Appalachian Standard

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Appalachian Standard

Appalachian Standard
overall rating : 6

Appalachian Standard

overall rating : 6

CBD salves are topical products that are applied to the body to reduce pain, itching, and other skin problems. These items are absorbed and held by the layers of human skin, despite the fact that they are not swallowed and hence do not enter the bloodstream immediately. Appalachian Standard reviews are great. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) capsules are a type of oral capsule that delivers CBD to the body via the digestive system. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive, unlike the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and does not produce the "high" associated with cannabis use. Appalachian Standard reviews speak for themselves. 

Appalachian Standard is among the top brands that produce these items and many other products. Today, we are going to review this brand, and we will take a look at Appalachian Standard reviews. Appalachian Standard reviews will amaze you. Appalachian Standard offers the best CBD Salves.

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It is located at 91 Holbrook Rd., Candler, NC 28715, United States.
You can buy the products from the company’s official webpage,
Appalachian Standard is a promising all-natural and organic seed-to-shelf CBD company with effective and useful products.
Yes, this brand is legal and dependable.
The Appalachian Standard Company is a seed-to-sale operation, meaning they have complete control over the growing and manufacturing processes. These CBD retailers have a history of having fewer contaminants and are usually pillars of quality control and openness. The Appalachian Standard is no different.
Yes, based on positive Appalachian Standard reviews, this brand is real and trustworthy.


  • PROS
  • The products are cruelty-free.

  • Paraben and gluten-free.

  • The Appalachian Standard customer service is supportive and tries to help and write back to customers as soon as possible.

  • CONS
  • Sadly, Appalachian Standard falls just short of earning the Safety Badge.

  • Cannabinoid profiles for their CBD vape cartridges are currently unavailable.



Remy Sharp
Free country Wed Nov 30 2022
Free country Wed Nov 30 2022

Customer support is a job, they would love to argue with anyone.


Appalachian Standard

Appalachian Standard is a veteran-owned artisan hemp farm in Asheville, North Carolina's Appalachian Mountains. Their hemp is grown in small amounts year-round by a team of skilled growers in greenhouses and fields. They are delighted to be a part of this historic hemp resurgence and excited to deliver its many helpful properties to you, in keeping with the Appalachian farming traditions of early Americans. Appalachian Standard reviews are an indication of its quality.

Appalachian Standard Company

Appalachian Standard is committed to safeguarding pollinators, people, and pets that use its products as responsible stewards of the environment. As a result, they manage their hemp plants using organic methods. They are meticulously involved in every step of the process, from seed to final product. The Appalachian Standard reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.

Appalachian Standard clearly raises the bar when it comes to organic, home-grown CBD. This family and veteran-owned CBD retailer hails from the mountains outside North Carolina, and evidently knows a thing or two about growing sustainable hemp. To keep the land healthy and their clients pleased all year, they rotate crops through greenhouse, indoor, and field environments. We would be even more on board if they could improve their testing processes. Appalachian Standard reviews show that users are happy with this brand.

The crew grows their hemp, which they affectionately refer to as "our daughters," in Asheville, North Carolina's picturesque mountainous terrain. Appalachian Standard can produce high-quality CBD flowers and CBD oil all year because they rotate their hemp plants between three growing zones. Customers also benefit from a wide selection and can feel good about purchasing from an environmentally conscientious CBD source. Appalachian Standard reviews show great satisfaction among customers.

Appalachian Standard Reviews

The majority of users are happy with the Appalachian Standard products, and the overall Appalachian Standard reviews are absolutely inspiring. These products have all-natural ingredients, which make them potent and effective. Appalachian Standard reviews indicate that this brand keeps its customers happy.

Appalachian Standard Before and After

Appalachian Standard is a 4.5-star rated social media marketing expert on Bark. There are many positive comments about Appalachian Standard products in which people are talking about before and after using the items. Users are so pleased and have mostly given 4 or 5-star ratings to the products. Appalachian Standard reviews are mostly positive.

Appalachian Standard Product Company

The Appalachian Standard CBD hemp flower strains' cannabinoid levels are quite outstanding. We are talking about CBD concentrations that are not often found in most processed CBD products. The terpene test results for their CBD oil tinctures are likewise impressive, revealing significant levels of highly helpful flavonoids, including myrcene. The Appalachian Standard reviews are absolutely inspiring.

As stated in Appalachian Standard reviews, the cannabinoid-rich hemp flower is the focus of Appalachian Standard CBD's inventory. The range is all-natural and moderately priced, with half-gram pre-rolls costing $8 and 3000mg CBD oil tinctures costing $85. The Appalachian Standard CBD Salve is among the top and most impressive products of salves, as mentioned in Appalachian Standard reviews. The Appalachian Standard reviews are great.

Appalachian Standard CBD Salve

The Best Appalachian Standard Products

With a new, luxurious menthol and herbal aroma, the Appalachian Standard CBD Salve will stimulate the senses and help remove pain and tension. Their menthol salve packs a punch, relieving tension while also moisturizing naturally for soft, healthy skin. This salve is very beneficial for sore muscles.


CBD Gel Capsules

Your all-purpose secret weapon is these gel caps. With this sweetness, you may feed your body's Endocannabinoid System, regulate your Central Nervous System, battle inflammation, soothe your soul, and more.


For the Love of Flowers Body Oil | Bath Ritual

For the Love of Flowers Body Oil is a 2 oz. CBD body oil with 250 mg of CBD. This thing smells wonderful. Actually, this is how heaven smells. This body oil makes your skin glitter.

Appalachian Standard Customer Service

Their current wait time is roughly 2-5 business days due to strong demand and heightened safety precautions (M-F). If your order has not yet shipped, please wait until this time period has passed before contacting them. Within 2-3 business days, someone should be able to respond to you. The best way to contact them is to fill out a form on the company’s website or send an email.

Appalachian Standard Return Policy

They are not allowing returns or exchanges at this time due to Covid-19 precautions and the nature of the product. The sole exception to this regulation would be if they gave you erroneous or damaged merchandise. If this is the case, please contact [email protected] so that they can make amends.