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overall rating : 5


overall rating : 5

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the word skin is our image. Our appearance is what everyone imagines us as when they're thinking about us, and one of the biggest parts of our appearance is our skin. Our skins tell the stories of our lives: the times we fell down while playing; the times we fought; and the times we loved. For that reason alone, it's important to preserve our skins so that we can use them with ease throughout our lives. Unfortunately, taking care of one's skin is not an easy job, and all of us usually fail to meet our skin's high needs for maintenance. Palmer’s reviews show that users are happy with this brand. 

The good news is that there happens to be many interested manufacturers that wish to present an aiding hand in the process of skincare and not all of them are necessarily the right ones you've been looking for. That's when the ingredients of the product in use come to light and show just how important they can be. Palmer’s has always been about using the best ingredients they can find, and most of Palmer’s reviews swear by their ingredients' quality. The main active ingredients Palmer’s is crazy about and would at least use one of them in their formulas are coconut, usually in the butter form or the oil form, and cocoa butter, which they believe to be nature's super ingredient. Palmer’s reviews show great satisfaction among customers. 

If one looks at the Palmer’s brand to evaluate how user-friendly Palmer’s is, one will be amazed by the many positive reviews in the product section of Palmer’s reviews, and the various options to include more people in Palmer’s production will be jaw-dropping. From hands and body to babies and hair, Palmer’s products are designed to be your first go-to when facing any condition, and with the various formula options and forms such as creams and lotions, you will never feel the need to search for something other than Palmer’s products. Palmer’s reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy. Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream is one of the best stretch mark creams on the market.

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Palmer’s is a trusted brand, famous for its skin and hair products, and has sales in over 100 countries in the whole wide world.
Palmer’s brand is proud to declare its support of Breast Cancer Now, Black Women Rising, and Future Dreams charities.
Palmer’s products are quite common and can usually be found in mass merchandise stores, drug stores, beauty supply stores, supermarkets, and club stores. There's also a list of Palmer’s retailers available on the official website.
Palmer’s is definitely real and has been providing relief for millions of people for over two centuries with the use of coconut oil and cocoa butter in their products.
Palmer’s is without doubt a cruelty-free company and does not conduct tests and experiments on animals.


  • PROS
  • Palmer’s brand is completely cruelty-free and doesn’t abuse any animals in its products' production process  

  • Innovative use of cocoa butter and coconut oil as the basis of most of their products   

  • Providing a wide range of various products that would meet their customers' needs   

  • Offering different ingredient options in order to please as many people as they can  

  • CONS
  • The return policy has not been disclosed on their official website   

  • The official website doesn’t have any purchasing options   



Remy Sharp
AdelaideThu Feb 24 2022
AdelaideThu Feb 24 2022
Very, very poor customer service but Good quality of products
Remy Sharp
VivienneSat Feb 12 2022
VivienneSat Feb 12 2022
I used this brand for a few months.Stay away from this brand. False promises from the start.



Palmer’s is a very experienced skin care brand that has been around for more than 170 years. This brand uses real, high-quality natural ingredients to formulate the best skin care products for all needs and purposes of all users at affordable and really economical prices. Palmer’s products are available in more than one hundred countries all over the world. Palmer’s reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

Palmer’s Company

The amazing story of the Palmer’s brand dates back to 1971. Even though the real story of the parent company started nearly two centuries ago, the parent company of the Palmer’s brand, ET Browne Drug Co., was leased under Arnold Neis's name, a chemist back in the 1970s. It was all about cocoa butter, and his enthusiasm had led him to gain immense knowledge about this amazing ingredient only in 1971. Cocoa butter used to be the basic main ingredient of many formulas available on the market back in the 1970s, such as lotions with many different production qualities. Palmer’s reviews are mostly positive. 

Ever since then, the family business of the Palmer’s brand slowly grew and began to gain international presence and popularity over the years, finally succeeding in becoming a global skincare brand, selling millions of products all over the world in more than 100 countries. The UK is of special note as Palmer’s is the leading brand in the market of cocoa butter body care brands in the UK. Palmer’s reviews are absolutely inspiring.

Even though the Palmer’s brand has come a long way in providing the best care products, the scientists and the manufacturers of the Palmer’s brand are never resting so that they can keep the search for an improved formula going. Palmer’s is constantly exploring the finest ingredients they can get their hands on in case Palmer’s would be able to include them in its formulas to help with skin and hair conditions. Palmer’s reviews are great.

Palmer’s Reviews

What do Palmer’s reviews reveal about the brand? When you are looking for your next body care obsession, you should usually look at the reviews section as all the secrets and hard truths about a product can be found in that section, and Palmer’s reviews all sing high praises for Palmer’s products. The usual consumers of Palmer’s products are over 30, but Palmer’s brand is used by a wide range of people. All of Palmer’s reviews would agree that the use of cocoa butter is one of the most pleasant choices made in the history of cosmetic products. Palmer’s reviews speak for themselves.

Palmer’s Before and After

Based on the product used by the customer and what their initial skin texture is, Palmer’s products offer different effects, and the effects are totally exclusive to the individual themselves. However, based on the data extracted from Palmer’s reviews, the supple and soft feeling that the skin experiences is quite frequent, and Palmer’s products increase the moisture of the skin. Palmer’s reviews will amaze you.

Palmer’s Product Company

Palmer’s brand has proudly celebrated its 182nd anniversary in 2022. After centuries of providing cosmetic products, Palmer’s has stayed true to itself and keeps its focus on creating luxurious yet effective products that are highly inspired by nature while making them affordable for anyone interested in the whole wide world. Palmer’s reviews are an indication of its quality.

The Best Palmer’s Products

Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks: with the help of collagen, lutein, and cocoa butter.  Palmer's Stretch Mark Cream is that savior that humanity has been seeking all these years to rid itself of its stretch marks.

Coconut Oil Swivel Stick: worry not, because with using Palmer’s Coconut Oil Swivel Stick, not only will your chapped lips improve, but also your kisses will be better than they have ever been.

Moisture Boost Conditioner: involving coconut oil on a whole new level, Palmer’s has not forgotten about the health of your hair and improves your hair condition by deep locking moisture.

Palmer’s Customer Service

One of the most important things about a brand being user-friendly is its customer service. Fortunately, Palmer’s is one of the most responsible brands when it comes to customer service, and not only is Palmer’s available on four different platforms, it has also provided three different email addresses for anyone needing to contact Palmer’s. Palmer’s reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.

Palmer’s Return Policy

There are times when all of us sometimes face situations where we are no longer happy with our purchases. As for Palmer’s brand's return policy, anyone interested can email [email protected] for more information from their trusted experts. Palmer’s reviews show great satisfaction regarding the quality.