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overall rating : 6


overall rating : 6

Eyes and eyelashes are two of the most important parts of the face. The beauty and attractiveness of one’s appearance depends on them. Using good and not harmful cosmetics is very important in order to avoid side effects, which in some cases could be very dangerous. Sometimes, using bad products can cause loss of lashes or make them thin and fragile. Of course there are factors for losing lashes or having weak lashes such as stress, lack of sleep and having eyelash extensions with low quality materials. Borboleta reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

As a matter of fact, this issue has become very important among women, and they look for eye beauty products that are natural, without any side effects, and that actually work. Well, search no more! Borboleta is the best brand in the market that offers the best eyelash serums. According to real customer reviews, they not only offer materials for eyelash lifting and extension but also offer eyelash treatment products such as an eyelash enhancing serum, which is one of the best on the market.  Borboleta reviews are mostly positive.

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It is located in Salt Lake City, UT 84101.
You can order on their official sites:, or a third-party site like
Yes, it is a good brand with all natural ingredients.
Yes, it is a legal company located in the US.
Yes, they are cruelty-free and safe.
Yes, it is a well-known brand in the market and it is real.


  • PROS
  • Cruelty free

  • 90 days money back guarantee 

  • It will give you fuller and thicker eyelashes in a short time

  • All natural and effective ingredients

  • All the products you need for lashes and lash artistry are available

  • CONS
  • Only a few online shops have it

  • Some shipping issues





It is obvious that healthy, long, curled, and thick eyelashes add to the beauty of your face. Borboleta is one of the best brands on the market that offers the best eyelash serums. Borboleta enhances and nourishes eyelashes at the same time. The company has a strong line for eyelash care with a variety of products. It also offers all the cosmetics and materials needed for lash lifting and extensions, such as the lashes, glue, and all the other materials you will ever need. Borboleta reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

Borboleta Company

The Borboleta team call themselves Lash experts, which they really are. They believe that everyone deserves long, healthy lashes, so they offer their lash care line on your hands. From the beginning, Borboleta’s belief was that everyone has beauty within them; it is just different. This is what makes each individual different.

Borboleta Reviews

According to Borboleta reviews, this brand has the best eyelash serums on the market and, with the help of its natural and effective ingredients, you will have the best results. It enhances and nourishes your lashes and will give you fuller and thicker eyelashes. The reviews also show that their extension line also offers the best material needed without any side effects. Borboleta reviews will amaze you.

Borboleta Before and After

The reviews worldwide show how effective Borboleta has been. You can see the changes by taking a look at the before and after videos we have provided for you. Customers also left reviews on the brands' sites, which you can look at if you want more details about how effective the products have been. Borboleta reviews speak for themselves.

Borboleta Product Company

Along with their lash care line, which includes a powerful and wide team of lash experts to provide clean, effective products that will nourish and enhance lashes, they also provide the world’s best lash extension and education products. Borboleta reviews are an indication of its quality.

Best Borboleta Product the Best Naturaful Products

1. Borboleta eyelash enhancing serum

The Borboleta Eyelash Serum is remarkable. You will have fuller, thicker, and more beautiful lashes by applying it once daily . You will see the results in just 4 weeks.


2.Borboleta cool down eye-mask

It will instantly chill and refresh tired eyes. It is also effective for eye bags.


3. Borboleta lash bath cleanser

This product is just beyond cleansing. The ingredients used in it, such as hyaluronic acid and amino acids, will hydrate your eye area and make it look more youthful. It also nourishes and enhances your lashes.


4. Breakdown oil free makeup remover

The formulation, which includes fatty acids, will easily remove your makeup without any moisture loss. It won’t cause any harm to your lashes.

Borboleta Customer Service

General Customer Service: 1-888-492-1569

[email protected]

Sales // [email protected]

Training // [email protected]

Partnerships // [email protected]

Press // [email protected]


Borboleta Beauty

33 N 400 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Corporate Office

Borboleta Beauty

33 N 400 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Borboleta Return Policy

The company puts their customers' satisfaction first. But be sure you read their policy carefully because some products have their own return policy. If you are unhappy with an unused and unopened product, you can return it within 30 days and you will have a full refund. You will have your money back after they receive the product and make sure it is unused.



Adhesives are guaranteed for 30 days after opening. Please contact them within 60 days of receiving your adhesive with any concerns for adhesive opened within 60 days and we will refund or replace your adhesive.



Tweezers can be returned for a full refund or replacement within 60 days of delivery. They will provide a return label (for tweezers only) and issue your refund as soon as the return is processed.


Lash Serum

If you are dissatisfied with your lash serum for any reason, you should send  the product in its original packaging with a copy of your purchase receipt within 180 days of your purchase and you will receive a prompt refund.