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Overall Customer Reviews: 2.9 out of 5 with 72 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
2.9 out of 5 with 72 Votes
Overall Rating :

Bio-Oil Multiuse Stretch mark Oil

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Bio-Oil Reviews

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  • Natasha


This was absolutely horrendous. I used it on my face and I BROKE OUT in a terrible red rash, had bumps everywhere, my skin was all swollen and red and extremely itchy!!! It’s been a few days, been taking allergy medication and it’s changed th texture of my skin completely! It is so rough and bumpy everywhere and I am so sad. This RUINED my face. PLEASE DO NOT BUY

  • Candigurl

Great purchase

I literally have no other words for this product other than amazing.

  • Iris Neal

It's a fake

 It's not the real product. When I compared to my other bottle the fragrance, colour and consistency are totally different. Will not be buying again.

  • Meh

I got new stretch marks on my breast that are pink/red and some pale ones so I immediately bought this and used as per instructions, after 4 weeks it did extremely help diminish the appearance & texture of my pale stretch marks but the red/pink are still the same color also Idk if it's something I'm allergic to but it gave me dry/itchy skin around my areola

  • Tammi J.

I bought [product:bio-oil-200ml:-multiuse-skincare-oil-(67oz)] from CVS and paid $20 for it, with a coupon. I love the smell of the oil. It’s really nice. A soft sexy smell. In regarding reducing the appearance of stretch marks I have not seen any improvement in that area. It does moisturize the skill nicely but that is it. I don’t see any improvement to my stretch marks and I have been using this oil for a couple of months and have a small amount of oil left in the bottle. At this point I am using it because I love the smell and it moisturize my skill but not reducing marks. I would buy it again in a coupon

  • Jo L.

I purchased two bottles of this product because I have keloid scars on my chest and stomach following major surgery. I tried this product as was told it would help with improving scaring. It applies well to the skin, it goes on oily but doesn't feel greasy, and smells nice too, however I saw no improvement with my scars. It does however hydrate and soften my skin so only use it to add more moisture when my skin is feeling very dry. It comes in a big bottle with 200ml of product.

  • Kate A.

Amazing !! I needed something for the terrible scars on my face, super dry peeling skin, and all the hyperpigmentation from acne. For reference I was on accutane twice, have very deep scars on my cheeks, and am still breaking out well into my mid-late 20’s. This has helped tremendously with the deep scaring.. was not expecting that! I’ve gotten lasers and microneedling for my scars , bio oil is showing just as amazing results for me ! I have very sensitive, oily skin, it has not broken me out or clogged my pores!

  • bella D.

I have very sensitive, oily, acne skin and I saw all the good reviews about this product for acne scars..... this was the only new product i added into my routine and the next morning my skin completely freaked out! I had about 10 new pimples, extreme redness, it was so bad that I couldn’t go to school. maybe it just didn’t react well with my other products but i would not reffing this for your face. (the first photo- blue sweatshirt- is my face the day before and i had not used to the oil. and the second photo- grey sweatshirt- is the morning after i use this oil)

  • Niki P.

So I’m use bio oil from last 6 month in a row and I’m amazed with the results I got. Trust me this oil is magical and does wonders to your skin. Before I use to think bio oil is only for pregnant women but now I got to know the use. I use to complain a lot about my acne scares to my mom and one day she suggested me this oil. Asked me to use this oil for 2 weeks. Bio oil not only remove your acne scares but also gives glow to your skin and makes it look fresh everyday. Now I use bio oil on my Daily life and I’m happy with the results. How I use bio oil : 1. To remove acne scares and un even skin tone. 2. Before Make up as a primer and sometimes as a highlighter 3. Use with eyeshadows to give that extra metallic sheen. 4. Use on my lips before applying lipstick gives right pout and moisture. 5. Softens dey elbows 6. Get a dewy glow by mixing with bronzer. 7. Use it as a hair serum. 8. Apply bio oil to reduce your dark circles. 9. Use to take off makeup or eyeliner or lashes. 10. Rub on to your sunburns prevent Peeling of your skin. Ps: my second bottle