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 Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner Review

I always had trouble finding a boyfriend! Why? Because I used to spend my time peeping at girls and women around instead of searching for boys. I’m not a lesbian though, I was just wondering about the secret of their beauty. To me, a smooth skin and dolly eyelashes are all a woman needs to shine. Luckily, my skin was never a problem, but about the eyelashes, I had nothing to say. Every time I saw a woman with velvety curled lashes, I began asking myself questions like: do they use mascaras that I cannot afford? Do they have a specific method for applying mascara? Why my lashes are so short and dull? And so on.

Being shy, I did not dare to ask people about their eyelashes; so, I started searching the internet. There were various products, but one RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner review caught my eye. Positive comments and compliments about RevitaLash made me try this serum. After nearly 5 weeks of usage, the results were evident. My eyelash growth was doubled and I had thicker and curled lashes that I always dreamed of. Even my friends noticed the change and kept asking if I had my eyelashes lifted in a beauty salon. As people's comments were so encouraging to me, I decided to share some information about the product that may work with you too.


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Know More About RevitaLash Advanced

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is a multi-puqrpose eyelash enhancer that nourishes, conditions, glosses, and protects the eyelashes. With its unique herbal-chemical formulation, RevitaLash Advanced makes the lashes remarkably stronger, longer, and thicker. This colorless jelly serum is designed to moisturize the lashes and protect them from dryness and fragility.

All of RevitaLash ingredients including BioPeptin complex, plant extracts such as ginseng and Swertia japonica, Saw palmetto, and wheat protein have been clinically proven to be beneficial for hair growth and repair, presenting a healthy and lavish look to the eyelashes.

Revitalash Eyelash Serum

RevitaLash Cosmetics is a hair products manufacturer that started its career in 2006 with a lash conditioning serum and has revolutionized the beauty industry with its exclusive BioPeptin complex. RevitaLash before and after pictures reveal that RevitaLash Cosmetics has successfully achieved its goal, namely natural beauty for every woman.

What Makes RevitaLash Advanced Distinguished?

What is RevitaLash results?

RevitaLash results are instant and you can feel the changes from the early days. Despite the strong influence, there is no report for severe RevitaLash side effects, and small problems raised by the customers seem temporary.

In my opinion, the most important feature of a lash care product is its color. Covering the lashes with a white substance for several hours is not acceptable for me. Fortunately, RevitaLash Advanced is colorless and gives the lashes a beautiful glow and makes them look darker.

Soft and easy to use applicator of the product is another strong point of it. Eyelids are very sensitive and serums should not be in direct contact with them; the delicate and slim tip of the applicator makes it possible to apply serum without touching the eyelids.

how use Eyelash Serum

More importantly, People with eyelash extensions are most in need of eyelash care products, but most serums contain oil, which is the solvent of lash extension glue. The oil-free formula of RevitaLash allows people with eyelash extensions to use it with no worries. Also, for vegans who have limited choices in terms of beauty products, this serum is an appropriate option.

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Questions and Answers

A fragrance and paraben free product, formulated carefully for sensitive eyes would not cause any serious problem, but like other chemical substances, it may have negligible side effects such as irritation and redness. The good news is that no permanent or horrible problem was reported to this day.
BioPeptin complex of RevitaLash, composed of biotin, panthenol, and peptides strengthens the roots of eyelashes, while amino acids and vitamin B are there to nourish the stems. Furthermore, beneficial fatty acids together with antioxidants provide the hairs with sufficient protection and moisture, allowing them to continue their growth.
The application of the serum is so easy and applying once a day is enough. You should put a small amount of the serum on the lashes by the applicator while being careful not to touch lash line or eyelids. Just remember to wash your face thoroughly before the usage and apply the product on dry lashes. It is better to use the serum on the upper eyelashes to minimize eye contact with the gel. Note: Once you have achieved the desired results, you can reduce the daily application to 3 or 4 times a week.
If you aim to grow your lashes in just 3 days, you should first forget about homemade herbal prescriptions. The only way forward is to use a biotin containing serum. There are plenty of eyelash serums that have biotin in their formula, but just a few of them have an immediate and strong effect. RevitaLash Advanced is one of those biotin formulated serums that can improve the growth of lashes in less than one week.
Revitalash maybe darken your skin. the darkening is reversible

Customer Reviews


Tried it once, tried it twice but never again

Years ago I bought this product. Didn't work and oh well. Purchased it two months ago for $34 and it contained mascara but no primer or whatever the chemicals are on the white side. What a waste of money. I was moving so missed the 14 return period. Once, twice but never again.

  • Isabella..

Enjoy Irritated Eyes?

I would not recommend this product. I used this product daily for two weeks. My eyes were bloodshot red and irritated after use. My eyes became extremely sensitive to touch. I thought it was allergies until I stopped using the product. Sadly, it's too late to return. 

  • Emi.Li

Didn’t work, made them worse.

Didn’t work after 2 months. I’ve used other, cheaper brands before this and my lashes were thick, full and long. I decided to try this from a recommendation, pretty upset. My lashes are no longer as full and long as before. I would not recommend this product.

  • Ritaa S56

...did nothing...

...did nothing except lighten my pocketbook...

  • TC

Product Doesn't Work!

I paid almost $100 and have used this almost daily for about 6 weeks now with no improvement whatsoever. I am older and don't have a lot of eyelashes so was really hoping this would help. It was a complete waste of money.

  • Terra S312

Doesn't work, waste of money!!

Been using it diligently for 2 months - zero results! Don't waste your money

  • Lora

New formulation isn't as effective

A year ago Revitalash grew my lashes longer. They were astonishingly ravishing! However, with the more recent purchase, they are not growing any longer, but do seem to be maintained better than without the conditioner. I understand due to copyright violation with Allergan, the reformulation has excluded bimoprost, or whatever the active ingredient was. I can no longer suggest this product as a growth booster, but it is a good conditioner that has hampered the loss of lashes in one specifically thin spot. It’s unfortunate that Allergan won't market Latisse (which contains bimoprost) as a cosmetic rather than a medicine, because I got exhausted for their more complex pharmaceutical application process and costlier prices.

  • Faith

This stuff works!!!

I having been using this for about 6 months though it took only about a few weeks of nightly use to make a noticeable difference in my lashes. My lashes are so long now they actually hit the lenses of my glasses. Everyone asked if my lashes are fake!!!


  • Redhead

Not impressed

I have been using this product for going on 5 weeks, very strictly every evening. I’ve had success with Larissa and R+F Lash Boost within a few weeks so I expected to see results by now. I’ve seen very little results, if any. The only plus side to this product is it gave me 0 eye irritation, which I can’t say for the other two products I mentioned. I won’t be purchasing this again and will try to find a different product when this tube is empty.


  • Marissa Tokanel

Haven't Seen A Difference Yet

The reason why i'm giving RevitaLash a 3* rating now is simply for the fact that i've been using this as directed and still haven't seen results yet. I will update this if I do find that I am wrong. The fulfillment was done correctly, packaging is great, product is easy to use and highly recommended to me by several people... but like I stated, I, personally, just have yet to see any real results. I purchased RevitaLash after removing my lash extensions (have had a full volume set for the past 2.5 years with the exception of a short 2 month break in between) about a month ago, and consulting with my lash artist- she recommended this product to help my naturals grow back length wise and stronger.


  • MollyB

I started using this at the recommendation of a friend, who is an RN at a high-end med spa. Her lashes were long and lush, so I asked what she was using. It's had the same result for me, and also for another friend. I started using daily on bare lashes, and am now down to maintenance about 3-4 times a week. We are hooked, and I would do without food in order to keep this in my budget.


  • Laurie Smith

Fake - Expired - Or Bad batch

This is either not real or expired. I have been using the real product for years and was running low so I ordered. Then I opened this one and decided to use the previous one on my lower lashes. Immediately I noticed it smelled differently. Two weeks later all my extremely long lashes started falling out a couple every day. On one eye all the long one are gone and on the other only two are left. Im furious to have wasted 150 for this but even more to have lost my lashes :(. Back to wearing mascara and looking elsewhere to purchase my [email protected]


  • Sin

I have been getting eyelash extensions and without it, I felt like I looked sick. I visited my dermatologist for some acne issues and her eyelashes look amazingly long and full. I asked her how to achieve her look and she said she's using this product and they were selling it on their office. I'm always suspicious when a doctor recommends a product she's selling. I came home did some research and decided to order on Amazon. I have been using this product for a few months and it already reversed all the damage the extensions caused- and extensions caused LOTS of damage because I couldn't help plugging them when my eyelashes started to grow. I can highly recommend this product- it's expensive but for me, it's worth it given how much I've been spending on my extensions.


  • Jamie Honeggar

This product does work! With that being said on two separate occasions when I have used it I had a large bump appear under my eyelid. After I discontinued use the first time it almost went away completely. Thinking it could be coincidental I purchased another tube several months later and the same thing happened. The second time I ended up seeking medical attention and it is still very obvious. Also had some irritation as well.


  • Pdx

Have been using this for almost a month and I don't see any change in length but I do notice I have more lashes. The price is high but happy with the results so far. I've tried several different lash serums at lower prices that did not work.


  • andreina briceno

I don't know if I am using it right... but I use it at night and when I wake up my eyes are really red like I have allergies.
I tried it a few times and it burns and hurts my eyes...

  • Hannah Scott

I've been using this for years. I have been wearing fake lashes daily for a decade, needless to say I barely had any real lashes left. so I've decided to give this serum a try, and my lashes grew Back and much longer too! pros: really works if you use it daily. adds a LOT of length cons: very expensive. doesnt add volume (only gives you length) I will continue to use this unless there is proof that something better is out there

  • Julie

A year ago Revitalash grew my lashes long, long, longer.... They were amazingly beautiful! However, with the more recent purchase, they are not growing longer but do seem to be retained better than without the conditioner. I understand that the reformulation, due to patent infringement with Allergan, has excluded bimoprost, or whatever the active ingredient was. I can no longer recommend this product as a growth enhancer, but it is a good conditioner that has prevented the loss of lashes in one particularly thin spot. It is too bad that Allergan won't market Latisse (which contains bimoprost) as a cosmetic rather than a medication, because I grew tired of their more complicated pharmaceutical application process and the higher price.

  • Lorian Wade

It not took three weeks for me to see a huge difference, false eyelashes good. I started using Latisse about 10 years ago and it worked great for awhile and then stopped. I took time off and then started back but nothing. It works great for some just not me. Got to be an expert a putting on fakes and had extensions done. Recently, I Rodman and Fields serum for 5 months and it didn’t do a thing for me but really, really sting. The Revitalash Advanced worked as well as the Latisse when I first started using it years ago but worked much faster for me personally. I love this stuff!