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overall rating : 5.8


overall rating : 5.8

Ardell magnetizes your makeup regimen. You can alter the contour of these lashes as well as adorn them in accordance with your preferences. They are not only very light but also pose no threat to your eyes or eyesight in any way.


In the United States, Washington, California, is where Ardell Lashes & Beauty is situated.
On their official website, you may buy their stuff. In addition to the shops mentioned on their website, Ardell items may also be obtained through merchants like Amazon.
Yes. It's great. Since the 1970s, Hollywood hairdressers have been using high-quality Ardell products based on Ardell Reviews. They provide a variety of simple-to-apply, high-quality artificial eyelashes, brow cosmetics, eyelash accessories, nail and beauty items, and more. The product is absolutely worthwhile to try, as per Ardell Reviews
Ardell is real. Based on Ardell Reviews, consumers, beauty industry experts, and Hollywood makeup artists may all purchase the company's goods. The company's reputation as one of the most well-known brands in fake lashes was established by producing items of excellent value, as per Ardell Reviews.
Products from Ardell are safe, yes. 100% sterilized human hair, or synthetic mink hair is used to create Ardell lashes. Their cosmetics are dermatologist-recommended and free of common allergies, based on Ardell Reviews
Ardell exists. They are a well-known company that has been highlighted in several renowned beauty publications, both in the false lash business and now the cosmetics industry, based on Ardell Reviews.


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  • Infused with vitamins

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  • Cruelty-free

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  • Suitable for daily wear

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Ardell is the most popular fake eyelash brand in the world. The brand offers a wide selection of fake lashes and accessories, perfect for anyone who enjoys a little extra flutter around the eyes.Arnold Miller and his wife Sydell invented Ardell in 1971 with the goal of enhancing the natural beauty of lashes. The two founders took their dream and joined their first names to create Ardell. Ardell sells a variety of fake eyelashes, ranging from strip to individual lashes, as well as one of the best eyelash glues on the market. They currently offer 16 different false lash collections, including the new Ardell Naked Lashes Collection of natural-looking lashes.

Ardell Company

With the broadest assortment of top-notch lashes for any style and occasion, Ardell Lashes & Beauty is a well-known business established in California, the United States, that distributes a wide variety of false lashes and their accessories worldwide. Arnold and Sydell Miller launched the company in 1971. The business also produces premium nail, brow, and beauty products. They presently offer 16 distinct collections of artificial eyelashes, and they are constantly developing new items to address our daily beauty needs, as per Ardell Reviews. Since Ardell is a cruelty-free business, neither they nor their suppliers nor any third parties test their ingredients or completed goods on animals. Their lashes are ready-to-wear after only gluing them to your upper lids; no measuring or cutting is necessary, based on Ardell Reviews! These lashes are covered in luxurious white latex, which offers excellent adherence and lasts all day. The nicest thing is that they provide a nude touch to your natural lashes rather than masking them, as per Ardell Reviews.

Ardell Reviews

Many Hollywood actors and stylists are familiar with and like Ardell, which only highlights the exceptional caliber of its offerings. The Ardell Reviews are, on the whole, quite good, and customers are pleased with the product's excellent quality and easy application. The lashes "were gorgeous and natural looking even before being totally done up," one buyer said. All your appearances are readily complemented with Ardell's fake eyelashes. According to Ardell Reviews, the brand offers "excellent variety and affordability." They also claim that their cosmetics and nail products have gorgeous pigmentation and extended shelf life.

Ardell's artificial lashes are perfect for all eye shapes and will add a touch of glitz to your daily or party outfits, based on Ardell Reviews. According to the official websites of the firm, you may sleep well while wearing artificial lashes. It's lovely to add that the company's items are reasonably priced and economical, and long-time consumers agree that there's a good reason why the brand is regarded as the finest in the industry and is absolutely worth checking out, as per Ardell Reviews. Apply the lashes with a tweezer and keep them in place while waiting for the glue to dry.

Ardell Before and After Photos

According to Ardell Reviews, Aedell's fake lashes seem lifelike and merge seamlessly with genuine ones. The lashes give your natural lashes a stunning lift without being too thick or heavy. Based on Ardell Reviews, their eyelash glues are also incredibly simple to use, take off, and stay long enough without hurting or bothering the eyes. In addition to being waterproof, it helps to keep eyelashes safely and pleasantly connected for up to six weeks at a time, even after repeated use. They adhere to your lids in a blink and are composed of fine silk. To clamp the lashes, begin at the outer corner of your eyes, as per Ardell Reviews.

Ardell Product Company

To help you create your ideal appearance, Ardell, a firm with headquarters in the USA, provides a wide selection of strip, magnetic, and individual lashes along with a comprehensive line of accessories, cosmetic, brow, and manicure products. When it comes to manufacturing low-cost yet high-quality fake eyelashes, the firm is at the top of its game, based on Ardell Reviews. Along with being cruelty-free, it's also fantastic to know that they don't market their goods in nations where animal testing is permitted by law. The new Ardell lash line, which has a range of faux lash patterns and is handcrafted with 100% genuine natural hair, is guaranteed to draw attention down the hall, as per Ardell Reviews.

Best Ardell Products


All lash types may use this adhesive. Its transparent hue makes it ideal for a wide range of cosmetic looks and appears highly natural on the skin, based on Ardell Reviews. Using a hot shower or lash glue dissolvers, it can be readily removed. Ardell eyelash glue is made with soft components like latex suited for all-day usage.


As per Ardell Reviews, natural-looking Ardell lashes enhance and complement your existing ones without overdoing it. They are fitted with thinner and finer tips to provide a more realistic appearance using premium, super soft, and genuine-looking fibers. It accentuates the shape of your eyes and flawlessly matches your natural lashes, based on Ardell Reviews.


For a voluminous impression and a dramatic look, these lashes are perfect. Since they are waterproof and composed entirely of natural hair, they won't fall off easily and will stay on your lashes all day. They include a permanent curl and a distinctive crisscross pattern of feathers, as per Ardell Reviews.

Ardell Customer Service

[email protected] is the email address for Ardell's customer service. Mon–Fri, 8:00–4:00 PST, is when they are open for customer assistance.

Ardell Return Policy

For obvious hygienic concerns, all Ardell transactions are final, and because of the nature of their goods, they do not provide refunds or exchanges. However, you may email them as soon as possible at [email protected] if you wish to cancel your purchase.