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overall rating : 6


overall rating : 6

Many individuals want to have healthy, glowing skin. For some people, glowing skin is a sign of good health. There are several methods for enhancing skin brightness.

Kiehl's skincare products may provide a pleasant experience. Having said that, there are several things from this brand that are well worth purchasing.


It is located in New York City, Manhattan.
Kiehl's products are available in flagship shops, high-end department stores, the brand's own website, and various independent retailers.
Is Kiehl's a good brand? Absolutely yes. Kiehl's is a reputable brand. It manufactures and sells high-quality, natural, and organic cosmetics and skin care items across the globe. According to Kiehl's, the firm treats its product lines with specific ingredients such as non-comedogenic air treatment systems, aroma extraction technologies, and more using proprietary, top-of-the-line methods.
Kiehl's is a trusted company.
Kiehl's is a skincare company dedicated to providing the finest products and services possible. They claim that their high-end products will not irritate or create allergies, and that each one has been rigorously evaluated by a team of dermatologists.
Keihl's concentration on pure, natural ingredients makes it a fantastic choice for folks who are concerned about what they put on their skin but still want it to work. Keihl's has a much more adult vibe about it. The bulk of its products address aging-related skin issues such as wrinkles, dull skin, and uneven tone. Overall, Kiehl's skincare is a good investment, and you may get any of the items mentioned. This brand's masks, creams, lotions, oils, and serums are manufactured with high-quality natural components that are thoroughly evaluated before being incorporated in the mix, ensuring your complete safety.


  • PROS
  • Everything you need to maintain your skin wrinkle-free and clear.

  • A wide range of novel substances are included in the products.

  • The focus of the brand is on delivering items that are made from natural ingredients.

  • Every skincare product comes with a free sample.

  • CONS
  • Minor difficulties with shipment

  • Some of its products might cause irritation

Remy Sharp
Pamela ClaireWed May 18 2022
Pamela ClaireWed May 18 2022

I purchased almost $1000 worth of products during a 2 for 1 sale. The products were thrown into a box which was way too big for them with NO PADDING. Of course during the shipping process the heavy products in glass containers bounced all over the box, damaging the packaging of them all significantly. The boxes of almost every one of the boxed items were crushed & the unboxed items had dents in their lids. The way they packaged them INSURED THEY WOULD BE DAMAGED. All I wanted was an exchange for the pristine items that I paid for. NO! WE CAN'T DO THAT. AGAINST POLICY. So ok, let me return them & re-purchase at the same price I bought them at. NO! WE CAN'T DO THAT. AGAINST POLICY. The only option I was given was to return the items I purchased on sale, at my expense, and repurchase at full price. THAT'S OUR POLICY! Well your policies stink out loud! I wish I could put a picture here of the damaged goods. I can't give presents to people with smashed up boxes & dented lids. Shame on you Kiehl's! You've been around since 1851, but with this kind of customer service, you may be on your way out.

Remy Sharp
DjuiLing LieFri Apr 29 2022
DjuiLing LieFri Apr 29 2022
Twice I had ordered and they shipped it late and always had missing things. They not send all my order completely.
Remy Sharp
pablo vazquez alfonsoWed Mar 09 2022
pablo vazquez alfonsoWed Mar 09 2022
Customer services don’t even bother to read the emails properly, they have not addressed any of the issues raised. Their attitude “nah we can’t help because…” and they just make something up why they cannot help me
Remy Sharp
Nguyen Thu GiangWed Mar 09 2022
Nguyen Thu GiangWed Mar 09 2022
If I could give less than 1 star for the business, I would. I returned the product and sent it by post with the provided return code 1 month ago (from January to now) and received no email saying they have received it. I emailed them to ask about my return and they said the warehouse hasn't received it. How is it possible? The return process is extremely inconvenient that I had to print out the paper and fill in the form. Now I have to accept that you would never receive my parcel and I will lose my money.



Kiehl's is a well-known brand that has been operating for almost a century. Because of its lengthy history, the organization may be able to provide skincare knowledge for its customers. Furthermore, certain Kiehl's products have received industry accolades, such as the Allure Best of Beauty Award for Kiehl's ultra-facial cleanser in 2011.

Kiehl’s Company / Healthy-looking Skin

According to skin specialists, the best method to maintain healthy-looking skin and looking youthful is to shield it from the sun and not to smoke, and then to pay attention to how you wash, moisturize, and shave it. The key to having smooth and healthy-looking skin is to choose the proper skincare for your skin type. Choose skin care products that are tailored to your skin type's specific requirements.

Kiehl's is an American cosmetic company that produces high-quality skin, hair, and body care products. Kiehl's originated as a drugstore in Manhattan in 1851, and the firm has been working on its most famous beauty and skincare recipe ever since.

What Do Kiehl’s Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

Fans of Kiehl's goods have praised the brand. Because of its moisturizing characteristics, Kiehl's eye cream avocado, for example, has gotten a favorable response. One Kiehl’s reviews claim that when she uses this eye treatment, her dark circles vanish. The best Kiehl's moisturizer, according to reviews, is Kiehl's ultra facial moisturizer, which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Based on Kiehl’s reviews, other moisturizers are available for specific skin types, but this one is suitable for all. It's especially crucial for higher-priced items to go a long way, not to mention be effective. This concentrate seems to be a combination of the two.

Kiehl’s Before and After

Customers discuss beautiful skin and how quickly the serum works; they also offer Kiehl’s before and after photos, which you can see on the brand's website.

Kiehl's Product Company

Unlike most cosmetic companies, Kiehl's offers a wide range of products for men and women. The company offers a wide range of high-quality body care products, creams, face masks, eye treatment products, hair treatments and styling products, and more. The brand strives to reduce its environmental impact by using renewable ingredients and sustainable packaging in all of its formulas.

Kiehl's avocado eye cream, Kiehl's facial fuel, Kiehl's for dark spots, Kiehl's hand salve, Kiehl's lip balm, and Kiehl's glow formula skin hydrator are among the brand's best-selling items.

5 Best Kiehl’s Products

1.Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil

While you sleep, the moisturizing concentration face oil helps to reverse skin aging by visibly replenishing it. This skin care product is free of parabens, silicone, alcohol, and mineral oils, all of which may cause or worsen allergies.


2.Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Vitamin C Serum

On Kiehl's website, this strong vitamin C serum with 12.5 percent vitamin C and hyaluronic acid is a real best-seller. It's devoid of parabens, alcohols, mineral oils, and dyes.


3.Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector

By significantly eliminating dark spots and hyperpigmentation, Kiehl's brightening serum helps to even skin tone and promote luminosity. This spot corrector is ideal for people of all skin tones and kinds, especially those who have sensitive skin.


4.Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

This eye cream is a must-have in your make-up bag if you need to smooth and nourish your eye area. Your skin will always appear fresh and rested if you use this restorative product.

Best Eye Cream


5.Facial Fuel Daily Energizing Moisture Treatment for Men

From the first application, this paraben- and sulfate-free product delivers antioxidant protection and softens skin.

Kiehl’s Customer Service

Kiehl's provides free standard shipping on purchases over $50, with a delivery period of 3-5 business days. The firm also offers Next Day Delivery, which allows you to get your purchases the next working day after making an order. However, this delivery choice will incur additional charges.

Kiehl's customer service may be reached through the contact us form or the toll-free phone number listed on the website.

Kiehl’s Return Policy

To accommodate the wide range of skin types and preferences, the business provides a money-back guarantee on all of its products. The only condition is that you return it to the same source from where you obtained it.