Revision Skincare Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 3 out of 5 with 56 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
3 out of 5 with 56 Votes

Revision Skincare Reviews 

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Revision Skincare Multi Peptide Serum

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Revision Eye Cream

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Revision Skincare Reviews

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  • sophie

I've tried a lot of wrinkle-fighting treatments, but I keep coming back to this one! I did a lot of research and found it to be one of the best, most affordable serums on the market!

  • suzy

Excellent moisturizer. Both cost-effective and efficient. It simply takes a teeny-tiny scosh on your hand to apply to your face, and it works wonders.

  • selena

This product has produced the best outcomes. I've tried them all and this one is the best.

  • ashley

This came highly recommended, and I was hoping to enjoy it. It has a wonderful feel to it, and the fact that it is fragrance-free is excellent, but it broke me out like crazy....I stopped using it, then went back to it three times, and it did the same thing each time. I'm not sure if it's too rich for me, but I'll have to look for something else.

  • Adam1125

On the matter, I'm still undecided. It's almost over. I bought it and watched it at the same time as the Buffet. The skin is less dry, but there hasn't been much of a change. It's recommended that you use it twice a day. Revision Skincare has a large product line and may expand. This isn't enough to help this mature skin.

  • eleanor


First revision product purchased and I love it! Very moisturizing, helps makeup go on smoother. No irritations for my sensitive skin. Used for about 3 weeks now and noticing fine lines smoothed out slightly, excited for see more progress the longer I use this cream!

  • Karen Buy

Don't waste your money on this product

Doesn't work! Used it for few weeks and absolutely no difference. My eyes still look kinda puffy. Don't waste your money on this product