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overall rating : 6.6


overall rating : 6.6

Barleans has grown into a national enterprise dedicated to providing the finest fish oil supplements on the market. Using ingredients that have been naturally cleaned, this supplement gives you a lot of benefits that can help your heart, brain, immunity, and a lot more.


Barlean's is situated in Ferndale, Washington, USA.
Online retailers like Amazon and the brand's own website both offer Barlean's Products for sale. Using the shop finder on their website, you may also buy their items from some pharmacies and retail locations, as per Barlean's Reviews.
Yes. It's great. Barlean's is a reputable, organic, and reasonably priced brand with several established health advantages, based on Barlean's Reviews.
Barlean's is legitimate, indeed. They are one of the top brands in the dietary supplements market and have received several honors, as per Barlean's Reviews.
Absolutely, the items made by Barlean are risk-free. The quality of all of Barlean's goods has been verified by independent lab testing, and several medical professionals endorse the brand's offerings, based on Barlean's Reviews.
Barlean's is genuine. The top journal in the dietary supplement sector has given the brand multiple accolades, as per Barlean's Reviews. They have over 47.7 thousand followers on Facebook, 5.8 thousand followers on Twitter, and 3.1 thousand followers on Instagram, which is evidence that the brand is genuine and authentic, based on Barlean's Reviews.


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  • Gluten-Free 

  • Sugar-Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Artificial-Flavor-Free

  • Dye-Free

  • Made with natural ingredients

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Remy Sharp
Gary M.Tue Mar 08 2022
Gary M.Tue Mar 08 2022
I've been using Barlean's products for years and I really believe they are committed to health. I love their omega pills and supplements.



The mission at Barlean's is to bring wealth to individuals all around the world in a number of ways. As a result, since 2013, a considerable amount of their company's income has gone directly to assisting the less fortunate. As a result, they now see their items in a different light. They've evolved beyond nutritional supplements to become the principal vehicle for achieving our mission of creating a pathway to a better life for the world's most vulnerable people. Barlean's reviews show great satisfaction regarding the quality.

Barlean’s Company

Dave Barlean established the family-run, award-winning Barlean's health supplement company in 1989. It is headquartered in Ferndale, Washington, in the United States. They began by extracting omega-3s from fish and flaxseed as the main components, and now they are a well-known name among supplemental companies, often selected as one of the year's best brands. With a focus on "quality and innovation," Barlean creates a variety of goods, including "oils, green food concentrates, and premium supplements."

Barlean’s Reviews

Both on Amazon and their own website, Barlean's has received a lot of favorable ratings. According to Barlean's Reviews, most of the customers were satisfied with the taste and their flavored products, such as fish oils, with one reviewer stating "They had bought from Barlean's for years" and that it has "No fish after taste with the citrus accent and that it's readily digested." Positive customer feedback and the frequency of high ratings are unquestionably there for a good cause and only reflect the outstanding quality of the company's offerings. Barlean's goods are recommended and well worth your money because of the many advantages of the fatty acids, vitamins, and nutritious substances utilized in creating their products! Children and adults 4 years of age and older are advised to use Barlean's products, as per Barlean's Reviews.


The dosage of fish oil supplements varies and depends on the purpose for which they are being used. A typical dosage of EPA and DHA is between 300 and 500 milligrams; however certain therapies may call for doses as high as 4,000 mg daily, based on Barlean's Reviews. Fish oil may marginally increase HDL cholesterol levels. In a healthy vegan pregnancy, the omega fatty acid DHA is crucial for brain development. According to studies, pregnant women who eat omega-3 fatty acids throughout pregnancy benefit their unborn child's growth, per Barlean's Reviews. It could also control the membrane transport systems' receptors and kinetics.

Barlean’s Before and After Uses

Barlean's natural omega 3 has many significant health advantages for your body and brain, such as enhancing aye health, aiding with depression, increasing brain health, lowering heart disease causes, combating inflammation, decreasing asthma and help prevent cancer among many more, based on Barlean's Reviews. As long as you take omega-3 supplements as directed by the manufacturer or your doctor, you can experience several advantages.


The ingredients in Barlean's products are spread throughout your body by entering your bloodstream when you use them, as per Barlean's Reviews. In general, omega-3 fatty acids are excellent and essential for good health. Using Barlean's products is a low-cost but incredibly efficient way to enhance your health. Keep in mind that, similar to many other dietary supplements like vitamins, it requires consistent usage of the brand's product for you to experience results, based on Barlean's Reviews. Based on your body's metabolism, you will gradually notice enhanced health and wellness based on your body's metabolism.

Barlean’s Product Company

The firm has made it a national priority to provide consumers access to the greatest fish oil supplements available on the market. They have shown this success by winning several prestigious dietary supplement awards, as per Barlean's Reviews. Their products are advertised as being made from sustainably sourced materials, devoid of pollutants, microplastics, and mercury—two substances that might be problematic in fish oil. Their fish oil supplement has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids in it, based on Barlean's Reviews. The good news is that fish consume plankton, which in turn consumes algae, which is a source of omega-3 fatty acids for fish. As a result, you can use an algal oil supplement, which goes directly to the source, as per Barlean's Reviews. There won't be a fishy aftertaste since it doesn't include any fish. The additional vitamins in certain fish oil supplements, including vitamin E, help stabilize the oils and keep them from getting rancid. They have one of the best CBD Softgels on the market, based on Barlean's Reviews.

Best Barlean’s Products

Mango Peach Smoothie Fish Oil + Vitamin D3: 

For both adults and children who dislike the natural flavor and odor of conventional fish oil, Barelean’s Mango Peach Smoothie Fish Oil + Vitamin D3 is ideal, as per Barlean's Reviews. Fish oil may reduce inflammation, lower your risk of heart attack, fight obesity, and improve the health of your unborn child, among other advantages. Additionally, vitamin D helps control the body's calcium and phosphate levels, promoting strong bones, teeth, and muscles, based on Barlean's Reviews.

Organic Lignan Flax Oil: 

From seed to bottle, Barlean's Organic Lignan Flax Oil is shielded from heat and light to preserve its award-winning, unfiltered organic flax oil, as per Barlean's Reviews. Reduced risk of heart disease, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, and breast cancer are among the health advantages of lignan, based on Barlean's Reviews.

Barlean's CBD Softgel:

Since Barlean's CBD softgel contains CBD-rich whole-plant hemp extracts, they are the most practical way to consume CBD oil. According to Barlean's CBD reviews, these CBD softgels are derived from natural agricultural hemp. They contain a variety of minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids, and they are a convenient way to consume just the right amount of CBD oil for your health. Barleans CBD softgel reviews are amazing.

Barlean’s Customer Service

The direct phone number and email addresses for Barlean's customer care are 800 445-3529 and [email protected], respectively. Alternatively, you may contact them by filling out the form on their official website. They are open from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm PT, Monday through Friday, as per Barlean's Reviews.

Barlean’s Return Policy

If you're unhappy with your purchase, you may return it to Barlean's within two months, thanks to their 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Remember that this choice is only accessible if you purchased the supplement from the manufacturer's website directly, not through a third-party merchant, based on Barlean's Reviews.