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  • mia

Definitely worth trying!

A while back, I had to go on a very extreme diet due to a health problem I had since the age of thirty which resulted in the lower part of my butt cheeks hanging low on my thighs; a very saggy, wrinkly skin. I didn’t like the way it looked, so I went on the internet and ended up in CurvyPure’s website. The ingredients were pretty interesting, so I bought a bottle of CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement supplement. I didn’t like using lotions on my skin and that really made me happy that I had a choice of the way I consumed it. The result is amazing! There’s no more skin hanging loose! All thanks to CurvyPure!

  • Faye Jose

Didn’t think would it work for me. It did surprise me!

I never had any problem with my butt’s size; in fact, I loved it! What I really had a problem with was the size of my breasts. I had tried exercising before switching to cosmetic products, but the progress I was making was way too slow and I’m really a lazy person, so I bailed out. While I was searching for an alternative, I came to know about CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement. It had all the items needed for plumping, but I wasn’t sure it would work for breasts. Surprisingly, it did! Only two weeks after my first usage I could feel my breasts becoming firmer and bigger than usual. This product is just amazing! 10/10 recommended!

  • Avery Young

Giving it a go!

I bought a tube of CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion because I’m not really a fan of supplements, but really appreciated the consumption choice. I wasn’t really sure what to expect as it was my first time using a cosmetic product without having the basic purposes of diminishing acnes or whatever. The first time I opened the lead, I noticed a sweet fruity scent which was pleasing and I really liked that the lotion wasn’t sticky at all. It’s been six days of usage, and even though the size of my butt is no different I can feel it’s firmer and some minor stretch marks are gone.

  • Naomi Allen

A must try!

This product is AWESOME!! Before buying CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion, I thought there’s no hope of getting the butt I wanted because I just didn’t have time to go to the gym and I’m really scared of surgery. I was about to give up, but then one of my friends gifted me CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion and everything changed! Now, I’ve got the butt I always wanted without having to do surgery. I’m really pleased by how smooth and plump my butt is. Will DEFINITELY buy again!

  • Sarah Gonzalez

The best product you can ever buy!

I bought CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement supplement to use alongside my excessive workout schedule and the dietary pattern I’ve been using since a month ago to boost up my progress. I didn’t want to use a lotion as I sweat a lot during the day and that would’ve made a mess. The first few weeks I couldn’t tell if it was helping or it was only the result of my workout, but by the end of the second week, I finally noticed the effects. And they were drastic! I’m really happy with my purchase and recommend it to all!

  • Abigail Brown

Too pricey!! Can’t afford anymore!

I’m a college student and had really low self-esteem since junior high school. My therapist suggested working on my appearance in order to reach the body I wanted as it was the biggest thing lowering my confidence. I did take up a diet in order to lose 45 lbs. and I was really happy with the result, but I noticed my butt was hanging loose and that looked pretty disgusting. So, I asked my roommate and she told me about CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement. I bought the supplement and started using it and it lasted a good 6 weeks. When I was about to buy my second bottle, I realized it was way too expensive for my budget and gave up.

  • Shell

Too little quantity!

Honestly, CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion is pretty great. It plumped my butt in less than a month and really lifted it very well. The lotion itself had a nice welcoming smell and felt really soft to the touch. It smoothened and hydrated my skin like no other cream could do and reduced any redness or irritation due to other cosmetic products I used. Even the container’s design was practical and easy to use! But the only thing I really hated was the amount! I ran out my tube in a month! I just wish it contained more lotion for such price.

  • Amia

Surprisingly impressed!

I didn’t buy CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion for the plumping effect; in fact, I bought this lotion for the several stretch marks covering my hips and thighs. At first, I was really skeptical because I couldn’t believe a single lotion could help at all. The first week, passed and my skin was only smoothened a bit. I was getting a bit disappointed, but second week came around and everything changed! I fell in love with this lotion. My stretch marks were almost gone and I could feel my butt had tightened a bit. As the weeks passed, the results were getting better and better to the point that by the end of my tube, my butt had grown an inch! Love it!

  • Jeanne Jeremy

A good one

I had given up on having a larger butt when I came across the CurvyPure set online. Can't remember where I first saw it but the name stuck. A friend again spoke about it and I decided to check it out. I bought it after I convinced myself it was my last try. Thankfully it was the solution I've been looking for. The rate at which my butt increased is till surprising to me but I'm very much satisfied.

  • Flora

My hero!! IT WORKS!

I was bullied and traumatized the whole teenage years of my life for my body. I tried to cope with it when I became an adult, but that was nothing easy to deal with all by myself. I tried going to a psychiatrist and the pills weren’t of any help. After some sessions with a psychiatrist, she suggested talking about what was irritating me. Turns out, my butt had been the reason I was mocked by my friends and called names like “flatty”. I didn’t have the time to go to the gym every day and to be honest; I was a bit lazy so I looked for an alternative. I saw CurvyPure’s ad on a site one day and decided to check it out. I accidentally found my hero! As I was sick of taking pills, I ordered a tube of CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion. 4 weeks into using, and my butt is so firm and lifted I never could have dreamed I’d be able to look like this! And my skin feels so soft and gentle as if it’s made of clouds! I will be placing another order soon!

  • Tiffany

True magic and smoothness all in one tube!

I always felt my thighs were a bit thin and I had stretch marks all over my hips, buttocks and thighs that made me a little insecure whenever I was wearing something that exposed those areas. I bore with it for seven years, but each summer it got a bit harder not to overthink it. So, two month ago I decided to work on my thighs and stretch marks and have the best summer body. One day, I told one of my closest friends about my plan for summer and she suggested CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement.  I double checked all the ingredients and then ordered the lotion. It’s F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! It left me speechless!! Not only did it plump my thighs but also all my stretch marks have vanished!! Honestly, recommended to anyone who wants to be HOT!

  • gol4

Smells good and excellent packaging, but runs out quickly!

I used to suffer from an extreme condition of cellulite and stretch marks. I used anything I could find at that time just to reduce them a bit, but nothing was of any use. One day, while I was complaining about my condition to my friend, she told me about CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement and how it helped her aunt to get rid of her cellulites and plumped her thighs, giving her the skin she always wanted. I went and searched it up out of curiosity, as I don’t really trust products like this, but after reading about it I decided I wanted to try it. When my package arrived, I fell in love with it; especially the smell was really intoxicating. I didn’t hesitate even a moment and started using it right after unpacking it. Three weeks into using it, I could see its effect and was really excited about it, but found out my tube was completely empty! It didn’t even last a month! I really liked this product, only wish it came in bigger tubes.

  • vamil

Tightened my skin and plumped my butt SO much!

OMG!!! Wow, okay, this product works like a charm! I had my best friend’s wedding coming through and I really wanted to get that body I always dreamed of and I almost had it except my hips and butt. I was tired of all that workout I had done to keep my body fit in those past few months so I wanted something easier and quicker to reach my desired result. One day as I was watching a skincare video, CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement lotion and supplements were recommended in that video. Well, normally I don’t believe these ad videos and sponsorships, but this time I was really desperate so I bought both the supplement and lotion. And let me tell you its results are going to BLOW UP your mind! Now when I twerk, my butt jiggles and bounces up and down! Hands down, it came out better than I could ever expect! DEFINITELY worth it!

  • joanee

Great lotion and worth a try, but takes TOO much time!

The size of my butt wasn’t really important before, but one day I was assigned to do a set of photoshoots; particularly pants and bikinis. As I was assigned to this project last minute, I had to follow a very extreme exercise schedule. Things were going smoothly, but I was a bit worried and pressured by the short time, so I went on looking for anything to quicken things up. I went on and consulted the matter with an esthetician. She told me about some brands, but sadly almost all of them were pills and I really didn’t want to risk an allergic reaction. I was reaching the end of that list she gave me and was getting really hopeless, but then one of the last items was CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement. When I searched it up, I almost jumped up in the air; happy that I finally found something that was anything but pills. I quickly ordered it and started using it immediately. First week, I didn’t notice anything; just that my butt was firmer than before. At the start of the third week, I was giving up but noticed I’ve grown an inch! It’s really a great lotion but REALLY takes time. 

  • HG32

Too expensive for too little quantity!

I always had a flat butt, but that wasn’t the only thing that I hated about my buttocks; they’re covered with cellulites and stretch marks that even reached to the lower part of my thighs. This year, I’m going to graduate from high school which means a big graduation ceremony with the last gala. It’s some kind of a custom in our school that girls have to wear short skirts at their last gala. I really didn’t want to show up to the gala with stretch marks and cellulites all over my thighs where they’re pretty visible, so I called one of my friends that I knew could help. She suggested using CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement if I were really in a rush. Right after my phone call, I looked it up and I really was blown away by the price, but decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it once. As soon as my bottle arrived, I started taking the capsules and for a while nothing really changed except my butt had grown a bit and became firmer. Before any of my cellulites or stretch marks disappeared, the bottle was empty and I couldn’t buy another bottle because it costs an arm and a leg!

  • jaj

Hoping for the best result, but so far leaves the skin soft if anything.

I bought CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement a month ago, the thing that really caught my attention and interested me in buying this product was that it had both a lotion and a supplement which gave me the privilege of choosing the consumption method. Although, I only bought the lotion as I really don’t feel comfortable taking capsules in order to treat my skin conditions. When my package arrived, I really liked the design and the fact it was cruelty free and 100% hormone free as I’m really strict on these matters. It was about a week ago the first time I used it; the texture was consistent and creamy and left the skin smooth and silky to the touch and the scent was some sort of sweet fruity odor that was really my taste. I’m gonna give it more time as I know these things need time to have some noticeable effect and I’m really hoping for the best. 

  • joe

Become fuller and workout for the best result!

I’m a coach at a private gym and let me tell you how hard it is to work at a gym and not compare your body to others. A month ago, I noticed that since the time I started going to the gym professionally I hadn’t been working on my gluteal muscles that much. At first, I really didn’t care about it, but gradually, I grew more and more insecure about it and seemed to notice it way too much. So, I wrote myself an exercise schedule and started doing it immediately. Things were too slow and I couldn’t stop being insecure so I searched for something to help boost things up. After reading lots of reviews, I found myself ordering a bottle of CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement supplements. It’s been 3 weeks and my butt has grown 1.5 inches! It’s truly a miracle!! DEFINITELY recommended!

  • Lexi2

AMAZING!! Best part is that my butt looks fabulous!!

I always had a serious problem with my flat butt. Almost three quarters of my first dates would end in “you’re a nice girl but…” and I honestly didn’t know what was the problem and no one would tell me what’s wrong. Until some weeks ago when my friend was nagging about her boyfriend, she spilled it out. All along, it was my body and to be specific, my butt. I asked my older sister about it, as she had plumped her butt some years ago, and she told me about CurvyPure’s buttocks plumping & enhancement. Bought a tube for myself and started using 14 days ago and OMG!!! I love it so muchhhhh! It has a creamy texture and makes my skin as soft as a baby! Best part? My butt looks dang hot in jeans now! Recommended!!!

  • Gemma Jackson

Try this amazing natural butt enhancer      

I was doubting until the week my butt started showing sign of enlargement. I have been using the kit consistently and worked out to see faster results. The kit works magnificently! I appreciate my darling husband for his beautiful gift.

  • Liana Barnes

I love the effects it has had on my butt

I noticed an increase in firmness of my skin within five weeks, mind you it was subtle change. My butt looks nicer than it ever has before. I'm trying to keep my butt from getting flat as I lose weight. The weight I am losing seems to come off from other places thankfully and I'm partially attributing it to this cream. The supplements have definitely helped. I'm going to purchase again.


  • Celine Phillips

Really hope it fastens the results

This kit can make a change and can result in a bigger buttock if you have patience and faith. That's what I'm doing. I work out too and stick to a healthy diet! The ingredients are safe and that's what keeps me going. I'm hopeful and I know the best results are yet to come. 

  • sherry

Shapely Butt is on the way!        

Yes, CurvyPure can help have a beautiful, shapely butt if you stick to it and have a healthy diet. I'm really experiencing some changes on my buttock and I think it's going to work better. So I'll look forward to it. I hope I come back with a 5 star review. 

  • Perla

What a change!

Got this pills awhile back ago. At first they made me lose weight but but but my flat butt started to have a curvier form after applying the cream and taking the pills. I'm loving my firmer butt. 

  • Myla


It's my first time writing a review. I don't usually spend my time on these kinds of things, but I feel like this product has given me a great result and deserves to be spent for a few minutes. I bought this product, hopefully it will help my butt look firmer and tighter. After two months of daily use, I can say that there is a significant difference and my thighs and hips have become tighter, so far it has done a good job on my butt.

  • Niamh

I'm surprised! My butt is firmer

This is the third time I have ordered this kit. My body usually responds to a variety of beauty products or medicines late, and I've always watched it grow slowly. This product affected my body after a month and half which surprised me. So happy about my choice. I told my doctor about it, and he said that Curvypure's ingredients are natural and that they help firm butt and hips.

  • Alexandra

better choice than surgery and I'm hopeful about the results

I've just received my CurvyPure and I think it's a great replacement for dangerous surgical procedures that can even endanger our lives. I have pinned my hope on this product so that it can really help me with I expect as a result. I'll be leaving another review soon, hopefully with more satisfaction. 

  • Margaret

Every woman should have this set

Every woman on the slim side should get this set because it will give you a curvier shape without making you fat in other parts of your body. I feared the weight gain but I was willing to work off any extra fat I might gain while using the set. Fortunately, the increase only occurred in my buttocks and I'm really pleased about it.

  • Luna

Exercise and take these pills

The pills do their job! I noticed difference in my body within days! I started taking the pills two months ago and at the same time I did some exercises I had seen on youtube and little by little I saw my butt and body looking different and shapely. I like that! I’m giving this 5 stars because I think this product is helping my butt form faster and I will continue because I know consistency is important in sports as well as in skincare products.

  • Avery

The safest alternative           

I really wanted to go for a surgery, but I was afraid of the dangers until I was introduced to this product which has been effective on my butt and it's been just three weeks now and I'm very happy. I think better results are on the way! I've started to work out again after a year. 

  • Olivia

beautiful and shapely hips     

I have always wished to have beautiful, shapely hips. I tried many ways but it wasn't until I got acquainted with CurvyPure which was able to make my dream a reality. I like that the cream is easily absorbed to the skin and after that my skin becomes very soft and smooth. I recommend for any woman with a tendency to have a bigger lip. 

  • selena

Contains the best ingredients     

This is the best choice for every lover of nature-based things. This set contains the ingredients extracted from nature to help enhance butts. Just check out the ingredients on the website. You can't be wrong for choosing the CurvyPure set because safety and effectiveness are guaranteed. If for nothing, buy it because of its ingredients. I really hope to get the best results and leave another review later. Thanks. 

  • Niamh

Alternative to cosmetic surgery

I was going to undergo cosmetic surgery because my hips and thighs had fallen off due to multiple diets. But when Curvypure was introduced to me, they said it could precisely replace cosmetic surgery. Surgical procedures are fraught with risks, pain and side effects. Some of the women who went under the knife are said to have long regretted it. That's why I stepped back and went for these products of this brand, instead. I hope this brand helps me build a better buttock since according to the website, the set combines the best, healthiest and safest natural ingredients and promise great results. 

  • Felicity

Hurry up and stock up!

I wish CurvyPure manufacturers would allow retails, I'd be the first to stock up my beauty shop with this kit. Personally, I have bought the kit four times; twice for myself and the other two for my sisters. Each set was a success and every user was satisfied with the result. No aftereffects or skin damage. In case you guys need an official ambassador, kindly sign me up.

  • Ada

I will be glad to buy more later

I am definitely going to continue to take them and see what the results are, then I will update my review and talk about the results. Plus, I did enjoy the delivery and had a wonderful experience with this company. I’ll be glad to buy more later. 

  • Summer

The effects are real good

This set has had a good effect on my body. You just have to take the period of use seriously. You will probably see the results by the end of the first month. I used several brands but this one was the best. That is when I really accepted that this set could be the best offer for me. I have ordered another one even though it still remains from the previous one.

  • Ada

I will be glad to buy more later

I am definitely going to continue to take them and see what the results are, then I will update my review and talk about the results. Plus, I did enjoy the delivery and had a wonderful experience with this company. I’ll be glad to buy more later. 

  • Hannah

The miracle of having a big butt

These pills work and I have no idea what others says! I used to use them in 2018 but I stopped because I got to where I needed to be and I forgot to order more but I just started taking them again on a few weeks ago and since then four people have asked me what I’m doing because my butt is getting big! Lol! Well I'm doing about 20 squats a day and taking these everyday (WITH A MEAL!) and that’s all. But to be honest I think it also depends on your body type and your body digestive system of how fast and how much it works. Thanks Curvypure.

  • Erin

My favorite beauty care set

I am a very satisfied customer. My buttocks used to be deformed but after Curvypure has helped my buttocks get round and shapely. I think this is the magnifying beauty set that I stick to so that it no longer needs to be used. I have recommended it to many people who fancy such results.

  • Poppy

Rounded curves on my butt

I'd always been a skinny person but when I became old enough to decide for myself, I desired a curvier shape for my butt and hips. I visited the gym a lot and I went on some special diets, but it wasn't enough to give me the butt size and shape I wanted. I discovered the incredible CurvyPure two-part kit and it was exactly the trigger I needed to develop a natural looking butt. I'm still waiting for the desired results, though. But if you're skinny, get yourself a CurvyPure set. 

  • Phoebe

hopeful about results

I want to believe this product work. However, everyone's body is different so these may work well for you and the cream may not. I only made it through one bottle and if it's anything like the tightening pills, I may have to continue taking them to see the possible results.

  • Ivy

great performance if applied correctly

It is best to use this cream twice a day for better results. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Because I used it that way and it has really worked.

  • Thea

softer skin, and bigger butt

My parents are all about herbs and even though I am not crazy about all kinds of herbs, I like some. When I saw some of the ingredients in the curvypure set, I knew it was the real thing. True to my belief, the set worked wonders on my skin; softer skin, and bigger butt, yeah!

  • Lola


I'm only leaving a review now because of the way the personnel on the customer service responded to me. My delivery problems were finally fixed but I've barely used the set for a week, so I can't say much about the products yet. However, the customer service attended to me excellently and that is a very important part of any service anyone can offer. I think this is going to cause a real change but I want to keep exercising too. I'll probably be back soon with another review. 

  • Annie

A great suggestion

Does this work? Yes! Does it enhance your butt? Yes! I had lost over a hundred pounds and lost my butt too, so flat! But this helped a lot. Great suggestion!

  • Myla

Seems to be working!

I have taking these pills for almost a month, I didn't measure (weighed) myself before so I am not sure if I have made progress yet, but my jeans do seem to fit tighter. I am definitely going to continue to take them and see what the results are, then I will update my review and talk about the results. Plus, I did enjoy the delivery and had a wonderful experience with this company. I’ll be glad to buy more later. 

  • Willow

I would definitely recommend

I have been using this product for 2 months and it has already made a significant difference! I notice that my butt is bigger but I’m not the only one noticing this! Love it! This product doesn’t make me feel weird and hasn’t caused digestive problems either, which is fantastic. I would definitely recommend. 

  • Jessica

Disappointed by Email response at first but…

At first, I was really upset not to get any response to my emails to this conpany. It was disappointing! So I checked out the Instagram account and left a message there too. And finally, someone from customer service answered my message and it was a relief. They helped me out and took care of what I was asking.

  • suha


I know this set is wonderful. I can already notice great improvements in the size of my butt and the skin of my butt and hips have got softer. I really think it is better than the other times I had injections to enhance my butt. I should keep applying and hope for better results. 

  • wenda

A really nice gift

Nothing could have prepared me for the shock I experienced after using the gift set a distant cousin gave me for my 30th birthday. It was even after I saw improvement that I checked out the products online. I had used two other butt enlargement creams but their results were nothing compared to Curvypure. I had to call my cousin and thank her profusely for the great gift. 

  • Lottie

Recommended Great product! I have been working out along with taking the pills and already noticed results in my butt within two weeks! I will definitely order again! Highly recommend! Another plus is that my boobs have got slightly larger as well.