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overall rating : 4.4


overall rating : 4.4

CBD oil's popularity has risen in recent years as more people become aware of its many advantages. Today, there are a plethora of CBD products to select from, which may be overwhelming. All CBD companies claim to make high-quality, all-natural CBD oil. Some vendors even claim that their goods are organic and full-spectrum, although this may not be the case.

It's also a good idea to look into if the CBD brand you're thinking about has any current litigation or FDA warning letters. This can assist you in determining whether or not the brand has a good reputation. To help you navigate the cluttered market, we've compiled a list of the finest items in a few key categories. Continue reading to find out which CBD product we think is the finest.

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1349 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43205, USA is the company's address. Cannuka's products are all infused with CBD and manufactured using Manuka Honey. Bees pollinate the manuka bush, a plant endemic to New Zealand and Australia, to create Manuka Honey.
Cannuka is available in the United States at any of these national shops, both online and in-store.
It is one of the greatest CBD brands making good CBD products. Their refined beauty care line focuses on achieving a healthy glow via natural means. Manuka honey, like CBD oil, has a slew of natural advantages, particularly for the skin.
Cannuka products are legal in all 50 states and may be delivered for free anywhere in the United States. Cannuka is the sort of brand that makes the consumer's life just a little bit simpler, with affordable pricing tossed in on top.
It is safe for individuals with all skin types, according to the company. It's crucial to note that Cannuka's CBD is made from hemp, which means it's non-psychoactive and suitable for people of all ages. All of their components have been carefully selected to provide a distinct advantage to their formulations, and they've all been confirmed to be safe when used together. Their formulations are straightforward and natural, which is a crucial differentiator.
Yes, it is correct. Cannuka CBD does exactly what it says on the label. It's touted as a cosmetic body cream, and we agree. It's a multipurpose cosmetic that can be used all over the body and has an ingredient list that supports that.


  • PROS
  • Only a little amount of the balm is required.

  • Provides pain alleviation on the skin.

  • It hydrates and nourishes dry skin.

  • Psoriasis inflammation is relieved.

  • CONS
  • Weight changes are minor.

  • Pricey

  • The products have low potency according to reports

  • Their CBD Nourishing Body Cream also contains stearic acid which is treated with harsh chemicals.



Remy Sharp
PatriciaSat Mar 12 2022
PatriciaSat Mar 12 2022
A lot of money to for something that is literally the same as burts bee’s chapstick lol. They promise a lot in this product but tbh it literally does nothing.
Remy Sharp
JulieSat Mar 12 2022
JulieSat Mar 12 2022
I’ve always had red, irritated skin with frequent breakouts. I used to wear makeup every day to even out my skin tone. Working in healthcare, I wear masks for 13 hours at a time which made my skin so much more inflamed and I could no longer wear makeup to hide it. It was so embarrassing when people would point it out that I was almost to the point of needing to go to Employee Health or a dermatologist to find a solution. I decided to give Cannuka a try in April and it’s now June, and not to be dramatic—but my life has been changed. My skin is soft, non-irritated, breakout-free. I wash with the cleanser right before work and right after, and I also use the After-Sun for its healing properties. I’ve been recommending it to all my coworkers experiencing similar issues. My skin has literally changed into the skin I never thought I could have.



It wasn't by chance that CBD and Manuka honey were combined. It was the outcome of several test formulations by their research and development team, who saw the potential of these components and recognized that there had to be a better method to assist individuals in achieving healthier skin. It was a fantastic day when they arrived at their final formulation. Cannuka is first and foremost a skincare treatment that is meant to soothe, hydrate, and nourish the skin. But it goes even farther since their products have incredible aesthetic advantages, leaving your skin looking radiant, revitalized, and nourished.

Cannuka is primarily a skincare treatment that aims to calm, moisturize, and nourish the skin. Their products have amazing cosmetic benefits, leaving your skin glowing, invigorated, and nourished, as specified in Cannuka reviews. As the result of multiple test formulations by their research and development team, CBD and Manuka honey were put together in order to produce superb products which can help people achieve healthier skin.

Cannuka Company | CBD Products

Michael Bumgarner, who was born and reared on a rural farm in Ohio, invented Cannuka.

Bumgarner grew interested in the medicinal properties of cannabis, particularly CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid.

Kelly Bumgarner, Bumgarner's wife and a dermatologist, is a cofounder of Cannuka.

The Cannuka business was born out of Michael Bumgarner's enthusiasm for CBD and his wife's knowledge in all things dermatological.

Cannuka, a startup located in Ohio, has created a CBD and Manuka honey skincare product. Skin balms, an eye cream, an after-sun treatment, and a lip balm are among the products available.

The skincare aficionado, rather than the medical CBD user, is the primary objective of this line. Although the potency is insufficient to make these items medicinal, the formulae may aid in the appearance of better skin.

What Do Cannuka Reviews Reveal About the Brand?

What makes Cannuka unique from other CBD products is hinted at in the name — it's really a combination of cannabidiol and manuka, a kind of honey obtained from bees that pollinate manuka trees and prized for its antioxidant and antibacterial characteristics, as per Cannuka reviews. According to Cannuka reviews, the two natural components give a daily therapy that both relaxes and cures lips and skin, including the cheeks, elbows, cuticles, and wherever else there is dryness or irritation.

Cannuka Before and After

Cannuka's outcomes have pleased every consumer. Cannuka Before and After photos show fantastic results.

5 Best Cannuka Products

1.Glow Enzyme Mask

It resurfaces softly to show a more vibrant, brighter complexion. This cooling gel treatment smoothes the skin's texture and gives it a lit-from-within radiance in only ten minutes.


2.Hydrating Lip Balm

It protects fragile chapped lips from common environmental aggressors like the sun and dry weather while soothing and conditioning them.

Best CBD Lip Balms


3.Calming Eye Balm

It's a luxurious natural approach to hydrate, freshen, and protect your sensitive under-eye skin while eradicating dark circles.


4.Harmonizing Face Cream

It uses a unique blend of Manuka honey, hyaluronic acid, cucumber extract, and other natural ingredients to relax, soothe, and hydrate dry, sensitive face skin.


5.Cleansing Body Bar

It has a thick, complete lather that leaves you feeling refreshed and delighted. Surprisingly delicate. It lathers up quickly and leaves skin feeling clean, conditioned, and silky smooth.

Best CBD Body Creams

Cannuka Customer Service

The Customer Service staff at Cannuka is here to help you at any moment. You may inquire about your order, account details, shop locations, and other topics.

Customers may reach out to the support staff by email or the company's “Contact Us” page on their website.

Cannuka Return Policy

Shipping to the United States might cost up to $7.50. If the items are faulty or damaged, the brand will replace them. If you wish to return anything, you'll have to provide evidence of purchase. If you are unhappy with the items, you may request a refund or have the money refunded to your account for future purchases.

Their policy is valid for 30 days. Unfortunately, if 30 days have passed since your purchase, they will not be able to provide you a refund or exchange. Your item must be unused and in the same condition as when you got it in order to be eligible for a return. It has to be in its original box as well.