Charlotte’s Web is a world-renowned brand of CBD products with a simple purpose: to better the planet and the people living on it. Charlotte's Web tries to extract all the beneficial compounds found in the CBD plant as much as possible . CBD is known for its many health benefits. Charlotte's Web has a CBD gummies product that works profoundly for your sleep issues, so that you can experience a peaceful sleep.

Among their products is CBD tincture, which includes fruits along with CBD oil, giving you a feeling of freshness, as well as treating anxiety. This company has great customer service as well. 

With that all being said, The hemp used in their products isn't currently certified organic, and also they have received a warning letter in the past from the DEA. So it is good to consider these things, whether pro or con, before purchasing their products. 

Make sure to read customer reviews which are honest and unbiased for more information and feedback regarding these products.


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Charlotte's Web CBD Acne Cream

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Charlotte Web CBD Oil

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Charlottes Web CBD Gummies

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Charlottes Web CBD Softgel

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Charlottes Web CBD Salve

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Charlotte's Web Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • jingo

I've been using this product for a few years, and the most recent batch I received is more yellow than previous batches, and it stains clothing.
I'm not sure if the formula or components have changed, but the product I received is not the same as previous years.
There has been a change.

  • sarah

My small back pains were relieved, but it did nothing for my joints.
Perhaps I'm misusing the stuff.

My spouse tried it for joint pain and skin problems, but it had no effect on him.

  • Anne Z.

So far so good

Just started using this product. So, really good so far.

  • Lesleigh R

It works!

I write & type alot for work & my hands/fingers hurt often. This product is perfect for that & I even like the smell!

  • Lee S


This cream is very soothing on my poor painful knee, the scent is realy nice as well, not over powering.

  • Cherlly

made me nauseated

I bought this because it had good reviews for relieving pain. It did not relieve my pain, tastes terrible, and made me nauseated

  • Re

The taste is horrible

Not sure how one is to take this... The taste is horrible. I had the fish taste and smell in my nose and mouth and even on the glasses I would drink out of all day. 

  • Sarah

It could've been better.

I can't praise it that much, but it wasn't bad either. It was an average product. It could've been better.

  • Fareen.Da

It was effective, but...

It was effective, but it didn't last long and was temporary. I wish it lasted longer and was permanent.

  • Osca.r

Poor Product

These Hemp Gummies are absolutely worthless. They do nothing to help with pain, anxiety, sleep or anything else except waste your money. After using other manufactured products, I would have to question whether they have 1mg of hemp oil in them much less 1000mg per gummy. Amazon should bar this vendor from using their services.

  • Burnett Linda

I have to say it did relax me for sleep…

I have to say it did relax me for sleep But not help my pain as I thought it would. Also only lasted 18days so very expensive to buy.

  • Morton Sd

First time using this product

First time using this product. Haven’t had it long enough to see the full benefits yet. Will review later.

  • Virjie D

This product did not do as well for me…

This product did not do as well for me as others.

  • Elnora Margo


Fast, reliable shipping continues to be my experience.

  • Juliana..Hy

Four stars for now just trying it so…

Four stars for now just trying it so far so good

  • Ophelia R

Lousy customer service

Customer service wise, this company is very poor. The person who runs the chat is not friendly and very rude. Would not recommend.

  • Mari Dts

ummm ?

Really didn't feel much of anything.

  • Elbaa Una

Thank you …

Thank you for the wonderful  products! The oil is so convenient to use as well as balancing and helpful for my mind and body. Highly recommend!

  • Norton Nina

everything i have purchased is of high…

everything i have purchased is of high quality, and pretty reasonable prices. Their shipping is ridiculous fast.

  • Felorin Yates

Ordering more

Ordering more! Great CBD products that really work for reasonable price. Super fast shipping too! 

  • Imelda Xox

Excellent quality

Excellent quality. Unbeatable prices. Fast service and delivery. Great customer support.

  • Loraiin H

Top notch quality and service

Top notch quality and service, amazing CBD products I highly recommend!!

  • Yanya S

one star

For me, these just didn't work at all. They didn't help me sleep, just gave me a bad headache.