Dr Barbara Sturm

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Dr Barbara Sturm

Dr Barbara Sturm
overall rating : 8.6

Dr Barbara Sturm

overall rating : 8.6

Some of the best skincare products on the market come with big price tags, but that does not always mean you are getting ripped off. When it comes to highly specialized chemicals, developing a wonderful product that truly works necessitates a significant amount of research, resources, and knowledge, all of which cost money. Dr. Barbara Sturm is one of the most well-known skincare companies in this ultra-luxurious, ultra-effective category.

Dr. Barbara Sturm's skincare line has regularly outperformed all others that have come out of Germany in the last five years. Some of its products are the most favorite among celebrities. Its products stand out on Instagram feeds and vanity counters thanks to their sleek, almost-clinical packaging.

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Barbara Sturm molecular cosmetics is located in Germany.
You can buy the products from the company’s official webpage, drsturm.com or they are available on Sephora.com.
Barbara Sturm is Hollywood's most sought-after skin therapist, but it is its science-based, results-driven solutions that have made this skincare line so popular with celebrities, as well as beauty writers and makeup artists.
Yes. This brand is absolutely legal.
Dr. Barbara Sturm products blend the power of natural and sophisticated science components to create solutions that are easy to use, extremely effective, non-toxic, non-irritating, and cruelty-free. This company avoids using abrasive or irritating chemicals. They also dislikes words like "organic," "natural," and "clean," which have no universal definition and reveal nothing about a product's safety or efficacy. They are dedicated to providing you the most cutting-edge ingredient science, and "organic" certification does not always imply the greatest ingredient.
Based on the positive feedback from celebrities and other people, we can be sure that this brand is real and it is worth the money.


  • PROS
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging is excellent and effective.

  • The essential active elements of Dr. Barbara Sturm products are clear.

  • Cutting-edge ingredients are at the heart of the products.

  • Synthetic scents and harsh preservatives are not used.

  • CONS
  • Multiple orders from Dr. Barbara Sturm items are not discounted.

  • There are no clinical trial studies available.

  • The money-back guarantee offered by Dr. Barbara Sturm is only valid for items that have not been opened.



Remy Sharp
Peggy ReadenourWed Mar 09 2022
Peggy ReadenourWed Mar 09 2022
As a dude I noticably saw a difference using the mens cream - yes the pricing is a big high but the dosage is only one pumps - lasts about 1 - 2 months. My face was clear and not oily as with other products. Thank you Dr. Sturm!
Remy Sharp
ZoyaWed Mar 09 2022
ZoyaWed Mar 09 2022
I've bought their Vitamin C serum ( a classic of the brand as I've researched online). I bought the product at Niche Beauty. The box was not sealed nor was the bottle. The serum is of medium quality, not a 125 euros. Dr. Barbara Sturm products are extremely overrated, excessive marketing over a mediocre product. The product did not complete any of the promises (hydration, slow removal of pigmentation spots among other). No smell (which is good), the texture and general experience is of a serum of 40 euros. I wish next time i do not succumb over well-done marketing.


Dr. Barbara Sturm

Every Dr. Barbara Sturm product is chock-full of inspiration. Dr. Sturm's skin-care routines are straightforward, but its products are not. This is why the CEO of the company started Dr. Barbara Sturm Boutique & Spas, not only to provide the famed SturmGlow facials, but also to educate the public about the anti-inflammatory lifestyle and the rigorous ingredient scientific methodology. One of the missions of the Dr. Sturm Company is to educate consumers about skin health and wellness.

"The time of marketing-based skincare products is coming to an end, and we are entering the era of performance-based skincare," says the CEO of the company. Every consumer's individuality and different skincare demands must be embraced by skincare products.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Company/ Skin Treatment

It is so good, in fact, that the Dr. Barbara Sturm Company is one of the most popular skin treatment brands among celebrities (who, let's face it, can purchase whatever skincare products they want). Dr. Barbara Sturm's non-surgical glow-boosting, age-defying skin treatments are legendary in Hollywood, with nearly every glowy-skinned celebrity swearing by them, and its products give similar effects at home.          

The ingredients have been examined and controlled, and their use has been approved by the European Commission and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. This signifies that this preservative component has been thoroughly evaluated to assure its safety.

What Do Dr. Barbara Sturm Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

The entire Dr. Barbara Sturm Molecular Cosmetics range is designed for consumers who want a simple yet effective skincare routine that promotes hydration, nourishment, and a healthy glow. As people have commented these products are effective and useful.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Before and After

There are a lot of positive comments online about Dr. Barbara Sturm products. Most products have receive 4 or 5 stars on Sephora. You can check for yourself to see that the company can deliver what it has promised.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Product Company

The basis of Dr. Sturm's range is innovative ingredient science – potent, key-ingredients that have been extensively clinically investigated for their qualities and efficacy. Purslane, a nutrient-dense anti–aging herb that relaxes the skin and helps to lessen obvious indications of irritation, is one such component.

Best Dr. Barbara Sturm Products

Dr. Barbara Sturm Clarifying Mask

It is made up of zinc, kaolin, lentil extract, balloon vine, and sunflower-oil extract, and it works to control sebum production, minimize pore size, and provide soothing hydration.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Cleanser

The gentle foamy cleanser is designed to gently cleanse skin while also relaxing and protecting the skin barrier, reducing the risk of breakouts, dryness, and premature skin aging.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Sun Drops SPF 50

It is quite stunning. It is non-greasy and lightweight, and it helps to increase plumpness and hydration while shielding skin from harmful UV radiation.


Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum

Short-chain hyaluronic acid molecules are used in this HA serum for maximum hydration, leaving skin plump, dewy, and radiant.

Best Face Scrub

Dr. Barbara Sturm Customer Service

If you need to contact the company there are numerous way to do so. You can check the official webpage of the company to have a virtual consultation or live chat. Or you can whatsApp your message to +447432333638 or email the company via [email protected].

Dr. Barbara Sturm Return Policy

Within 30 days of receipt, you may return any unwanted things to them (as long as they are unused and in their original packaging). Returns that do not adhere to their policy will be rejected and returned to the client.

Refunds on credit cards can take up to 10 business days to process, depending on the bank. This varies considerably amongst card issuers, and they have no control over it. Refunds using PayPal are accessible right away.

Please contact them at [email protected] if you have a complaint or concern about the service you received or a product you purchased, and they will do everything they can to resolve it.