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overall rating : 8.4


overall rating : 8.4

Braun products are arguably the easiest to use among our best IPL selections. Built-in skin sensors check skin tone and hair color to emit the correct light pulse. Its 180-degree rotating head makes it easy to shave hard-to-reach regions like the backs of the legs.


Braun is in the Washington area.
Braun goods are available for purchase on independent e-commerce sites.
Yes. It's great. With AutoSense technology, which measures your beard thickness and adjusts the motor's strength as required, all of Braun's higher-end shavers can shave your beard, based on Braun Reviews. No matter how thick your beard is, you receive the closest, smoothest shave as a result.
In fact, Braun is genuine. According to Braun Reviews, this FDA-approved equipment produces results that are identical to—and sometimes even better than—those obtained in a dermatologist's office or medical spa. The Braun Reviews from those with darker hair are the most interesting since the Braun laser treats pigment in the hair follicle in addition to shaving off the hair.
Braun goods are really secure. As per Braun Reviews, foil blades are a standard feature on all Braun electric shavers, allowing for a very close shave. Foil blades don't repeatedly pass over the same piece of skin, which might irritate delicate skin since they travel in straight lines rather than circles. Despite being very thin, Braun's foil screen shields the skin from the razor-sharp blades, based on Braun Reviews. Each foil has 1,064 ergonomically shaped holes that capture hair at the perfect angle and enable a close shave without the edges touching your skin, as per Braun Reviews.
Braun is real. IPL is used by the Braun laser hair removal device to reduce hair growth, based on Braun Reviews permanently. It's claimed that after only four weeks of application, all undesirable hair will be gone. It is the most popular laser hair removal gadget on Amazon and has received FDA safety clearance, as per Braun Reviews.


  • PROS
  • Saves you money in the long run

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design

  • Allows you to finish shaving in as little as five minutes

  • No nicks and cuts

  • Curved heads for face and body

  • Shavers charge quickly

  • Perfect for dark coarse hairs

  • Reminder app

  • CONS
  • Not Available everywhere



Remy Sharp
MichaelTue Mar 08 2022
MichaelTue Mar 08 2022
I had to chase this order ,no confirmaion email sent from online paid for order Braun not organised ,phoned them ,no email,phoned again no email. Now I've got it am please ,but reviews say it's poor after 1 year & replacement head too expensive. I'm not keen to shop with Braun again, they where disorganised and on phone had no answers
Remy Sharp
kazi golam iftekharTue Mar 08 2022
kazi golam iftekharTue Mar 08 2022
Braun Series 5 is the worst trimmer I have ever seen. Its so noisy and it doesn’t clean properly, it took me 20 minutes to shave my beard. Though at the end I had to use my Razor.



People worldwide mostly come to Braun products because they make their lives easier. People trust Braun when it matters the most: when they need a nice beard for a group photo or a first date, silky legs on a particular occasion, or a close shave for that essential job interview. As most Braun reviews said, Braun products are trusted by men and women worldwide. They adore and believe in the brand, even if they are unaware of the engineering, invention, and passion that goes into each of our technological devices. Their technical expertise in a wide range of disciplines is the key to the high level of quality that customers anticipate when they purchase a Braun product.

Braun Company

For more than 30 years, Braun Dermatological and Skin Cancer Center has been one of the top dermatology facilities in Washington, DC. Their practice has continued to be at the cutting edge of medical and aesthetic dermatological advancements as well as the detection and treatment of skin cancer, as per Braun Reviews. To take care of your skin troubles, they provide a wide variety of dermatological treatments.

For more than a decade, Braun's Series 7 razors have been available in various configurations. They have earned a reputation for offering a close shave, sturdy, convenient, and cost-effective based on Braun Reviews. If you examine the 3, 5, 6, and 7 models from the lowest four Braun series, you'll see that their foil patterns are very similar. In essence, each is a double-foil shaver with a trimmer mechanism positioned in the space in between the foils, as per Braun Reviews. Similar, but with an extra trimmer between the foils, is the Series 9. The trimmer's apertures tremble when the razor is turned on. The theory behind this is that the high-speed scissoring motion of the vibration will cut through the most challenging portions of a beard, based on Braun Reviews.

The Series 7's flexible shaving block at the top is the primary distinction between it and other Braun models. The cutting block is more often in touch with face contours while using the Series 5 which is stationary, the Series 6 which pivots up and down, and the Series 7 which pivots up and down, left, and right, as per Braun Reviews.they also have on of the Best Laser Hair Removal Devices you migh ever used!

Braun Reviews

Navigating Braun's electric shaver world is challenging. Because they feature excellent adaptation technology without the pricey bells and whistles, Braun shavers are a popular series. Braun products come in expert, informed, appealing, small, and tidy packaging. It is both reliable and affordable. We like the lack of plastic since it helps to keep everything covered, organized, and clean in the storage bag. Even if you have little hands, their IPL devices are pretty simple to use all over your body. With fingers or a thumb, it's simple to push the big flash button. And it works in a variety of grips. The excellent multi-purpose window for the bikini line, underarms, torso, and legs. The outcomes, as reported by their tester, are accurate. After two sessions, they noted a slower development of leg hair. After session 3, it became softer and lighter. After 5 sessions, they had large, smooth hairless areas, which made shaving fast and painless. There was very little hair left after 6 treatments.

Braun Before and After Photos

With Braun's innovative technology, safety and effectiveness are perfectly balanced since the light intensity is adjusted to your skin, based on Braun Reviews. Braun shavers have a sleek handle and user interface with a battery life indicator LED screen, but they are also simple to use and even simpler to hold. The sideburn trimmer option offers the simplest, most efficient trim, as per Braun Reviews. Its strong metal blades glide effortlessly through hair, while the range of guards can accommodate hair lengths ranging from 1mm to 20mm, making it ideal for the short back and sides style or a DIY fade, based on Braun Reviews.

Braun Product Company

German luxury electrical appliance brand Braun. Because of the innovative industrial design work done by Dieter Rams and his successors, some people identify Braun with design. The Barun's shavers' blades are sharp and can withstand a lot of trimming before becoming dull, as per Braun Reviews. Additionally, the absence of oil in the box implies that you don't need to oil them after cleaning. Based on Braun Reviews, the trimmer itself is "totally washable," so you can pour water over it to clean it.

Some people find laser hair removal to be quite uncomfortable; however, the Braun hair removal machine attempts to mitigate this with an included ice compress plate that may be used to lessen any pain or redness, as per Braun Reviews. Its construction resembles a compact hair dryer, making it simple to carry. As you move this laser hair removal tool over your skin, it cools it to lessen or even completely remove discomfort, based on Braun Reviews. Additionally, the gadget enables you to select between settings made to address hair characteristics in various regions, such as root length, thickness, and texture, as per Braun Reviews.

Best Braun Products

Braun Laser Hair Removal Device:

Say goodbye to making appointments at the salon, ongoing expenses, lengthy, unpleasant treatment sessions, and hello to permanent noticeable hair reduction from the comfort of your home, based on Braun Reviews. Braun Laser Hair Removal Device results are visible as 4 weeks pass; this IPL is the safest, quickest, and most effective available.

Braun Mens’ Electric Razor:

The new Braun Mens’ Electric Razor is the world's most efficient electric shaver, and it's even better with the flexible new pro head that lets you trim beards in tricky places.

More efficient and friendly:

The innovative ProLift trimmer grips and trims flat-lying beards with Braun's exclusive sonic technology. Shave up to 10 Stars** and master hard-to-reach areas like your upper lip and neck for a gentle shave even up close.

Braun Customer Service

They are in your favor. At any moment, they can assist you. Braun takes care to provide its clients with excellent, individualized service. There is a small amount of generic customer service information on the Braun website, but it is limited to a phone number and email form. The company information provides the missing details. You may call Braun customer service at the toll-free number provided on the website if you reside in the United States. Contact information is also provided for several nations where Braun goods are sold.

Braun Return Policy

You have a further 14 days to return your things to them after receiving your return number. Within 28 days of the original delivery date, as per Braun Reviews.

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