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Overall Customer Reviews: 4.1 out of 5 with 56 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
4.1 out of 5 with 56 Votes

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Overall Rating :

Mederma Facial Toner

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Mederma Reviews

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  • Iz

Works as described

I have hypersensitive skin that is typically irritated by cleansing products (even those for sensitive skin). This is the first I’ve tried that doesn’t bother my skin, cause drying or breakouts. Works as described and is extremely hydrating without leaving my skin feeling greasy. A little goes a long way. Will purchase again.


  • Curious Lil Cat

I’ll have to pass.

I too am someone who has been using this since the prior formulation. Unfortunately, I have to agree that it is not as good as it once was. It used to help keep my acne at bay and eliminate ingrown hairs from shaving. This formulation doesn’t. How sad. As a cleanser it’s ok, but I can get an equivalent cleanser for less.


  • Nicki D

Love this product!

I love this toner. Have been using this (formerly called aqua glycolic) for 10 years. Using this cuts out the need for face wash. At night, I use a makeup remover wipe first and then this toner on a cotton pad to remove the remnants. In the morning I just use this toner on a cotton pad. This toner helps with acne as well as anti aging. It never dries out my skin (granted I have oily skin) and if I forget to moisturize I don't even notice. Can't say enough good things about this product.


  • mj

Works great on my oily and acne prone skin

Dermatologist recommended me this Mederma facila toner and I absolutely love it because it is helping me get rid of acne.


  • sol llamas

Gave me breakouts and stings

I used it for a around 2-3 weeks. It gave me breakouts and stung when I put it on. I have oily, acne prone, sensitive skin. I stopped using it and my breakouts have calmed down. My breakouts are less inflamed after stopping. I do not reccomend for sensitive skin or acne prone skin.


  • HJ

Love this facewash

This is the best face wash for anyone with cystic acne and/or hyperpigmentation. I was over $30 for MD Formulation Sensitive Skin face wash, which I can no longer find anywhere. This is almost identical to that facewash and both are amazing. This face wash doesn't have the same instructions as MD Formulations, but I follow the same steps - remove make up, then massage facewash into dry skin, and rinse. Love this stuff - PLEASE DONT DISCONTINUE


  • RhetoricalPhD

Helps with acne, but this alone won't cure it

Great for cleaning your face and helping with acne. This alone will not get rid of your acne though. This should be done in conjunction with other things if you have acne prone skin. Also, this was too harsh for my mother's skin who doesn't have acne at all.