DR. BARBARA Face Scrub Reviews in 2021


Overall Rating: 3.9

Capterra Rating: #3.9 .. out of 5 with 8 ratings
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DR BARBARA Face Scrub Reviews

 DR.BARBARA Face Scrub Review

This refining FACIAL SCRUB helps to remove any dry or flaky skin to prevent breakouts and help stimulate blood circulation. Vitamin A and Purslane help soothe the skin and reduce the visible signs of irritation. By encouraging skin renewal, the scrub helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and leaves your complexion smoother and hydrated.

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DR BARBARA Face Scrub Reviews

 DR.BARBARA Face Scrub Reviews 


• Refining and gentle on the skin
• Removes dry or flaky skin
• Prevents breakouts and stimulates blood circulation
• Horse Chestnut strengthens the skin matrix
• Vitamin A and Purslane calm the skin and reduce the visible signs of irritation
• Leaves the complexion smooth and hydrated

How To Use

Smooth over the face, neck and décolleté in circular movements, then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apply once or twice a week, after cleansing.


Purslane Extract, Cellulose Peeling Particles, Vitamin A, Silk Extract, Horse Chestnut Extract, Panthenol, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil

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DR.BARBARA Face Scrub Before and After

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Questions and Answers

Customer Reviews

  • fancy

I got a mini version of this scrub as a gift. The scrub is very gentle, there are no large solid particles that can scratch the face. It is very gentle and gently cleanses the skin. Suitable even for those who have sensitive skin! The skin becomes smoother, the complexion more even. It dries a little, but if you just apply the cream, everything will be otlino.

  • Bigge

I bought this because I got a small sample of it and immediately fell in love with it. It’s the most delicate face scrub, so soft and tender for the skin. Afterward it feels smooth, clean and soothes the next treatment for day or night so well. I can recommend it even for sensitive skin.


  • Mlb

I really love how this made my skin feel like a dream to touch, but I did get small whiteheads the next day around my mouth. Maybe I scrubbed too hard I’m not sure, but I ended up trying the enzyme exfoliater and that did not break me out do I am sticking with that. I think if you have normal skin this could be amazing for you.


  • Nala123

Finding an exfoliating cleanser that can both deeply cleanse as well as hydrate seems like finding a needle in a haystack. The scrubby particles in this specific cleanser are small and non-abrasive but they do help get a deep clean. After rinsed off my face feels hydrated and fresh.


  • JenniH

I found the particles in this scrub, albeit not large in size, but effective or maybe even harsh on some skin types. This product reminds me of the Kiehl's Micro-Dermabrasion exfoliating scrub, definitely not for sensitive skins. I'd re-purpose it as elbow/arm scrub as I have KP.

  • ARClayton

This scrub is wonderful, it’s so gentle you don’t even realise you’re using something as effective as it is. I took a break from chemical exfoliators as my skin was a little frazzled, and this really surpassed my expectations as an alternative. Amazing as ever, Dr Sturm!


  • Chelsea D

I didn’t completely fall in love with this product like I did with other items in the Dr. Sturm line. I think it’s a decent scrub, but don’t feel compelled to repurchase (especially for the price).


  • Seu Mei F.

I love trying out new cleansers, so of course I stumbled upon this one and was curious to see if this would stand out (especially seeing the price point). First impression was that it turns into a milky consistency with tiny beads which worked well for exfoliating without being too harsh. The wow-factor happened when I went to rinse off the scrub, and my skin felt super smooth and hydrated, almost as if I had just applied a moisturizer or lotion!