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GlossRay Reviews

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GlossRay Lip Plumper Device

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Gloss Ray Reviews

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  • Hernandez

I recently got this product...

I recently got this product, I have very sensitive gums but I read that this kit's gel was great and won’t cause any pain. I don’t feel any discomfort at all! I've done 2 treatments so far and it's all great. I'll be buying the gels separately. Also this is a cheaper alternative to the dentist. I went to the dentist around 3 years ago and the gel was strong and I couldn't finish the time of the treatment. This gel is a lot gentler and I don’t have any teeth sensitivity after using it.

  • Loii 00

SO good

Well So far, so good. It has only been 4-5 days, but I am happy that this product does not cause tooth sensitivity. I usually have problems with the white strips because I can only handle using them every 3rd day or so. I am able to use this kit daily with no problem at all. Thank you GlossRay for this amazing product!

  • Jane R


I found this kit to be convenient and it really does whiten your teeth. Also, it only takes a few minutes to use and then you’re on your way vs. the teeth whitening film that takes a while to work. I noticed a difference right away on my first application. With more applications I’m hoping for whiter teeth. I would definitely use this product again.

  • Edwin

So helpful

I drank a lot of coffee, so I needed a whitening Kit to help with the stains on my teeth. My sister has been using the Gloss Ray Teeth Whitening Kit for several months and did see results! So I ordered one. Now after 2 months, I can easily smile.

  • Sar.A

It actually works!

It actually works. I can say that this did wonders on my teeth and I was actually shocked by how well it worked.

  • Lara Ha

Whitened my teeth within the 6 days as…

Whitened my teeth within 6 days as promised, i was very surprised at the results as I have a tooth that has always had a bad yellow stain on from years of smoking and this product has actually helped reduce the yellowing of that tooth 

  • Katrin.Sf

Useful product

This is an amazing product. My teeth are much whiter now

  • Nina76

It’s amazing!

I overall loved this product! I’ve struggled with my teeth for a long time. I tried whitening strips, but they would make my teeth hurt and become very sensitive. This product is amazing. It’s simple and it really works. It doesn’t hurt my teeth like whitening strips did. I definitely feel more confident about my smile