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Estee Lauder Eye Cream

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  • Benny

It removes mole also

From the before/after picture, the mole has gone!!

  • Grace

This will leave your eyes silky smooth!! I didn’t see it get rid of wrinkles or bags but it hydrated my under eyes very well! Works great before applying makeup!


  • Monica

My favorite thing about this is the gel formula. It absorbs nicely without feeling greasy. It helps with my dark circles a little but not too much. Also on the pricier side


  • Kathlyn

Expensive but worth it. I’ve been using for 6 weeks and I’ve noticed a huge difference. It smells really good too! I bought it in a bundle and will definitely buy again when I run out. A little goes a long way. You don’t need much at all.


  • Katie

This product irritated my under eye and left dry, red patches. It was very uncomfortable! It didn’t start happening until about a week into using it. Very sad over this because it seemed to be working at first and then it to a turn. Expensive and not worth it.


  • Natasha

This is an ok eye cream it's a temporary solution to under eye dryness and puffiness! After you wash it off it's back to ol crepe eyes! It smells like the overnight serum just a thicker consistency! I'm not sure why it has such good reviews! Try it you may like it



  • Meghan

I don’t know about anyone else, but when fall hits and the weather starts getting frigid - my skin does NOT cooperate. I love this eye cream because I can pop it on at night and wake up with nice dewy skin around my eyes. Bonus - I look like I actually got a good nights rest. Definitely worth the splurge for me.


  • Tia

While the consistency is nice and not heavy, unfortunately they irritated my eyes and created an eczema flare up on my eyes. I had high hopes for this product because i had asked a few people about eye creams to help with some fine lines around my eyes and this was a consistent recommendation and unfortunately it didn't work for me.


  • Ebony

I’ve only recently received this product so I have only had a few days to work with it, for the short time I’ve had with it I’ve seen positive results which is a good sign so I will continue to use it


  • Raquel D

I like the immediate and long term effects of this product I find that my dark circles are nearly completely gone and it aims to decrease my puffiness, I only use this at night and switch to a different brand in the morning.


  • MIRA

First eye cream I have tried so I can’t compare to others. But it does moisturise my bags and it doesn’t irritate my eyes if I stay up and read. I would recommend this to older women because I think you get something just as good that is cheeper. I would buy this again later on when I have more money.