Anastasia Beverly Hills is a famous cosmetics brand based in California, USA. This company was founded by Romanian-born Anasyasia Soare in 1997. Anastasia's daughter Claudia Soare, also known as Norvina, is the president of the company.This brand is best known for its eyebrow products and for introducing a new brow-shaping service to customers, the "Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Method." The Method aims to find balance, symmetry, and beauty through the creation of arches that perfectly frame any face shape.

Anastasia Beverly Hills debuted its new color makeup line on Instagram, cultivating a relationship with customers focused on product education, artistry, and responsiveness in delivering the “ultimate polished look” for which the brand is known. ABH has received industry-wide recognition for digital innovation and many awards for its products.

They care a lot for their customers and always reach out to them if they are dealing with any troubles, so the customer service is really great. Read online reviews for more information and feedback regarding their products.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Blush Powder

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Gel

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Reviews

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  • Niki

sorry to write a bad review

sorry to write a bad review. but I think I may have gotten an old or expired on. It seems totally dry. Very expensive and very disappointed.

  • Julie

The gel does not help my curly brows

The gel does not help my curly brows. My brows are curlier than most so I can't blame it on the gel. No one has produced a gel strong enough to hold them in place.

  • Amy U6

Not great

The bottle is basically dry… I ordered one and returned it and got it replaced the second one was the same so I returned it. the brow gel doesn't even come out on the spooly brush.



I bought after watching a Youtube tutorial. Uhhhhh, unnecessary. I didn't like the coverage, or the texture.

  • Shianne P.

I wish the spooley was smaller it’s rather big but everything’s clear so it’s not a big deal it lasts long though and helps my brows to maintain shape throughout the day- I have rather thick dark brows so I like to use this to really create a bold look.

  • MBW

Love it

This works just like advertised absolutely phenomenal can’t do without it

  • Jayne

The best!!!

This is the best creamy contour! Sooo happy I read reviews & purchased!! Absolutely love it!

  • PhotoT

Great product.

This arrived quickly, exactly as described. I was looking for cream contouring kit and this is perfect. Thanks!

  • Kymberly Koelln

Beautiful product, great brand, amazing buy!

I couldn't believe I found this at this price! Blends beautifully, such a great pallet. You can use the light shade as concealer and to brighten the under eye.

  • Elizabeth P

Made my face breakout. Had high hopes for this product. Love the colors but I have breakout all along where I used the darker color to contour. Stopped using it and let it clear then tried it again and broke out again.

  • Elle

No go

This product came with 3 identical brown shades on the bottom. It was hard to use and looks like crap. My face looks dirty because the shades would not blend at all. Would not recommend for anyone but especially not beginners like me. Save your money and get something from Ulta or Sephora that you can try out at the store.

  • Nicole


I have spent a lot of money on contouring makeup. This has amazing pigment and VERY little needs to be used. Stays on all day.

  • Juliette Clark

doesn't stand up to the hype

everyone raves about this pallet, but eh, I really think for the price and all the praise they could give you some actual tones that mattered. the only three I use are the totally light, the medium pinkish tone, and one dark shade to contour. the three dark shades are literally all the same color and the top left and top right are the same. and for the size and price they could at least make the top mirrored.

  • paradisegal

Amazing results!

I am just learning to contour so purchased your product due to so many positive reviews.I am still experimenting with all including sponge and brush application. I love the ease of use and the finished product which I am sure will only get better with practice

  • Ceartaiss


The blush in Pool party is awesome! Love it, it's blendable, well pigmented and the colours are really stylish and Cult Beauty has a great service!! Thank you guys!

  • vixen

dive right into this pool party ...

While I was waiting for another blush palette to come into stock, I bought Pool Party on a whim after seeing Jaimie Paige rave about it on YouTube. Well, this is the best blush I've ever bought! Superb quality and the most stunning, satiny colours that stay all day encased in a sleek, sturdy, travel friendly black compact! My skin has a tendency to absorb most blushes within an hour or two of application but not with this formula. I was hesitant to buy this trio at first because a couple of reviews mentioned glitter particles in the pinky midldle shade but this just blends in and is not noticeable at all. Pool party is an excellent trio of unique colours that works as a blush, contour and even highlight. Blank, a mauvy, oaky warm brown, is a fantastic natural hued blush that can also be built up as a countour/bronzer. And pinky Pageant and peachy Kash are so gorgeous and glowy. These are labeled matte but they glide on so smoothly like a dream and definitely do not emphasize lines or texture. So dive right into this Pool Party!

  • Connie


I bought peachy love after falling in love with the colours with just a few photos and I love it so much! I am quite fair with pink-neutral undertones and all of she shades look beautiful on me, both individually and mixed. Just be careful to use a light hand and a nice brush otherwise it can look too much.

  • Madelaine

Peachy love is gorgeous for fair skin!

I was very impressed with this product, not having the highest expectations as I've never been a 'blush person' before. This product is absolutely gorgeous, blending perfectly, with just the right amount of pigmentation for a face powder. All three shades are wearable on my very pale skin (Fenty Beauty 100 for reference), but could definitely be built up for darker tones.

  • rehamesh


The pigmentation is very niceeee, the colors are perfect for tanned skin

  • PIX

Lovely colors and beautiful pigmentation

I purchased the Peach Love and Cocktail Party. I am a medium skin tone and the hues suit me perfectly. The powders are supreme quality, fine, blendable and super pigmented. I also appreciated the beautiful packaging, heavy, luxurious and not cheap at all. Heavily recommended.

  • Cathy

Always reach for peach!

I'm fair skinned, so coral and peach tones work well on my skin. I don't own many blushes so when I saw this palette I said id give it a go. The shades are really nice and just the right amount of pigmentation. Some blushes, although very pigmented, may work against you and you end up with way too much on your face. With this one, I don't have to worry about loading up on the product. Would highly recommend if you aren't a big user of blush and want to try some.

  • Dolly



I guess this blush is the best beauty buy I've ever made in my entire life. It is my new holy grail. I purchased the shade Peachy Love and let me tell you some things: the packaging is lavish, the colours of the blush are stunning and it smells divine. Plus, Cult Beauty service is beyond amazing.

  • Jen

Great colours

A little goes a long way with these and I mean a little. When applied lightly and built up these are great colours however add too much and get and blend it out I found the colours went muddy which was weird.

  • Anastasia

This is love

I totally adore these perfect colors of peachy love. They look super natural and blend really nicely. <3