What is Cureganics?

Cureganics is a famous CBD brand in the world. It is based in the USA and produces the highest quality hemp-derived products available in CBD industry. Cureganics offers a wide range of CBD products including CBD softgels, CBD vape juice, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD pet tinctures, CBD face creams, CBD acne creams, CBD cooling rub, etc. Cureganics aim to offer the therapeutic benefits of CBD, such as relaxing body and mind, reducing stress and anxiety and relieving pain symptoms, to its loyal customers. 

What makes Cureganics special?

The ingredients in Cureganics CBD products are all high quality, such as hemp oil, pectin, corn syrup, and MCT oil, and they are organically grown, gluten-free and THC-free. Therefore, Cureganics CBD products are safe for both individuals and their lovely pets. Since a variety of Cureganics CBD products, such as CBD tinctures or CBD gummies, with varying strengths are available, it is possible to choose the product that suits you most, regarding the reason why you need to buy one of the CBD products. In other words, you should determine if you want to consume CBD for relaxing and experiencing better sleep, if you wish to get a burst of energy, or if you want to help your pet feel less stressed; then, you can choose the proper CBD product that meets your need. Cureganics also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to help customers try it more confidently and keep them satisfied. 


Do Cureganics CBD products really work?

Cureganics produces the highest quality CBD products available on the market. The products really work; however, it depends on many factors to know how long it takes to see the results. Age, weight, and how each person's body responds to CBD all affect the results. While it takes about 20 minutes for Cureganics CBD gummies, softgels and tinctures, it might take more or less for its other CBD products to work. Moreover, the effectiveness of CBD consumption might improve when the desired dosage of CBD is taken. 

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Cureganics CBD PreRolls

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Cureganics CBD Night Serum

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Cureganics CBD Face Cream

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Cureganics CBD Cooling Rub

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Cureganics CBD Salve

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Cureganics CBD Gummies

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Cureganics CBD Softgels

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Cureganics CBD Vape Juice

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Cureganics Pet Tincture

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Cureganics CBD Oil

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Cureganics CBD Lip Balm

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Cureganics CBD Acne Cream

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Cureganics Reviews

Read customer reviews by real users

  • Kendal

This is what you need

Excellent cream. I have seen a lot of improvement in my acne, scars, and discoloration. It keeps my skin smooth and moisturized. I have used it for almost a year and I love the results. I would recommend it

  • Melanie

Cureganics face cream

This is a great product. It is very gentle on my neck and face. A little goes a long way. It lightens dark areas and softens rough areas.

  • Tessa

Must have it with you everywhere! Most useful product.

Cureganics CBD lip balm is fascinating! I carry a stick everywhere with me as it comes in handy in almost every minute of my life.

  • Sarah

First time using and pretty excited about the outcome.

Just applied Cureganics's CBD balm and I'm excited about the result. So far, the stick was really smooth and soft on the lips.

  • Rose

Have been using for a while now and it meets my needs.

Cureganics CBD lip balm has been great these past few months and helped me maintain a nice healthy look with well moisturized lips.

  • Julie

Lips feel extraordinary! Thank you Cureganics!

I love how Cureganics's CBD lip balm moisturizes my lips so well and soften them to the point they feel like feathers. RECOMMENDED!

  • Irem

Didn't know my lips could feel this GREAT!

I started using Cureganics's lip balm based off one of my colleagues' recommendations and JESUS! I never knew my lips needed a lip balm that bad! This balm is incredible! Makes my lips super soft and hydrated. Highly recommended.

  • Anna

Like it better than the other ones. Can't get enough!

My last lip balms used to make my lips irritated and tense after using them continuously due to the added fragrance. Unlike those lip balms, Cureganics's CBD lip balm has no added fragrance and never makes my lips irritated whatsoever.

  • Sheila

WAY better than my previous body lotion.

Some months ago, the previous body lotion I had been using started to irritate my skin due to a change in its formula. After a while of researching, I found Cureganics's CBD body lotion and it even works better than the time my previous body lotion was compatible with my skin.

  • Jessi

Bought it out of the blue but loving it hard!

I decided to get myself a bottle of Cureganics CBD body lotion when I was scrolling through my usual online shop. Not long after, I received my bottle and OMG! Even though I didn't buy it with previous intentions, it helped my skin's overall health drastically.

  • Ch

Nicely covers the body and doesn't drip down.

I just started using Cureganics's CBD body lotion and have been content with it so far. It has some great qualities that most of the body lotion out there in the market don't possess such as not being sticky while not dripping off the surface either.

  • Katrine

Love that it leveled up my skincare routine.

Being the skincare freak I am, when I heard Cureganics had produced a body lotion, I rushed and got my own bottle immediately. As expected, this CBD body lotion is incredible! I had a bit of stiffness in my shoulders, that this lotion fixed it in no time.

  • Deena

Helped a face with pimples due to direct contact with soil.

I work in a farm and most of my duties are involved with some sort of contact with soil, and that means pimples appearing the next morning for my sensitive skin. Nowadays, I can do my job without worrying about the breakouts because Cureganics's CBD acne cream has me covered.

  • Je

Satisfied with the texture and the result overall.

Cureganics CBD acne cream has a consistent texture and feels silky to the touch. You can also notice an improvement from the second week of use.

  • Elsa

Can't get enough of it! Best anti-acne on the market.

WOW! Ok, you've seriously got to try out Cureganics's CBD acne cream. It's a very light cream that sits right on your face and can be spread by the slightest gesture of the hand. It's also absorbed in a matter of minutes and eases pain in the breakout area.

  • L.O

A solid five star! Face as clear as a newborn's!

It's been a few years that I've been dealing with breakouts and I wasn't able to fix them no matter what. Finally, my friend gave me a jar of Cureganics's CBD acne cream and that was the solution! It's not oily and cleared my whole face in two months!

  • Verna

Best gift I ever gave someone! Brought some smiles.

I gave my son a jar of Cureganics's CBD acne cream as a birthday gift and that made him smile brighter with each passing day as his face looked better.

  • Ss.Ta

My mother loves it and says it feels good on the skin

I got a bottle of Cureganics CBD body lotion a few months ago as a birthday gift for my mom as her skin is usually dried out because of not drinking enough water. Two weeks later and she is digging it! Her skin is soft once again.

  • Ellena78

Bought it randomly but now can't stop using it!

I had a game with my friends that we had to buy random stuff for a week and try them out to see which would work and that's how I ended up ordering a bottle of Cureganics CBD lotion. I'm happy I did because it's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

  • Jeorjia Paul

Great consistency! Love that it's not sticky and flows.

Cureganics CBD body lotion has a perfect consistency while not being sticky which makes it one of the best body lotions I've tried.

  • Anjel.More

My joints hurt less nowadays. Recommended!

I got Cureganics body lotion to help reduce the pain in my joints and I'm pretty satisfied with the result and would definitely recommend

  • C.Owe

My neck is not irritated by its acnes anymore. Love it!

I get a lot of cystic acnes around my neck and chest which makes those areas usually super painful and irritated that they'd bother me when I'm about to sleep at night. I like to let the acnes disappear on their own but the pain was too much, so I got myself a bottle of Cureganics CBD lotion and it worked wonderfully! I'm not in pain anymore.

  • Jeyda You

All my worries are now gone!

I was the type of person that used to lose concentration very easily during the day and it was getting the most of me. Sometimes I feel sleepy and excessively tired. My friend suggested this product, and it is really an incredible product!! I’ve been on it for over 3 weeks and I can say it works. My sleep pattern is constant – sleep soundly at night and remain sharp during the day.

  • Liana.I

This stuff is a healing potion

I had to get this product to help relieve my terrible knee arthritis pain. I was able to massage into my joints every morning and night for a few days now, and I noticed a considerable reduction in pain. This stuff is a healing potion. If you ever have joint pains, try this stuff. You will be pleasantly amazed.

  • John

Just What I Need

My first time using a CBD gummy and i'm so happy I bought this. Gummies remind of my little days. This gummies taste great and you won't even know that they contain CBD. I take at least two gummies daily. So far I think my sleep has improved tremendously. I would recommend Cureganices gummies to everyone

  • Diane

Helps me focus

I started Cureganics CBD tincture 7 mos ago for my chronic low back pain, and although I still have some pain, what’s really improved is my energy, motivation and focus! I’ve reorganized virtually my entire house, and set myself a house upkeep schedule, which is proving effective. I’m much calmer and just plain happier; it’s hard to describe...
Thank God I found out about this product; it’s made a huge improvement in my daily life. Without my CBD, I’d be depressed, sitting in my chair, watching my home go from bad to worse, and my state of mind deteriorate along with it.

  • NonaU

This product is fantastic

This product is fantastic! My foxhound suffered a spine injury that kept him almost paralyzed. Weeks after he started using Cureganics pet tincture, he resumed walking with less pain. This is indeed a miracle product!

  • Ermia

I’ve never been so astounded in my life

I’ve never been so astounded in my life. My 2 years old pup was on the verge of death as he was frequently coughing out blood. Coming across this tincture was a huge turnaround in my pet’s life. His health began improving speedily. Also, this is the first CBD product I have used that doesn’t contain THC.

  • F.Ro

So Glad I Chose This Brand

I did a lot of research, read a lot of reviews, and asked questions from users before choosing cureganics. I’m a vape lover, so I was happy they have some liquid. Ordered for the natural type (500mg) to start with. I can say it is the best liquid I’ve vaped. So light on the pod with no aftertaste. I’ll be trying flavors when next I order, not sure which one. And maybe a higher milligram

  • Oliver

Best juice ever!!!!!!!

I always preferred fruit flavored e-liquid and the watermelon is my favorite flavor. I use this at 60 watts and it produced massive cloud with fabulous flavor I can’t help but fall in love with this product. If you like quality liquid, then choose cureganics.

  • Lora.Wer

Helped with my social anxiety

I always go into panic mode whenever it comes to presentation and facing a large audience. I have been using prescriptions drugs, which only help me stay calm for some minutes. Ever since I switched to cureganics capsules, my life has changed. I can function optimally at work with less panic attack. My heart doesn’t race much whenever I face the crowd to give my presentation. This product is a lifesaver!

  • Soni.A

Works Great

Cureganics Soft gels work better than the reviews and the description I read about it on this site. It has eliminated my lower back pain, and it's not up to a month. I'm so glad I won't have to depend on over the counter pain reliever any more. I highly recommend this product

  • K.As

I've Seen Improvements

I have been using this product for almost two weeks and i have nothing but positive comments to say about it. Firstly, I don't feel sluggish during working hours. I realize that i think better and contribute more to discussions and meeting at work. I don't know if this is a coincidence, but it is what it is. Secondly, I sleep better. Before, I am always up before the alarm goes on. But now, I had to hit the snooze twice or thrice before sluggishly forcing myself up. It is a great product and I think everyone should give it a try

  • Justina

What a miracle this CBD had performed

I have had many lower back surgeries and arthettics lived in painful situations. Well reading about this I tried and immediately felt
Relief from pain, not sluggish. I an on my 2nd bottle now. Get started you wont regret it!!!

  • J.Q0

Wow! Miraculous Results

I am not one to generally write a narrative review. However, this product certainly deserves one! There cannot be a better CBD salve out there than this one. It is miraculous!!. Just a little goes a long way and lasts all day for me.. sometimes longer. I have a repaired femur that can really cause noticeable pain at times. After applying the salve and rubbing it in..within minutes... all is calm. It is AMAZING! You may say.. wow It is expensive. Yes, but you get what you pay for! You will not be disappointed or feel like you wasted your money. It is worth the price. This is one of a few products that really lives up to the research results and quality as promised. I will buy a bigger size next time! Thank you Cureganics for a wonderful product

  • Monica

5 stars!!!

This is the best product ever! You don’t need to ask your doctor for pain meds anymore. This works as promised. It gets to work right away. It brings so much relief to my back pain. The best you can get

  • Gabriela

Absolutely love this stuff

I was skeptical at first but after reading so many positive reviews, I decided to give this product a try. I use it every night before going to bed and it relieves my back and shoulder pain. When nothing else works, this does. I’m a customer for life!

  • RITA

This stuff works!

This is the best pain product on the market. The 1000mg concentration works just fine for my back pain. I rub lightly on my back and it absorbs instantly, relieving my pain. It also moisturizes my skin so I don’t need another moisturizer. I love it and will continue to use it.

  • Anjela Zin

Cooling Rub 2000mg

I have used other brands of 1500mg strength. Your 2000mg works well and I have experienced great results. The only down side for me is the price for the quantity. As a senior who has arthritis from a lifetime of various sport injuries I can recommend your product, just can’t justify the price with all that is currently going on with the Covid19 pandemic.

  • Eli.76

Wow! Sooooo gooood!

I’ve tried a lot of prescriptive remedies for my rosacea but they didn’t completely control it. This stuff has greatly helped with the swellings and redness. This is the best face cream I’ve found. I’m satisfied with this product and will continue to use it

  • Diana

It makes my face smooth

I love this cream. I’ve tried three other CBD face creams but this one from Cureganics is by far the best. It has faded my age spots and cleared up my severely dry skin. I will turn 70 next month and still can’t believe I look 60. I recommend this product!

  • Lr.T


This serum is absolutely amazing! I have dry, acne-prone skin and I’ve been so picky with what I use on my skin. When my mom told me about this serum, I just ordered right away. My mom and I have the same skin, so it was no brainer to try. Just as I’ve imagined, it made my skin healthy without side effects. The hydrating effect is on another level. No choking smell too, and the price is so unbelievable. This is the best product I’ve bought this year

  • Venda Smith

Great product

This serum is great and works for combating redness and acne. Results are fast and you don’t even need a lot of the serum to do the magic. Just 2 to 3 drops per application is ok. This serum also balanced my oil and reduced my pores, thereby reducing my breakouts. This is the best skin CBD product by far

  • Karolina.Oi

I would recommend it

This serum is worth the rave and hype. The price is reasonable and the effect is incredible. My skin feels softer and smoother within 2 weeks. It has reduced my skin redness. I can now go to work without worrying about my foundation. I can’t recommend this product enough!

  • Jun.Xx

My girlfriend loved it!!!

My girlfriend loved it! I was looking for a birthday gift for my gorgeous girlfriend one day. A friend told me about Balm , and as I stumbled across the site, I knew for sure she'll love it! I will surprise her with more balms!

  • Nina Ax

Excellent quality! .

Excellent quality! Experienced customer service! Really loved it. Definitely I’ll reorder again. 

  • kalalian

best cbd products

This is the best blond body lotion I have ever used

  • Hicks

Loved this product

loved this product! Would highly recommend to all

  • Erica Gibson

This is the best product I have tried…

This is the best product I have tried so far. An I’ve tried a lot... Couldn’t be happier! Best of luck!

  • Neva..Dp

High quality CBD OIL

This product is of superior quality. They source their CBD oil from the same place as hempworx and their price is better. no need for them to crank the price. Their product speaks for itself. I'm so grateful this cbd oil helps me sleep and managing chronic pain.

  • Elsie Beard

Good quality and great prices

Good quality and great prices. Fast delivery.

  • Yolanda Glen

Quality product

Quality product, used it for 3 months and notice results. Quick shipping. Will keep using Cureganics CBD no doubt!

  • Robina Wall

First time buyer

Fast and friendly service, great product! Will definitely be ordering again.

  • Adam Wop9

Great product its the second time

Great product its the second time I order it highly recommended

  • Ruuth

I felt it worked really well

I felt it worked really well! It has been helping with anxiety and overall wellness.

  • Lindaa Hy

This has been my go to place for CBD

This has been my go to place for CBD. I have rheumatoid arthritis and from experience I can say that cureganics is by far the best I have ever used!

  • Wiggins

We have always appreciated the…

We have always appreciated the effectiveness of your product. And you have always been very efficient in getting it to us in a timely manner.

  • Martha Sda3

I am very happy with CureganicsCBD

I am very happy with Cureganics. Their product is best in the market, Customer support and management is awesome. Finally found a reliable company with passion to help their customers.10 star from me.

  • Sara Jakson

Our dog has bad anxiety

Our dog has bad anxiety and the oil helps her out so much! She is much more relaxed during car rides and doesn’t freak out when shes left home alone.

  • Tatiyana H1j

Great product

Great product! I'm definitely a frequent customer. Thank You!

  • Dixon

Worth a try!

Lovely product.I like the fact that it can be used in lots of different ways and is natural.

  • Dixon

Worth a try!

Lovely product.I like the fact that it can be used in lots of different ways and is natural.

  • Diaz

Great quality serum

Good quality serum and lovely to use.

  • Holly cox

One of the best creams

This cream is lovely. I applied it overnight and my skin felt wonderful next day. This gives those high priced creams a run for their money! I liked and the results of using this are great. For this reason I'm giving this cream five stars and a 100 % recomendation.

  • Lena P

No more sore muscles

This product is amazing, I use this CBD cooling rub on my legs after a long run and the muscle soreness subsides so quickly! Highly recommend!

  • Agnes Fox

Helps with painful joints

This is an excellent product relieved my neck pain and back pain for a short while, had to re apply often to feel the benefit

  • Walker

Five Stars

Excellent product, works great.

  • Megan W


Love these capsules for lowering my cholesterol and also helps with my fibromyalgia

  • Taylor

I have learned a lot about this product.

Great product. I’ve been getting migraines for over a year and this has helped tremendously! I can now go days without a headache!

  • Erica

Helps with anxiety

I bought this as I have a very anxious rescue dog. It has had an effect as he is more settled and calmer. Very easy to use, I mix the drops with his food and it doesn't smell so he happily eats it. Overall this product works for me and great value for money to.


Feel better without pills

Bought this for pain relief and I wasn’t disappointed. It worked so well that my wife has started taking it at night. It helps ease my aching muscles and especially helps with my joints. I’ve had two knee surgeries and the swelling in my knees has reduced significantly since I’ve been taking these CBD drops.

  • Imani P


This is a product that excels both in price and quality. I'm so impressed!

  • Betina

Great product and always prompt…

Great product and always prompt delivery. The gummies also taste great.

  • Tam Weathers

My transaction experience was awesome

My transaction experience was awesome, there were no problems. The product works, I still have a couple of spots that are not fixed, and I hope if I keep taking them , in time it will help.

  • Nataliya

My husband has a lot of back surgery

My husband has a lot of back surgery, rods in his spine, one leg amputation... so much pain. Pain management, sadly, stop prescribing him a pain medication:( we have to do something to fight a pain. I decided to try this product before we tried different company. And it’s working! I of course it’s not hungry percent pain relief, but it helps to reduce his pain a lot.I will buy it again. Thank you.

  • NobleV

5.0 out of 5 stars It works as advertised

This product is an excellent value. Noticeable is the effect on modulating back pain. I found the results to be relatively immediate and cumulative. Speaking as someone with degenerative disk disease I am sufficiently pleased to commit to 'purchasing this product again.

  • Brittany Ann

it’s amazing for pain

Honestly it’s amazing for pain, i take the cbd gummy bears! You get pain relief and feel totally relaxed without being high it’s honestly a life saver!!

  • T. McCain

Great pain relief.

I am unable to take strong prescription pain medication and this works great to relieve my pain. Works very quickly for me.

  • Fiona Lowry

Very high quality and amazing impacts!

Since two year ago, my chronic back pain started to show up. It would make even standing up straight a real torture. This has been really bad for me as my job involves a lot of sitting in places for a long time and with this state of mine, I wouldn’t be able to keep working at my current job. So, I went ahead and started searching for a solution. While doing the research, I came across Cureganics’s CBD vape juice and fell in love with it after reading about it and ordered it right away. It’s a real blessing! My pain is gone and I can now do my job!

  • Taylor

Better than anti-depressants.

Ever since the teenage years of my life, I’ve been struggling with clinical depression and I had only started medication two years ago. My depression is that extreme that I was on the verge of being treated with electrotherapy. These past few months, I’ve been better than I have ever been in my life, the only problem I had was that one of the side effects of my pills is suicidal thoughts and that had made me more depressed. So, I bought Cureganics’s CBD tincture to help me with those suicidal thoughts and it really did! I’m ok now and wouldn’t have been able to do it without this oil.

  • Rhodarica Jonsson

Amazing! You must have!

My Alaskan malamute would always scar my hands and bite them for no reason. His vet had told me he has anxiety and had told me to use CBD oils. So, I got him a bottle of Cureganics’s CBD pet tincture and…bam! It helped him in some kind of magical way! He regained the lost appetite and has stopped biting me! Also, there is no more scratching and he is more sociable than before! He has already made ten new friends and is happy now! I really couldn’t have thought he would get this calm and happy! I highly recommend this to dog owners who have difficulties.

  • Dayna

Wonderful! Looks great and tastes like heaven!

You should really try Cureganics’s CBD gummies! They’re AMAZING! I bought these little drops of heaven one day when I was doing random online shopping. I only needed to try them once and then I just fell in love with them! They taste so great that it’s really a delight every time I have to take one of them due to the circumstances! And their looks, OMG!  They LITERALLY look like some parts of heaven have been dropped from the sky and were gathered into these bottles! Now, when I’m stressed or can’t sleep, I would eat one and I’m good to go! HIGHLY recommended!

  • Shelia

Amazing! You must try it at least once!

I have always been hyper active as long as I can remember. That would make me stay up till early hours of the morning and not being able to concentrate on a task that would require me to sit still and do it. Working has been a real hardship with this state of mine. So, I searched up and looked for a suitable solution. On my search, I came across Cureganics’s CBD vape juice. That was really good news for a real vape fan like me. OMG! I can’t express how delightful this experience has been! Now, I can sit somewhere quietly and do what I have to do!

  • Elizabeth

I will buy this again! Best oil EVER!

When I became a teenager, school was hard on me. I was a junior and I still had some childish perspective so, when I had to face the fact that from then I wasn’t going to be the best anymore and I had to accept being rejected in a lot of matters, I started having depression. Back then, everyone would act like it’s something normal for teenagers to be “emo” and “act” depressed; that made me scared and I didn’t try to treat it. Now, that I’m an adult it has become unbearable and I just needed something to lighten up my mood and Cureganics’s CBD tincture was the answer. It’s really helping and is definitely worth it.

  • Colleen Colleen

A calm dog! It WORKED!

I have a 2-years-old French bulldog and I had him ever since he was a little puppy. That made him really attached to me which caused this big problem of his. He had been over protective of me and would even try to bite any new person I met or would bark at dogs who were trying to get near me or play with me. I knew dogs are social creatures and this behavior he was showing was nothing natural so, I took him to a trainer and she did anything she could and he did get better, but he was still overprotective so, I got him a bottle of Cureganics’s CBD pet tincture and it did the trick! He is so calm and happy now!

  • Monica Raymond

Nice pain relief and easy to take.

After my kidney surgery, I always had a sharp pain throbbing in my lower back that I couldn’t get rid of with common painkillers. Then, I started my hunt for a product that would match my list of needs which consisted of being gentle on the stomach and relieving my pain. After some time of constant searching, I found Cureganics’s CBD gummies and they seemed like they were the perfect candidate so I ordered a bottle. As I expected, this really was the best candidate. They haven’t hurt my stomach this whole time I’ve been using it and these gummies really do relieve my pain. It’s a nice product.

  • Carrie

Great price!

I have always been a big fan of vape. Some years ago, I found out that there are vape juices that contain CBD and I always wanted to try them out because of my anxiety and depression. The problem was that all I could find on the market was very expensive and I wouldn’t be able to afford it in the long term. One day, my friend called me and told me about Cureganics’s CBD vape juice. I went ahead and checked it out and was surprised at the price! The price was awesome! It was one third of the lowest price I had seen in the market before. So, I ordered and really liked it. Cherry one was great!

  • Jo Harry

Better than anti-depressants.

Ever since the teenage years of my life, I’ve been struggling with clinical depression and I had only started medication two years ago. My depression is that extreme that I was on the verge of being treated with electrotherapy. These past few months, I’ve been better than I have ever been in my life, the only problem I had was that one of the side effects of my pills is suicidal thoughts and that had made me more depressed. So, I bought Cureganics’s CBD tincture to help me with those suicidal thoughts and it really did! I’m ok now and wouldn’t have been able to do it without this oil.

  • Patty Christopher

No more stressed out dog but the delivery was made too late.

I have a 1-year-old border collie that would get startled by every little thing around him. He would chew the chairs and the table in my living room when he was feeling stressed out and I just couldn’t keep on changing my furniture every week. So, I took him to the vet and he suggested Cureganics’s CBD pet tincture. I was really in a tight spot so I ordered a bottle and waited for it to arrive. It took too long to be delivered, but when it was finally here and I used it, it worked wonders! My little puppy wasn’t stressed anymore!

  • Gretchen Daniel

My favorite gummies! AWESOME!

I bought Cureganics’s CBD gummies some months ago off of the internet. When I was placing my order, I wasn’t really sure what I should expect as I didn’t have any experience with this sort of products. MY GOD! They are magical! I didn’t expect them to do me this good! I always had a strange sleeping problem which would cause me to roll around in my bed for hours! And now, who would have thought I could get rid of that problem forever! No more staying up late hours feeling uncomfortable in my bed and just rolling around trying to find the right spot! These gummies are the greatest thing I’ve bought the so far!