Urban decay is an american cosmetics brand based in California, USA. They manufacture high quality products such as lip, eye, complexion and body products. They are famous for their Naked collection, which includes twelve different eye shadow palettes.

The products are not considered as luxury price, but they still have a high-end price. They might be rather expensive but compared to the quality that they offer, the prices are quite reasonable.

The company is dedicated to being cruelty-free. Most of their products are also vegan

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Urban Decay Lip Gloss

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Urban Decay Setting Spray

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Urban Decay Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette

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Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

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Urban Decay Eyebrow Powder

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Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer

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Urban Decay Reviews

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  • Marla Brooks


Works perfect!!

  • joanne fry

Urban decay

I dont like that they changed it for the stores...no wax. But as always

  • Trista1983

Five Stars

Love putting this under UD’s Troublemaker mascara!

  • Danielle

Really good setting spray. It holds up to the 16 hour claim and then some. Especially good for a night out. Between sweating and humidity in the south, you can't go wrong with this.

  • Myilinda

my go to setting spray, especially during the summer days, It makes my makeup last all day as well as hydrate my skin. You cam also use this to apply highlight or shimmer eyeshadow just apply the product to your brush spray your brush and see the difference when you apply.

  • Emily

I used this product consistently for two months, during the daytime and when going out at night. I saw absolutely no difference in the longevity of my make up, and I also felt like the product depleted very fast. I felt this was a complete waste of money and I would not repurchase.

  • Celeste

I got a sample from sephora and completely fell in love! I use this as the Final step (before applying mascara) and this just melts in my skin and makes my makeup look flawless. It also makes my makeup last a lot longer than my boscia setting spray. I will definitely be buying the regular size!

  • Hannah

This is by far my favorite setting spray. I was introduced to it on my senior homecoming and was hooked. It kept my makeup on ALL night, even through all the sweat and dancing. It kept my oil to a minimum and my makeup didn't slide around. amazing!

  • Madison

I use this most days unless I forget. It was somewhat of a good buy. But it doesn't always keep my makeup from coming off and I figured since the same was "all nighter" it would stay on throughout the day as well as night and doing things but it failed to do all of it

  • Dalia

I've only splurged on this product once as it's a little on the expensive side, yes your makeup will stay on all night even when your out dancing but NYX has a cheaper alternative that has the same affect, so I've since converted.

  • Mariah

I know when I do and do not apply this product as my makeup doesn't last nearly as long with out it. This is a great setting spray to have for a long day or big event when you do not have time for your makeup to budge. Also, the spray is a nice even mist light mist.

  • savannah

I love this setting spray. I have dry skin and use maybe 4 or 5 sprirzes at the very end of my routine and i always get compliments on how long my makeuo lasts. I reccommend this product fully. It has a very subtle scent and leaves you feeling refreshed

  • nopity

I use this with my old mascara (which clumps up a lot), and boom! My lashes look longer, darker, and there are no clumps! So glad I got this; now my old mascara doesn't need to go into the trash.

  • bellamomo

WOW worth the hype

A product that really delivers on what it says...  Thicker appearance of lashes  Longer appearance of lashes All this time I had been looking for a mascara to do this...thought the only way to get it was going to falsies or extensions...but what I really needed was a killer primer!

  • MeganG217


Wow...I have struggled with keeping mascara on my eyelashes and not all over my lower lids. Not only does this keep my mascara in place, it also makes my eyelashes look twice the length that they are!

  • Katm20


While it does make my lashes look a bit better, it is so so clumpy! It piles it very easily and just looks overall dry. I'm not sure if I got a bad batch or something but it was a bit disappointing.

  • JMK11

You need this in your life

I previously used the Benefit They’re Real! Lengthening

  • Madelyn1189

It looks like I have fake eyelashes!

Wow! I immediately noticed a difference in my eyelash length. They almost looked fake!! I used in pair with Tarte mascara. Just make sure to let it dry first :)

  • katyharding

This formula is a gunky hassle.

Unfortunately this product is very hard to use. After only a few applications the brush gets very gunky and hard to clean off, let alone apply. My lashes are left with chunks of product and I have to use a clean spoolie to drag through. Quite a hassle and time consuming. The lash priming effect is great, but not worth the trouble here - find a different product.

  • AceInWonderland

Gives Volume

I use this paired with the perversion mascara and these two are an amazing duo. This primer is easy to apply and adds length and volume right off the bat. I think this will work great with any mascara or by itself. The price is affordable and the formula is smooth.

  • LCAnne


I found this clumped more than not, and left chunks of primer on my lashes instead of evenly distributing it.

  • Messybun61

Best Ever

It took a couple of times to get my brows like I wanted and I love this product. It's so easy and has great staying power..

  • gibble16

creates the best brows

I usually use eye pencils because of how simple and quick they are but this compact has changed my opinion because of how long lasting this product is.

  • BostonDiva

Wow - it's perfect

I went into using this product with lower expectations just because I hadn't loved the last brow box I'd tried from Urban Decay but wow am I glad I took the risk on the new version! It is perfect for me. I have thick brows but they are thinning a bit as I get older and they're not as dark as they used to be. With this product I can fill in any sparse spots and fill them out as I would like. It is easy to apply and stays put all day. I do think it's more of a powder than a putty but there's no fallout like a true powder would have and it applies better than a pencil would. I find the little brush easy to use and the whole set is a great size to toss into my makeup bag or purse. I definitely highly recommend the new Double Down Brow! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Roxiblu20

Really like, but not in love

I ordered Brown Sugar soon after product was available. Loved the old brow powder & felt it gave more volume/ covered sparse areas. I must use a pencil in combo w/ double down brow, which is not my preference. However, I do prefer the sleek look double down brow gives (older product looked drier) & color is perfect for my dark brown hair. (use lighter of two choices). [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

  • Ozzyangel82

This product would give you more color to brows.

Nice color selection, but it isn't for drawing on.

  • JazzySassy

Mostly Perfect

The colors really match my skin and hair color. The product is good, is lasts during the day, even in the extreme heat of phoenix, Arizona.
The only problem with the product is that One of the colors is falling apart. It is braking into small pieces and it puffed up.

Overall I am pretty happy with the product.

  • Soapie

Easy to use

I like this product. I ordered Gingersnap as my hair is more of a medium Auburn tone. I probably could use the next shade darker, though. The product is easy to use & stays put. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.

  • Anonymous

It does last!

Definitely does stay put and does not smudge or wear off easily.

  • Gingersnapped


As a redhead, my eyebrows are fairly light in color, and I struggled for a long time to find a natural-looking enhancer for my brows. I tried a number of “auburn” eyebrow products from various makeup brands, and they all ended up being a weird orange color, or looked looked drawn on and unnatural. I’m very happy to say my search is finally over!! I LOVE UD’s Gingersnap Double Down Brow!!! It is so easy to use, lasts all day, and blends in really well with my natural hair color! UD, please don’t ever get rid of this product! Now, if only you would offer a dark brown mascara, instead of only black.....

  • Jazz6661

GREAT FORMULA, but let me explain my qualms.

Okay, let me start out by stating that the formula of these brow shades is great, and have ALWAYS been my go-to. Absolutely LOVE the product.
Now, let me explain how the product has changed for the WORST, warranting this two-star review.
The old UD Brow Box had a two tier stacked packaging. Upon opening the top lid, a duo of brow shades and brow wax would be revealed, of course with a mirror on the other side of the lid. Upon opening the bottom tier, you’d find three tools, an angled brush, a spoolie, and a mini tweezers. Beautifully packaged and created with the consumer in mind.
This reimagining of the Brow Box lacks wax and tweezers, the angled brush and spoolie which were traditionally two separate tools have now become one dual-sided tool (which isn’t a HUGE deal), and the packaging is lighter and seems cheaper and less durable.
I am NOT impressed, Urban Decay!

  • drjgill5

Lasts all day, never have to worry about eyeshadow creasing now that I have this!

  • swheele

Love this eye primer! I work 10 hours shifts in the ER and when using this primer my eyeshadow does not crease for the entire shift! Have repurchased multiple times!

  • amri1614

I bought this because so many people had told me they loved it, but I was very underwhelmed. It does its job, but not as I expected and not worth the price

  • jeryanx

I like this product because it works really well - the only thing I don't like about it is that it can get a little "cakey". I have a really sensitive face - so sometimes this irritates my skin, but for the most part it's great.

  • xCHIx

My eyelids feel extremely dry

I gave into the hype and thoroughly disappointed. It doesn’t work well for me. I put this on, and just as I’m finishing my eye look my eyelids feel extremely dry! I’ve even tried moisturizer underneath it. I use different concealers and I don’t have a problem.

  • megzlizzy

Didn’t like the feel, felt like it didn’t stay on my eyes and left my eyeshadow uneven in creases

  • AndreaLaura

The only eye primer I trust

I love the Urban Decay Primer Potion. It neutralizes discoloration on the eyelids and evens the texture. It also boosts the pigment of shadows and prolongs their wear time. As I've started to age, the skin on my eyes has begun to sag causing my eyeshadows to crease but primer potion helps to keep it looking fresh.

  • estineenee

nice when combined with another primer.

A good white base that gives your shadows more true to color. It can crease though if used by itself. I usually layer this on top of my MAC paint pot orca shade on the occasions when I know I’m going out dancing or wedding events and I don’t want my eye makeup to move at all. No creasing issues when layering.

  • megzlizzy

Didn’t like the feel, felt like it didn’t stay on my eyes and left my eyeshadow uneven in creases

  • skyeOwO

Hate the packaging/application method, extremely unsanitary and difficult to reach product when you’ve made your way through a good portion of the tube. When my came the formula had already somewhat separated so every other dip into the tube would come out with a watery consistency unless I pump the brush a few times. The primer itself functions well. Too Faced Shadow Insurance has the better packaging/application, lower price, and similar functionality.


  • Brookevball

I really this primer, it works and keeps my eyeshadow on. I feel like the applicator is a little weird. It doesn’t have a fragrance and is easy to apply and blend onto my eye. It’s not sticky or too dry. I’m giving this four stars because I think it’s a good product but there is nothing super special about it that makes it amazing. But I would still recommend this product.

  • Dorina


I love this palette! The shades and package are amazing. Perfect for everyday use.


  • Elodie

Lovely shades for a natural look

Nice shades, the brush is great too. You can buy it when on sale :)


  • Anonymous

Colours just fab!

This was a treat when the lockdown started. It is now my new favourite. Every colour will be used!

  • Jurate

Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette

Was very pleased with this product. Tried so many eyeshadow palettes but was never satisfied with any of them. This one is just amazing. Lovely colours. It stays long and the price is very good as well.

The best eyeshadow palette I have ever had. Will defined buy another one once finish with this one.

  • Gemma Nash

Three Stars

I did not receive an application Brush with my palette

  • Sam

Four Stars

Really good but box and makeup was a little uncared for

  • Donna

she loved

present for daughter.she loved it

  • Tracy

Five Stars

lovely quality makeup

  • Customer


Now I look beautiful

  • moclay31


This palette is worth every penny of the cost. The shadows don’t crease on the eyelid, they blend perfectly and at the end of the day will look as if it has just been applied. Wouldn’t use any other brand

  • Javiera G.

I loved the color of this lipgloss, it’s a very nice and combinable nude. The finish is very pretty but I didn’t love the texture; it’s a little more sticky than the ones I like so I will buy it again just for special occasions. It’s a very nice lipgloss anyways.


  • flairgirl8

I have this in naked, which is a sheer warm nude tone with lots of microshimmer. This does have a nice shine but it is not super glossy by any means. Has a peppermint smell and scent. I did not notice any lip plumping effect from this lip gloss. I found this to be a nice, shiny lip gloss that was not too tacky and fairly long lasting on me. This did not dry out my lips either.


  • Michelle O.

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous!! Such a beautiful color with just the right amount of shimmer. Nice shine in a gloss, but not super sticky. Yummy mint flavor too!!


  • lyssa K.

This is one of the best glosses i’ve came across. It gives my lips a good shine and a pretty shimmer. The formula is a little sticky on the lips but other than that it’s a good gloss. i would purchase this again in a different shade because unlike most glosses, the color in the tube looks the same on your lips!


  • Lari405

Have had my eye on this since seeing social media blow up with it and I’m disappointed to say - overhyped. This lip gloss is $20, feels gloppy and uncomfortable on the lips, and doesn’t last any longer than other glosses I use. My Milani lip gloss produces more shine with a thinner consistency and gives the same tingle as this. I would not recommend this product especially at the higher price point!

  • slcomer

I got this product in Candy Flip, and it’s such a nice addition to my look! I love glitter, and I was incredibly pleased with this as it not only was glittery, but based on the way light hits it changes color! It looks incredibly sophisticated and not at all gaudy. Even after eating, it stayed on pretty well.


  • Mytmel

I really enjoy the funky colors, especially in gloss form - so that I am not comitted to a given shade all day long. It is sticky, which isn't my favorite, but I knew that when I purchased because I received samples with a prior UD purchase. I also liked the virtual testing online & can report that it's surprisingly accurate.


  • EphrataMom2008

I’ve had better lipglosses, this has a funny smell, it’s slightly tacky, and it doesn’t last long. I like the color, but wouldn’t buy this gloss again.


  • Ravnfyr

Great lipgloss - good shine, excellent color payoff (for what it is), and it's not sticky. I love that because I absolutely hate sticky glosses. This one lasts a couple of hours at work, which is nice since I don't have a lot of time for touchups. It won't survive lunch, but then it's not meant to. It's great over UD liquid lipsticks, or any others, and it's fun to create new looks.


  • Ivyrain80

I absolutely LOVE this product!! I have had the pleasure of trying 2 different shades so far. I have tried SPL and Fuel. SPL so far is my absolute favorite! I am a fan of glosses. And this is by far the BEST one I have ever used! I am totally hooked!!