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Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve
overall rating : 4

Coco & Eve

overall rating : 4

The season of re-emergence is here, but the greatest skin-care products and regimens we relied on during quarantine may be sticking around for a little longer. As we return to meals, gatherings, and outdoor activities, the solid top shelf we've cultivated over the past few months remains in place. The Coco & Eve reviews are definitely encouraging and inspiring.

It's past time we put the same amount of effort into our multi-step face-care procedures as we do for our bodies. The greatest body-care products moisturize, smooth, soften, and soothe our often-neglected skin. Our bodies, from brittle nails to dry, flaky knees and elbows, are undoubtedly in need of some additional TLC. Coco & Eve reviews are an indication of its quality.

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Coco & Eve's headquarters are currently in London, UK, while its items are manufactured in the United States.
Coco & Eve's whole collection is available on their website,
Yes. It's excellent. According to Coco & Eve reviews, the brand focuses on employing efficient, natural products to help you attain healthy hair and skin.
Yes, Coco & Eve is legit.
Coco & Eve products are completely safe. As per Coco & Eve reviews, the product is 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free, with no unpleasant additives.
Yes, Coco & Eve is real. The brand follows through on its promises. Their tanners, haircare, and body treatments are all meant to be both enjoyable and effective. According to Coco & Eve reviews, they're made with natural components (including coconuts and fruit enzymes) and are devoid of dangerous chemicals.


  • PROS
  • Hair Care products enriched with coconut benefits.

  • Tanners and accessories with a pleasant scent are also available.

  • Phthalates, parabens, and sulfates are not present.

  • Ingredients obtained ethically.

  • All the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

  • CONS
  • No discounts available.



Remy Sharp
Monique BeaumontMon Mar 07 2022
Monique BeaumontMon Mar 07 2022
Horrible customer service. I received two defective products and they would only replace one bottle. They said the products last 36 months if unopened, and mine were purchased last summer and left unopened. And the “apology” I received was “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Will never order again.
Remy Sharp
LouiseMon Mar 07 2022
LouiseMon Mar 07 2022
Fell for the advertising which was all over my IG. Trying to find a tanner that works for me I.e doesn’t stain bed sheets, doesn’t smell of biscuits and isn’t orange. Thought I’d try this brand so bought the Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam - dark for £25. Quick delivery. Smells amazing when you first apply, has a guide tan. Left it on over night (recommend) woke up to a rather strong smell of biscuits - even after a shower could still smell biscuit :( is slightly on the orange side of colours. Also it transferred to bed sheets so rather disappointed. Especially as it’s expensive. Won’t purchase again.


Coco & Eve

Coco & Eve is an award-winning company that offers hair care, skin care, and tanning products. They use powerful, tropical ingredients to provide amazing results. None of their products include any harmful chemicals.




Coco & Eve provides hair, body, and face products that are designed to work together for a complete makeover. According to Coco & Eve reviews, their self-tanners come with handy equipment that make the entire procedure easier. Coco & Eve offers one of the best cellulite creams available.

Coco & Eve Company

The hair is exposed to both heat and rain at times. We also like styling our hair since we understand that hair boosts one's look and personality and hence requires adequate maintenance. Hair elixirs may seem a bit goofy and out there, but they're simply a fun twist on a hair treatment that we can all try.

Hair elixirs are simply serums or oils for your strands. While they won't change your hair on a biological level, as skincare may, they will enhance the state of your hair to promote hair health and, as a result, help it grow. Using an elixir for hair growth is, and has been, a thing for quite some time. Elixirs are used to treat the hair's surface, sealing it and infusing it with moisture to keep it healthy and silky while also reducing breakage. One of the greatest hair elixirs on the market is Coco & Eve. The Coco & Eve reviews will amaze you.

Emily Hamilton and Alex Preston-Morley launched Coco & Eve in 2015. While living in Indonesia, the couple noticed that variables such as sun exposure and seawater were continuously affecting their hair. They discovered that the island was abundant in virgin coconuts, an excellent component for fixing broken locks. The award-winning Like a Virgin Hair Masque was developed as a result. Emily and Alex eventually extended their product line to include a shampoo and conditioner, as well as tanners, exfoliating mitts, and other items. The Coco & Eve reviews speak for themselves.

Coco & Eve provides hair, body, and face products that are designed to work together for a complete makeover. According to Coco & Eve reviews, their self-tanners come with handy equipment that makes the entire procedure easier. Coco & Eve offers one of the best cellulite creams available. Hair masks, scalp cleansers, oils, treatments, and tanning foams are all available from Coco & Eve. Many of these goods may be found in clever bundles and minis. Brushes, shower caps, and pillow coverings are among the accessories available. The best-selling hair care, self-tanners, and body products will be included in Coco & Eve reviews.

Coco & Eve Reviews

Hundreds of Coco & Eve reviews claim that the Like a Virgin Hair Masque softened and rejuvenated their hair. Others gushed about their tanners, claiming that the natural hues boosted their confidence. All things considered, we think Coco & Eve reviews are great.  To keep your color constant, apply Coco & Eve's self-tanning foams and drops once a week. As per Coco & Eve reviews, their hair mask should only be applied 2–3 times a week if you have severely dry hair, twice a week for regular hair, and once a week for oily hair.

Coco & Eve Before and After

They make the tresses seem softer, more manageable, and more attractive in general. As shown by Coco & Eve reviews, Coco & Eve will restore some shine and softness while leaving no greasy residue.

Coco & Eve Product Company

Coco & Eve is a hair and body care line. This Bali-based company is best known for creating award-winning products such as hair masks and self-tanners. Women of different skin tones and skin types might discover something that boosts their self-esteem. Coco & Eve reviews are mostly positive.

2 Best Coco & Eve Products

Coco & Eve cellulite cream

One of the few items on the market that really works is the Coco & Eve cellulite cream. This cellulite lotion targets fat areas and smooths your skin when used regularly. According to Coco & Eve reviews, the Coco & Eve cellulite cream is great for thighs since it helps restore the shine and smoothness of your thigh skin.


Coco & Eve Miracle Hair Elixir

In terms of haircare, nourishing oils have become a staple in many of our regimens. Based on the most recent Coco & Eve reviews, this multi-tasking Miracle Hair Elixir will restore some shine and softness while leaving no greasy residue behind.

Coco & Eve Customer Service

If you have any questions or would want to contact Coco & Eve after reading this review, you can email them at [email protected] or use the live chat feature on their website.

Coco & Eve Return Policy

They believe in their goods and want you to have the finest online shopping experience possible, so if you're not satisfied with them, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee (minus the delivery fee). They'll provide a refund after they get the returned items, as long as they're returned within 30 days of purchase. Return instructions may be found in the "How to Return Products" section.