews in 2021

#4 Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel

Overall Rating: 4.3

Capterra Rating: #4.3 .. out of 5 with 10 ratings
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Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel Reviews

Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel Review

Enriched with elasticizing wax and vitamin E, Charlotte Tilbury's brow gel glides on like a dream while coating every last hair. It lifts, tints, shapes, sculpts, and adds structure to your brows without ever leaving them crusty. Just use the brush along your brows in an upward motion, using small strokes, and voilà. Thicker, more volumized brows in seconds.


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Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel Reviews

This tinted brow gel is enriched with volumizing magic elasticizing wax, nourishing vitamin E, strengthening castor oil, and natural pigments that lift and tint eyebrow hairs. Brows never look ‘penciled in’ or ‘stuck down.’ The unique Micro-Fine Miracle Precision Bbrush evenly coats, shades, and grooms every hair, even baby hairs. It is ideal for eyebrows that are too thin or too light, over-plucked, or patchy—just make sure you don't overcoat your brush with the gel.

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  • DoxieSoph92

This brow gel in Perfect Brows is one of the top 2 brow gels I have ever used. I have super dark brows and this product just applies perfectly. It volumizes, controls, and lightly darkens those fine hairs and makes them come to life. I just love it!! It's the perfect product!!

  • parisblue

The first time I used it, I thought this is a forever product for me! I love it. The brush has micro bristles which enable you to fill your brow in with tiny strokes. No fake looking brows. It gives a very pigmented and natural brow that lasts all day. I was seriously looking into having my brows tattooed but Legendary Brows is working for me and my sparce brows, no tattoo needed! It's a bit pricey, but worth the investment.

  • julia178

I have very light brows, and anything too dark on my brows looks harsh and unnatural against my rather pale N/NW15 skintone. Bobbi Brown's Natural Brow Shaper in Blonde and Tom Ford’s Fiber Brow Gel in Blonde have been staples for me for years, CT’s product is similar, except for a much smaller applicator brush. - Great color match - Brigitte is a soft neutral greyish beige - The micro brush is wonderful at applying just enough product to naturally define brows - The formula is decent, not too wet, although sometimes too much is on the brush, requiring wiping off excess prior to application - Lasting power is good Only caveat if your mail objective is filling in brows: I find it hard to fill in brows with this formula in sparse areas, while it does a nice job at accentuating existing brow hairs, therefore I’m giving it four stars instead of five.

  • reddplanet

1) Way expensive 2) No redhead shade, which is becoming a seriously obnoxious trend 3) Contains castor oil--drying, cheap filler ingredient, super allergenic, and unnecessary. This is just taking up space in a product that costs a ridiculous amount of money, and would work just fine without it. Doesn't belong in any product that costs more than $2.

  • Roxlet

I have tried many brow products, but this is far and away my favorite. For me, it's all about the wand. I have dark hair and brows, so I bought the Cara. As I have gotten older, my brows have thinned, especially towards the tail. There is hair there, but it's very fine. I have tried the Benefit wand, but it was too gloppy, as was the Glossier one, which I do also like quite a bit. I have tried powder, gels and pencils, but nothing gives as natural a look as this wand. When it runs out, I just might try putting it in the Glossier tube.

  • Toddster63


Overused phrase, but this is honestly a HG product for me! One of the most amazing cosmetic products I have ever had the pleasure of using. I am light-medium beige, with white Nordic eyebrows that you can't see--at all. I don't wear any eye makeup, so if penciling in brow color I must have a very light hand, and they still often look too penciled in, or too smeary--it's hard to get right and it takes time and attention--and even the best of pencils never last all day. Then along came Legendary Brows! You simply swipe the super small brush over your brow hairs, and you can be quick and not pay the closest of attention, and the hairs just magically take up the gel. The gel is not attracted to skin much at all (which is why the application is so easy) though you can use the slight globs of the gel at the end of the brush like a direct paintbrush for thinner parts of your brows, particularly at the tail, and it will very lightly shade baby hairs and skin. For my very light brows I use "Bridgette", the lightest shade, and it adds just enough color to reverse my invisible brows, leaving them lightly shaded and noticable, but it does not add so much contrast that they are too dark and artificial looking for my pale complexion (unlike the majority of almost all other brow and eye products). Applying this product is almost automatic and foolproof for me, and takes maybe 2 minutes total. This product literally almost applies itself! And it keeps the brow hairs locked in place, and the color endures, for 12+ hours. Holy grail!

  • makeupchem

I really struggled to find a product for my brows before using Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows. I found any pencil, no matter how lightly I used it, made my brows look ridiculously bold, it looked scary and unnatural. I decided to pass on trying a pomade, I knew I was wasting time and money considering I found pencils too strong. My brows are fairly full as it is, but there are a few areas that aren't as full as others. I don't like not doing my brows as I find they almost kind of fade away once I've done the rest of my face. I was determined to find a product that complimented my brows. After trying out many other Charlotte Tilbury Products and loving them, I decided to buy her new legendary brows product. I am coming to the end of my tube now and I am loving it! I will 100% be putting this on my Christmas list this year. It is so natural looking, yet fills out my sparser areas so beautifully and really helps to define the natural shape of my brow without appearing too harsh or bold. This product gives you fuller looking brows, which really transform your look. I would not be without this product and I thoroughly recommend it. I was conscious of the price at first. However the product has lasted me a good 4 months. So I believe that makes the price easier to justify. I don't always agree that luxury products are automatically better than lower priced products, but in the case of Legendary Brows I have to say, you get what you pay for. Quality.

  • tabitha754

I LOVE THIS! I have dark brown hair and I own the shade 'super model'. everything about this product is great: the sleek packaging, the gel-like formula, the tiny wand which ensures a precise application (I don't enjoy mascara-like wands), the lasting's perfect! I like my brows to look natural and slightly 'feathery', so i use a dark powder and an eyeliner brush to fill out any sparse areas and grad this afterwards to comb through my hairs, brush them up and keep them in place. ....I can even throw a bit of this on before i go to the gym and my brows look great when i come home! only downside: it's on the pricey side.

  • KateLausanne

I was hoping that this product would perform as on video ads. Means transform my patchy brows (I have a couple of scars) into uniform perfection. Unfortunately, that didn't happen at all. For the reference, my natural hair color is in between level 7 and 6. I was hesitant what shade to pick since Linda was looking too light and Supermodel too dark. Good, I went for the lighter one, Supermodel would be definitely too dramatic. The depth of the Linda shade is a tag too light for me and the color payoff is quite greenish. It makes my brows older looking. Like they are graying or something. The product doesn't work in sparse areas, it doesn't play well on the naked skin. I also don't like its heavy gloopy consistency and overall feel on the brows. I didn't overapply, but I don't like tinted brow gels in general. One star because it doesn't do what it advertised to do.

  • hexkitten

I have quite full brows, but I like to give them more color and a lot more length. Usually my routine is to draw on the ends with ABH Brow Wiz, then brush Glossier Boy Brow on top. Still adore those products, but CT Legendary Brows eliminates the need for me to pre-fill! This gel has a lot of pigment that is easy to control with the lovely tiny brush (that brush is a perfectionist’s dream), so much that I can brush the excess across hairless skin at the ends of my brows and have it actually adhere. The formula is thinner than a pomade but has great hold - less emollient than Boy Brow which means there is less filler in the CT. The “a little goes a long way” formula coupled with the tiny precision brush makes the price per ounce easier to swallow. A tube of this lasts me the same amount of time as Boy Brow, so please resuscitate yourself from the heart attack caused by realizing just low little product each tube has. I have both Perfect Brows and Super Model for my black Asian hair - one for Cara Delevigne days and the other for when I want volume without too much darkening.