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overall rating : 7.6


overall rating : 7.6

Aquaphor is well recognized as the market leader in low-cost lotions. Respectively, their skin care products and foundation makeup, both made with natural components, are among their most popular offerings. Each item is crafted to restore your skin's natural beauty.


Although the producer is situated in Hamburg, Germany, Aquaphor is produced in the US in the labs of Beiersdorf Inc.
Most neighborhood retail shops and pharmacies sell all Aquaphor's products. Alternatively, you may buy them online from independent companies like Amazon.
Yes. It's amazing. Dermatologists often suggest the almost century-old brand Aquaphor for a range of skin-related issues based on Aquaphor Reviews. Because it is less oily and has a thinner consistency, Aquaphor is preferred by certain individuals over products manufactured by other firms that are functionally equivalent, as per Aquaphor Reviews.
Yes, Aquaphor is legit. Petrolatum, a key component in their products, has been shown to stop water loss by retaining the body's natural moisture, based on Aquaphor Reviews. As previously discussed, Petrolatum and the other occlusive ingredients in the composition produce a barrier that traps moisture, giving the skin a hydrated, soft, dewy appearance, as per Aquaphor Reviews.
Products from Aquaphor are safe, yes. Based on Aquaphor Reviews, you don't need to be concerned about adverse responses since the company doesn't utilize color or scent in the product. You may put Aquaphor on any part of your body's skin, even sensitive places like your lips and minor burns or scratches.
Indeed, Aquaphor exists. They have been producing effective healing ointments for up to 97 years, and many dermatologists suggest them, as per Aquaphor Reviews. Their skincare products are not only healthy for your skin, but they also perform very useful functions for your body. Because of its advantages, the solution is used by many customers of varying ages, based on Aquaphor Reviews.


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  • Suitable for sensitive skin

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  • Dye-free

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Aquaphor is a brand of healing ointment made in the United States. This brand is recommended by dermatologists to protect skin from dryness and irritation. Some of the brand’s lip products are among the best lip primers and the best lip balms on the market. It has been clinically proven to improve the appearance of smooth, healthy skin. For temporary relief from small cuts, scrapes, and burns, as well as chapped or cracked skin and lips, and the drying effects of wind and cold weather, use the Aquaphor Healing Ointment. Because of its value for weakened skin and as a sensitive skin aid, it receives the highest grade. Aquaphor isn't a cruelty-free product. This indicates that the brand either does animal testing, pays for animal testing, or sells on the Chinese mainland. Lanolin, a yellow oily material derived from secretions from sheep's skin glands to condition their wool, is found in Aquaphor.

Aquaphor Company

Aquaphor is a skin care ointment firm in the United States that was created in 1925 and made by Beiersdorf Inc. Herman A. Metz, the company's president at the time, trademarked Aquaphor after it was created at the USA's Beiersdorf Inc facilities. Following a break in manufacturing during World War II, the company resumed operations in the 1960s, selling tubes of therapeutic ointments to healthcare practitioners. The company's ground-breaking item, Aquaphor Healing Ointment, is the most popular brand among dermatologists for dry, cracked skin, as per Aquaphor Reviews. Petrolatum, one of Aquaphor's primary components that helps seal in moisture, heal wounds, and even provide for gentle makeup removal, represents 41% of the product. Based on Aquaphor Reviews, the manufacturer provides an assortment of skin-lightening items in addition to a series of skincare products that are risk-free. Many women in their 40s and 50s want their skin to be moisturized and bright, and they give their cosmetic products a lot of credit for helping them achieve those goals. Aquaphor ointments may help alleviate skin problems, meaning that you won't feel unduly burdened even if you wear makeup for an extended time, as per Aquaphor Reviews. Additionally, these ointments can make your skin smooth and suitable for makeup application.

Aquaphor Reviews

Most Aquaphor reviews are quite good, giving the product an average rating of 4.7 out of 5. Customers have given Aquaphor several 5-star evaluations. One reviewer, for instance, said that Aquaphor had helped them cope with second-degree burns. Most consumers preferred the brand's fragrance- and dye-free recipe since certain people may have adverse responses to synthetic colors and perfumes, as per Aquaphor Reviews. People with very dry skin or mild burns or skin injuries can choose Aquaphor Healing Ointments. Customers seem to have a lot of affection for the goods of the Aquaphor because it does not comedogenically clog pores and is non-comedogenic, as per Aquaphor Reviews.

You may choose the packaging option that is most convenient for you from jars or tubes that contain the items. Additionally, they sell items made specifically for a baby's sensitive skin, which have nourishing and healing qualities that may treat small wounds and even diaper rash, as per Aquaphor Reviews. Because they include lanolin, glycerin, and panthenol, Aquaphor ointments are ideal for treating eczema because these compounds help protect the skin from allergens, moisturize it, and relieve its inflammation. Aquaphor ointments are available in various formulations, as per Aquaphor Reviews.

Aquaphor Before and After Photos

Along with additional beneficial substances, including mineral oils, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin, and bisabolol, Aquaphor products are created with 41% petrolatum, as per Aquaphor Reviews. They may be used for the lips and skin, and they can also be used to treat wounds, remove makeup, and soften cuticles.

They are also excellent moisturizers because of the humectant chemicals they contain and their occlusive properties, which prevent water loss from the skin by forming a barrier, based on Aquaphor Reviews. Their solutions are water-based emollients, which help repair the skin's protective barrier and lock in pre-existing moisture because of their anti-inflammatory characteristics, as per Aquaphor Reviews.

Aquaphor Product Company

Their solutions, available at reasonable rates, may be used as an after-shave, makeup removal, tattoo aftercare, and to relieve and lessen stinging or burning sensations after small burns, such as sunburn, based on Aquaphor Reviews. Aquaphor has undergone package revisions and now offers customers a significantly expanded range of product options, as per Aquaphor Reviews. To stay true to its name, this skincare firm exclusively uses essential oils of the highest possible quality and obtains the finest ingredients from across the world. Their cosmetics are well-known for having adorable packaging, based on Aquaphor Reviews.

Best Aquaphor Products


Regarding sales and popularity, Aquaphor lip primer is the brand's best-selling item. This particular product is designed to restore supple and healthy lips, as per Aquaphor Reviews. This lip primer treats a variety of lip irritation, including severely chapped lips, based on Aquaphor Reviews.


Aquaphor lip balm is a multipurpose skin care product appropriate for chapped, chafed, and dry skin. The healing balm stick offers a soothing treatment for dry, irritated skin, including cracked heels and feet, as per Aquaphor Reviews.

Aquaphor Customer Service

Fill out the contact form available on Aquaphor's website to communicate with the company's customer service department.

Aquaphor Return Policy

Within thirty days following the original purchase, Aquaphor will accept returns and exchanges on any products, as per Aquaphor Reviews.