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Overall Customer Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 with 88 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.3 out of 5 with 88 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Garnier Face Moisturizer

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Garnier Reviews

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  • Erica

Allergic reaction!!! Beware.

**** Beware you may have an allergic reaction****I just wanna say I don't understand the good reviews on this. I have used every single moisturizer under the sun. I dont really have "sensitive skin" either. All the ones that come in Ipsy bags and tons from drug stores. Even the cheap dollar tree moisturizer and NOT A ONE has ever made my face turn into a tomatoe. And my eyelids swell. It was awful. Skip this product at all costs!!!! It clearly did not moisturize.

  • Wilson Guo

Glad my first facial moisturizer is this one!

As a asian guy who doesn't have a skin care routine, I started digging into the absolute essentials. At the top of the list was sunscreen and moisturizer. I bought this moisturizer expecting to be super oily throughout the day especially since I have naturally oily skin.

However, to my surprise the sunscreen absorbs into my skin within a minute. Of course when you touch your face you'll feel the moisturized effect, but how many times do you actually touch your face? It goes visibly unnoticed.

I have a mixed skin type where my forehead and nose are super oily, while during the dry season my cheeks crack up. To my surprise using the moisturizer fortified my cheeks, not a single crack this season!

Since my first purchase, I've bought three more bottles

  • Nat

Small tub, not bad for price

It’s a tiny container but a little bit goes a long way. I have combination dry skin, so I have to add a little extra on the dry areas but it works well all around.

  • Carolyn S


Great product for a great price. I am a makeup artist and I have tried my fair share of skin care. My all time favorite is $50+ and that just isn’t in the budget. I am 35 with VERY sensitive combo skin. My preferred moisturizer is a gel as it hydrates without feeling heavy and oily. I 100% recommend this! It does not have an added scent and has never irritated my skin. It does not leave a greasy residue or “heavy” feeling, just fresh.

I also live in a tropical climate so the lightweight feel and amount of hydration from this very inexpensive product is a home run. 10/10!

  • .ˑheatherˑleighˑ.


I'm really diggin' this moisturizer! I like it better than Garnier's Moisture Bomb, and Neutrogena's Hydroboost. It's lightweight, which i appreciate, because I start sweating as soon as regular lotion moisturizer even touches my face loo. Also, it doesn't have SPF, which I like, because it always burns my face. But, I highly recommend this gel moisturizer. It's hydrating! Also, people have mentioned the scent as being overwhelming... I didn't have this issue. But, this varies greatly from person to person.

I just made this little update, because I just noticed this was hidden for sensitivity reasons. WHY? It's a great, positive 5-star review!!!!

  • angie moyer


I don’t know how this product has almost 5 stars, instead of moisturizing my skin in made it very dry and left dry patches! I do not have sensitive skin at all but it irritated it so much left my skins dry itchy and red for days!!!! When I put it on it burned so much!! I absolutely hate this product ! I knew the price was to good to be true! Rather than moisturizing my skin it dried it out and damaged it!!! DO NOT RECOMMEND DO NOT BUY YOU WILL REGRET WORST $7 IVE EVER SPENT BEWARE IT WILL HARM UR SKIN FOR WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • puppycat

 Favorite moisturizer!


Normally I am not one to repurchase the same product unless I truly don't think I can find anything better. Not with this moisturizer! I have tried both the dry skin (pink) and the normal/combo (green/blue) versions of this product and both are fantastic. It applies smoothly and a little goes a long way. I only need to dip my finger once in the product to cover my whole face. It takes away the tight, dry feeling after washing my face yet does not make my skin feel tacky or oily. Instead it makes my skin feel very soft. The screw on lid is also smooth and quick, an added touch. I love everything about this moisturizer. One jar lasted me an entire winter with semi-daily use. Will purchase again after this jar runs out.

  • YINyang111

 Love love love


I use the same moisturizer for my oily combo skin for over 10 years now and they no longer make it. so I had to find one that I could learn to love Just as much. I took a chance on this product based on reviews and I'm so glad I did. Really impressed with how it goes on a skin and how well it hydrates and refreshes but doesn't leave any sticky were caked on feeling.

  • Kristen Mack

 Light weight moisturizer


Its a lightweightgel like texture. Its not greasy or sticky. My skin loves it. I have combination skin. Its perfect in the warmer months. I need something a little bit thicker on winter months.

  • Rhonda Davies

 My skin is finally completely clear!


For years I struggled with mild adult acne and as a person over 40 I was irritated by the fact that I was still suffering from monthly acne outbreaks. I have combination skin with ranges from normal to oil slick. I started using this product along with the micellar water 3 months ago. I use it every night after I clean my face. I don't use it in the morning because it doesn't have an SPF, I use CeraVe Ultralight Moisturizing Lotion with spf 30 under my make up during the day. I have had the chance to use this product under my make up for evenings and it works well with my myriad of products and just absorbs into my skin easily leaving it feeling velvety and not coated like many other moisturizers. I would recommend this even if you're not ready to commit to a new moisturizer just find this product in the travel aisle and buy the trial size to see if it works got you. That's how I started because I was torn between this and Neutrogena's gel moisturizer. This product won and it's cheaper.

  • Chanel

 I love this stuff

I have combo skin and I hate cream based lotions on my face. It makes my face feels greasy and horrible. But this is wonderful is just right. It makes my skin feel hydrated and fresh at the same time andddddd it doesn't leave my face oily not even towards the end of the day! Which is lovely.

If you have any questions or what not you can contact me via Instagram at Chanelrodx! ❤️