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Cicatricure Anti-Wrinkle Serum

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Cicatricure Reviews

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  • Eugene

I didn't observe any outcomes.

I didn't observe any outcomes.

  • Alicia

Product is average with a strong odor.

This item is of medium quality.
I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the winters are bitterly cold.
This product, in my opinion, is better suited to a warmer climate.
It has a creamy consistency, but it has a strong odor that is difficult to endure on your face.
Because I can't stand the smell on my face, I'm now putting the product on my body.

  • Nicole

Breakouts that are greasy

My skin feels greasy after using it.
It's also caused me to break out when I normally don't.
My skin is normal, with the exception of a somewhat greasy nose, yet this will cause breakouts on my top lip, nose, forehead, heel, and jawline.
I'm just using it occasionally because I don't see it doing much for me other than making me greasy and causing breakouts.

  • Riley. J

Not happy with this serum at all

Not happy with this serum at all! Used it and it irrated my skin and the smell was horrible! I purchased it awhile back, still sitting in my drawer, Was a waste of my money! Thank

  • Holly Ray

This product does not work just another…

This product does not work just another way of getting ur money and yes I fell for it but did nothing at all.i had to push one of the star to even write anything but I would have given it a 0

  • Vivian Eric

Allergic reaction

I felt like it was doing the job for 6 days, but, I developed an allergy to it. It has been 5 days since I stopped using and I am still suffering. In all fairness, maybe it is just my skin, I don’t know.

  • Olson B6

I love the products

I love the products! My face is very sensitive and this doesn’t even cause a reaction! It is so soothing.

  • Erin D43

Im waiting

I've been using the Cicatricure Anti-Wrinkle Serum for 3 weeks now and not noticed any difference at the moment , waiting to see if anything changes.