Borboleta Eyelash Serum Reviews

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Borboleta Eyelash Serum

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overall rating : 6.8

Borboleta Eyelash Serum

overall rating : 6.8


The Borboleta eyelash serum stimulates latent, inactive hair roots, increasing the length, thickness, and strength of sparse lashes and brows. The scent, parabens, and SLS in the plant-based products are also absent.


The brand's website as well as a few other online merchants sell the Borboleta eyelash serum.


Yes, and if you want to achieve a richer eye fringe, you can think about including one in your regimen, based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. You could need less mascara and sometimes forgo the falsies if you have thicker, fuller lashes (but not necessarily more lashes).


  • PROS
  • Contains a combination of extracts, peptides, and vitamins.

  • Real results: lashes that are up to 55% longer and 75% more voluminous-looking

  • Animal-free, vegan, fragrance-free, and paraben-free. 

  • Simple application that takes less than 5 seconds

  • Oil-Free. Safe for those using contact lenses and lash extensions

  • Results are seen after four weeks.

  • Clinically-tested

  • CONS
  • There are no negative side effects.


Remy Sharp
KristieThu Sep 01 2022
KristieThu Sep 01 2022

This product works! My lashes are so much longer. Havent noticed improvement ok brows yet.


What Is an Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serums are a popular part of the skincare routine since they help lashes look thicker and longer. When choosing an eyelash serum, there are several factors to think about. The best eyelash serums  must be created with natural, organic, chemical-free, and gluten-free components. Being vegan, affordable, and cruelty-free are also essential considerations. Eyelash serums are effective and without any side effects because eyes are so sensitive that any chemical ingredients can cause harm to them.

What Is the Borboleta Eyelash Serum?

The Borboleta lash serum builds the ideal foundation of strong, healthy lashes that seem as long and full as possible, regardless of your preferred look, whether you like a bare eye or extensions, based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Your own lashes will soon be something to lust for, appearing longer and fuller than you ever imagined possible when you include the Borboleta lash serum in your nightly regimen.

Make your lashes luscious instead of sparse! Their Lash Serum was created by the top lash specialists in the world to give potent ingredients and surprising outcomes, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews, your lashes will seem fuller and thicker in as little as 4 weeks, with optimum results at 8 weeks, with just one swipe of this lash-loving serum every night. The formula is nutritious and works beautifully on natural lashes while being completely safe for lash extensions.

Borboleta Eyelash Serum Ingredients

If you want to keep your lashes long and healthy, you should opt for a product that has conditioning agents to keep them supple and avoid breakage in the future. For healthier lashes, Borboleta lash serum is made with plant-based stem cells, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews, it contains fatty acids and amino acids from pumpkin seed extract to give your lashes a more voluminous appearance, as well as biotin, keratin, and peptides to condition and nourish your lashes. 

Keratin, peptides, and biotin condition and feed lashes for more robust lashes.

The health of lashes is improved by Swiss Apple Extract.

Extract from pumpkin seeds It is rich in fatty and amino acids for a fuller appearance.

What Is Borboleta Eyelash Serum Good For?

This multi-award winning, ultra-rich conditioning product is beneficial to short, brittle, or damaged lash hairs thanks to a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Hyaluronic acid gives the lash shaft an additional burst of moisture, making them look not just longer but also substantially thicker and with more volume. Initial results are delivered via a trial-size tube, which offers a six-week supply. The main ingredients in Borboleta lash serum, which also works well on lashes and brows, include biotin, castor oil, and peptides, based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. It's vegan, cruelty-free, and dermatologist-tested. 

For optimal effects, use it every day for at least two months. The Borboleta lash serum is great for you if you already have lash extensions! As per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews, it may be used to strengthen and maintain your natural lashes, extending the useful life of your extensions. It is pH-balanced and fragrance-free.

Borboleta Eyelash Serum Side Effects

The vast majority of consumers of Borboleta lash serum report that it is well-tolerated and non-irritating after it has undergone clinical testing and received ophthalmologist approval, based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. The entirely vegan brush smoothly distributes the white product over each and every lash, boosting the effects of any mascara without any fallout, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews.

The active, secure, scientifically tested, and ophthalmologist-approved chemicals in the Borboleta lash serum have never been linked to eye color changes or discolored eyelids. Borboleta eyelash serum reviews indicate that the product is extremely safe to use and extremely effective when used in accordance with their recommendations.

How to Use the Borboleta Eyelash Serum?

You should follow the directions while using Borboleta lash serum in the evening. If you decide to use Lash Serum in the morning, make sure the lash line is dry and clean for the substance to work properly, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Before applying anything else to the eye region, the Borboleta lash serum has to be totally dry. With only one application per day of Borboleta lash serum, your eyelashes will seem longer and fuller. Based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews, there is no need for extra applications.

Before using Borboleta lash serum, carefully clean your face, including the lash line, and remove any makeup. Apply Lash Serum solely along the top lash line, which should be clean, dry, and dipped once per eye, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Before going to bed or putting any cosmetics around your eyes, remove any leftover product and let the Lash Serum dry for about 90 seconds. Use it once each night for optimal outcomes.

Borboleta Eyelash Serum Before and After

This ophthalmologist-recommended lotion is packed with substances that are good for lashes, based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Borboleta lash serum nourishes lashes and aids in their growth to falsies-length thanks to the presence of keratin, biotin, plant-based stem cells, and pumpkin-seed extract.

Borboleta Eyelash Serum Before and After

Borboleta Eyelash Serum Reviews

The lash-obsessed cult brand Borboleta Cosmetics is tackling a routine in conventional beauty that is often neglected: lash care. The star of Borboleta's freshly released lash care regimen, which is intended to improve skin while cleaning and improving natural lashes, is an ophthalmologist-tested and approved lash serum that can nourish and strengthen eyelashes as early as four weeks, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. The moisturizing vegan collagen and Vitamins B & E for conditioning power are also included in the Borboleta lash serum. To take care of and preserve both your natural lashes and eyelash extensions, Borboleta manufactures professional lash care solutions. Based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews, they provide a wide range of products to make caring for your lashes easy, efficient, and fun.

Their team of specialists, which includes a sizable network of lash artists, painstakingly created their market-leading, ultra-effective solutions that clean, nourish, and enhance your lashes and eye area—giving you a look and feel to die for, as per Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. The active components are able to dwell more potently in the mix since there is no additional water present, leading to speedier effects. You'll soon have your own to drool over, appearing longer and fuller than you ever imagined they could if you include this pleasing-to-the-eye practice into your evening routine, based on Borboleta eyelash serum reviews. Let your lashes help you adore your own, since nothing completes an outfit or boosts your confidence like lashes.

Did You Know Borboleta?

It is obvious that healthy, long, curled, and thick eyelashes add to the beauty of your face. Borboleta is the best brand in the market that offers the best eyelash extensions. Borboleta enhances and nourishes eyelashes at the same time. The company has a strong line for eyelash care with a variety of products. It also offers all the cosmetics and materials needed for lash lifting and extensions, such as the lashes, glue, and all the other materials you will ever need. Borboleta reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.