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#3 SkinCeuticals Skinceuticals Facial Toner

Overall Rating: 4.4

Capterra Rating: #4.4 .. out of 5 with 9 ratings
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Skinceuticals Facial Toner Reviews

Skinceuticals Facial Toner Review

SkinCeuticals Biomedic LHA Solution removes pore congestion and clarifies the skin with a triple combination of LHA, glycolic acid salicylic acid. It gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it ready for clinical procedures, enhancing the penetration of peeling agents. Refresh your complexion with a pore-clearing and skin-smoothing toner.Who is this for? For those with aging skin prone to acne breakouts who want clear pores and smoother skin.


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Facial Toner

Skinceuticals Facial Toner Reviews

I have had oily, acne prone skin since I was a preteen! Now in my mid 30's, not much has changed except how I take care of my skin and the numerous amount of products on the market for acne! I have tried numerous different brands ranging from store bought brands to those seen on infomercials to those prescription brands! Some of them worked great for a couple of weeks to 2-3 months at most, but then after this honeymoon period, my skin would go back to what it was like before I started using it!!!

Skinceuticals Facial Toner

This is the only toner that I've found that actually works for me and still works! I've been using SkinCeuticals for over a year now and will keep using it! Now I'm not saying that my acne is completely gone, but the number of blemishes and how often I get them has greatly diminished while the texture and feel of my skin has improved! This toner also helps to control the oily shine of my skin when no other one I've used has! I don't wake up with my face looking like I just splashed grease on it! I recommend this product to anyone who has oily acne prone skin!

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  • Jay

Great for sensitive skin, not harsh at all.


  • Sueky

Takes off all the last bits of my make up and leaves my skin feeling clean and clear. Doesnt ever feel stripped after this


  • Sarine

Toners are the best to refresh and whiten your face. I always use the skin ceuticals. Its a good value and it last with you two months if your heavy user. But I’m going to try the Kiehl’s rare earth pore refining tonic as I’m hearing so many positive reviews about it


  • Tabitha

I truly love this toner it gets off the excess residue after washing my face and it’s a good value hope they update the container


  • michi

SkinCeuticals Equalizing Toner seems to me from just a few uses so far, to be a purifying/clarifying toner for me, making my combination/sensitive skin a bit reddened and dry. However, it is also cold winter here so it may be more soothing and appropriate for me in the hot summer. It is seeming to help clear up a family member's acne though.


  • LovelySkin Customer

I have really reactive skin and this toner really helps slough off the residual residue that’s stuck to my skin after I wash without drying my skin. I love it!


  • Shell

This toner has been the missing step in my skin care regimen. It cleans off any residue and dead skin cells. It’s not like other Astringent toners I have used. Besides cleaning, this toner conditions and hydrates. Awesome product.


  • tetemik

Nothing special about this toner. I love SkinCeuticals, and I'm really disappointed. It dried out my skin even though I used it only once a day


  • Vivianlr40

The other SC toner I was using would sting a bit. So I tried this one and I like it better. Not so harsh. I use Retin-a so sometimes my skin is a bit irritated in spots. This feels comfortable and mild.