Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum Reviews by Real Customers in 2021

Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum

Overall Rating: 1.2

Capterra Rating: #1.2 .. out of 5 with 5 ratings

Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum Reviews

Liaison Brow Bond conditions to help promote growth of thicker, fuller,natural eyebrows so you can flaunt your brows even without makeup.

liaison is among the top 10 brands introduced by brandsreviews according to users worldwide. Below, you can read liaison reviews.

Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum Reviews

Get The Brows You Want, Every Day of The Week
Thin, sparse, lackluster eyebrows are no problem with nourished natural stimulation. Give your natural brows the conditioning needed to help them be visibly fuller, healthier and bold, as you dominate each and every day.

Frame Your Face,Structure Your beauty Routine
Liaison Brow Bond is safe, healthy and effective conditioning to help women grow thicker, fuller, healthier, natural eyebrows - no makeup necessary.

How Does it Work?


The Builder

Begin to Rebuild

Chemical, thermal or mechanical damage caused by lash extensions, glue, cosmetics or application are nourished to help repair disulfide bonds so your lashes and brows may effectively defend against harm.


The Stimulator

Helps to stimulate weak bonds still present in your brows and lashes to encourage natural repair for full, healthy and strong results.


The Activator


Newfound elasticity and strength may begin to be rapidly unlocked for full lash and brow stimulation. Your natural, healthy lashes and brows are here to stay.


Clean and dry your face to remove oil and makeup for best results. You don’t want anything blocking the Brow Bond from nourishing and getting to work.

Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum Reviews


A single swipe along each eyebrow is all it takes each day. Be moderate in application - not much is needed to work its magic. Allow brows to dry before moving on in your beauty routine.

Use Daily

Consistency is key for a jaw-dropping transformation. We recommend before-and-after photos to fully appreciate your new brows.

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Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum Before and After

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Customer Reviews

  • Tina.Z

I'm really angry

It caused my eyebrows to fall rapidly and I don't know how to fix it, I'm really angry

  • Isabella

i will never suggest it to anyone

I have to look for another brand, this didn't help me at all and i will never suggest it to anyone

  • Linda.Be

This didn't work for me.

This didn't work well on my eyebrow. I've tried other kinds that work better. I could barely tell any difference compared to others I've tried.

  • Karolin.S5


I have heard different views about this product, but i thought i had to try it out myself so to see how it works and i was actually disappointed with it, i had better expectations from it!

  • Lisa.Gam

I want a refund!

If i could go back in time, i would never use it and come back for more. I want a refund!