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Hourglass Eyebrow Gel

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Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum

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Hourglass Cosmetics Reviews

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  • diana

Wonderful product

A little goes a long way! Only take a small drop to get the affects, helps makeup go on well and stay on well. Also helps my sensitive skin to not break out from make up. Recommend this product.

  • Grace R.

I really like this primer it’s for combination skin and it leaves the face glowy and dewy and soft and it smells good and lasts longer throughout the day and it’s very gentle I really like the packaging it’s very nice and luxurious highly recomend

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  • Megan M.

Originally when I bought this I meant to buy mineral veil but somehow bought this one and I wasn't sure I would like it so it sat on a shelf collecting dust in it's box. Then I read a review highlighting the benefits of it and I gave it a try. It's a wonderful hydrating primer. It takes less than a pump of it to cover my face and less is definitely more. Too much will leave the skin oily and difficult to apply flawless foundation. The right amount, evenly applied to my face, leaves it hydrated with it filling soft lines and giving my face an even hydrates base for makeup application. I was doubtful to how well it would absorb, but per instructions after applying half a pump and letting it set for 2 mins prior to make up application, it leaves a non greasy smooth canvas to start with. It helps keep my skin hydrated through the day and allows my makeup to look fresh since I don't end with small patches where my skin will dry out sometimes. I don't wear this everyday, only when my skin is dry. Otherwise it's really too much for my skin. Ita definitely not for oily skin and idk if combination skin would like this but for dry to normal skin with occasional dry skin outbreaks this is good to have on hand. It makes a huge difference on dry skin. The mini sized bottle is 23 dollars and that bottle will last a long time due to the minimal amount needed to appliy so I don't think there is a reason to buy the big bottle and spend that kind of money unless you are serious about wearing it every day.

  • J C.

This primer is like heaven in a bottle. It leaves a perfect canvas for your foundation. My face looks more radiant when I use it, and my foundation doesn't cling to any dry spots I have. A little definitely goes a long way with this primer. Be careful not to overdo it, as it may make you a little greasy.

  • zahily R.

This is one of the best primers I’ve ever tried. I have dry skin and this oil melts into my skin without leaving any residue that provides such a great base for makeup. It’s hydrating and leaves my skin so silky smooth. A little bit of this goes a long way.

  • Amarya L.

Only used a few times but already one of my favorite products! Not sticky or disappointing to the touch at all. Leaves skin silky smooth for amazing makeup application. Plus, is priced very well! I will definitely buy over and over again.

  • Kelsey C.

I just bought this and I really like it. It's a serum so its extremely hydrating which is awesome since my skin tends more toward dry. It sits beautifully under my foundation. I love it and will be buying again!

  • angela S.

I was really going to give the a three BUT because of the high quality ingredients and botanicals i have a four- this is the thing- i feel like this should be labled as skincare or serum ONLY. it smells WONDERFUL if you like lavendar or botanical/herbal scents, and the obvious benefits are right in the title and ingredients... But a PRIMER? . This is NOT good as a primer. when you feel the consistency on you're face, it IS definetly a face oil. It takes quite a while to sink in and after masking i also apply. I WILL buy again and do recommend but not as a primer!.

  • Amanda B.

This stuff smells AMAZING! I bought the smaller bottle before committing to the big one and let me tell you, it’s worth it! Not only does it last a long time (a little pea-sized dot goes a long way!) but it smells amazing and made my skin feel great. My makeup stayed on longer and went on better.

  • Rach M.

I was ready to invest in a new, high-quality primer. After searching on Sephora I decided to try the small bottle of Hourglass No28 Primer Serum. Let me tell you, this product is AMAZING. Applying it feels like rubbing velvet on your face. I definitely will continue to use this product as it made my makeup look flawless and felt great on my skin.

  • Dominique D.

I really love this primer! You only need a small amount, I use half a pump, and it makes your foundation look beautiful and last through the day. I really like to have a natural look with my foundation and this primer gives me a subtle glow while keeping my foundation in place and looking natural all day! It is a little strange at first because it feels extremely oily when you first apply it. However, it sinks into your skin and after a few moments creates a really smooth base. I use it under my Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick and I will absolutely repurchase it when my current bottle runs out.