The Ordniary is a popular Canadian Skin care company under the global beauty brand, Deciem’s, umbrella. The products are created to meet most common skin care needs with a reasonable and affordable price. Since its launch, The Ordinary has gained a loyal customer base of users who not only love The Ordinary skin care products, but also appreciate the brand’s commitment to transparency.

The Ordinary’s founding philosophy is “clinical formulations with integrity”. Each of their formulations is simple, containing only a few ingredients including one or two actives, and leaving out additives, fillers, fragrance, and dyes.


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The Ordinary Niacinamide

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The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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The Ordinary Argan Oil

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The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

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The Ordinary Reviews

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  • Mellisaa

We all have different skin

We all have different skin and different products work for some and not for others. This product felt great going on my skin but after 3 days of use it broke me out worse than I have in years. I would recommend using this with caution and stopping at the first sign of new breakouts.

  • Queen

I tried to use this product on 3 different

I tried to use this product on 3 different occasions and they all resulted the same. After 2 or 3 days of using this product my chin area and jaw was popping up with large painful pimples

  • B.Lar

This is not at all what I expected ...

This is not at all what I expected it left my skin with big red pimples that hurt. Also my skin was really itchy.

  • Sareen.E

Not for all skin types

It’s alright, it’s helped to calm my red skin but ever since I started using it I’ve seemed to have more breakouts which I’ve heard other users have also experienced. I probably wouldn’t recommend this if you have sensitive skin like me.

  • Amanda

One star

I bought this thinking it would help my acne but I did a patch test on my arm before I put it on my skin and an hour later the entire area was covered in red small bumps. 

  • Alice

Had to discontinue use.

One star because it Didn’t do anything for me & also caused my face to break out really badly. Had to discontinue use.

  • Laurie

I give it zero stars

I would never buy this again. It made my face breakout so bad and actually creates new scars. I give it zero stars.

  • MD

Doesn't have a long lasting effect

I use it every evening, and I see the effect in the morning, but by the end of the day my forehead is covered with spots and inflammation again. So, it sooth the skin only for several hours.

  • pat

this has made my skin literally perfect

I can't recommend this product enough

  • Danielle


it's really thick and sticky, which makes it feel like it's not really absorbed by my skin. It kinda just sits on top of it. Haven't noticed any difference in my skin since using.

  • Crafty Chrissie

Excellent stuff!

A super product that can be added to serum, eye cream, moisturiser. I use about 3 drops and mix it with my serum. I find that it spreads very easily this way. I have dry skin and the acid didn't spread too well on its own but is absolutely fine with a serum. I am delighted with the results. I previously used Eucerin's Hyaluronic Filler vials but this gives the same results and is much cheaper. Highly recommended!

  • Renata Oliveira

Great face product!

I really like this ordinary face product. My skin is quite oily to a point that I feel embarrassed. Since I started using this hyaluronic acid it became oil free and much smoother. I totally recommend it.

  • Bethany


I don’t know what this is but it’s not The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. I use this product all the time and this time bought from amazon. From the first use I thought it seemed a little more watery than the one I usually buy from Beauty Bay but brushed it off. Then my skin started having a reaction from it so I looked more closely at the packaging which is very similar but definitely not legit. Good effort but I’d like to know what is actually in this bottle. DO NOT BUY.

  • Sam

Safety seal cap

I'm rather worried this product isn't genuine. The cap does not have breakable safety seal. So I can not be certain if the product is from The Ordinary

  • @_flourishly

It's sticky

The serum has a sticky, tacky hand feel to it but it does the job. The bottle is twice the size and half the price as Glossier's Super Bounce and I get out of it what I'm looking for. My skin looks great and I can deal with the 15 seconds of tackiness when I use it for this price & overall quality. I don't wear makeup so I can't offer insight on how it wears under makeup.

  • HannahL

Product arrived damaged and unusable

The bottle was completely shattered and leaking everywhere. The packaging was a flimsy bag so I’m not surprised. I was super excited about this but now I’m hesistant to buy again- especially since I can’t get a refund from this.

  • Customer

So far this is great

I've replaced the expensive TNS serum with this more affordable baby and so far it's exceeded my expectations. I'm really happy with it. My skin is brighter and the texture feels smoother.

  • matt

Very impressed

Very happy with this purchase! I recently went through a derma roller experience and this was the serum used afterwards. This serum really hydrates and makes you feel like a million bucks afterwards. I use a few drops after I get out of the shower as a proplyatic and am very pleased. Would highly recommend.

  • Kathy Fleming

Great product

Love all The Ordinary products. Great quality at affordable prices

  • gale gillam

Jury is still out

Still neutral on the subject. Almost gone. Bought it and se simultaneously with the Buffet. Skin is less dry not not really seen much change. Used twice a day. Had no irritation from either product. The Ordinary has many products and may move on. This mature skin needs more help that this.

  • Pat B.

Not Impressed

I couldn't see any change in my complexion...Would not recommend

  • Adam Sean Fishman

another Ordinary item not their best

a lot of promises! These Ordinary products are great on price long on hopes i gave this particular product away it added nothing to a skin care regimen.

  • Tara

Works better than any other serum.

I love this product!!! It does exactly what it says it does!! I'm hooked on the Ordinary company products. This stuff is my new go to, plus I save a ton of money from smashbox and it actually works better.

  • Scarlettsmimi

Best Defense to Aging

I would never be without this as it has totally changed my skin texture and fine lines without any irritation to my hyper-sensitive skin.

  • Kristos Tsompanelis

active ingredient , effective and great price

Let me start by saying that i m a cosmetic junky and i m a guy. i simoly like to idea that i take care of my apperance and how i present my self tothe world. i spend fortunes on big brands , big promises never seen a long result. Deciem produces active ingredients and holy cow they are active indeed. i m using this one among 4 other substances and my skin has gone from dull to glow and healthy within the forst 2 weeks. I know everyone has a different sensitivity level and i wnat to point out this is how my skin reacted . I am almost 50 and stiull have breakouts from time to time. that ended with a comninabtion of the Viatmin C30 at night and this priduct , Buffet, and nicainamin during the day. Sunscreen is a logic step if you make the effort to enteretain such treatments. And as i dont like. to say the word cheap , these are . I spend now 100 $ every 8-10 weeks , and have a battert of active helpers. I wished they exosted years agoi when i was willing to spend 300 bucks for a high end swiss prodct that clocged my pores royaly.

i recommend to try what works for you and then stick with it for some time . i belive they have a very good range but proceed with caution oif you have super-senstiv skin , these are ACTIVE ingrediens indeed.

  • Colleen

Is this counterfeit?!

Bought this on amazon a while ago and have been using it until I watched a documentary on counterfeit items. I then bought the same thing at a reputable cosmetics store and the labels are different with what seems to be possibly Chinese writing? The bottle on the left is from amazon. Seems very sketchy. I love this brand and I also love amazon for the most part but am highly concerned about this.


  • Olivia K Ford

Great Serum for the Price

This is a good hydrating serum. I used Glossier's Super Bounce before ordering this and will probably stick with The Ordinary. Can't beat the price.


  • Qmnauni3

It's working!

This feels great and is working wonders!
If you're the type that's into brands, then by all means buy your brands. Your coins after all. However, if you're into what gives results buy this. It's doing good things for me.

  • Victoria

Amazing product! 3x more expensive through Amazon

These products have changed my life!!! I’ve always like skincare, but was to lazy/cheap to truly invest in good skincare products, or have a daily routine. I read about The Original in some social network, and was intrigued. I just recently turned 30, and my face was begging for some care, so I tried them out. I did not regret it... these products gave life to my skin! After a few weeks, I noticed my skin is brighter, full of color, super soft, and clear. Just check out which routine best fits your skincare needs, and you’re set.

This product in particular helped bring my skin back to life. It was looking a bit ashy, and tended to dry. This product helps lock moisture in, and makes you skin look plump and healthy. It’s not overnight, but you can clearly see the results after a few weeks.

I want to give this a 10-star review, but the truth is that this product is 3x more expensive in Amazon than it is at The Original’s website. On the plus side, you’ll get your products much faster... but I would rather wait a couple more days and pay a third of the price.

  • Lauren B.

Not for Dry-Skinned Girls, or Those in Dry Environments

To sum up my experience with this product: I have learned that HA is a high maintenance acid if you have dry skin or live in a dry climate. I originally bought this product because everywhere I went, I heard all about how HA is soooo hydrating and it plumps up your skin, and as a very dry-skinned girl, I was excited for it. Nobody told me it was gonna be this hard to use. The fact of the matter is, HA molecules bind to water molecules in the air which is what brings the "hydrating" effect to your skin. Now this sounds great BUT, if you live in an extremely dry state like me (Arizona), there is not a lot of water molecules in the air for the HA to bind to. Instead, the acid actually pulls water out of your skin to bind to, which has a temporary hydrating effect but ultimately dehydrates the skin more. If you are a dry-skinned girl like me, living in a dry environment, give Hyaluronic Acid a hard pass. Unless you want to be drinking a ton more water everyday and spending every waking minute with your face in a humidifier.