Maybelline, founded by Thomas Lyle Williams, is a cosmetics, skin care, and fragrance company based in NYC. 


What are the ingredients in Maybelline products?

All the major ingredients in Maybelline products are listed on the labels of the products. Therefore, all you need to do for discovering the ingredients in Maybelline products is to read the information on the package or the label of every exact product that you buy. If you wish to know the ingredients before buying the products, you can check the product page available on the brand's official website and see the ingredients in each of the products. 


Where can you buy Maybelline products?

Unlike many other makeup brands, Maybelline does not sell its products directly. Therefore, if you want to buy Maybelline products, you should go to drugstores, supermarkets and mass-market retailers, or you should buy them from online retailers.   


Is Maybelline cruelty-free?

No, Maybelline is neither cruelty free nor vegan. The brand sells its products in countries, such as China, where animal testing is required by law. Therefore, Maybelline tests its products on animals in order to sell in more countries. 


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Maybelline Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • migline

Très bon produit

C'était la première que j'utilisais ce produit et je suis très ravie. Mon maquillage a duré très longtemps grâce à lui.

  • susu

Wonderful mascara product

Perfect for my small eyes!

  • TeamB509

Great for eyebrows...

I bought this to use as an under-eye concealer, but it was too thin/watery. I like thick, creamier products for my under-eye area. However, this is fantastic for cleaning up my eyebrows after filling them in. I've been using this concealer for my brows everyday since I got it. This shade matches my skin tone perfectly so I don't get that awful "halo" effect on my brows.

  • Kennedi Grace

Five star worthy

This powder is awesome. It really is super matte, which also helps my highlighter stand out and blend better than ever. I love the little mirror and pad/sponge in the bottom compartment, they are wonderful for touch ups while out. I bring one of these with me everywhere, and keep another in my makeup box at home. I would recommend using a soft foundation/powder brush to apply, as it uses less product and covers better than the provided sponge. I have extremely oily skin; I’ve used this powder for almost a year now and notice it causes me to break out much less than my previous powder, and it stays matte for noticeably longer. I do wish they offered more tones. Overall, I would highly recommend this powder to anyone considering buying it.

  • Tyler Joseph

I love this flavor so much and wish like mad they ...

I love this flavor so much and wish like mad they didn't discontinue it in stores. It's refreshing, tastes great, and leaves your lips slightly tinted with a light gloss. I will continue to buy these on Amazon until they cease to exist.

  • Jessica H.

I use this to prime my eyes before using eyeshadow and to clean up my brows. Its literally the only one I've used that doesn't make my Eyeshadow crease. Best affordable concealer by a long shot!

  • Rizel C.

Before maybelline launched their superstay collection the fit me collection products were always part of my makeup collection... and even now I prefer the fit me concealer and this matte foundation powder coz I’ve have become used to it... this blends really well with my foundation and gives me that flawless finish... it covers my pores completely... what more could I ask for?

  • Natália S.

I have a bunch of lipstick and lipgloss but I’m ALWAYS using this. It gives a nice pink/red healthy looking color on my lips. And best of all, it’s not drying (the problem I get with lipstick) or sticky (problem I get with lipgloss). It’s the perfect, convenient accent to my beauty routine

  • Shalé M.

I did not like this product at ALL. It does not make your lips moist for more than 10 seconds. You need to reapply almost every 5 minutes. There are so many better chopsticks out there that you shouldn't have to settle for this one. Not on par with any other brand I have tried.

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  • Ryan&Chelsey


Seems to work well. I haven't found a setting spray that prevents my face makeup from transferring, but this keeps my makeup looking fresh throughout the day.

  • Sharon

No protective cover

The bottle doesn't have a protective cover on either part. I would've liked it if either the outside plastic cover or an inner one existed with the bottle. As much as I would like to use it, I wouldn't risk it.

  • Sandy

Best yet

Lasts all day long. I do not get greasy like I do with other setting sprays. I use it as primer and setting spray it is great!!! The most is wonderful and has good coverage. Lasts me a whole month minimum and I wear makeup everyday

  • Cindy

Excellent product! It sets your make up to last all day long. I have very sensitive skin and have had no reaction to this product.

  • Char

Favorte Setting Spray

This summer has been very hot and humid and settings your make-up look has been a hassle. I do have a lot of settings sprays but this is my favorite because it works. It has not disappointed me.

  • KristenMac


Don’t bother it doesn’t work. Urban decay is much better

  • Jessie P

not great for oily skin, but kinda keeps everything in place

i have really oily skin, and i still needed to touch up my makeup after i set it, but it still did the job just fine. it is useful and I do use it, because my makeup is definitely still on. good value for the price, in the scheme of setting sprays! it definitely didn't burn my skin or my eyes, which has happened to me with setting sprays before, so I appreciated that.

  • MsMouthyMama

Authentic and amazing!

Gives fix plus and urban decay a run for their money! Lightly scented and flawless spray! Makes my makeup last! I also use it to wet my brush to intensify my eyeshadow and it works great! You don’t need high end. Get this!

  • Britt

Read before you buy please!

This product was shipped to me without a top. It didn't look like it was used though. Since I have already used this product and love it, I sprayed it on my face and my face tingled a little and the spray was a jet stream. Something is off with this product from this vendor.

  • Snow


Why Do I get the product without a cover ? it’s very disappointing

  • steffybaby

I have to say that I am surprised by all the negative reviews because the line of Color Show nail polishes is one of my favourites. Granted, I do find the polishes a little hard to apply (not a fan of the brush), I think everything else about them is great. The colours are vibrant and I can go several days without chips, which is awesome considering what my job is! I especially love their sparkly ones, they apply well (evenly distributed) and their denim blue one gets me loads of compliments!

  • hogyu

I have the shade An Old Flame, and it is the best. It applies very smoothly, and lasts for a very long time even without a topcoat. It is kind of hard to get off your cuticles and the areas surrounding your nails but I don't mind that, as long as it stays on my nails.

  • samxx

I used to only like Dior nail polishes :)..not even a fan of OPI :/ this one works just as well as Dior nail polishes,- I put the dr rescue All in One (also Maybelline) under and on top of the nail polish and the results are great!!! I have tried Velvet Rope and Boom pink, have fun;))

  • sweetpea19811

I have wanted to try these polishes for a while but never got around to it. I recently saw a sale at my local grocery store, 50% off all of the colors!! The one I have tried so far is Blue Bombshell 335. It is a vibrant bright blue...I fell in love as soon as I saw this color..I feel like I have never seen it before which is exciting for a polish lover. It looks just as pretty on my toes as it does in the bottle BUT it chips sooo quickly. I am out of topcoat so that plays into the chipping but I can usually wear a polish on my toes without a topcoat and go without chipping at least a couple days. (Fingers are another story but my toes can go much much longer). So Topcoat is a MUST with this stuff but the colors are all so fun! My only other complaint is that it doesn't feel like you get a lot of product and the brush is a little too stiff and small for me. But I Will definitely buy more of these.

  • curlylaura

I tried Latte. I'm on a nude nail kick at the moment. This was the perfect colour. Unfortunately it was streaky. It took at least 3 coats to make it opaque. And it didn't dry fully for at least 3 hours. I used it for 3 full manis and used up half the bottle. It's when in the bin

  • Evarosa

I bought this nailpolish in smokey rose, which is a lovely mauve rose, a sort of Angora Cardi from Essie but less dark. I hate this nailpolish, the formula is streaky, doesn't apply evenly, the brush is flimsy, it doesn't even out, it is gloopy and responds weird, like it is rubberized our something. It takes ages to dry. So this isn't a good nailpolish.

  • amethystglow

I have Rich in Ruby, and I love it! It's a beautiful a dark red shade with a slight hint of burgundy, and it has tiny metallic flecks (smaller than in Ruby Rhinestones) for a Christmastime look. Personally I found no problems with application; no streakiness, quick drying time, and it didn't chip too easily IMO. Rich in Ruby works with many different wardrobe colors, and can be casual or formal. I would recommend this gorgeous nail polish!

  • fr0glet

I bought 549 Midnight Taupe because it was the closest match I could find when I chipped one shellac nail and the others were all fine. Served it purpose. I like to have a break between shellac applications, so gave it a go on all my nails, but was seriously underwhelmed - very thin, hard to get a uniform coat, so I left it in the drawer for a while. Last week a professional manicurist applied it for me (her selection is all a bit too 'old lady' pink, hence using my own colour). Different story, went on brilliantly, good deep, uniform colour, I applied a second top coat (seche vite) after a couple of days, on day 5 now and it still looks pretty good. So 4/5 for the varnish, 0/5 for my nail varnishing skills!

  • Akbe

Midnight taupe was really sheer and patchy. Dries reasonably fast though so if you love the colour it is possible to put three coats to get even coverage.

  • Sydney C.

One of my all time favorite lip balms! I like the shade "Quenched" because it is clear and can be layered over any lip product to add a little hydration and shine. I also love to wear it on its own. It leaves lips hydrated with a little shine, but is not sticky like a lip gloss. Plus, this shade smells so good! It smells a little citrus-y, and a little bit like sunscreen (in the best way). The scent reminds me of summer! I love this lip balm, and have gone through several whole tubes of this shade, which I will be repurchasing.

  • Gissell L.

I love this lip balm. I need to look into the ingredients more because honestly some products work so good that sometimes I get scared, like why are you so cheap and work better than the high-end stuff so it leaves me questioning. I love this lip balm though it really does moisturize and trust me I’ve tried it all. This will be your best friend in the winter but I would get the blue one because the cherry me leaves your lips too red and when your lips are burning and dry in the winter I know we rub it everywheeeeeeere hahaha!

  • Jenna L.

This is a really nice affordable lip balm. I always have at least one of these at all times. This is very moisturizing and if you apply it regularly, it will prevent your lips from drying out. It comes in different scent/flavors, but the peach version is my favorite. It doesn't really have pigment to it, so it won't change the natural color of your lips. It just makes your lips look smooth, hydrated, and healthy. This is great to throw in your purse or pockets and take with you, because you never know when you'll need a lip balm. This doesn't feel heavy on the lips, and it's extremely easy to apply and reapply. It only costs a few dollars, but it's well worth it. I will even apply this on top of a very drying liquid lipstick, and it helps make it more comfortable to wear.

  • Shannon S.


These are fantastic! I've got so many of these and they're all super. They only have 5 choices here and I've got the Fruit Punch buy haven't opened it yet. I have a clear one in the blue tube like this and then several of the tinted and flavored ones. My favorite ones are in the shades "Rebel Petal" and "Oh! Orchid" .... these are the "Buds" I guess it's because they are flowers but they are really pretty on and not as fluorescent as they look. Especially the "Oh! Orchid", it's a soft lavender. These have shea butter, wax, and other ingredients obviously. They glide smoothly and are very hydrating, they keep lips hydrated for a long time. They also come in flavors as well as tints. Many of these are limited edition so if you see one you like, grab it.

The heart shaped things in the back holding that paper towel down are rubber makeup brush cleaners I just discovered these but I'm sure most of y'all have them. I just got them yesterday and cannot wait to clean my brushes this weekend.

  • MANDY K.

I wish I could give this half stars because I would probably rate this 3 1/2 stars. I wanted to love this, but I can only say I like it. I got this in "Cherry Me". I like the packaging, but the plastic tube cover feels a little cheap without flex and I would be concerned of it breaking in my bag. The product itself is nice with a pretty red tint, and cherry fragrance when I applied it. It did moisturize, but it wasn't extremely hydrating, and I felt the need to reapply frequently because it didn't seem to last long. It has a little shine to it, just so you are aware if you are or are not a fan of that detail. It's cute, works fine, and is very inexpensive which is why I am rounding up and giving it 4 stars, but it's not something I see myself repurchasing. 

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  • leslie

really good, doesn't make my pores huge

  • Jenny

Perfect for Oily Skin!

This powder is a staple of my collection. All other powders break and become cakey with my oily skin, but this stays in place and helps other powder products stay on all day!

  • Boothbabe

Mental Breakdown Proof

I just went and bought this powder because Tati and Kathleenlights recommended it so highly. Let me just tell you the powder lives up to the hype. I'm PMSing. I applied this power fee over my foundation then had a complete mental breakdown, tissues and everything and my face still looks flawless. Under my eyes and everything. 10/10. Buy this.

  • chloe

I recently got into makeup and I think this is an ok choice because of its price point. I don't also have a lot to compare it to haha. I might just be using it wrong but I don't really notice a huge difference when I use it but it doesn't crease

  • Bella


This powder made my foundation really cakey and dry. It makes certain areas of your face dark and it looks dirty. Would not recommend.

  • Dawn Knight

Holy grail forever!!

I have used this powder for several years and will never get tired of the formula! I even use a few shades darker than my skin tone as a bronzer. The shade range is also great which is impressive for me being someone with a tan to dark complexion that is hard to color match. Will always recommend!

  • Ally

This is my go to powder!

Makes my skin look so smooth and flawless. I apply with a damp beauty blender and it looks amazing. The best drugstore powder I've used.

  • Loli6429

Good setting powder

Not super full coverage but it has a nice smoothing effect on the skin. Will buy again

  • oberz3


Shout-out to Maybelline for a great finishing/setting powder! Limited ingredients and non-comedogenic, I found this powder to noticeably blur pores and not settle in fine lines (like the ones around my eyes). I use a BB cream first, then the powder (I use a fluffy powder brush), then finishing spray to keep things in place and I'm good for the day! The translucent powder is perfect on my fair skin as I prefer a natural, "no makeup but great skin" look. I have tried many, many powders from low-end to high-end and I have to say this product may just be the best one yet! ***Is the Fit Me Loose Powder also non-comedogenic? I didn't see that printed on the packaging. Thanks Maybelline!

  • S

Love it.

Use to use this concealer idk why I stopped using it. Works better then my $36 concealer.


  • Sophie

Not for sensitive skin

This burned my under eyes worse than any product before. I do have sensitive eye areas though. Didn't have the greatest coverage either. I think there are better. Cheaper. Options available.

  • Wen

Light coverage

This is a light coverage and I prefer full coverage

  • Kay B

Overall Great

Overall an amazing product. I will say it's MUCH easier to use a slightly damp beauty blender to blend it out because it dries up a bit quicker than some other concealers but it's still amazing!


  • No

Super hydrating but light coverage

This is a great concealer for people with dry skin because it's very hydrating. Although I liked that the concealer was hydrating it was really light coverage for me. I would never use this as a spot concealer because it just doesn't cover enough.

  • Erike

Everyday wear

This is my go to but it does settle in the creases under my eyes. Light to medium coverage. No over whelming smell.

  • Nicolew

Every day concealer

This is great for daily wear, as it isn't too full coverage. It sets down well with powder, but isn't the longest lasting. For the price, though, it's always my go to and I always have a tube going.

  • Elle

Changed formula?

I've been a huge fan of this concealer for years. I have only used the shade medium 25, but after I ordered a new one, suddenly the shade is completely different. It's now so orange on my skin and looks awful. Be careful if you plan on ordering a new one, since we can't return/exchange anything right now.

  • Sundi

Excellent Concealer

I don't wear full coverage makeup, but need spot coverage for an even skin tone. This works great.. blends in well and doesn't settle in creases/wrinkles.

  • Gracie

the only concealer that works for me

I have very bad genetic dark circles and very textured skin under my eyes as well, which makes finding a concealer that is full coverage but also light is difficult. this has been my go to for some time now, the only issue is that it doesn't last more than a couple hours even with setting powder


  • Lisa K.

I LOVE the small brush on this.

I use this for my bottom lashes everyday. It makes them look full and covers those small lashes perfectly! I don't recommend this to be your only mascara as you would be sitting there for an hour trying to apply it to the whole eye, but it should be part of your routine to use this on bottom lashes. Love the waterproof in case your eyes water.

  • Sandy H.

I really like this mascara for my lower lashes.

It grabs all of the lashes from corner to corner and really makes them long. It seems to find lashes that I didn't even know I had. I have dark brown eyes so I always like to get the blackest black color. You can find this at Target, Walmart and Ulta Beauty.

  • Kendall K.

I saw that this mascara is now discontinued and I am not surprised. I had never tried a tiny wand before, so I picked this up out of curiosity. The application was very uneven and it made my lashes clumpy. It didn’t work on my bottom lashes either. Hard pass. 

  • Yasiris M.


The tiny brush makes it easy to make the product go on less clumpy. I have gone out in the rain with this mascara and it still stays on. It separates my lashes beautifully and gives it awesome length.

  • Brittany A.

This is a great drugstore mascara I have always enjoyed using it. It works especially well on bottom lashes. It has a small wand and the bristles are staggered just right so they pick up every lash. It is very affordable so I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a mascara at the drug store..

  • Athena B.

Just from the first look of it I fell in love, then once I applied it it had such a gentle application leaving strong color on the lips. It lasts for a good few hours but touch ups are def recommended.

  • HMS D.

I wasnt a huge fan of the formula or the finish. I also dont think it did anything for my complexion. The shape was interesting and the price isnt bad but I just wouldnt recommend. There are tons of nicer, drugstore lipstick options.


  • Quiesha J.

This lipstick truly is universal! It’s a perfect red for natural days as well as when you want to go full glam. I used this lightly to give me that “pout” look and it looked effortless. I’m not the biggest fan of red lipstick, but this one is a fave!


  • Andrea M.

This is a very nice lipstick, the color is great not too pink. I'm a neutral undertones...leaning more towards cool and this shade looks great on me. I will be trying tge shade Mauve it For Me next.


  • Angelo G.

i'm wearing this whenever i go to the mall and run sow errands for it gives your lips that luscious yet natural healthy glow on it. i recommend this for those qho loves glossy/satin lipstick. it really reach my expectations it even excedeed it.


  • Annie O.

I really like this lipstick. It’s very hydrating on my lips and leaves them looking sleek and chic. Maybelline products are very affordable and work extremely well. If you’re looking for a great drug store brand this is it!


  • Norquis S.

I love this. Friends and strangers alike tell me it looks great and ask me what I am wearing. They are all astonished when I tell them it's from CVS. It is easy to apply and not expensive. It has a nice scent, like scented Playdoh. It lasts a long time because the opacity is on point.


  • Autumn K.

I love this brick color on me, and I was pleasantly surprised how moisturizing it felt. It does transfer very easily and you will need to reapply and smell reminiscent of play-doh, but they are very fun colors and I didn’t have to spend twenty minutes looking at a 50 lipstick display. For a $5 lipstick I didn’t expect much, is it worth the money? I think so. Will I use it again? Heck yeah.


  • Elsa O.

I absolutely love this product. Idear the mauve for me and the spice for me the most often out of all of them, but the mauve for me is definitely my everyday lipstick. Perfect for the office, it wears nicely. I really do love it. I’m wearing spice for me in the picture attached. Maybelline Made For All Lipstick By Color Sensational


  • Nash R.

maybelline has my favorite drugstore lipstick formula in terms of pigment. i do wish it felt more like the l’oréal ones in the gold tube, they glide a bit better than these. this shade of red ironically wasn’t for me i prefer more warm reds and this leaned too cool for me personally. i have other maybelline lipsticks and i like them but i wish the smoothed over a bit better and had more glide. overall pretty good though


  • Kindle Customer



I love this mascara!! I personally use it like a primer. It seperates and lengthens my lashes and then I use a different kind for volume. I am always trying different mascaras but this is my forever mascara!

  • lorraine cannon




  • Kilees bud

 Awesome mascara!


I’ve loved this mascara for years and as I’m getting older and most mascaras are just way too much for me, this one does exactly what it claims too!

  • Eleanore Crittenden

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