Liaison Reviews by Real Customers and Specialists in 2021

Overall Customer Reviews: 2.8 out of 5 with 1072 Votes
Overall Customer Reviews :
2.8 out of 5 with 1072 Votes

Despite the French-sounding name, Liaison is an American company that focuses on beauty products for women. 

The Brand Liaison is a boutique licensing, brand extension and brand management agency focused on creating new revenue streams for our clients through licensing, strategic partnerships and other brand extension programs. Our goal is to commercialize opportunities that will extend our clients' intellectual property into new, unexplored product categories.

One of their well-known products is the Liaison Lash Bond serum. Liaison Lash Bond conditions your natural lashes so you can finally get the eyelashes you’ve always desired. Throw out your falsies and get ready for some seriously real results. This product uses peptides to help boost your lashes and brows with all of the rich minerals they need for consistent and healthy stimulation as they gain natural strength and shine.

The serum is free of harmful features but is it not free of side effects. This product may lead to red, dry, or itchy eyes, brown pigmentation in the iris of the eye, eye and eyelid swelling, and darkening of the eyelid skin

Feel free to check real, reliable customer reviews for more information about the results of this brand's products. 

Overall Rating :

Liaison EyeBrow Growth Serum

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Overall Rating :

Liaison Lash Bond Serum

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Liaison Reviews

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  • Carmen B

I've been using this product for 4 months and now my lashes are falling out. My right side is almost bare and seems like they fell out overnight. Waiting to see about my left side. Now I don't know what to do. My lashes were short before and not noticeable so hopefully they start growing back. I'm also hoping there is another explanation for this loss.

  • Elsie

appears I'm one of the minority here yet need to impart that my experience to this was bad. pressure cerebral pains in any event, when utilized simply on temples. moved forward use on lashes and inside the space of days the tingling was terrible and purple around eyes was simply a lot for even cosmetics to stow away. twice needed to dispose of contact focal points in open on account of intolerable dryness and abrasiveness - first in one eye then both-in any event, utilizing saturating drops continually. so in 3 days skin tone such a great deal better and will attempt contacts again a few days. simply not worth the risk.

  • Ruby

Liaison gave me incredible long lashes, then, at that point, it gave me sores all around the inward edges of my eyes!!!!

  • Janis Hunt

lash bond and brow bond

This product works for me..I give it 5 stars, using only for about 3 weeks, and both lashes and eyebrows are growing..would recommend this product and suggest it is not for everyone, and you could get an allergic reaction just like you can with anything else..waiting for my mascara to arrive, I will give it a go..

  • Aurora

It didn't appear to contain any product. The brush felt dry when I attempted to use it.

  • Darcie . O

After taking this treatment, my eyelashes began to fall out, and I developed bald areas on my eyelids and a sorrowful expression.

  • RM

Best serum

I don’t understand all the bad reviews, This product works!!!! I get so many complements on my long eyelashes. My eyelashes are so long that they touch the inside glass of my reading glasses, really, I’m not exaggerating I’m on my second bottle.

  • Emily

I was looking for a less priced alternative to Latisse. I witnessed no difference after a month of attentive use, and I now have two opened goods and two unopened brand new products!!!

  • Catherine Seiler

The Brow Bond

I Love the Brow bond, I have been using the brow bond for about a month now and can see a difference, My brows are thicker. I'm so happy with this product, It really works Thank you Liaison

  • Karine

Horrible company and product

Unsealed , opened product was sent to me in a broken box. Seriously? How can you trust a company who will send you a product unsealed that is used on your lashes. I would go with latisse any day. I asked fir a return label And haven’t heard back.

  • alena

In three weeks, I haven't noticed any difference. I haven't, but a friend has! I would not purchase this item again.

  • julia

I can't comment on lash growth because I didn't use the product for more than two days. I observed eyelid irritation after the first day. My upper eye lids were swollen (forever), red, and irritating the next morning after my second application, and little pimples erupted all over my lower eye socket area and close to my lash line on my top lid.

  • Sarah


I am a medical doctor and wouldnt usually trust random products. This PRODUCT IS AMAZING !! it works and made my lashes grow well in a period of 3 months. I am surprised to see such negative comments !

  • Adrianne Benson

Works, but slowly... be patient!!!

Works but you have to have patience not a quick fix and you have to be consistent with applying.

  • Marissa


Warning! This product may cause an allergic reaction that will make your eyes red and itchy. Also, the brush is very stiff and can poke the eye if not extremely careful

  • K23

Not happy

the serum got into my eyeballs and burned them until i rinsed them out with water. also made my eyes red the next day. not happy

  • Tatiyana

Allergic reaction

This serum gave me a bad reaction after the first use. I woke up the next morning with swollen eyelids. I have used other eyelash serums in the past & have never had any type of reaction. I only used it one night!!!!

  • Karen

Great product

At 58 with thyroid autoimmune issues, it meant my eye lashes and brows were sparse and disappearing. I tried Liaison and was hesitant and sceptical, but there was nothing to lose except money. After 4 months, my lashes were dark and long and I really don't need mascara. My brows haven't been this dark and full since, well probably my 40s. Amazing! Most of these negative reviews I read are people who used it for only 3 to four weeks. I gave it until the end of the bottle for both lash and brow and was not disappointed.

  • July


My eyelashes have become sparser than before, is this some kind of joke?? I am really upset and surprised by this purchase. This product has caused me damage and loss.

  • Linda Namie

Best eyelash serum

I’m surprised to see all the negative reviews. It works great for me. My sparse short lashes are definitely fuller and longer after just a few weeks of use. I bought a supposed fabulous lash serum on Amazon pronexa hairgenics lavish lash and it did nothing…waste if money. I will only buy liaison.

  • Violet

Disappointed with this product

I have been using this product religiously for six weeks and I have not seen any significant change in either the length or the thickness of my eyelashes. not effective

  • Kathy W

What a joke

I bought both the lash and brow serum. I have used at least 3 weeks and can tell NO difference what so ever. Save your money and try another brand.

  • Barbara

Love Liaisen products!!

I have bought the eye lash serum, the eye brow bond and the mascara love them all my eye lashes have seriously grown. Everyone keeps asking me where did I get my extensions. I tell them not extensions. And I tell them about your product. When I first used it my eyes were gooky in the morning for a few days of using it but it stopped. And I use it every night. So I will never stop using it thank you Liaisen for making my eyelashes look beautiful ❤️ so if there is a tip I can give I think just let your eyes adjust to it.

  • Annette


Mascara sucks I don’t recommend it at all. Brow and lash serum just ok. Products are overly priced and do not work that well. Tried making a return but if you return merchandise your responsible for the expense. I’m not recommending these products..

  • Victoria W.

Does Not Work

I’ve used Liaison lash serum and brow bond for one month and nothing. Waste of money.

  • Jo

Don't waste your money!

I bought the eye brow and lash serums. Used them everyday just like instructed for a good month now.. NOTHING! No improvement on brows or lashes. Beware of companies who don't offer refunds for their crappie products. Only exchange for another crappie product.. Don't but these products!

  • Bethany


After waiting anxiously for my products to arrive, I opened the package today only to find the lash bond smells like DEATH!!! I see the brow bond and lash bond are the same formula so I expected them to smell similar. I opened the lash bond first and gagged! AS SOON as I opened it, the stench punched me in the face! I opened the brow bond. It smells mildly like Elmer’s glue. So clearly there is something SEVERELY wrong with the lash boost. It’s been a solid 30 minutes, and I cannot get that smell out of my head! My husband (who shrugs off most things and who also still has a very diminished sense of smell after covid 2 months ago) took one whiff as I opened it in front of his face and stepped back with a contorted face like “HOLY CRAP!” I wish I had found these reviews before I impulse ordered. Go figure the posts I originally saw with tons of glowing reviews are now nowhere to be found.

  • Helga Lehmen

Liaison serum

It’s made in China! Beware. Very eye irritating!!!

  • Kat.Rina

Don't know what to do!

My eyes are very sensitive and i was a bit scared to use this product at first. As i was expecting, my eyes reacted to it terribly. Don't know what to do!

  • Anita Zx


Used this product for 2 months. It was totally ineffective.

  • Mary

I have purchase 2 bottles .I have used faithfully every night. Well so far they aren't getting longer but they do look fuller!

  • Barbara Prescott

Liaison Lash Bond made in China

No where on their site can you find where it is made, only that the company is in California. Now I received my order & printed on the boxes is "made in China."

  • Diane

Took awhile but it works

I’m 61 and my lashes have thinned! For several months I saw no change but kept at it! Now I’m 6 months into using it faithfully and my lashes are not only thicker but also longer! I don’t even use mascara anymore, I just curl and go! So be patient!

  • Daphne Chen

Not recommended!

I purchased this lash serum based on reviews that it was the safest and most effective. I have been using this every night for three weeks and all it has done is irritate my eyes along the lash line and darker my eyelid skin. Extremely disappointed. I would not recommend Liason.

  • Marie

Not the best

Ive used for awhile it does work BUT boy my eyelids were so red and irritated can't use anymore even tho it worked on my lashed

  • Jean Romano

6 weeks and NOTHING!!!

I would give this zero stars if I could. I used it faithfully every single night. No results at all. Don't waste your money.

  • Asra

Didn't do jack. Waste of money.

Not a single change, not in a single lash. Daily use, every night as per instructions. Nothing nada zip zilch zero. Going to go back to Rodan and Fields since I know that stuff works from personal experience.


I LOVE my Liaison bond treatment for my eyelashes. I’ve been thrilled with my results. I’m 65 and I have always had very sparse and short eyelashes. Today I’m happy to say that they are not only longer but they are also thicker lashes than I’ve ever had in my entire life! *A year ago (before using this product) my eye Dr removed a growth from my eyelid. He told me that I would have a space at the surgical site. I’d be without any eyelashes. He gave me a prescription of Lattise. I tried it for a few months and there was just a slight improvement in my lashes but it left my eyes looking red around my eyes. Everyone thought that I looked tired all the time. I wasn’t tired but my stained tissue surrounding my eyes made me look worse. So I stopped and pretty much gave up. Until finding Laison bond. It worked beautifully and now I have the eyelashes that I only dreamed of before. Today I started using the mascara too. I Love it! I wish that I took pictures to show the big difference! I couldn’t be happier with this lash product.

  • Sarah.199

No difference

After reading many positive reviews on this product, I purchased 3 bottles which was supposed to be the best deal. I have been using this product consistently for at least 2 months and do not see any..

  • Zoraida Franco

Awesome Results!!!

I’m often asked if I have lashes “on” and I tell them own natural ones but better. Feel badly for those experiencing sensitivity as this product really worked for me!!!! Will continue to use!!

  • Maira

Don't buy this!!

I purchased lash bond and mascara. I used for 4 days and now I have a red bump over my eyelid (With a chelation). I had to go to the doctor and now I'm using a steroid to get rid of the bump. I look so bad!! I never thought this would do this. I was very hopeful about this product. Don't Buy!!!! Would give 5 negative stars if I was able to.

  • I have noticed growth in my eyelashes after just three weeks of use. The problem is is that it’s very irritating to my eyes and I have to always use eyedrops to make my eyes feel better. I really hate to give up because my growth has been impressive so I’ll give it another week or so before I decide

Works but...

I have noticed growth in my eyelashes after just three weeks of use. The problem is is that it’s very irritating to my eyes and I have to always use eyedrops to make my eyes feel better. I really hate to give up because my growth has been impressive so I’ll give it another week or so before I decide what to do.

  • Eve

Nope, don't buy

Unfortunately didn't work at all for me. I returned the product, paid $21.65 postage to return from Australia to the USA. Not impressed. Not a nice shopping experience.

  • Mag

Lash bond serum

Absolutely awful product! The only thing you will notice is irritating eyelids that are swollen and red!!! Very uncomfortable! Would like a refund but there is no one to speak to!!!

  • Hannah

Irritating and red eyes! They hurt and look like I have pink eye

I’ve been using this product about 4 weeks and do not see much growth. I know you are suppose to wait up to 3 months to noticeable see a difference but this product is making my eyes itching, red and irritated. I have tried other serums before and do not recommend trying this product! I will be trying to get a refund. Oh also beware if you have purchased and click the link in the email they send you about more product it directly goes to purchasing more and they save your card info for easy check out. Very annoying and sneaky. I will not be ordering again.

  • Jeane Ritchie

Not working at all, waste of money and time

I have tried this serum for three months : no growth, no thickness and no changes a. Just itchy eyes... Don't buy this, it is not worth it at all.

  • Tina.Z

I'm really angry

It caused my eyebrows to fall rapidly and I don't know how to fix it, I'm really angry

  • Isabella

i will never suggest it to anyone

I have to look for another brand, this didn't help me at all and i will never suggest it to anyone

  • Linda.Be

This didn't work for me.

This didn't work well on my eyebrow. I've tried other kinds that work better. I could barely tell any difference compared to others I've tried.

  • Karolin.S5


I have heard different views about this product, but i thought i had to try it out myself so to see how it works and i was actually disappointed with it, i had better expectations from it!

  • Lisa.Gam

I want a refund!

If i could go back in time, i would never use it and come back for more. I want a refund!

  • Sandra

It’s been two months and no difference

I’m so disappointed, the people in the reviews seem to have had great luck. But I have been using it faithfully not missing a day and it’s been two months with no growth. I’m going to continue until I’ve used it all but I have low expectations. So disappointed.

  • Opal4

Waste of money

I decided to try this product since it was less money than a previous product I used. This product did nothing, a total waste of money.

  • Sarah.D


Received about 2 months after ordering, have used almost 2 months now, NO CHANGE, NOTHING

  • Toni Jackson


It “WORKS”!! The eyelash serum really does work. I saw results in about six weeks!! Love this stuff! I received my second bottle much faster this time. First one took a while. But Jenny Smith in customer service was amazing! Getting my order out!! Thank you:)

  • Joelle C

The lash bond really works well

The lash bond really works well, l am going to try the brow bond next as well as getting more lash bond! Thank you!

  • Melissa P

I began using Laison not long ago

I began using Laison not long ago. I have been very happy with the way my thinning lashes look. I have sensitive eyes and was pleased that there was no burning sensation during or after application. I have already ordered more! Customer service has been great. I am a happy customer.

  • Amanda B

I’ve used Liaison for a couple months…

I’ve used Liaison for a couple months and have has great results. My lashes are thicker and longer. I was hesitant at first, but just wished I would have tried it earlier.

  • Pinsuda

Wonderful product!

This product started working within two weeks. 3 months later and my eyelashes are twice as long and thick. I dont need to use an eyelash curler anymore, and my friends and family have noticed. Best bang for your buck in my opinion! Thanks Liaison!

  • Stacey

I tried this product & noticed a…

I tried this product & noticed a difference within 2 weeks. By 2 months, my lashes were double their size & volume. What's great is their customer service! They respond within 24 hours & their goal is to make sure their customers are happy. I will continue to buy from them & I tell all my friends about my great experience with Her Liaison. Thanks again for the excellent experience!

  • Pat Roberts

Love the lash bond

Love the lash bond. I'm quite a skeptic at heart so wasn't expecting anything great. But after using it for 3 weeks straight I started to see it working. And while the directions say not to put on the bottom lashes, I did anyway. Wow, amazing results! Thank you, Liaison !

  • Karla

I love it

I love it. It's the best product and I see big difference on my eyebrows and eyelashes ..

  • Erika Kay

Impressed a skeptic

Took a while to arrive, but that's due to Covid and not a reflection of the business. Really impressed with the results, so far I have been using the serum for 4 weeks, absolutely going to purchase more and try the mascara.

  • Kim

This is the ONLY serum that works

This is the ONLY serum that works! I’ve tried at least 10 different lash growth serums and got no results so I decided to try Liaison! I used it for 3 weeks and thought it wasn’t going to work but then my lashes were crazy long and now I’ll never stop using it!! AMAZING PRODUCT!!!

  • Lily Marshall

I noticed my eyelashes growing

I noticed my eyelashes growing. You need to be constant but seriously this stuff works. I am at 1 month of using it and my eyelashes look bigger and more thick. I highly recommend this serum.

  • Donna T

Amazing stuff!

This product is incredible! Been using for around 3 months and omg this stuff actually works wonders! Am always sceptical with these kind of products but lately people have been asking me if I have lash extensions as my lashes have grown so long. Quick and easy to use, it really does make so much difference do not hesitate to buy.

  • AJ


It took about a month but there’s a huge difference in my lashes! My best friend noticed immediately and bought the lash serum after seeing my results

  • Katie Swartz

Literally the best of the best

Literally the best of the best. I cut a group of my lashes off trimming them after my falsies were on and thought they were gone forever and they were back and longer than ever in two weeks time . Generally affordable and I will always be a product user !!! #spreadtheword!!!

  • Melissa

Not only is this product amazing the…

Not only is this product amazing the customer service is just as good! They have my business for life!

  • Barbara Wamsley

This really works

This really works. I have ordered more and they have offered me a free bottle after I messaged them saying how good it was

  • Chelsea Cutcher

it actually WORKS!

I never thought I would find one that works. a girlfriend of mine recommended and said to STAY WITH IT for 2 months. I am so happy I did. I’ve tried so many brands with no luck. I’ve used for 3 months now and around 2 months I motivated dramatic results. I’m fair and blonde so I have fuller and longer lashes. I’m so thrilled. and love that they are cruelty free.

  • Laila Burke

It works!

This is my second time ordering both the brow and lash bond. I hesitated at first but I am really glad that I tried it. It works! Thanks Liaison!

  • Julie

This is my second order of Liaison and…

This is my second order of Liaison and I added to my original order to include two extra bottle to give to my daughters. This product is excellent, my lashes have doubled in length and my eyebrows are going into that outer third of my brow, darker and thicker! I received amazing customer service from Jenny as well. I had a problem with my order and before I could blink with my amazing lashes, she had it fixed and in my inbox. Couldn't be more pleased! Thank you Jenny!

  • Tina Marshall

I love this product!!

I had tried lash extensions for about a year, and I literally had no eyelashes left. I decided to give this product a try after I read all the great reviews. From the first tube I saw amazing results. The best part is no irritation or dry eye. Love love love

  • Rosemarie

After turning 60 my lashes got thinner…

After turning 60 my lashes got thinner and shorter. I read about Liason and ordered it at half price. I've been using the product for around 4 months and am very pleased. My lashes are at least 50% longer and thicker. There has been no irritation or other side effects. Amazing product!

  • Candi Richards

This eyelash growth is amazing

This eyelash growth is amazing

  • Donna

I have been using the brow and lash and…

I have been using the brow and lash and just got my mascara!! Love it!!!! I have tried many farmasi, 7 and many others. This is the best by far! No clumping no rubbing off and your lashes look like a model!!!!

  • Patty Brock

I ordered Lash Bond for my daughter for…

I ordered Lash Bond for my daughter for her birthday and paid the extra $5 for 3 day shipping so it would get here on time. Sadly, it didn't (but the good news is I had an extra tube I was able to wrap up until it did.) I contacted Customer Service to request a refund for the expedited shipping and Ashley kindly credited my account. Thank you, Ashley! Love this product!

  • Michele Smith

Love this Stuff!

I have been using for about 3 months now and have noticed a HUGE difference in both the thickness and length of my lashes! I am in love!!!

  • Van Gonzalez

The Only Thing That Works!

Was very hesitant to try this at first but so so so glad that I did! It took about 2 weeks for me to see the difference but I can tell that my lashes were growing longer and also filling in more! I even compared a picture I took from last year (with a little amount of mascara on) and my current lashes (without mascar )and they look the same! Keep using it everyday DO NOT skip a day and you will see your lashes grow faster

  • Emma Williams

Great lashes following losing through Chemo!

Just wanted to share my experience of the AMAZING Mascara Bond!! I thought I would give it a go following great results from the Liaison Lash & Brow Bonds! I can honestly say the Mascara Bond is just as amazing! I am using the Lash Bond overnight and wear the Mascara Bond daytime :) It’s a lovely Mascara in its own right - doesn’t clump (at all), doesn’t flake and comes off easily with a make-up wipe! My lashes are recovering so well after losing them completely owing to Chemo. I would absolutely recommend Liaison Bonds for anyone in a similar situation as my lashes are stronger than ever!! So happy :)

  • Michele Crane

Pleasantly Surprised

I ordered the Lash Bond not really knowing what to expect or if it would even work. I was so amazed and pleasantly surprised that my lashes soon started to become longer and fuller. If you’re unsure about this product, give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Carol Starr

Liaison Lash Bond is the BEST!!

The product is excellent and works very very well! Their customer service department is wonderful and can rectify any issues you may have with delivery and or the product itself! I highly recommend this product in this company,.. Their products and their customer service or five stars!!!

  • Stephanie Smith

Great product!

Great product!

  • Karina Warren

It works!

It works! Made my lashes longer, fuller, and darker. Brows too

  • Colette Owens

Love the lash bond.

Love the lash works..!

  • Colette Owens

Love the lash bond.

Love the lash works..!

  • Glenda Smith

This is the best eyelash serum

This is the best eyelash serum I have ever used! My husband thought I had got eyelash extensions!! So good,I recommend it to everyone.

  • Jamie

Love this stuff!!

Amazing works so well!!!

  • name

Buy something else not Liason

I have tried several prescription and non prescription lash serums, liaison didn't give me any results as far as lash growth. I did get swollen, red and itchy eyelids, customer service refused to refund and offered a free product instead. There's so use since it gave an allergic reaction, their advertising says satisfaction guaranteed but they want you to return items unopened within 30 days. what kind of guaranteed is that? my eyelashes are actually shorter since I started Liaison, I will be going back to prescription serum. Don't fall for all the positive reviews.